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This Day, August 17, In Jewish History by Mitchell A. Levin

02:21 AM Friday, August 17, 2018   by melamed&mavin

August 17

986: During the days of the First Bulgarian Empire, the army of Emperor Samuil of Bulgaria and his brother defeat the Byzantines led by Basil II.  The Bulgarian Empire had provided a haven for Jews escaping from the Byzantine Army so the Bulgarian victory was good news for the Jews. 

1236: Pope Gregory IX issued a list of charges against Emperor Frederick II that included a reference to “the matter of Jewish communities of which certain churches were deprived.” (This would appear to be a clash over who “owned the Jews” which would determine who could tax them)

1592: The pope prohibited Jews from admitting Christians into their synagogues.

1655: In a patent dated today, Antonio Fernandez Carvajal, a Portuguese-Jewish merchant, and his two sons were granted citizenship as English subjects.  This made them the first naturalized English Jews.

1655: Portuguese born merchant Antonio Fernandez Carvajal and his sons were officially granted denizhenship as English subjects. (As reported by Joseph Jacobs)   Official granting of citizenship of Jews is one that would be debated in England for the next two centuries

1665: The small colony of Surinam recently occupied by the English gave full rights to the Jews (mostly Spanish and Portuguese refugees) to practice Judaism and run their own affairs. This remarkably liberal charter was transferred over to the Dutch when they conquered the colony. They used it as a means of encouraging the Jews to remain.

1629: Birthdate of King John III of Poland.  King John ruled from 1674 until his death in 1696. He ruled in a period when Poland was disintegrating under rebellions from the Ukraine and attacks from Sweden. Like previous Polish monarchs, King John was reasonably well disposed towards his Jewish subjects since he saw them as a valuable economic asset.  But as Poland drifted into chaos his views were increasingly unpopular among the nobles and the Catholic clergy. Denizenship confirmed a limited amount of English rights on foreign born residence.

1692: Jews were forbidden by law to work as peddlers in Berlin.

1740: Beginning of the Papacy of Benedict XIV who authored “Singulari noblis consoldtioni on the topic Christians and Jews Marrying”, Probe te meminesse which set “down the rules for baptizing Jewish children,” Elapso proxime anno which dealt with Jewish heresy despite the fact that “a heretic had to be a Christian to commit the sin” and Beatus Adreas which gave credence to a three hundred year old blood libel involving Andreas Von Rinn.

1762: The Council of 4 Countries (semi-autonomous congress of Polish Jewry) met for the last time. It functioned for almost 200 years before the Polish government ordered its dissolution.

1786: Frederick II (The Great) who had enough problems with Jews living in Prussia but did exploit them for financial gain passed away today.He did keep them at “arm’s length” as can been seen when he overturned the vote that would have admitted Moses Mendelssohn to the Berlin of Academy of Science. After the partition of Poland, he inherited a Jewish population that was too impoverished to offer him gain.  While he found it impractical to expel them from their Polish homes, he would not allow them to move into Prussia, effectively quarantining these “beggar Jews.”  In 1780, he wrote of the Jews that they were “‘usurious vermin who multiply so infamously.’”

Frederick followed in the footsteps by retaining Veitel-Heine Ephraim as court jeweler and mint master. Born in 1703, he was charged by sum of debasing the country’s currency.  Any truth to that charge was covered up when Frederick ordered an end to any investigations into the matter.  He married Elke Fraenkel which made him the brother-in-law of David Frankel, who was elected rabbi of Berlin in 1743.  

1787: The Jews of Budapest, Hungary, received permission from the government to conduct religious services in private homes provided no rabbi officiated.

1790: Julia Asher, a native of London and Raphael Raphael gave birth to Samuel Raphael who died in Amsterdam in 1844.

 1790:  President George Washington visits Newport, Rhode Island, where he is given “the address of the ‘Hebrew Congregation of Newport’” that expressed their appreciation for the rights and liberties that the Jews enjoyed in the United States.  It was in response to this document, that Washington wrote his famous reply guaranteeing the Jews religious liberty and promising them that they would be able to sit under their own vine and fig tree and none would make them afraid.

1790: Moses Seixas, the warden of Congregation Kahal Kadosh Yeshuat Israel, better known as the Hebrew Congregation of Newport, Rhode Island, penned an epistle to George Washington, welcoming the newly elected first president of the United States on his visit to that city. Newport had suffered greatly during the Revolutionary War. Invaded and occupied by the British and blockaded by the American navy, hundreds of residents fled, and many of those who remained were Tories. After the British defeat, the Tories fled in turn. Newport’s nineteenth-century economy never recovered from these interruptions and dislocations. Washington’s visit to Newport was largely ceremonial—part of a goodwill tour Washington was making on behalf of the new national government created by the adoption of the Constitution in 1787. Newport had historically been a good home to its Jewish residents, who numbered approximately 300 at the time of Washington’s visit. The Newport Christian community’s acceptance of Jewish worship was exemplary, although individual Jews such as Aaron Lopez and Isaac Elizer were unable to obtain full political equality as citizens of Rhode Island. The Jews of Newport looked to the new national government, and particularly to the enlightened president of the United States, to remove the last of the barriers to religious liberty and civil equality confronting American Jewry. Moses Seixas’s letter on behalf of the congregation – he described them as “the children of the Stock of Abraham” – expressed the Jewish community’s esteem for President Washington and joined “with our fellow citizens in welcoming [him] to New Port.” The congregation expressed its pleasure that the God of Israel, who had protected King David, had also protected General Washington, and that the same spirit which resided in the bosom of Daniel and allowed him to govern over the “Babylonish Empire” now rested upon Washington. While the rest of world Jewry lived under the rule of monarchs, potentates and despots, as American citizens the members of the congregation were part of a great experiment: a government “erected by the Majesty of the People,” to which they could look to ensure their “invaluable rights as free citizens.” Seixas expressed his vision of an American government in words that have become a part of the national lexicon. He beheld in the United States “a Government which to bigotry gives no sanction, to persecution no assistance—but generously affording to All liberty of conscience, and immunities of citizenship: - deeming every one, of whatever nation, tongue or language equal parts of the great Governmental Machine: – This so ample and extensive federal union whose basis is Philanthropy, mutual confidence, and public virtue, we cannot but acknowledge to be the work of the Great God, who ruleth the Armies of Heaven, and among the Inhabitants of the Earth, doing whatsoever seemeth [to Him] good.” Seixas closed his letter to the president by asking God to send the “Angel who conducted our forefathers through the wilderness into the Promised Land [to] conduct [Washington] through all the difficulties and dangers of this mortal life.” He told Washington of his hope that “when like Joshua full of days, and full of honour, you are gathered to your Fathers, may you be admitted into the Heavenly Paradise to partake of the water of life, and the tree of immortality.”

Not surprisingly, it is Washington’s response, rather than Seixas’s epistle, which is best remembered and most frequently reprinted. Washington began by thanking the congregation for its good wishes and rejoicing that the days of hardship caused by the war were replaced by days of prosperity. Washington’s concluding paragraph perfectly expresses the ideal relationship among the government, its individual citizens and religious groups:

“May the Children of the Stock of Abraham, who dwell in this land, continue to merit and enjoy the good will of the other Inhabitants; while everyone shall sit under his own vine and fig tree, and there shall be none to make him afraid. May the father of all mercies scatter light and not darkness in our paths, and make us all in our several vocations useful here, and in his own due time and way everlastingly happy.”

Washington’s letter, a foundation stone of American religious liberty and the principle of separation between church and state, is signed, simply, “G. Washington.” Each year, Newport’s Congregation Kahal Kadosh Yeshuat Israel, now known as the Touro Synagogue, re-reads Washington’s letter in a public ceremony.

1791: Birthdate of Richard Lalor Sheil the Irish politician, writer and orator who spoke out in favor of allowing Jews to sit in Parliament.

1807: Robert Fulton's first American steamboat, the Clermont left New York City for Albany, New York on the Hudson River, inaugurating the first commercial steamboat service in the world. The copper for the boilers in the Clermont, and many of Fulton’s other ships was supplied a Sephardic Jew named Harmon Hendricks.

1814: Barnett Levy married Bluma Phillips today at the Hambro Synagogue.

1815: In Bavaria, Moses and Brunhilda Morgenthau gave birth to Lazarus Morgenthau.

1816: Four days after she had passed away, Esther (nee Moses) Gomperts, the widow of Joseph Gomperts was buried today at the “Hoxton Old Jewish burial Ground.”

1825: Shumel ben Isaac married Sheina bat Joseph at the New Synagogue today.

1827: In Württemberg, Germany, Bernhard Frankfuter, the son of “Mkrjam and Moses Levi Frankfurter” and his wife Esther Frank gave birth to Bronnet Frankfurter

1842: Emanuel Lion married Rosetta Medex at the Great Synagogue today.

1848: Morris Solomons married Caroline Abrahams at the Great Synagogue today.

1856:” One day after she had passed away, Catherine Salaman was buried today at the “Balls Pond Road Jewish Cemetery.”

1859: Aaron Abecasis married Esther Brandon at the Bevis Marks Synagogue today.

1859: Joseph Nordon married Rachel Levin today at the Western Synagogue today.

1856: In California, Strasburg native Charles August Lauff, “the youngest child of Jacob and Caroline Ashelmann Lauff and his wife, Mrs. Maria J. Sebran gave birth to their oldest child, Joseph L. Lauff.

1861: Congressional Medal of Honor Winner Abraham Greenawalt and Jane Greenawalt gave birth to Anna Greenawalt, the sister of Harry Greenawalt.

1863: During the Civil War, Isaac Hyneman, was permanently assigned to the United States Signal Corps.  During the next three years he would see combat in such memorable battles as Chancellorsville, Gettysburg and the Wilderness Campaign before being at Appomattox Court House where the war ended.

1871:  A dispatch datelined Berlin reported that cases of cholera in Suwalki, Poland which has a population of 60,000 half of whom are Jews are decreasing. 

1872: “The Tribune and the Hebrew Voters” published today reported that the New York Tribune, the newspaper owned by Presidential candidate Horace Greeley, is making “frantic”, “clumsy” attempts to overcome the impact of anti-Semitic story told by James Mitchell Ashley, the former governor of Montana at public meeting with Mr. Greely sitting at his elbow.

1873: In New York, David Lewis Einstein and Caroline Einstein gave birth to Florence Einstein who became Florence Walston when she married Sir Charles Walston.

1875: Baron George de Worms and Louisa de Samuel gave birth to their third child and only daughter Henrietta Emmy Louisa Amelia de Worms.

1878:  <u>A Modern Hebrew Poet: the Life and Writings of Moses Chaim Luzzato</u> by A.S. Isaacs was reviewed today in a column styled “A Jewish Singer.” Luzatto was an Italian Rabbi known as the RaMCHal.

1879: In Warsaw, Aaron David Gelbfisz, a peddler, and his wife, Hannah Reban (née Jarecka) gave birth to Szmuel Gelbfisz (Samuel Goldfish) who gained family as movie mogul Samuel Goldwyn.

1879: It was reported today that all places of business in White Plains, NY, were closed last Sunday as result of the conviction of a Jew named Adolphe D. Pollock for having previously kept his business open on Sunday.  Barber shops were the only business exempted from the closing ordinance.

1879: An editorial that originally appeared in the Jewish Messenger which was reprinted today said there was something wrong with the laws in White Plains if the government could not find a way to punish Jews who violate “their own and the general Sabbath by transacting business.”  The Messenger has “no sympathy for the hypocrite and money grabber who breaks his own Sabbath, yet claims the privilege of selling goods on Sunday because…he is a Jew.”  On the other hand, there should be some kind of allowance made for the Jew who closes his business on Saturday that would allow him to conduct business on Sunday as long as he “is not conspicuous.

1880: “The Turk and the Greek” published today examined the current conditions in the Balkans including French Prime Minister Michael Waddington’s decision to champion the cause of the Rumanian Jews at the Congress of Berlin despite the counsel from “a few intelligent Jewish politicians” for France to abstain from involvement in “matters in no way affecting French interests.”

1881: It was reported today that the Hebrew Sheltering Guardian Society is planning to host another excursion for the poor children of the Lower East Side,

1882: It was reported today that Samuel Obreight has been declared sane by the state Supreme Court.  Obreight’s family had had him declared insane and institutionalized because he had married a Christian girl. The judge ruled that the family’s “wounded sectarian pride” should not be the basis for such a charge. The judge said that the marriage was one of the outcomes of the religious liberty enjoyed in this country since the Revolution.

1883: Nathan Gottgetren, alias Nicholas Gilbert, a 35 year old Jew was brought back to New York by two detectives from Putnam County. A married man and confidential bookkeeper, he has been arrested on charges of forgery.

1883: This afternoon, the members of Shaarai Berocho (Gates of Blessing) dedicated their new facility located on East 45thStreet in New York.  The congregation was founded in 1858 under the leadership of Rabbi Elias Epstein.

1883: It was reported today that the Jewish World of London has announced “that Count Tolstoi, the Russian Minister of the Interior, has ordered the enforcement of the decree forbidding Jewish manufacturers from employing Christian workmen.”

1883: It was reported today that “a British Jew, representing Raphael Tuck & Sons,” a London business firm has been expelled from Russia despite having a “proper British passport.”

1884: It was reported today that a mobbed attacked seven Jews were killed and an untold number injured by a mob at Dombrovitz, Russia.

1884: Two days after he had passed away, Lewis Moses was buried at “Brompton (Fulham Road) Jewish Cemetery.”

1885: It was reported today that G.A. Heap, the U.S. Consul General in Constantinople has sent a second, more strongly worded protest to the Turkish government  protesting the expulsion of Americans from Jerusalem because they were Jews.  Heap pointed out that the expulsions are in violation of a treaty between the two nations and that he is referring the matter to Washington.

1885: <u>The Book of Psalms</u> translated from the Hebrew and edited by John G. Lansing is among the tomes appearing on today’s “New Books” list

1885: It was reported today that Rabbi Ash will continue serving as the Rabbi of Beth Hamedrash Hagadol after its move into new facility on Norfolk Street. Ash had urged the congregation to buy the building from the Methodists at a cost of $45,000 and to spend the $10,000 necessary to prepare the inside for use by the Jews.

1885: In a speech given to a Jewish literary society whose members were 16, 17 and 18 year old Jewish boys, it was reported that G.A. Ettinger that the recently deceased Sir Moses Montefiore had sought “to free his people from the shackles of prejudice and the evils of persecution” while the recently deceased General U.S. Grant (and former President of the U.S.) had “labored to free 4,000,000 human beings from the shackles of slavery.” As if to dispel any charges past, present or future that Grant was an anti-Semite, a bevy of speakers including Julius Levy, Eugene N. Levy and William Grossman, echoed Ettinger’s sentiments about the recently deceased Giant of Judaism and the General who had saved the Union.

1886: “The Jews of Italy” using information that has appeared in the Lunario Israelitico of Leghorn and the London Times provides a snapshot of Jewish society in the middle of the 19th century.  There are approximately 45,000 Jews living in the country which means they comprise about 1 per cent of Europe’s Jewish population.  Rome has the largest Jewish population – 5,600.  Mantua now has the leading rabbinical school while Padua is home “to the greatest Hebrew scholar in Italy, Rabbi Ende Lolli…)

1887: It was reported today that Jonas Heller, who passed away in March, bequeathed gifts of $2,500 to Mount Sinai, the Hebrew Orphan Asylum, the United Hebrew Charities, the Montefiore Home for Chronic Invalids and the Hebrew Technical Institute. (The list of recipients provides a snapshot of major Jewish institutions in post-Civil War New York City)

1887: “Julius Weisbaden, a miser and monomaniac, was found dying in his room” today “and was taken to Bellevue Hospital”

1887: Temple Emanuel contributed $264 to the Union of American Hebrew Congregations.

1888: In a case of Jew versus Jew, Samuel Gompers has testified before Congressman Ford’s Immigration Committee.  Gompers, an English born Jew who professed his loyalty to his adopted country said that the “importation” of Polish and Russian Jews had depressed the wages of cigar-makers.  Gompers said that he had no problem with Jews being brought to the United States for humanitarian reasons but he did have a problem with the current process which was designed to depress wages.  Gompers then went on to decry the conditions in the cigar industry where all workers, regardless of their origins, were exploited by the owners. (The latter information was surely not well received by Congressman Ford)

1890: It was reported today that “Michael Gernsheim & Co, the bankers, have made a new move in their fight against an assessment on the stockholders under the reorganization scheme of the Houston and Texas Central Railway Company.”

1890: Birthdate of bacteriologist Harry Plotz who was a leading physician in the fight against typhus.

1890: “King of the British Gypsies” published today included information on the origins of the gypsies who, according to some, were “the mixed multitude” that went out of Egypt during the Exodus. According to Ernst Hengstenberg since there is no mention of them during the wanderings in the wilderness or after the entrance into Canaan they must have left the Israelites shortly after the crossing at the Sea of Reeds.

1890: Dr. Bernard Drachman is scheduled to deliver a lecture on “Judaism and Ethics” at Cooper Union which is the seventh in a series of public lectures sponsored by the Jewish Theological Seminary.

1890: “Precious Stones” published today compared the “frequent and enthusiastic” references to precious stones in Hebrew literature” with the “paucity of allusion to them in…Greek literature” which the author attributed to the Jewish view of these stones as objects to be used in the creation of art while the Greeks saw them, like all other objects, as potential gods.

1890: “Czar and Kaiser To Meet” published today described the upcoming meeting between the two monarchs during which the condition of Russia’s Jews will be discussed.  Baron Max von Oppenheim who has the backing of the “Jewish financial houses in Germany and Austria” has expressed his concerns as have the Rothchilds who have obtained “the assurance…that the existing condition of the Russian Jews would not be made worse.”

1891: “He Swindled Undertakers” published today described the anger that a number of New York undertakers feel toward a young Jewish man who has been soliciting ads from them for the Jewish Times.  First he tells them about complaints in the community about their services and then tells them that advertising in the paper will defuse the anger since most Jews have a very high opinion of the Jewish Times.

1891: The American Hebrew mourns the recent deaths of poet James Russell Lowell and New York Timesman, George Jones.

1891: “Angry Jews In Boston” published today described the disgust the Jews felt when they came to take possession of the Old Church of the Messiah, which they planned to convert into a synagogue.  The Jews were so repelled by the damage that the Episcopalians had done to the building that they were willing to forfeit their $500 deposit.

1891(13thof Av, 5651): Eighty-two year old Louis Goodheim, who had been living at the Hebrew Home since 1884 took his own life.  Goodheim, who had once been a successful merchant in London, left a note thanking the staff for its kindness.  He had told his brother that he was in such agony that if he had had a gun he would have shot himself

1891: In Peoria, Illinois, “Gussie Woolner Calisch” and “Rabbi Edward Calisch of Congregation Anshai Emeth,” gave birth to Adiran Calisch who would tragically passed away before his first birthday.

1891: “The Russian Refugees” published today described the problems encountered by Jewish colonists who have been settled in New Jersey under the auspices of the Baron Hirsch Fund.

1893: As the unemployment rate reached 12% and continued to rise during the depression brought on by the Panic of 1893, approximately 5,000 unemployed Jews gathered for a peaceful mass meeting at Walhalla Hall turned violent as the worker vented their frustrations when jobs that were advertised turned out to be nonexistent.

1893: “One of the Czar’s Victims” published today described the arrival of Vladimir Korlenko, who had spent six years in Siberian exile and who has two sympathetic novels on “the Jewish question in Russia, in New York where he is staying at the Astor House.

1894 (15th of Av, 5654): Tu B’Av

1894: One day after he had passed away, Simon Isaac Cohen was buried at the “West Ham Jewish Cemetery” on Buckingham Road today

1895: In two days of meetings, Herzl meets Rabbi Moritz Güdemann and Berlin philanthropist Heinrich Meyer-Cohn in München. Güdemann was an Austrian born Rabbi who was sympathetic to the Zionist cause but was concerned about the tendency to downplay the religious component of re-settling the land.  Herzl looked to Gudemann to introduce him to the Rothschilds.

1895: Based on information that first appeared in The London Daily News it was reported today that there are 571, 300 people living in Warsaw of whom 190,300 are Jews.

1896: Birthdate of Lotte Jacobi the Prussian-born photographer whose subjects included Albert Einstein, Marc Chagall and Alfred Stieglitz. She left Germany and settled in New York in September, 1935 “as persecution against Jews increased.”

1896: Birthdate of Johannes Kleiman, the Dutch business associate of Otto Frank who was arrested by the Gestapo for his role in hiding the famous Frank family.

1896: In Clinton Township, NJ. Mrs. Paul Wissen found a body in the barnyard who “had a Hebraic cast to his features” but whom could not be positively identified.

1897: At Rishon Lezion, Reveivel Miransky one of the Bilium who founded Rishon Lezion and his wife gave birth to Joshua Myron. During World War I, Mr. Myron was a Sergeant in “the camel-mounted Zionist brigade that fought with Vladimir Jabotinsky against Turkey in Palestine.”  This unit was part of the Jewish Brigade that was part of the British Army.  When Mr. Myron passed away in 2000, at the age of 102, he was one of the last surviving members of this force that helped lay the groundwork for the creation of the state of Israel and the I.D.F.

1898: The first conference of Russian Zionists is held secretly in Warsaw. Warsaw, like much of Poland was part of the Russian Empire. During the conference, Achad Ha-Am discussed his differences with Theodor Herzl. Achad Ha-Am was the pen name of Asher Hirsch Ginsberg one of the most famous Jewish intellectuals of the second half of the 19thcentury and the beginning of the 20th century.  Unlike Herzl who believed in a political, semi-assimilationist solution to the creation of Jewish state, Achad Ha-Am saw the Jewish home as being “a national spiritual center.” Ginsberg was area of the practical challenges that the Jewish people faced.  For example at the time of Kishinev Pogroms, he called for Jews to take arms in their own defense.  While Herzl’s dream of a Jewish state has been realized, the Jewish people are still wrestling with the creation of a Jewish homeland that encompasses Jewish values from tradition to the world of the Haskalah.

1898: As of today 715 of the 865 children staying at the Hebrew Orphan Asylum have been taken from the building at 138thStreet and Amsterdam Avenue and moved to the facility at Rockaway as officials deal with the epidemic of dysentery.

1899: Pennsylvania Congressman Marriott Brozzius announced the appointment of Frank Eshelman as a cadet at the U.S. Military Academy following the resignation of Rigmund Albert, a young Jew, from West Point.

1899: Philadelphian George M. Appel began serving as a 1stLt. in the 39th United States Volunteer Infantry

1899: Philadelphian Gustav Schlachter, a veteran of the Spanish-American War, transferred from Company F, 3rd Infantry to the 44th U.S. Infantry with the rank of 2nd Lieutenant.

1899: The Court Martial of Captain Alfred Dreyfus resumed today with his attorney making General Roget “squirm in his seat” as he cross-examined him about the Esterhazy’s letters.

1899: “Shot Down By Anti-Semite” published today described the shooting of a locksmith named Bonnet in Paris by an unknown assailant who called out “He looks like one of those dirty Jews” before firing his weapon.

1899: Philadelphian Gustav F. Schlachter, who rose to the rank of Quarter-Master Sergeant during the Spanish American War and who had re-enlisted in Company F of the 3rd Infantry was promoted to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant today.

1899: “Is A Warm Champion of Dreyfus” published today described Anton Weiss of Pine Bluff, AR admiration for and personal friendship with Captain Dreyfus.  Weis had met Dreyfus one was working for the Transatlantic Steamship Line at Harve France where Dreyfus was serving with an artillery unit. There were only a few Jews in the city and no house of worship.  Dreyfus “who was greatly respected” because “of his extensive knowledge” of Jewish ritual served as “the rabbi’ and led the services.”

1900: During the siege of Peking which ended today and was part of the Boxer Rebellion U.S.M.C. Private William Zion “distinguished himself in the presence of the enemy” with such bravery that he earned the Congressional Medal of Honor.

1903: Birthdate of Abram Chasins “an American composer, pianist, piano teacher, lecturer, musicologist, music broadcaster, radio executive and author.”

1903: Today, while the Sixth Zionist Congress was meeting Jacob de Haas spent the evening touring Paris with Dr. Marmorek and Dr. Nordeau.

1903: In Russia, “Isaac Abramovich Piatigorsky, a frustrated violinist” and his wife Basya Maria Amshislavska gave birth to cellist Gregor Piatigorsky a product of the Imperial Conservatory in Moscow who came to the United States in 1929.

1908: In Galicia, Toybe Padwa and R’Eleazar Wolf Padwa gave birth to “Rabbi Chanoch Dov Padw.”

1908: Birthdate of Felix Eliezer Bergmann the native of Frankfurt and brother of Rabbi Dr. Adolf Rosenzweig who earned his degrees from the University of Berlin 1933 before he made Aliyah where became Chairman of Pharmacology at the Hebrew University.

1911: Birthdate of Mikhail Moiseyevich Botvinnik Jewish Russian International Grandmaster and long-time World Champion of chess.  He passed away in 1995.

1911: In Russia, arrests continue in Kiev in connection with charges of blood libel.

1914: Two days after he had passed away, sixty-year old Russian born Englishman Isaac Benjamin, the husband of Polly Benjamin with whom he had nine children was buried today at the Plashet Jewish Cemetery.

1914: During WW I, as the Germans continued their march through neutral Belgium the government transferred from Brussels to Antwerp which had gained in its Jewish population when the “diamond trade shifted from Amsterdam to Antwerp.”

1915: Birthdate of Chittagong, Bangladesh native Sir Reginald Michael Hadow and British Diplomat who “Ambassador to Israel from 1965 to 1969.”

1915: In Philadelphia, Jewish academic Max Leopold Margolis and his wife Evelyn Kate Aronson gave birth to Max Leopold Margolis

1915(7th of Elul, 5675): Leo Frank was lynched after having been wrongfully convicted of raping 12 year old in Georgia. “Frank, the manager of a pencil factory in Atlanta, Georgia, was accused of raping and murdering an employee, thirteen-year-old Mary Phagan. Frank was convicted, despite evidence incriminating a janitor at the factory, Jim Conley. The prosecution claimed that Conley only helped Frank dispose of the body, in return for $200. After the trial, further evidence came to light calling Frank's guilt into question. The governor commuted his death sentence to life imprisonment, but Frank was then lynched. Frank's trial was sensationalized in the media, which promoted fantastic stories about orgies and rape at the factory. Populist politician and publisher Tom Watson skillfully manipulated the story in order to inflame public opinion, and succeeded in using it to build support for the creation of a new Ku Klux Klan, the original organization having been dormant since Reconstruction due to federal action; a second Klan was founded in 1915 by a group calling itself the Knights of Mary Phagan. Frank's lynching turned the spotlight on anti-Semitism in the United States and led to the founding of the Anti-Defamation League.”

1915: “Louis Marshall who argued the Frank case before the United States Supreme Court, said tonight that Tom Watson, editor of The Jeffersonianand at one time candidate for President on the Populist ticket was responsible for the lynching of Leo M. Frank.”

1915: Nathan Straus who was raised in Georgia said tonight that “the lynching” of Leo Frank “has brought disgrace to Georgia and the whole country” and that the only way for the state to redeem itself was to bring the killers to justice.

1915: “On the first page of the Jeffersonian, a weekly paper edited by Thomas E. Watson which was issued tonight appears the following” ‘A Vigilance Committee redeems Georgia and carries out the sentence of the law on the Jew who raped and murdered the little Gentile girl, Mary Phagan.’”

1916: During World War I Julius Mendes Price “was the only foreign correspondent present at the capture of Gorizia by the Italian army” during the Sixth Battle of the Isonzo which ended today.

1916: “Abram I. Elkus, the newly appointed American Ambassador to Turkey,” “his wife, his two daughter Ethel and Katherine Elkus and his son James Hess Elkus,” set sail today on the steamship Oscar II “for Constantinople via Copenhagen and Berlin”

1917: A tremendous fire swept through the Jewish quarter of Salonica leaving 50,000 Jews homeless. Thirty-two synagogues and fifty Jewish schools were destroyed. The Jews suffered 90% damage to everything they owned.

1917: A movement was made today to “establish a Jewish settlement on the Island of Java.”

1917: During WW I, in which the U.S. was now a combatant,“Ira Nelson Morris, the American Minister” in Stockholm said today “that he had received official advices from Turkey that permission had been granted to about 700 American Jews to leave Palestine for the United States.”

1917: Vilmos Vázsonyi completed his term of Minister of Justice of Hungary.

1918: In Moscow, followers of Lenin “proclaim Jews as a danger to the masses.”

1918: In Brooklyn, a block party featuring “music games and dancing” is scheduled to be held on South 9th Street between Roebling and Driggs Avenue to raise funds for the Red Mogen David (the Jewish version of the Red Cross.

1918: In Riga, “local police refuse to interfere in pogrom agitation.

1918: In Petrograd, “in a demonstration against the Jews,” “anti-Semites among the revolutionaries” tore “up the banner of the ‘Bund.’”

1918: Bolshevik revolutionary leader Moisei Uritsky was assassinated by fellow Jew Leonid Kanegeiser.  Uritsky, like many Bolsheviks traveled a tortuous path from his early idealism.  At the time of his death, he was head the Petrograd Cheka.  The Cheka were the secret police and over time became much for efficient and showed greater cruetly that did those who had served the Czar.

1920: Birthdate of photographer Lida Moser.

1921: In Tübingen, Germany, Jewish scholars Victor Ehrenberg and Eva Dorothea Sommer gave birth to Sir Geoffrey Rudolph Elton the British historian “who specialized in the Tudor Period.”

1921: In London, The Times published the second in a series of articles by it “Constantinople Correspondent” that “incontrovertibly demonstrated that ‘The Protocols’ consist in the main of ‘clumsy plagiarisms’ from a French political pamphlet directed against Napoleon III and published in Brussels in 1865 by a French Lawyer named Maurice Joly and entitled ‘Dialogues in Hell between Machiavelli and Montesquieu.’”

1923: In the Bronx Samuel and Sonya Grossberg gave birth to Yitzroch Loiza Grossberg who gained fame as pop-artist Larry Rivers.

1924: In Zholkiew (which was in Poland at that time) Shlomo and Hayyah Gittel Schachter gave birth to Meshullam Zalman Schachter whom some consider to be “the spiritual father of the Jewish Renewal movement.” (As reported by Paul Vitello)

1927: Birthdate of Bernard Cornfield, the Turkish born son of a Romanian-Jewish actor “who became one of the most flamboyant and controversial figures ever to stride through the American mutual fund industry.”  (As reported by Diana B. Henriques)

1928: “The Patriot” a silent film with “some talking sequences” directed and edited by Ernst Lubitsch was released in the United States today.

1929(11th of Av, 5689): Shabbat Nachamu

1929(11th of Av, 5689): Following yesterday’s attack on Jews at the Wailing Wall, Arabs attack Jews in Jerusalem on Shabbat. A young Sephardic Jew named Abraham Mizrachi was mortally wounded when he was stabbed at the Maccabi grounds near Mea Shearim, in the Bukharan Quarter.

1930(23rd of 5690): Seventy-one year old painter Florence Wolf Gotthold, the daughter of Jewish leader Simon Wolf and the wife of Frederick Gotthold, whose most famous work was “A Venetian Lady” passed away today.

1932(15th of Av, 5692): Tu B’Av

1932(15th of Av, 5692): Forty-five year old Mrs. Louise H. Pollak, the wife of Cincinnati, Ohio, City Councilman, a graduate of Bryn Mawr College who was a former president of the League of Woman Voters and a member of the Council of Jewish Women passed away today

1933: In Tel Aviv, The British High Commissioner and other officials participate in the laying of the cornerstone for the Levant Fair which is to be held here in 1934.

1933: “The Private Life of Henry VII” directed and co-produced by Alexander Korda and featuring Binnie Barnes as “Catherine Howard” was released today in the United Kingdom.

1933: In Saarbrucken, a decision by a court in Berlin stating that a Jew doing business in Germany cannot hold the State responsible for negligence in failing to maintain order and to afford him protection is printed in the Freiheit

1934: Twenty-seven year old pitcher Cyrus Sol “Cy” Malis struck out one batter today in his first and last major league baseball game as a member of the Philadelphia Phillies of the National League.

1935(18th of Av, 5696):  Parashat Eikev

1935(18th of Av, 5696): William Farber, the husband of “Rachel Plocinsky Farber” with whom he had five children – “Nathan, Bluma, Edward, Maurice and Saul – passed away today in Chicago.

1936(29th of Av, 5696): Two Jewish nurses were killed today by Arab snipers in Jaffa.

1936(29th of Av, 5696): “Haya Freud, a lookout on the water tower at Ramath Hakovesh” was killed by
“an Arab during a night raid.”

1936: “Gershon Mosteioff, a student at the Hebrew University” who was acting as a volunteer watchman at Kiryath Anavim was among the thirteen Jews wounded by Arab attackers today.

1936: It was reported today that Louis Lipsky of New York the head of the central council said the completed membership” of the Executive Committee of the World Jewish Congress “would consist of 136 representatives from 32 countries.”

1937: As Japanese troops moved through Shanghai, the Shanghai Volunteer Corps including its Jewish Company under the command of Major Noel S. Jacobs was activated for a three month tour of duty.

1937: In Geneva, Mr. Ormsby-Gore, the British Colonial Secretary, told the Permanent Mandates Commission of the League of Nations that Great Britain definitely considered that she should no longer maintain the Mandate of Palestine, if it has to be applied by violence. He insisted that the whole basis of the Palestine Mandate should be changed. Of course these pious sentiments did not keep the British from holding on to Palestine for another ten years, denying the establishment of a Jewish state and enforcing pro-Arab immigration policies that were a death sentence to the Jews of Europe.

1937: Forty-one congressmen requested that Cordell Hull, the US Secretary of State, advise the British that they were not carrying out the intentions and promises of the Balfour Declaration and of the Palestine Mandate.

1937: While the diplomats debated in Geneva, the Arab terror continued. A long list of sporadic shooting incidents, the wounding of a police agent in Ein Kerem, a bomb explosion in Tiberias and many robberies, all within one week, was announced by the Palestine Police.

1937: At the closing session of the historic, 20th Zionist Congress held in Zurich, Dr. Chaim Weizmann was re-elected the President of the World Zionist Organization.

1937: The New York Times reports that “A remarkable document, purporting to give a confidential report by Dr. Chaim Weizmann, Zionist president, of a conversation he had in London with William G. A. Ormsby-Gore, British Colonial Secretary, on a plan for the partition of Palestine, has been published by The Jewish Chronicle here.”

1938(20th of Av, 5698): Eight-nine year old Adolph Lewisohn, the German-born American banker and philanthropist who was known as a “copper king” because of his mining success, passed away.

1938: In Berlin, the Reich Minister of the Interior signed Reichsgesetz Part I, the second decree on the law concerning the change of first and last names that included the requirement that male Jews adopt the middle name of “Israel” and that the female Jews adopt the middle name of “Sara” – the violation of which led to the imprisonment of Lilli Jahn, “a German-Jewish doctor” was killed at Auschwitz.

1938(20th of Av, 5698): Arab violence continued to spread and grow more virulent. Early this morning, the body of Meyer Gutwird a 21 year old rabbinical student “who used to devote virtually of his time to religious studies and was often seen early in the morning at the Wailing Wall reading a holy” was found in Jerusalem.  Gutwird had been stoned to death and then beaten with an iron rod.  A bomb was thrown at a taxicab in Jaffa and Judah Mosseri, a Yemenite Jew, was wounded in both legs when shots were on the border between Jaffa and Tel Aviv.  Arab terrorist did not limit their activities to attacking Jews.  They attacked eight Arab telephone linemen whom they robbed before they released them.

1939: The 85,000 Jews living in Slovakia were terrified of being robbed and pillaged by the non-Jews, who were encouraged by the Germans.

1939(2nd of Elul, 5699): Seventy-four year old New York native, “the Vice President of the Consolidated Cigar Corporation and Vice President of the S. Elkeles Cigar Box Company” who was survived by four siblings – David, Moses, Julia and Mollie -- passed away today “at his home on East 61st Street after a long illness.

1939: The New York City premiere of “The Wizard of Oz” produced by Mervyn LeRoy with Oscar winning music by Harold Arlen and Yip Harburg was held at Lowe’s Capitol Theatre

1940: “The Prefecture of Haute-Garonne issued Leon Blum a new identification card, which indicated that his hair and mustache were grey, his nose “straight,” and his complexion “clear.”

1941(24th of Av, 5701): Three men in Khmelnik, Ukraine, were gathered together and shot dead. The deaths were justified by Einsatzkommando as retaliation for Jewish resistance. Considering how the SS death squads worked, it is surprising that they felt the need to offer an excuse for killing more Jews.

1942(24th of Av, 5701): The Nazis gassed 341 French-Jewish children from the ages of two to ten, as well as 323 girls up to the age of 16, at Auschwitz. Two of the victims are Suzanne Perl, seven, and her sister Micheline, three.

1942: Over the next 48 hours the Nazis murdered 2500 Jews from Drogobych, Ukraine, at the Belzec death camp.

1942: Birthdate of barrister and campaigner for children’s rights Allan Edward Levy.

1943: “A survivor from Sabinov in Slovakia, who has remained anonymous, wrote a report in which he described his selection in Sobibór, together with approximately one hundred men and fifty women, upon arrival.”

1943: The latest deportation continued at Bialystok; The Nazis selection 1,200 children for transport to Theresienstadt. Four weeks later, those children still alive were sent to Birkenau where all of them met the fate of death. Fifty-three adults volunteered to join them.

1943: Some 1200 children are taken from the Jewish ghetto at Bialystok, Poland, to Theresienstadt, Czechoslovakia, and later to Auschwitz, where they will be killed.

1944: Nicholas Winton, the Englishman who rescued almost 700 Jewish children from Nazi occupied Czechoslovakia was promoted to the rank of pilot officer in the RAF.

1944: Premiere of “Cry of the Werewolf” directed by Henry Levin.

1944: Birthdate of Larry Ellison, the co-founder and CEO of Oracle.

1944: The last deportation from Drancy, France, leaves for Buchenwald bearing 51 Jews. Once again we have a reminder of how critical the Final Solution was to the Germans and their allies.  This deportation took place as the Allies were liberating Paris.  While the Germans were preparing to pull out and leave the French capital to the liberators, they had to ship one more load of Jews to their death. 

1945: <u>Animal Farm</u> by George Orwell is first published by Fredric Warburg both of whose parents were Jewish.

1945: It was reported today that the meeting between representatives of the World Zionist Conference and British Colonial Secretary George Hall was “the first known official contact between the Zionists and the new Labor Government.”  In the past the Laborites have pledged their support for the creation of a Jewish homeland so “the Zionists are eagerly awaiting the British Governments action on the request for 100,000 more immigration certificates…”

1946: Birthdate of Drake Maxwell Levin, the Chicago native “who played lead guitar for the teen-idol rock band Paul Revere & the Raiders during their biggest hit-making years in the mid-1960s.” (As reported by Bruce Weber)

1948: Mitchell Flint “took up D-108 for an hour of formation flying, part of an exhibition for Prime Minister Ben-Gurion's visit to Netanya.”

1948: “During today's visit by Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion to Netanya, Modi Alon scrambled Syd Cohen and four of his B flight pilots, if only for show in front of the prime minister.”

1948: Mordechai Weingarten, a Jewish civilian leader in Old Jerusalem “appeared before a commission investigating events” that had led up to the surrender of the Old City to the Jordanians.

1949: In New York, Ambassador Eliabu Elath and the chief Israeli delegate to the U.N., Aubrey Eban, “addressed a meeting of officials of the Consulate and of various Israeli missions in the United States” as part of the celebration marking the transfer of the remains of Theodore Herzl to Jerusalem. (As reported by JTA)

1949: In New York Norman Bertram Coleman, Sr., and his wife, Beverly (Behrman) gave birth to Norman Bertram "Norm" Coleman, Jr the future Mayor of St. Paul and U.S. Senator from Minnesota.

1949: Premiere of “Jolson Sings Again” the sequel of “The Jolson Story,” biopics about Al Jolson directed by Henry Levin

1950: Premier of “The Petty Girl” a musical comedy directed by Henry Levin.

1951: U.S. Premiere of “The Lost Continent” a science fiction thriller co-starring Sid Melton, the son of Yiddish comedian Isidor Meltzer.

1951: The conflict in the World Zionist Congress on the aims of Zionism now that Israel has been established as a state remained sharp as the delegates adjourned this afternoon for the Sabbath recess.

1952: John Blanford of UNRWA and the government of Jordan signed an agreement that provided eleven million dollars for the resettling of Arab refugees in Jordan. The Arab governments, including Jordan, did all that they could to keep the Palestinian refugees penned up in camps and keep them out of their respective countries.  

1952: Two Jews were sentenced to death for economic crimes in Poland. It was thought that the Polish Communist regime was exploiting anti-Semitism to distract attention for its own, ever-growing economic difficulties.

1956: In Paris, Gaby and Raymond Aghion gave birth to Philippe Mario Aghion the “Robert C. Waggoner Professor of Economics at Harvard University and the co-developer of “Schumpeterian Paradigm.”

1956(10th of Elul, 5716): Sixty-five year old Russian born Yiddish poet Moishe Broderzon passed away today.

1957(20th of Av, 5717): Sixty-six year old English painter and “Whitechapel Boy” David Bomberg passed away.

1960:  Birthdate of actor Sean Penn.  Penn’s father was Jewish.  His mother was not.  Penn’s father was director Leo Penn who was a victim to the infamous Blacklist.

1960: ITV broadcast the final episode of “The Four Just Men” a television series overseen by Executive Producer Hannah Fisher, with music Francis Chagrin.

1961(5th of Elul, 5721): Seventy-six year old Carlos Salezdo, the scion of two Sephardi families and a leading “French harpist, pianist, composer and conductor” passed away today.

1962: In a rare loss of control, reliever Larry Sherry hit Red’s lead-off batter Gordie Coleman in the seventh inning.  The Dodgers go on to defeat Cincinnati.

1963: Three days after his death, a friend disclosed the fact that Clifford Odets’ “The Flowering Peach” “had been the Pulitzer Prize jury’s 1955 drama choice” but that it had been overruled by Pulitzer Advisory Board.

1966(1st of Elul, 5726): Rosh Chodesh Elul

1966 (1st of Elul, 5726): Eighty-two year old Des Moines, IA native Ira M. Younker, the husband of Rose Marie Younker with whom he had two children – Herman and Janet – who was the “President of the Jewish Family Service and a trustee of the Federation of Jewish Philanthropics of New York” passed away today.

1966(1st of Elul, 5726): 1967: Yonatan Netanyahu married Tuti today.

1966: Ninety year old, John Spargo, the author of The Jews and American Ideals in which he “attacked the problems of anti-Semitism and exposes the un-American nature and its positive danger to American ideals and institutions” passed away today.

1967: Tuti and Yonatan “Yoni” Netanyahu were married today after which they moved to the U.S. so he could enroll at Harvard.

1967: “The Stranger Returns” a “spaghetti Western film produced by Allen Klein was released in Italy today.

1968(23rd of Av, 5728): Parashat Eikev

1968(23rd of Av, 5728): Sixty-seven year old Joseph Platzker, a life-long resident of New York City and “Commissioner of Housing and Buildings” under Mayor La Guardia who was the husband of Bess Ratner Platzker with whom he had two children – Harold and Doris – passed away today “at the Albert Einstein Hospital.”

1969(3rd of Elul, 5729):  German born physicist Otto Stern who worked with Einstein before World War I and came to the United States in 1933 where he taught and won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1943 passed away today.

1974: Leonard Bernstein conducted the premiere of Dybbuk Variations with NYP in Auckland, New Zealand.

1975(10th of Elul, 5735): Seventy-nine year old painter and actor Sig Arno, the native of Hamburg, who left Germany in 1933 for Hollywood where ‘he appeared in over fifty films” over the next twenty years and also found time two appear in three different shows on Broadway including “Time Remembered’ “for which he was nominated for a Tony Award…in 1958.

1976: Hadassah continues its national convention for a third day in Washington, DC.

1977: A memorial is scheduled to be held this evening at Riverside Chapel for art dealer Hugo Perls who passed away yesterday at the age of 91.

1979: Premiere of “The Seduction of Joe Tynan” a cinematic commentary on the state of American politics directed by Jerry Schatzberg, produced by Bregman co-starring Melvyn Douglas.

1979: “The Concorde ... Airport '79” with a screenplay by Eric Roth, music by Lalo Schifrin and featuring performances by Avery Schreiber and Harry Shearer was released in the United States today by Universal Pictures.

1980(5th of Elul, 5740): Eighty-eight year old Morris Murray Peshkin, the graduate of Fordham Medical School and allergist who was on the faculty of Columbia and an officer of the American Jewish Congress passed away today.

1980(5th of Elul, 5740): In Jaffa, one person was killed and eight were injured during a terrorist car bombing.

1981(17th of Av, 5741): Ninety one year old Jewish historian, author and academic Selma Stern Taebuler passed away.

1982(28th of Av, 5742): Fifty-seven anti-apartheid activist Ruth First, the daughter of Latvian Jews who had moved to South Africa in 1906 and the wife of Joe Slovo passed away today.

1983(8th of Elul, 5743): Lyricist Ira Gershwin, brother of the famous George Gershwin, passed away at the age of 86. (As reported by John S. Wilson)

1986(12th of Av, 5746) Moses Hadas an American teacher, who was one of the leading classical scholars of the twentieth century, and a translator of numerous works, passed away today. 

 1986: Birthdate of Deborah Feldman, the author who rebelled against her upbringing by “the Hasidic Satmar group in Williamsburg” and wrote her autobiography, <u>Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots.</u>

1987:  Rudolf Hess, the last of Hitler’s inner circle died in a Berlin hospital at the age of 93. He apparently attempted to commit suicide by hanging himself with an electrical cord.  Hess had parachuted into England in 1941 for reasons that to this day are unclear.  Convicted as a war criminal at Nuremberg, he spent the rest of his life at Spandau Prison.

1988: According to an article in the Cedar Rapids Gazetteentitled, “A Tale of Two Piggies.” Concrete pigs had replaced pink flamingos as yard ornaments for Temple Judah congregants Terri and Brian Cohen. The 1,100-pound concrete porker showed up in the couple’s front yard at 1290 35th St. NE after a mysterious phone call invited Terri to leave her home. Brian recalled a friend asking what kind of lawn ornament he wanted and when he responded, “no pink flamingos and no Virgin Mary grottoes,” he neglected to mention swine
1992: Woody Allen admitted to being romantically involved with Soon-Yi Previn, the adopted daughter of Allen’s longtime companion, actress Mia Farrow.

1994: Elias Canetti, a novelist, playwright and cultural historian who had won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1981 was buried today in Zurich next to James Joyce. 

1995(21st of Av, 5755): Ninety-three year old screenwriter Howard Koch, who won an Oscar for his work on “Casablanca”, passed away. (As reported by Mel Gussow)

1997: Guy Hever disappeared after finishing his stint on guard duty while serving with an artillery unit based in the Golan Heights.

1997: In the Gaza Strip a two day celebration was held to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Gush Katif settlement bloc

1997: The New York Times features reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or of special interest to Jewish readers including the recently released paperback edition of <u>Lise Meitner: A Life in Physics </u>by Ruth Lewin

1998: US President Bill Clinton admits in taped testimony that he had an "improper physical relationship" with White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

2001: “Rat Race,” a comedy directed by Jerry Zucker, co-produced by Jerry Zucker and Janet Zucer, written by Andy Breckman and co-starring Jon Lovit was released in the United States and Canada today.

2001(28th of Av, 5761): Eighty year old Penn State track star Herman Goffberg who competed in the 1948 Olympics passed away today.

2002: “Israeli security forces arrested the Hamas terrorists known as the ‘Silwan Cell’ who were responsible for the attack on the Café Moment coffee shop in Jerusalem that killed 11 Israeli civilians and wounded another 54.”

2002: The end of the two-day dedication ceremony of the Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial in Boise, Idaho.

2003: Ariel Sharon completed his term in office as Communications Minister of Israel.

2003: The Sunday New York Times includes reviews of <u>Einstein’s Clocks, Poincare’s Maps: Empires of Time </u>by Peter Galison, <u>Kate Remembered</u>, a biography of Kathryn Hepburn by the Jewish author A. Scott Berg and <u>What Was She Thinking?:Notes on a Scandal,</u> a novel by Jewish author Zoe Holler.004(30th of Av, 5764): Rosh Chodesh Ave

2005: In a tribute to the vitality of the Jewish people Hutzot Hayotzer Jerusalem’s largest summer festival celebrating art and various crafts returns to its original location at the Sultan’s Pool when it opened today.  Hutzot Havotzer is celebrating its thirtieth anniversary and is a cultural happening in the truest sense of the word.  With the world fixated on Gaza and terror, this is another reminder of the vitality of Jewish culture even in times of unbelievable stress and hostility.

2005: Sixteen families of “Morag, a moshav in the southwest edge of the Gaza Strip” “were evicted today by the IDF and Israeli police.”

2005: Today, “as the Vikings' morning training camp session ended at Minnesota State University about half a dozen fans approached Zygmunt Wilf -- a New Jersey real estate developer and the new principal owner of the Minnesota Vikings for autographs as he walked off the field.”

2005: In an example of the demise of another Jewish founded department store chain Coles announced that it would decide the fate of Myer, an Australian retail group founded Sidney Myer a Jewish immigrant from Russia.

2006: IDF Chief of Staff Dan Halutz refused to resign over charges that he had sold off his portfolio because, unlike most Israelis, he knew that his country was faced with the prospect of going to war after two Israelis soldiers had been captured by Hezbollah.

2006: <u>I Was a Child of Holocuast Survivors</u> by Bernice Eisenstein went on sale today.

2006: Israel's Attorney General Menachem Mazuz decided to indict Haim Ramon for indecent assault. Ramon responded by saying: "I am certain of my innocence. The court will prove it."

2007(2nd Elul, 5676): Ninety-one year old Carolyn Goodman, the psychologist turned “civil rights advocate” and mother of murdered Civil Rights worker Andrew Goodman passed away today. (As reported by Margalit Fox)

2007: “Superbad” produced by Judd Apaow, written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg and starring Jonah Hill opens in movie theatres throughout the United States. Jonah Hill, who plays the socially inept teen, says he's really a nice Jewish boy. "I am not a super lecherous guy. I usually enjoy having a girlfriend as opposed to dating a variety of women. I'm a nice Jewish boy."

2008: In St. Paul, Minnesota, Bais Chana Jewish Women's Weekend Retreat comes to a close.

2008: Services were held at Tifereth Israel Synagogue in Des Moines for Marvin Pomerantz, 78, a friend and adviser of Republican governors and presidents for four decades who twice served as president of the Iowa Board of Regents

2008: The Washington Post book section reported that The D.C. Jewish Community Center is seeking submissions for its third annual writing contest -- short essays or stories that illuminate how humor has been helpful in difficult times. The winning entries will be part of "Laughing for God's Sake: Humor in Jewish Literature," the opening event in the upcoming Hyman S. & Freda Bernstein Jewish Literary Festival to be held in September.

2008: The cabinet voted this morning to release some 200 security prisoners as a goodwill gesture to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

2008: Anna Gostamelsky shattered Israel’s national swimming record the 100-meter freestyle this evening at the Beijing Olympics.   But after six years, Ms. Gostamelsky, one of thousands of immigrants from the former Soviet Union, has not been able to convince the rabbinate that she is Jewish according to halacha.

2008: “The tribute concert Lyrics by Don Black was held at the London Palladium, featuring performances of Black's songs by a selection of guest artists
2008: Opening of the12thAnnual Jewish Arts Fest of Dallas featuring the deeply Texan and Jewish story of The Immigrant in a musical concert production by Fort Worth's Stage West.

2009: Time magazine features reviews of three books about Bernie Madoff “who hawked his investment fund to a largely Jewish clientele” including <u>Too Good to be True</u> by Erin Arvedlund, <u>Madoff with Money</u> by Jerry Oppenheimer and <u>Betrayal; The Life and Lies of Bernie Madoff</u> by Andrew Kirtzman.

2009: In Washington, D.C. Community organizer Michael Rosen discusses and signs <u>What Else But Home: Seven Boys and an American Journey Between the Projects and the Penthouse</u> at Politics and Prose Bookstore

2009(27th of Av, 5769): Two more Israelis died on today due to complications from the swine flu, becoming the eighth and ninth people in Israel to succumb to the pandemic. The two men, age 76 and 67, died at the Sharon Hospital and Beilinson Hospital, both in Petah Tikva.

2009(27th of Av, 5769): Eighty-four year old Israel Adler founder of the National Sound Archives of the National Library of Israel, founder and former director of the Jewish Music Research Centre of the Hebrew Uniersity of Jerusalem, and one of the co-founders of IASA died today after a prolonged illness.

2009: “New Doubts Raised Over Famous War Photo” published today described challenges to the authenticity of one of the iconic combat photographs Robert Capa’s “Falling Soldier.”

2010: The National Jewish Retreat is scheduled to begin at Reston, VA.

2010: Clashes between the IDF and Palestinian terrorists along the Gaza border intensified today, when two IDF soldiers were slightly injured by mortar fire near the security fence in southern Gaza.

2010(7th of Elul, 5770):Harold Shpeen, 87, of Marlton, a longtime dentist and former president of the Jewish Federation of South Jersey, passed away today. 

2010: LAJFF in cooperation with the Anti-Defamation League and Second Generation host an exclusive pre-release screening of “A Film Unfinished” in Encino.

2010: Ryan “Kalish hit his first career grand slam in game against the Angeles in Fenway Park.”

2011: Les Bergen, a JHSGW Board Member, is scheduled to facilitate “a virtual tour of Arlington National Cemetery, where more than 5,200 Jews are buried.  We'll discuss the Confederate Memorial by sculptor Moses Ezekiel and talk about the first Hadassah nurse, a Supreme Court justice, astronauts, four-star admirals, and more.

2011: “Smiley - How about some emotional pornography?” written by Eyal Weiser and directed by Allon Cohen is scheduled to open in New York City.

2011: “The California Supreme Court declined to review the Court of Appeal's decision to affirm Phil Spector’s conviction” for the murder of Lana Clarkson.

2011:  Fighting bad lighting and a spotty internet connection, activists at the Rothschild tent city held a live chat tonight with leaders of the “May 15” anti-government protests that brought hundreds of thousands into the streets across Spain since they began over three months ago.

2011: It was reported today that “The Hebrew University in Jerusalem has been ranked the 57th best university in the world, in a list of the top 500 universities worldwide. The list, which is published annually by Jiao Tong University in Shanghai, placed Harvard, Stanford and MIT in the first three spots

2011: Peter Shumlin became the first sitting governor in the United States to preside over a same-sex wedding ceremony

2012: Among the many choices Washington Metropolitan Areas Jews have for welcoming the Sabbath are the Pre-service wine and cheese social at Beth El Hebrew Congregation in Alexandria and the Shabbat BBQ at Congregation Beth Emeth in Herndon, VA

2012: A final vote is scheduled to take place today when the United Church of Canada's General Council can choose to accept or reject an overall motion that includes recommendations to approve a boycott of products made in Israeli settlements. (As reported by JTA)

2012: The leader of the Lebanese Shiite terrorist Hezbollah said his group will transform the lives of hundreds of thousands of Israelis to “hell” if Israel attacks Lebanon. Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah said today that the group has a list of Israeli targets that it can hit with few rockets.

2012: South Africa’s chief rabbi has called on the country’s deputy minister of international relations to resign, saying he is unfit to hold public office. Earlier this week, South African politician Ebrahim Ebrahim issued a statement saying that South Africans would be discouraged from visiting Israel unless they were involved in peace efforts. In an open letter published today in Business Day and The Jerusalem Post, Rabbi Warren Goldstein wrote, “As a citizen and as a national religious leader of South Africa, I object to the way in which you are abusing your high office to promote your own personal agenda. You obviously have a ‘blind spot’ when it comes to Israel; you lose your sense of objectivity and rationality when dealing with the Jewish state

2012(29th of Av,5772): Seventy-seven year old “Samuel H. Lindenbaum, who was widely considered New York City’s top zoning lawyer and who was credited with doing as much as any of the powerful developers among his clients to shape the modern skyline of Manhattan” passed away today.  (As reported by David W. Dunlap)

2013: In Monticello, NY, second and final day of the Bagel Festival attendees can participate in the Best Bagels Contest and the Bagel Triathalon  that includes seeing how far you can roll a bagel, how far you can shot put a bagel and how high you can stack bagels without have them fall.

2013: “Arthur Fields: the man on O'Connell bridge” published today described the “career” Irish photographer Arthur Fields, the Dublin native Abraham Feldman who was the son of Jews from Ukraine.

2013(11th of Elul, 5773): Eight-nine year old historian David Landes author of <u>Revolution in Time: Clocks and the Making of the Modern World </u>passed away today. (As reported by Douglas Martin)



2013: The Tamarod ("Rebellion") movement in Egypt has joined a campaign calling to stop US aid to Egypt, and to cancel the 1979 Camp David peace treaty with Israel, Daily News Egypt reported today.

2013: The IDF fired a Tammuz surface-to-surface missile at a Syrian army post today, after several Syrian mortar shells exploded in the Golan Heights. (As reported by Yaakov Lappin)

2014: The New York Times featured books by Jewish authors and/or of special interest to Jewish readers including<u> Kill My Mother: A Graphic Novel </u>written and illustrated by Jules Feifer<u>, Timeless: Love, Morgenthau and Me </u>by Lucinda Franks and “Andrew Lewis Conn’s new novel<u>, O, Africa!, </u>which explores the fictional exploits of two Jewish brothers whose commercial partnership propels them to the forefront of the silent film industry in the years between the World Wars.”

2014(21st of Av, 5774): Ninety-six year old Sophie Masloff, “the first woman and the first Jew to serve as mayor of Pittsburgh” passed away today. (As reported by Robert D. McFadden<u>)</u>

2014: This evening, the PBS premiere of “Before The Revolution - The Untold Story of the Israeli Paradise in Iran.”

2014: The Baton Rouge (LA) Jewish Film Festival is scheduled to host a screening of “Fiddler on the Roof” complete with a sing-along.

2014: “Israel will not agree under any circumstances to a ceasefire deal that doesn’t meet the country’s security demands, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said today, as an Israeli delegation landed in Cairo to discuss an Egyptian proposal aimed at ending hostilities in the Gaza Strip and across the Israeli border.” (As reported by Adiv Sterman)

2014: Israeli security forces are preparing to examine “three openings in the ground…inside communities in the Gaza border area” near homes, kindergartens and playing fields” which are thought to “tunnel entrances dug by Hamas under the border from Gaza into Israel.” (As reported by Stuart Winer)

2014: Elena Kats-Chernin is scheduled to perform “Remembering Bialystok,” “her new work for piano and cello” at “A Concert to Remember Bialystok” at the Melbourne Recital Center.

2014: After yesterday’s violent protests at a Tesco supermarket by pro-Hamas demonstrators and the decisions of the grocery chain which was founded by Jewish businessman Jack Cohen to knuckle under to the Bobycott Divestment and Sanctions movement, today another UK grocery chain removed kosher items from their shelves out of fear of violence from pro-Palestinian demonstrators.

2015: The “Seeking Justice: The Leo Frank Case Revisited” is scheduled to open to the public today at the Southern Museum in Kennesaw, GA.

2015: As part of program sponsored by the Southern Museum, the William Breman Jewish Heritage Museum and the Museum of History and Holocaust Education at Kennesaw State University Congregation Neir Tamid is scheduled to lead a centennial remembrance of Leo Frank’s lynching including the recitation of Kaddish led by Rabbi Tom Liebschutz.

2016(13th of Av, 5776): Ninety-two year old Arthur Hiller, the director who may be best known for the tear-jerker “Love Story” passed away today.

2016: “At 8 p.m., violinist Gil Shaham is scheduled tol perform Bach's complete Sonatas and Partitas for solo violin in single recital at Tanglewood.

2016: Rabbi Deborah Silver and Deborah Mintz are scheduled to lead the Summer Learning Series at Shir Chadish, the Conservative synagogue which gave the author of this blog his first teaching job.
<u> </u>
2017: The 2017 Daniel Pearl Fellows, Nichals Chang and Samuel Yousafazi are scheduled to participate in “an open discussion” moderated by Rob Eshman at the Steve Allen Theatre in Los Angeles.

2017: “Brig. Gen. Dr. Tarif Bader was sworn in today as the Israel Defense Forces chief medical officer, marking the first time in the country's history that the position is manned by a Druze officer.” (Editor’s note: Does anybody see any sense of irony in this entry given the events of the Summer of 2018?)

2017: The Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center is scheduled to host an evening with photographer Baron Wolman who “became the first chief photographer of the legendary publication, Rolling Stone magazine.”

2017: “Pawn Sacrifice,” a film about American chess prodigy Bobby Fisher and co-starring Live Schreiber is scheduled to be shown for the last time in London and Manchester.
<u> </u>
2017: The Cleveland Jewish News is scheduled to present an evening of comedy featuring Sarge Pickman, “The Black Jew with the Chai IQ” at Anshe Chesed Fairmount Temple in Beachwood.

2018: Due to the presence of “high levels of fecal E. coli bacteria” the Health Ministry is not allowing the public to “several streams” including “Zaki, Yehudiya, Meshushim, Zavitan, Jilabun, and Daliyot (at the Majrassa Nature Reserve), as well as the Jordan River (only in the Jordan Park area).” (As reported by Rotem Elizera and Gilad Carmeli)
<u> </u>
2018: The Bezalel Art Fair is scheduled to begin at ten this morning in Jerusalem.

<u> </u>





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This Day, August 16, In Jewish History by Mitchell A. Levin

02:15 AM Thursday, August 16, 2018   by melamed&amp;amp;mavin

August 16

1027:  The King of Georgia, Giorgi I, passed away. Jews were among the subjects of this monarch who ruled over a country situated in the Caucuses, on the eastern edge of the Black Sea.  Leonti Mroveli, an eleventh century chronicler of Georgian history, offers various dates for the arrival of the Jews including the period after the destruction of the First Temple or after the destruction of the Second Temple.  Other sources claim that the first Jews arrived during the time of Alexander the Great or during the Sixth Century of the Common Era when they were fleeing persecution of the Byzantines.  No matter which source you choose to believe, The Jews were there when King George died and remain there to this day.

1284: A year before he began his reign as King of France, Philip IV, who expelled the Jews from his realm to avoid paying his debts began his reign as King of Navarre and Count of Champagne.

1419: Wenceslaus IV, the Emperor who failed to continue the Imperial protection of the Jews of Luxembourg which led to their expulsion in 1391 passed away today.

1486: Twenty men and five women were burned after being sentenced at an auto-de-fe in Toledo on the charge of Judaizing. Among them were Dr. Alonso Cota and many other notables of the town. They were marched through town being humiliated wearing the dreadful san benito, with their hands tied to their neck behind their backs.

1648(28th of Av, 5408): Rabbi Joshua Höschel ben Joseph passed away in Cracow.  Born at Vilnius in 1578, he studied both the Kabbalah and the Talmud.  He wrote Maginne Shelomoh and She'elot u-Teshubot Pene Yehoshua'

1532: John Frederick I began his reign as Elector of Saxony during which, four years later in August of 1536, in response to the teaching of Martin Luther “issued a mandate that prohibited Jews from inhabiting, engaging in business in, or passing through his realm.”

1599(25th of Av, 5359): Isaiah Menahem Ben Isaac passed away today while serving in the rabbinate in Cracow.

1664: Sixty-five year old Christian Hebrew language student and author Johannes Buxtorf the Younger who “employed Abraham Braunschweig to purchase Hebrew books for him and for many years corresponded with the scholarly Jacob Roman of Constantinople regarding the acquisition of Hebrew manuscripts and rare printed works” passed away today.

1648(28th of Av, 5408): Rabbi Joshua Höschel ben Joseph, a student of Rabbi Samuel ben Phoebus of Cracow and  Rabbi Joshua Falk whose students included Rav Shabbatai HaKohen, passed away today.

1675: Ukrainian leader Bogdan Chemlnicki (with the blood of over 300,000 Jews on his hands) died.

1724: In London, Bavarian immigrants Yehezkel (Ezekiel) and Judah Hirsh gave birth to their son Aaron Hart. The family changed their name from Hirsh to its English version, Hart.  Hart would go on to become a successful businessman and “is considered the father of Canadian Jewry.”

1772: Israel Abbady was appointed Chazan in Barbados – a position he held until 1794 when he was replaced by David Sarfaty De Pien

1776(1st of Elul, 5536): Rosh Chodesh Elul; for the first time the shofar is sounded in the newly independent United States of America.

1799(15th of Av, 5559): Tu B’Av

1799: “The Prague Jew Pzřibram bought a house in the village of Hanichen (Hanychov) from Joseph Porsche but was ordered by Count of Clam-Gallasto sell it within a year to a gentile.”

1807: During the “Gunboat Wars” which helped lead to the “complete emancipation of the Danish Jews, the British began the bombardment of Copenhagen.

1834: In Amsterdam, Joseph Barend Stokvis, Jr., a Jewish physician and obstetrician and his wife gave birth to Barend Joseph Stokvis a physician and professor of physiology and pharmacology at the University of Amsterdam who was the husband Julia Elisabeth Wertheim and a leader of the Dutch Jewish community

1840: During the Damascus Affair, in a move supporting the Jewish prisoners, the British led European powers issued a stern warning to the Egyptian Khedive that he should move his forces away from the Turkish frontier.

1842: Birthdate of Jakob Rosanes, the native of Brody who gained fame as a mathematician and chess master.

1845: In Bonnevoie, Luxembourg, Miriam Rose (Lévy) and Isaïe Lippman, the manager of the family glove-making business gave birth to Gabriel Lippman, French physicist who won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1908.

1845: In what might have been the first mention of potato blight in the British Isles, today Gardeners' Chronicle and Horticultural Gazette reported "a blight of unusual character" in the Isle of Wight the home of the Isle of Wight Jewish Society

1847: A day after she had passed away, 71year old Grace (nee Da Costa) Cohen, the widow of Judah Cohen was buried today in the Brady Street Jewish Cemetery.

1848: William Flatau married Rebecca Meseena today.

1849: Birthdate of Sibylle Riqueti de Mirabeau, the French anti-Semite and “anti-Dreyfusard” who wrote under the pseudonym of GYP.  While testifying in a court case she “gave her profession as ‘anti-Semite’ rather than ‘writer.’”

1851: In Buffalo, VA, Robert and Anna Harvey gave birth to William Hope "Coin" Harvey the populist leader who wrote the anti-Semitic Tale of Two Nations, “the story of a wealthy London banker, Baron Rothe, who engineers a plot to keep the United States from ever using a silver as currency.”

1852: In reporting on the clash between Sir Robert Peel and Benjamin Disraeli over the issue of Free Trade "Items of Foreign News" column published today quotes the following disparaging remarks that appeared in The Morning Chronicle. "When Mr. Disraeli attempts to trade on the policy of Sir Robert Peel, it will be difficult to refrain from challenging him in the words of the Hebrew prophet, 'Hast thou killed and also taken possession.'"  [Editor's Note: the quote is from 1 Kings 21:19]

1858: In Konigsberg, Prussia, Michaelis Spicker and Flora Rosenthal gave birth to Max Spicker

1859: In London, birthdate of “communal worker” Ernest Louis Franklin

1860: David Wemyss Jobson was found guilty of libeling the character of Sir James Furgurson in the London Central Criminal Court today.  Among the many prominent witnesses to appear was Benjamin Disraeli. When asked by the Defendant “Are you a Jew now or not?”  Mr. Disraeli repIied, “I am what I always was -- a Christian.” This is an interesting answer since Disraeli was actually born a Jew.  Was he being disingenuous or was he taking poet license in writing his own biography.

1861: Jacob Miller, who would be killed at South Mountain in 1862 began serving in Company A of the 45thRegiment.

1862: The Chicago Tribune published a tribute to the Jews of Chicago.

1864: Two days after he had passed away, sixty-one year old John Levy, the son of David Levy and Hannah Solomons was buried today the “Brompton (Fulham Road) Jewish Cemetery.”

1868(28th of Av, 5628): Fifty-five year old Ruben Joseph Wunderbar the author who succeeded Max Lilienthal as principal the Jewish school at Riga passed away today in his hometown of Mitau.

1872: Birthdate of Maurice Fishberg, the native of the Ukraine who came to the United States in 1890, and earned his medical degree from New York University in 1895 after which he married Bertha Fishsberg with whom he had two children – Dr. Arthur Maurice Fishberg and Dr. Harriet Fishberg – and became “a professor of clinical medicine of the University and Bellevue Hospital Medical College.”

1873: Lipman “Lip” Pike, one of the first Jewish major league baseball players, “raced a fast trotting horse named Clarence in a 100-yard sprint at Baltimore's Newington Park, and won by four yards with a time of 10 seconds flat, earning $250 ($4,570 today).”

1873: It was reported today that the Governor of New York has offered a $500 reward for the apprehension of Emil Lowenstein who allegedly murder John Weston in Albany, NY.  Mrs. Weston has already been arrested for her role in the killing.  Lowenstein, a German Jewish barber’s assistant, is thought to be headed for an unnamed “Western city.”

1875: It was reported today that of the 57,200 children attending primary schools in Algeria, 5,646 “are native Jews.’

1875: In Prague, Moritz Moses Piesen and Rosalia Piesen gave birth to Hugo Peisen the husband of Annie Piesen and treasurer of the Brooklyn Federation of Jewish Federation.

1875: It was reported today that 40 year old Joseph Samuels and 15 year old Sallie Mossheim were arrested in New Jersey. This tangled tale of two Jews includes a married man (Samuels) and the daughter of a successful businessman, who fell in love and ran off together.  The case is complicated by the fact that Sallie’s father reported that $500 was missing from his safe and this same amount was found in his daughter’s possession.

1880: Sir Saul Samuel completed his second term as a Member of the Legislative Council of New South Wales

1880: “Hebrew Poetry” published today provided a detailed review of <u>The Historical Poetry of the Ancient Hebrews</u>, a two volume work by Michael Heilprin.

1880: Based on information that originally appeared the Journal de St. Petersburg it was reported today that Jews account for 0.22 of the illegitimate births in the European portion of the Russian Empire

1881: It was reported today that Count Kutisoff, who is investigating the causes of the anti-Jewish riots met with a deputation of Jews from Kharkoff.  The Jews told him that the causes were not just economic.  The count said that the government was determined to stop the violence.  He said that they needed “to regulate the abnormal conditions” in the Western provinces where “the Jews outnumber the Christians and monopolize trade.”  (The Western provinces included the Pale of Settlement and it is inconceivable that the Russian leader did not know that there were so many Jews there because that is where the government had confined them)

1882(1st of Elul, 5642): Rosh Chodesh Elul

1882: It was reported today that the speech by Congressman Cox on the persecution of Russian Jews that appears in the Congressional Record was in fact never given since Congress had already adjourned. Cox had apparently taken advantage of the time honored practice of entering remarks in the Record that has gone into the 20th century.

1884: In Luxembourg City, “Berta (Durlacher), a housewife and Mortiz Gernsbacher, a wine maker” gave birth to Hugo Gernsbach, “an inventor, author, editor and publisher who has been called the father of modern science fiction.”

1885: Birthdate of Kiev native and New York City “merchant” Jacob Ravinovich.

1885: Beth Hamedresh Hagadol, an Orthodox congregation formed by Polish Jews 30 years ago, dedicated its new sanctuary on Norfolk Street this afternoon. Rabbi Abraham Ash, the spiritual leader of the congregation, was the driving force behind the project.

1885: The Associate Members’ Literary Society of the Young Men’s Hebrew Association held a Grant-Montefiore Memorial Meeting this evening in New York City. G.A. Ettinger delivered a speech in which compared both of these saying that although one was a man of war and the other a man of peace, “they were alike in one respect, that both labored for the emancipation of the human race.”

 1886: Based on information that first appeared in the Warsaw Courier two Polish peasants have been sentenced to six months in prison after having been found of disinterring  two Jewish corpses, cutting off their hands and then grinding them into “little morsels for…medicinal purposes.”

1886: “Last of the Roman Ghetto” published today reported that within the next couple of weeks the Jew’s quarter of Rome, “a picturesque piece of antiquity” will disappear.  The reporter of the Pall Mall Gazette (a British publication) described the ghetto as a place where “the Jews had made themselves…a sort of second fatherland” where they could observe “their habits and traditions…in a little town” they had all to themselves.

1887: Joseph Froehlich of Davenport, Iowa donated $4.00 to the Union of American Hebrew Congregations.

1887: The will of Jonas Heller which was filed for probate today gave $10,000 for the Home for Aged and Infirm Hebrews on the condition that the Directors erect a prominently placed tablet saying “In Memory  of Jonas Heller, Trustee, from______ to ______ Bequeathed Ten Thousand Dollars.”

1888: It was reported today that Levi Davis, a prominent Jewish citizen living in New Brunswick, NJ, has filed a suit seeking $10,000 in damages from Charles Scheede “for ruining his daughter Jennie.” Schweede, who is a partner in the clothing firm of Schweede Brothers denied the charge.

1888: It was reported today that Siegfried Porter, a native of Bohemia who is now an American citizen, testified before Congressman Ford’s Immigration Committee that he was now able to earn seven or eight dollars a week as a cigar maker because of the influx of Russian and Polish Jews.  According to the embittered witness the Jews were willing to work for four or five dollars a week and that they lived in such poor conditions that they were able to save three dollars of that.

1888: Birthdate of T.E. Lawrence, known to history as “Lawrence of Arabia.”  In the popular mind, Lawrence is remembered as a driving force behind Arab nationalism.  However, Lawrence was not anti-Zionist.  In “The Changing East” he wrote of the way in which the Zionist settlers would help improve the economic and social condition of the Arab population.  “In 1919 he drafted a letter for Emir Feisal for a meeting with Felix Frankfurter, a leader of American Zionists. In his letter Feisal wished ‘the Jews a hearty welcome home’ and asserted ‘our two movements complete one another.’ ‘There is room in Syria for both of us’ he concluded.”

1889: Birthdate of Maurice Copisarow, he Russian born Chemist who came to England in 1908 where he received his education and co-authored a paper with fellow chemist Chaim Weizmann.

1889: Birthdate of Chicago native and University of Michigan Law School graduate Sigmund David.

1890(30th of Av, 5650) Rosh Chodesh Elul

1890: Rabbi Gustave Gottheil is scheduled to deliver a sermon today entitled “Who Needs Converting?”

1890(30th of Av, 5650): On Shabbat, New York attorney Montague L. Marks passed away today.

1891: The funeral for Emilie J. Frank, the widow of Joseph Frank, is scheduled to be held at the home of her daughter Mrs. William Rosenberg at 40 West 95th Street.

1891: As local merchants expressed their indignation over the high-pressure tactics of sales person working for the “Jewish Times” the publishers said that the agent had sent in the ads but that they “were not aware of his making false representations” to obtain them.

1891: “Russian Jew Question” published today described the impact the articles that George Kenan has written on this subject have had including Prime Minister Gladstone urging Continental  to conduct “a full and fair” investigation of the issue.

1892: “Charges Against Edward Pollock” published today described events surrounding Meyer Reinherz’s an agent of the United Hebrew Charities, decision to file a complaint against Edward Pollock for allegedly attacking him while writing stories for Austro-Hungarian newspapers.”

1893: A circular was disturbed today setting forth the rights of the thousands of unemployed Jewish workers and the wrongs done to them and calling for a mass meeting tomorrow at the Walhalla Hall on Orchard Street.

1894(14th of Av, 5654): Just two days before her 74th birthday Elisa “Elka” Hirschfelder Bodenheimer, the daughter of Fradel and Jakob Hirsch Moses Hirschfelder and the wife of Hermann Bodenheimer with whom she had eight children passed away today in Germany

1895: In Massachusetts, the Worcester Hebrew Benevolent Society which had been founded in 1891 received its charge today.

1895:  Birthdate of novelist Albert Cohen.  A native of Greece, Cohen worked for various international organizations located in Switzerland. He became a Swiss citizen after World War I and based some of his fiction on experiences with the League of Nations.  The Greek native, who was a Swiss citizen, wrote in French.

1896: Birthdate of Buffalo native wood engraving artist Asa Cheffetz.

1896: “Heat and the Babes” published today described various steps being taken to beat the August heat including the decision of the Hebrew Institute to open a free roof garden on the top of its building.

1897: Birthdate of Sir Hersch Lauterpacht the Austro-Hungarian born British Jurist who served as a member of the United Nations Internal Law Commission and a Judge of the International Court of Justice.

1897: In Missouri, Russian born Joseph Lazarus Kranson and Caroline Kranson gave birth to Bernard J. Kranson today.

1898: Children are being removed from the Hebrew Orphan Asylum at 138th Street and Amsterdam Avenue because of an epidemic of dysentery.

1898: “For Jewish Worshippers” published today described a letter J.E. Bloom, Assistant Adjutant General, Third Brigade, Second Division, Third Army Corps wrote to the President and Executive Committee of the Young Men’s Hebrew Association in New York suggesting that they raise funds to be used to “provide a large tent for holding religious services for Jewish soldiers” attending the re-union at the Chickamauga Battlefield this Fall.

1898: “Great Charity Enterprise” published today described plans for a fundraiser to be sponsored by the Young Men’s Hebrew Charity Association in Chicago.  Half of the funds will go to Michael Reese Hospital and the other half will go to the United Hebrew Charities.

1899: It was reported today that “the leading Jews of Europe are” planning on holding a meeting “in Switzerland in order to form an international association for their defense against the crusade of the anti-Semites and to protect the Jews in France after the Dreyfus court-martial is ended.”

1899: The New York Federation of Zionists met at Cooper Union tonight. “They adopted resolutions against anti-Semitism and for the rejuvenation of Zion.”

1899: “Jews Aid The Dewey Home Fund” published today described the “considerable interest” that the Jews have shown in raising money to buy a home for the Hero of Manila Bay.  “At least one-fourth of the names making up the list of contributors so far are Jews.”

1899: In South Africa, President Kruger “has issued a brochure supporting his proposal regarding the removal of religious disabilities” which would the discrimination against the Jews by the Protestant dominated government.

1899: Julius P. Witmark, J.W. Bratton, Sager Midgley, J. Leslie Gossing, J.J. Raffael, Miss Alic Magil, Smith O’Brien, Miss Grace L. Weir and Fred Rycroff proved the entertainment tonight at the Arverne Hotel Casino where a fund-raiser was held for the benefit of the Hebrew Infant Asylum.

1899(10th of Elul, 5659): Abraham Cohen Labatt, native of Charleston, SC who founded several Reform Congregations from South Carolina to Louisiana to California to Texas passed away in Galveston.

1900: The Fourth Zionist Congress comes to an end in London.

1902: In Dvinks Latvia, Mendel and Sarah (Einhorn) Siegel.to philosopher, educator, founder of Aesthetic Realism Eli Siegel

1902:  Several thousand persons greeted Samuel Gompers, President of the American Federation of Labor, at Mountain Lake Park, Maryland where he delivered an address before the Chautauqua Assembly on "Labor and Capital -- the Workman's Side of the Story."

1903(23rd of Av, 5663): Seventy-one year old Moses Polock “a well-known and somewhat eccentric antiquarian bookseller” who was the maternal uncle of Abraham Simon Wolf Rosenbach as well as mentor passed away today.

1903: In Newark, NJ, The Young Ladies’ Zionist Society hosted an ice cream festival this evening at Foresters’ Hall where several “well-known Zionists” addressed the attendees.

1903: Herzl stopped in Vilna where a tremendous ovation is awaiting him. Old Reb Shleimele lifted his hands over Herzl and pronounces the Priestly Benediction. After one day of rest in Altaussee, Herzl left for Basle and the Sixth Congress.

1903: In Brooklyn, NY, “the annual ice cream festival of the Shosanath Zion was held” today “at the Arion Hall.”

1909: La Divorziata, the Italian version of Die geschiedene Frau (The Divorcée), “an operetta in three acts by Leo Fall with a libretto by Victor Léon” opened today “at the Teatro Lirico Internationale in Milan.”

1909 (29th Av): Rabbi Samuel “Shmuel” Salant Chief Ashkenazic Rabbi of Jerusalem, who was a leading Talmudist and a friend of Moses Montefiore passed away and was buried on the Mount of Olives.

1911: Rabbis David de Sola Pool and H.Z. Masliansky and laymen Louis Lipsky and Reuben Brainin were among those who spoke at “a mass meeting at the Educational Alliance” marking the opening of the Tenth Congress of the Federation of American Zionists.

1912(3rd of Elul, 5672): Seventy year old Elias Landauer who with “his spouse, Bertha Bodenheimer Landauer, immigrated from Germany in 1866 settled in Harrisonburg, Louisiana where he operated a retail supply business for 22 years before coming to New Orleans and opening Landauer & Meyer, a wholesale hat store” passed away today.

1913: In “Brest, a town called Brest-Litovsk, then part of the Russian Empire, but today Belarus” Zeev and Hassia Biegun” gave birth to Menachem Begin, Prime Minister of Israel and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.  The life of Menachem Begin is too colorful and controversial to be covered in this brief guide.  His life became one of many contradictions.  Consider that this political heir to Jabotinsky, the man who waged violent war against the British in the last years of the Mandate was the man who signed the peace accord with Sadat.

1914: As WW I expanded, the BEF (British Expeditionary Force) which would later include Dr. Michael Adler as the first Jewish chaplain to serve with the British Army overseas, landed in France today

1915: It was reported today that Louis D. Brandeis and Nathan Straus will address the upcoming national meeting of Jews to be held at Cooper Union.

1915: Among those who were reported today to have addressed the mass meeting aimed at raising money for Jews in the war zone were Dr. M.S. Margolies, President of the Union of Orthodox Rabbis of New York, Dr. Moses Hyamson the rabbi of Congregation Orach Cahim in New York and Rabbi Aaron Tietelbaum of Jerusalem.

1915: A lynch mob from Marietta, GA arrived at the prison in Milledgeville.  After cutting the telephone wire emptying the gas from the prison’s automobiles and handcuffing the warden, they seized Leo Frank and drove away from the prison.

1916: Neutral Romania continued its negotiations with the Entente Powers, as the Allies try to get her to declare war on the Central Powers – a move that could have profound effect on the suffering Jewish population of that eastern European nation.

1917: Two after she was killed in air raid along with her husband during WW I, Leah Cohen, the wife of John Cohen was buried at the Plashet Jewish Cemetery in London.

1917: Two days after he was killed in an air raid along with his wife, 54 year old John Cohen was buried at the Plashet Jewish Cemetery in London.

1917: The State Department instructed Ira Nelson Morris, the American Minister to Sweden “to forward $25,000 for the continuation of soup kitchens and relief of Jews in Turkey.”

1917: In the East New York section of Brooklyn Benjamin and Bertha Taubman gave birth to “Dorothy Taubman, who developed a method to help pianists strengthen their techniques and avoid repetitive strain injuries.” (As reported by Vivien Schweitzer)

1918(8th of Elul, 5678): Sixty-eight year old Dr. Adolf Rosenzweig, the rabbi at the New Synagogue (Neue Synagoge) in Oranienburger Straße, Berlin passed away today and was buried under a gravestone on which was written "The law of truth was in his mouth, and unrighteousness was not found in his lips" (Malachi 2:6).

1918: It was reported today Joseph Duveen, “a well-known member of the Anglo-Jewish Community” has offered to provide the funds for a National Gallery for modern foreign art that had been planned for by a committee chaired by Lord Curzon in 1915.

1919: “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” is distributed in Germany and the United States.

1920: Morris Abrams, “an from Russia who ran a successful company that produced machinery and factory tools” and the former Freda Sugarman gave birth to Dr. Herbert Leroy Abrams “a radiologist at Stanford and Harvard universities and a founder of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, which won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1985 for its work in publicizing the health consequences of atomic warfare.” (As reported by William Grimes)

1921: In London, The Times published the first in a series of articles by it “Constantinople Correspondent” that “incontrovertibly demonstrated that ‘The Protocols’ consist in the main of ‘clumsy plagiarisms’ from a French political pamphlet directed against Napoleon III and published in Brussels in 1865 by a French Lawyer named Maurice Joly and entitled ‘Dialogues in Hell between Machiavelli and Montesquieu.’”

1922: Birthdate of Herbert Vogel, the New York born postal clerk, who, along with his wife, became “fabled art collectors. (As reported by Douglas Marin)

1922: “Theatrical release of ‘Up and at ‘Em’” a silent film which “marks the first Hollywood screenplay” by Lewis Mileston.”

1923: Rabbi Meir Shapiro “introduced his idea” of “a daily regimen” of studying the Babylonian Talmud “one day at a time in a cycle of seven and a half years” “at the First World Congress of the World Agudath Israel in Vienna” today.

1923: Birthdate of Shimon Peres, Zionist leader who would hold numerous positions including President of the Jewish state.  There are as many views of Peres as there are candles on his birthday cake.

1925: The Palestine Foundation Fund reported that it had spent $8,646,750 in the economic rebuilding of Palestine during its four years of existence, just concluded. More than 60 per cent of this sum has come from American Jews, according to the statement, the balance being collected from fifty-two other countries. $2,570,785 was expended on farming enterprises and $1,624,695 for Hebrew education. Samuel Untermeyer is President of the American branch of the fund.

1926: Sephardic and Oriental Jews at a Zionist conference in Vienna had their delegates gather for the purpose of furthering Zionist interests among their peoples. 

1927(18th of Av, 5687): Forty-eight year old Jennie Weiner passed away today after which she was buried at the Waldheim Jewish Cemetery in Cook County, Illinois.

1927(18th of Av, 5687): Seventy-five year old Leopold Pick, the husband of Betty Pick passed away today.

1929: Although warned by the Zionist Executive that the Arabs were preparing to attack the Jews of Jerusalem in massive riots, High Commissioner Sir John Chancellor refused to cut his vacation short, declaring that relations between the sides were improving. After Friday prayers on the day after the ninth of Av, two thousand Arabs attacked Jews praying at the Western Wall. One Jewish youth was stabbed in the back. The British Government refused to condemn the attack leading the Arabs again to believe that the British supported their riots.

1930: “Dreyfus” or “The Dreyfus Case,”as would be known when released in the United States, based on a novel about the French officer directed by Richard Oswald and starring Fritz Kornter in the title role was released today in the Weimar Republic (Germany)/

1930(22nd of Av, 5690): Gustave Frohman who along with his brothers Charles and Daniel worked together as theatrical producers and advanced men passed away.

1931: Birthdate of “piano prodigy” Michael “Mickey” Leonard the native of Rockville Center, NY who became a leading composer and arranger. (As reported by Daniel L. Slotnik)

1932: In Washington, DC, “Marceline Gray and George Jackson Eder, a lawyer and economist who for a time worked in the administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt” gave birth to Richard Gray Eder the New York Times foreign correspondent who “won a Pulitzer Prize for his book reviews in The Los Angeles Times.”

1933: Following a baseball game in Toronto, six hours of violence broke out between Harbord Playground, which was predominantly Jewish, and St. Peter's, a baseball team sponsored by a church at Bathurst and Bloor that became known as the Christie Pitts Riot.

1933: In New York, more than seventy thousand workers joined a strike called by the ILGWU under the leadership of David Dubinsky

1933: Three hundred Polish Jews including a group of 140 chalutzim leave for Palestine.

1933: Local authorities in East Prussia inform Jews that they must call for their mail because Nazi postmen will be humiliated in delivering mail to Jews.

1934: Birthdate of Dr. Daniel Norman Stern “a psychiatrist who increased the understanding of early human development by scrutinizing the most minute interactions between mothers and babies” (As reported by Douglas Martin)

1936: The 1936 Olympics came to an end in Berlin.  Calls for boycotting the Hitler Olympics fell on deaf ears.

1936: The New York Times published a lengthy review of <u>Jewish Studies in Memory of George A. Kohut, 1874-1933</u>, edited by Salo W. Baron and Alexander Marx.

1936(28th of Av, 5696): An eight year old Jewish boy “was killed and nineteen Jews were injured by the explosion of a bomb thrown by an Arab from a train window into one of the principal streets of Tel Aviv today as the train was passing the city en route to Jaffa.” In the last three days ten Jews – 7 adults and 3 children – have been killed in Safed, Haifa and on the highway between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.  Authorities fear that this latest in a series of attacks that began four months ago will finally provoke the Jewish population into acts of violence aimed at their attackers. 

1936(28th of Av, 5696): “Julius Vagshall, an employee of the Palestine Electric Company was shot by assailants from the darkness near Mikveh Israel” and two others were wounded in what was the climax to a night of terror in which at least twenty people were wounded including British constable.

1936: “Saar Now Shares Reich Hardships” published today described the deteriorating conditions of the territory seized by the Germans 18 months ago including a scarcity of capital for investment that “has been greatly intensified by the emigration of approximately 5, 000 Jew…who under the Rome protocol were allowed to take all of their property with them…”


1936: In Cleveland, Ohio, between 25,000 and 30,000 followers of Father Charles E. Coughlin heard him this afternoon in Municipal Stadium describe “his disillusionment in President Roosevelt” and “challenge the Jews of America to accept the doctrine of Christian brotherhood…”

1936: According to the Palcor Agency, the Palestine Government “was accused of negligence in the protection of Jews from Arab violence.”

1936: “The World Jewish Congress decided tonight to incorporate as a permanent organization in Switzerland” with offices in Geneva, Paris and New York that should be financed by the $75,000 that will be raised in 1937.

1936: “A Yiddish Novel” published today provided a review of <u>Noah Pandre</u> written by Salman Schneour and translated by Joseph Leftwich.

1936: “Studies in Memory of George Kohut” published today provided a review of <u>Jewish Studies in Memory of George A. Kohut </u>edited by Salo W. Baron and Alexander Marx

1936: It was reported today that “all efforts of Emir Abdullah to mediate between the Palestine Government and the Arabs have been futile” because “none of the older Arab leaders dare accept the British Government’s proposal of a royal commission in the fact of the militant Nationalist youths” who have been attacking Arabs who oppose them.

1936: It was reported today that “a reign of terror is prevailing throughout Palestine” where “Arab leaders, especially Arab police officer are just as exposed to the bullets” of Arab terrorists “as Britons and Jews.”

1936: In “Habimah in Emek,” published today Arthur Settel described a recent performance of “Jew Suss” in Ain Taun a village in the Valley Of Jezrel on the northern plain of Palestine.

1937: “Hammer Icons” published today tells the story of Armand and Victor Hammer, “two of the most startling characters in the U.S. art world.

1937: The 20th World Zionist Congress comes to an end with a resounding vote of support for Dr. Chaim Weizmann who was re-elected as President with only 8 delegates voting against him

1937: Talks are proceeding between Americans of Jewish and of Arab origin with a view to-exploring the possibilities of bringing peace between their peoples in Palestine by applying the American federal principle, it was revealed by Adil Arslan, one of the Arab High Committee's two delegates here.

1938(19th of Av, 5698): Arabs killed three people when they kidnapped a Jewish family today at Atlit.

1938: Andrej Hlinka, a Catholic Priest, a leader of the Slovak National Party and “a symbol of Slovak fascism” passed away.  He opposed the democratic principles of Czechoslovakia and was an admirer of Hitler and Mussolini.  Although he died before the war, he was considered to be the spiritual “godfather” of Slovak nationalism that sent 70,000 Jews to the concentration camps, most of whom perished.

1939: More than 600 Zionists from all parts of the world attend the twenty-first World Zionist Congress, which opens in Geneva today. The congress will last thirteen days.

1939: Birthdate of American banjo player Eric Weissberg best known for “Dueling Banjos” which provided the musical background for “Deliverance.”

1939(1st of Elul, 5699): Rosh Chodesh Elul

1940: “Foreign Correspondent” a spy film produced by Walter Wanger, with music by Alfred Newman and filmed by cinematographer Rudolph Maté was released in the United States today.

1940: The Vichy (France) government prohibited aliens from practicing as physicians, dentists or pharmacists.  This destroyed the livelihood for numerous Jews who had fled to France before the war and/or were not living in Vichy at the time of the French surrender to the Nazis.  The Jews living in Vichy France would learn that anti-Semitism was part and parcel of the Petain government.

1940: Today the building at 770 Eastern Parkway in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn, New York was purchased by Agudas Chassidei Chabad (the Chabad-Lubavitch community) to house the living quarters, study and office, Yeshivah, and synagogue of the sixth Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn who had arrived in New York (following his rescue from Nazi-occupied Warsaw) five months earlier [It would later serve as the headquarters of his son-in-law and successor, the Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, and become the vortex of Chabad-Lubavitch's global network of institutions of Jewish education and outreach.]

1941: Birthdate of Brooklyn native Vivian Hoffman who gained famed as Vivian Stromberg a champion of women’s rights around the world and founder of Madre.

1942: In the Warsaw Ghetto at today’s selection only two members of Władysław Szpilman’s family “were passed as fit to work” while “the rest of the family was taken to the Umschlagplatz.

1942: Tonight, all the members of Władysław Szpilman’s family were shipped from Warsaw to Treblinka where they were murdered.

1943:  Nazi troops enter the Jewish ghetto at Bialystok, Poland and over the next four days destroy the more than 30,000 Jews inside. Hundreds of Resistance fighters, led by Mordechai Tenenbaum-Tamaroff and Daniel Moszkowicz--who battle back with small arms, axes, and bayonets--are annihilated. Those who survive are transported to death camps, where 25,000 are killed

1943: Inmates revolt at the slave-labor camp at Krychów, Poland.

1943: During World War II, the keel for the SS Oscar Strauss was laid today.

1943: Maurice H. Rindskopf was among the officers serving on ehe USS Drum, an American submarine as she left Brisbane on her seventh war patrol

1943: The Spanish government stated that they would allow more repatriated Jews to come to Spain, "only if those in Spain already left." The obvious lack of sentiment on the part of Spain was apparent to the Joint Distribution Committee, which went ahead and placed a "priority" on emigration of "these so-called Sephardics." The Jews who did make it to Spain were not in any way treated like citizens.

1944: A train arrived at Birkenau from Athens with 1,651 Jews from Rhodes and 94 from Kos. Upon arrival and then separation, Sidney Fahn would see his wife and young child for the last time. Only 151 of these Jews would survive.

1945: In Chicago, Illinois, Eleanor (née Pottasch) and Elmer Balaban, who owned several movie theatres and later was a pioneer in cable television gave birth to Robert Elmer “Bob” Balaban the “actor, author, producer and director who gave one of his most memorable roles in “The Monuments Men” as Private Preston Savitz.

1945: Today, “President Truman called…for the free and open settlement of Palestine by Jews to the point consistent with the maintenance of civil peace.”  For the first time he revealed that that U.S. government has informed the British who are attending the Big Three’s Berlin Conference. (The Big Three were the U.S., U.K. and U.S.S.R.)

1945: Former Iowa Senator Guy Gillette who is President of the American League for a Free Palestine expressed his “disappointment at the inconclusive nature of the American position” about Jewish settlement “as outlined by” President Truman today.  According to Gillette, millions of displaced persons have been returned to their homes.  Yet, the Jews, who suffered the most, have been denied a clear solution to their plight.  The League of Nations had already had already designated that Palestine should be a free and independent nation.  According to Gillette, Palestine “is the historic national territory of the Hebrew people and their right to enter it should no longer be challenged.

1945: “Dr. Abba Hillel Silver of Cleveland, Ohio and Rabbi Stephen S. Wise of New York were elected member of the executive board of the Jewish Agency for Palestine by the general council of the World Zion Conference today in London, UK.”

1946: In New York City, “Margot (née Verblow), a singer, and William Warren, a real estate agent whose original surname was "Warrenoff" gave birth to act Academy Award nominated actress Lesley Ann Warren.

1948: Birthdate of Patrick Balkany, the native of Neuilly-sur-Seine, who is a member of the National Assembly of France

1948(11thof Av, 5708): Sixty-seven year old “Yiddish dramatist and novelist Peretz Hirschbein” lost his three year battle with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig’s Disease), and passed away today in Los Angeles

1948(11thof Av, 5708):  Fifty-five year old Harry Dexter White passed away today after having answered accusations before HUAC that he was a communist and a traitor.

1948: Three months after the establishment of the State of Israel, an agreement was signed between the Bank Leumi and the temporary Government. The official charter appointing the Bank as the Government's financial agent was signed by Hoofien and the Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion. On that very day, the official bank notes of the new state, bearing the name of the Anglo-Palestine Bank and the signatures of Hoofien and Barth, were distributed. The Israeli pound becomes legal tender.

1949: Herzl's remains are transferred to Jerusalem and reburied on Mount Herzl.

1949: Netiv HaLamed-Heh ( נְתִיב הַל"ה‎‎,  Path of the 35) a kibbutz in central Israel located in the Valley of Elah, was established today by demobilized members of the Daled Company of the Palmach's Harel Brigade. It was initially named Peled (an acronym for Plugot Daled, lit. Daled Company) It was later renamed after the 35 Haganah soldiers killed in a convoy to resupply the Gush Etzion kibbutzim during the 1947–1948 Civil War in Mandatory Palestine (Lamed-Heh is 35 in Hebrew numerals).

1950: “No Way Out” a film noir directed by Joseph L. Mankeiwicz with music by Alfred Newman was released in the United States today by 20th Century Fox.

1951: “The Guy Who Came Back” featuring Zero Mostel was released in the United States today by 20th Century Fox.

1956(9th of Elul, 5716): A squad of Fedayeen attacked Egged Bus 391 traveling from Tel-Aviv to Eilat murdering three soldiers and a female civilian passenger and wounding an additional three civilian passengers. (Editor’s Note – Fedayeen was the 1950’s name for the terrorists.  The names have changed over the decades but the deadly attacks remain the same.)

1959(12th of Av, 5719): Harpsichordist and composer Wanda Landowska, who was credited with the 20th-century revival of harpsichord music passed away.

1960: Cyprus gains its independence from the United Kingdom (Great Britain).  Jews have lived on the island of Cyprus since the days of the ancient Greeks.  In modern times, Cyprus provided a haven for Jews trying to escape from Hitler’s Europe.  After the war, the British set up internment camps on the island where they detained Jews trying to run the blockade and reach pre-Israel Palestine.  Israel established diplomatic relations with Cyprus and the Israeli embassy served as focal point for the small Cypriot Jewish community. 

1961: Frank Robinson hit a homer off of Larry Sherry as the Jewish pitcher and the Dodgers came out on the short end of game with the Reds losing 6 to 0.

1965(18th of Av, 5725): Eighty-four year old Russian born NYU Law School graduate Harry Handler, “the principal of the Stone Avenue Talmud Torah in Brooklyn” for 39 years and the husband of “the former Esther Liskowsky” passed away today while “visiting his son Dr. Archie Handler.”

1971(25th of Av, 5731): Seventy-six year old Edward Anthony, the former director of public relations during Herbert Hoover’s successful presidential campaign and magazine editor passed away today.

1972: “Two British girls, unaware that the gramophone given them by 2 Arab acquaintances in Rome was booby trapped” carried it on board an El Al Flight bound for Lod” where it exploded in the luggage compartment causing “slight damage.” (Jewish Virtual Library)

1973(18th of Av, 5733): Selman Waksman, Ukrainian-born American biochemist and recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine passed away.

1976: In Washington, the national convention of Hadassah continued for a second day.

1978: Pitcher Ross Baumgarten makes his major league debut with the White Sox.

1978: In Moscow, the government continued its “anti-Zionist trials” today with Alexander Podrabinek as the prisoner in the dock.

1984: Hadassah leader Bernice S. Tannenbaum brought “a five-member delegation” to the White House where they “met with President Ronald Reagan for 40 minutes over tea, coffee and cookies, to lobby against the resolution linking Zionism and racism.” Reagan agreed “to publicly repudiate” “the United Nations resolution defining Zionism as a ‘form of racism and racial discrimination’” and “that the U.S. delegation would walk out of” the U.N. Conference at Nairobi “if the Zionism-equals-racism resolution was included in the final conference declaration.”

1985: Lieutenant General Sidney T. Weinstein, one of the highest ranking Jewish soldiers at that time, began serving “as the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, Headquarters Department of the Army

1985: Birthdate of Bensiyon Songavkar, the Indian born Jewish professional cricketer.

1988(3rd of Elul, 5748): Auckland City Councillor Harold Goodman, the husband of Dame Barbara Goodman, passed away.

1988: Ed Koch, the Jewish Mayor of New York City says he plans to wipe out street-corner windshield washers

1988: The New York Times included reviews of <u>Confessions of a Good Arab</u> by Yoram Kaniuk, translated by Dalya Bilu and <u>The Road to Ein Harod</u> by Amos Kenan, translated by Anselm Hollo.

1989: 15th of Av, 5749): Tu B’Av

1989: Today, the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent a telegram to Israeli security forces warning that Hezbollah terrorists were on their way to Brazil “in order commit attacks on diplomatic representatives of Israel.”

1991(6th of Elul, 5751): Sixty-six year old “Dr. Gerson D. Cohen, chancellor emeritus of the Jewish Theological Seminary” and the husband of scholar Naomi Choen passed away today.

1992: In Buenos Aires, Ricardo and Silvana Schwartzman gave birth to Tennis Champion Diego Schwartzman known as “El Peque.”

1993: The two men who kidnapped Harvey Weinstein, a formalwear manufacturer and chairman of Lord West Formal Wear are arrested in New York when the go to pick up the ransom.  Weinstein survives and lives to the ripe old age of 82.

1993(29th of Av, 5753): Eighty-eight year old grand prix driver Rene Dreyfus passed away today.

1994: The first ever Papal Nuncio to Israel presented his credentials in Jerusalem

1994(9th of Elul, 5754): Seventy-two year old Pennsylvania born WW II Army Veteran Alfred Sachs, the longtime employee of the “Maryland Toll Authority’s Harbor Tunnel” and husband of Dorothy Sachs passed away today.

1995(20th Av, 5755): Sixty-six year old newspaper executive Stanley Asimov, the brother of Isaac Asimov passed away today.

1996(1st of Elul, 5756): Rosh Chodesh Elul

1996(1st of Elul, 5676): Forty-seven year old composer Miles Goodman passed away today.

1996: “The Fan” a film that takes a dark look at celebrity produced by Wendy Fineman, with music by Hans Zimmer and co-starring Ellen Barkin was released in the United States today by TriStar Pictures.

1998: The New York Timesfeatured a review of <u>The Father of Spin: Edward L. Bernays and the Birth of Public Relations</u> by Larry Tye.  Bernays is the Austrian born Jew who was the nephew of Sigmund Freud.

2000(15th of Av, 5760): Tu B’Av observed for the first time in the 21st century.

2000: A documentary film entitled “The Ballad of Rambling Jack Elliot” about the life of Brooklyn native Elliott Adnopoz the son of a middle class Jewish doctor who transformed himself into a musical iconoclast opens at the Film Forum.  The film was written and directed by his daughter Aiyana Elliot.

2002: “The Adventures of Pluto Nash” a comedy produced by Martin Bregman released in the United States today.

2002: As proclaimed by Mayor Martin O’Malley and Governor Parris N. Glendening today was observed as Eli Siegel Day.

2002(8th of Elul, 5762): Martin Deutsch the American physicist who studied positronium passed away. Positronium is a temporary state in the decay of the positron which is the antiparticle of the electron (and that is more than I really know about this.)

2003: Idid Amin, the former President of Uganda who had been trained as a paratrooper by the Israelis and who provided a safe haven for the Palestinian hijackers in 1976 passed away today.

2005: The evacuation of Gaza continued for a second day.

2005:  The Jerusalem Post reported that Britain had played a major role in Israel’s development of a nuclear capability in the late 1950’s. 

2006: As part of the cease-fire agreement, Israeli troops turn control of territory in Lebanon over to UNIFL.  At the same time, in one of those many ironies of history, the army of Lebanon returns to the southern part of the country for the first time since the 1970’s thanks to the attacks of the IDF on Hezbollah strongholds. 

2007: Israel and the United States signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the new American defense package for Israel. Under the new aid agreement, the U.S. will transfer $30 billion to Israel over 10 years, compared with $24 billion over the past decade. The aid deal signed at represents a 25 percent rise in U.S. military aid to Israel. Israel is slated to receive the first pay out in October 2008, amounting to $2.55 billion. That sum will grow each year by $150 million, until it reaches $3.1 billion in 2011.

2008: At Temple Judah in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Bar Mitzvah of Daniel Finn.

2008: Today, Itai Magidi will be the first Israeli to take part in the athletics competitions, running the 3000m Steeplechase qualifiers and all seven of Israel's sailors are scheduled to race at the Beijing Olympics.

2008, Martha Nussbaum—University of Chicago professor and Boston Review contributing editor—became a bat mitzvah  in a service at Temple K. A. M. Isaiah Israel in Chicago's Hyde Park, chanting from the Parashah Va-etchanan and the Haftarah Nahamu, and delivering a D'var Torah about the connection between genuine, non-narcissistic consolation and the pursuit of global justice.”

2009: The Washington Post features reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or of special interest to Jewish readers including <u>Rashi</u> by Elie Wiesel.

2009: The Massachusetts secretary of state’s office has rejected a proposed settlement by an investment firm to repay nearly $6 million to state investors who lost money in Bernard L. Madoff’s fraudulent investment scheme.

2009: “Can Game Theory Predict When Iran Will Get the Bomb” published today describes Bruce Bueno de Mesquita’s answer to this question.

2009: Led by his widow, Betty Levin, a true Ashish Chayil, the family and friends of Dr. Jacob Levin, of blessed memory, gather to dedicate a classroom named in his honor at North Suburban Beth El Synagogue.  Dr. Levin taught in this room for several years and his time as a Religious School teacher was but one example of his contributions to the Jewish community. He will always be missed.  He will always be remembered.


2010: KlezKanada is scheduled to open in Lantier, Quebec.

2010: An IDF soldier was lightly wounded today in clashes with Palestinian terrorists in the Gaza Strip.

2010: A bomb squad checked out two unattended suitcases outside the consulate, the Los Angeles Police Department said

2011: Today is the release date for <u>The Gift of Rest: Rediscovering the Beauty of the Sabbath</u> by Senator Joe Lieberman

2011: Today, “in a jailhouse interview with Yahoo! Sports, Nevin Shaprio” who was imprisoned for running a huge Ponzi scheme” made good on the promise for the revelations exposing a lack of NCAA-mandated institution oversight at” the University of Miami “which allowed his illegal and unethical behaviors to continue unimpeded for years.”

2011: The 2nd Avenue Deli reopened at its new location on 1st Avenue and 75th Street in the Upper East Side much to the joy of those who enjoy the best kosher meat knishes and tongue sandwiches imaginable.

2011: Wendy Turman, JHSGW Curator/Archivist is scheduled to deliver “an illustrated lecture tracing the history of the Jewish community in the Washington area from the arrival of the first Jewish Washingtonian in 1795 to today, when the region's Jewish community has grown to more than 215,000 people.

2011: Representatives from the National Union of Israeli Students and leaders of the tent city protest movement met this morning with former chief rabbi of Israel and current Head Rabbi of Tel Aviv Yisrael Lau, where they held a discussion on the ongoing social justice protests.

2011:Israel's parliament interrupted its summer recess today to debate popular protests against high living costs but there seemed to be little sense of urgency among the smattering of lawmakers, some of whom tapped away on mobile phones and iPads. During the session dozens of protesters tried to break into the building through the back gate. Knesset Guard officers held them back but the confrontation soon turned violent.

2012: The Knesset is scheduled to convene in a special session during its summer recess to approve Avi Dichter as Home Front Defense Minister (As reported by the Jerusalem Post.)

2012(28th of Av): Yarhtzeit of Larry Rosenstein – gone to soon but never forgotten

2012(28th of Av): HaRav Akiva Ehrenfeld, president of the Chasam Sofer Institutions in the U.S. and President of Kiryat Mattersdorf passed away tonight at Shaare Zedek Medical Center and was buried that night on Har HaMenuchot near the grave of his father

2012: Bulgarian police released a computer-generated image and a fake driver's license photo of a man believed to be an accomplice in the bombing of an Israeli tour bus in Burgas that killed six.  (As reported by JTA)

2012: “Shimon Peres, Israel’s president and elder statesman, spoke out against the prospect of a lone Israeli military strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities, a message that contradicts the hawkish, go-it-alone line emanating from the offices of Israel’s prime minister and defense minister.” (As reported by Isabel Kirshner)

2012: Police resumed searching for the remains of Grad rockets in the desert outside Eilat this morning, hours after two loud blasts rocked the resort town.

2013: In Montgomery, AL, the Capri Community Film Society is scheduled to show “Fill the Void,” a cinematic treatment of the life of a Chasidic family from Tel Aviv.

2013: Amir Levy is scheduled to perform at the New York International Fringe Festival.

2013: Seven months after premiering at the Sundance Film Festival, “Jobs” a biopic co-starring Jose Gad as “Steve Wozniak” and featuring Brett Gelman and Lesley Ann Warren was released in the United States today.

2013: In Herndon, VA, Congregation Beth Emeth is scheduled to host a special Shabbat Community BBQ where everybody can meet the new Rabbi – Michelle Goldsmith.

2013: In “Israel Keeps a Wary Eye on Turmoil in Egypt” published today, Isabel Kershner describes the Jewish state’s reaction to the violence going on within its neighbor with which it signed a peace treaty that has held for more than three decades.

2014: In Mandeville, LA, the Northshore Jewish Congregation (NJC) is scheduled to host “Havdalah on the River” to help welcome Rabbi Deborah Zecher who will be leading the congregation’s High Holiday Services.

2014: The Historic 6th & I Synagogue is scheduled to host #NoFilter featuring Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart and Mamrie Hart

2014: “A Hamas official today threatened Israel with a prolonged war of attrition if the group’s terms for a permanent ceasefire agreement, currently being negotiated in indirect talks in Cairo, are not met.” (As reported by Times of Israel)

2014: Following a declaration by Fatah’s military wing to “increase its terror attacks against Israeli citizens” tonight Arab terrorists threw a Molotov cocktail at an Israeli car near Bethlehem inflicting first and second degree burns on the 40 year old driver who was also hit by stones.(As reported byUzi Baruch and Ari Yashar)

2014: “Over ten thousand people assembled in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square tonight for the largest pro-peace rally the country has seen since the start of the war in Gaza in early July.”

2014: By today, the 101stanniversary of the birth of Menachem Begin, the Israel State Archives, the Israel State Archives will have published “a collection of documents on the life the former Prime Minister best known as the leader of the Irgun and the signatory for the 1973 peace accords with Egypt.

<u>2015(1st of Elul, 5775): Rosh Chodesh Elul</u>
<u> </u>
2015(1st of Elul, 5775): Eighty-two year old art collector Melva Bucksbaum, whose first hubsband had been Iowa shopping center and real estate mogul Martin Bucksbaum, passed away today. (As reported by Sam Roberts)
<u> </u>
<u> </u>
2015(1st of Elul, 5775): Sixty-eight year old Jacob Bekenstein, the “physicist who revolutionized the theory of Black Holes” passed away today.  (As reported by Dennis Overbye)
<u> </u>
<u></u>2015(1st of Elul, 5775): One hundred fourteen year old, “Goldie Steinberg, reportedly the world’s oldest Jew” passed away today.
<u> </u>
<u> </u>
<u> </u>
<u> </u>
<u>2015: The New York Times features reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or of special interest to Jewish readers including Patricia Drucker’s Sophie and the Sibyl </u>in which “a novelist imagines an incident that inspired George Eliot’s Daniel Deronda which portrayed the concepts of what would become Zionism in a positive light and Alice Hoffman’s<u> The Marriage of Opposites, </u>“a novel inspired by the painter Camille Pissarro’s parents.”
<u> </u>
2015: UK Jewish Film which “aims to develop a culture where Jewish and Israeli film is recognised and enjoyed by the widest possible audience, and to bring Jewish related film to the heart of British culture” is scheduled to host a screening of “She’s Funny That Way.”

2015: In Kiryas Joel, the school year is scheduled to begin for the children whose parents have signed an affidavit stating “We the parents are confirming in writing that our cellphones/smartphones are in accordance to the rules of the community and yeshiva, according to the guidance of our holy grand rabbi and the judge. We also confirm that we do not possess in our home another cellphone/smartphone except for the ones mentioned above.” (A reported by Brian Shaefer)

2015: The Illinois Holocaust & Education Center is scheduled to present “Soviet Composers Discovering A Jewish Sound” featuring violinist David Lisker, pianist Ani Gogovo and cellist Richard Hirschl.

2015: The Jewish Museum of Maryland is scheduled to show “An American Tail,” the classic animation that “follows the story of Fievel a young Russian mouse, who while emigrating to the United States, gets separated from his family and must relocate them while trying to survive in a new country.”

2016: Today, “The Beth Din of America was added to the list of defendants in a $100 million class action suit against Rabbi Barry Freundel, the prominent Washington, D.C., spiritual leader who was convicted of secretly videotaping women in his synagogue’s ritual bath, and several Jewish institutions.”

2016: In Memphis, TN, Temple Israel is scheduled to host a session of “Don’t Worry, Be Happy! - The Spiritual Wisdom of Judaism in Reducing Stress.”

2016: “Jewish-American gymnast Aly Raisman won the silver medal at the 2016 Rio Games today, competing against teammate and reigning world champion Simone Biles who took gold.”

2016: “The Kind Words” a film by Shemi Zarhin which has been “nominated for 12 Ophir Awards” is scheduled to be shown in Tacoma, Washington.

2017: Avraham Tal, a judge on Voice of Israel is scheduled to host Rishon LeZion born singer and rapper Muki at the Jerusalem Arts and Crafts Fair.

2017: “Jerusalem’s Tower of David is scheduled to host a White Night of music, art, and design in the largest event of its kind in Israel this evening.

2017: In Cedar Rapids, the Hadassah Book Club is scheduled to discuss Certain Girls by Jennifer Weiner.

2017: The “organizers of the March for Racial Justice” issued “a lengthy statement in which it said that the group “was unaware that the September 30 date it chose for its march” was the Jewish Day of Atonement but that the date which has just been announced a few days ago could not be changed.

2017: Stephen Allen Schwarzman, the founder of The Blackstone Group completed his service as the Chairman of the Strategic and Policy Forum today.

2018: In London, JW3 is scheduled to host the final screening of “Through Lotte’s Lens” a documentary that tells the extraordinary story of the ‘Hitler Émigrés’, the refugees – mainly Jewish who escaped the Nazi regime in the 1930s and found refuge in the UK.”

2018: The report of “police officers foiling a stabbing attack in Jerusalem’s Old City last week” “was cleared for publication yesterday.

2018: “At the Security Cabinet Meeting” yesterday “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu presented a document titled "Security model 2030" which outlines the new budgetary additions to the country's security budget, has been formulated by Netanyahu over the past couple of years.” (As reported by Itamar Eichner)





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This Day, August 15, In Jewish History by Mitchell A. Levin

03:11 AM Wednesday, August 15, 2018   by melamed&amp;amp;mavin

August 15

423: Honorious Flavius, the Western Roman Emperor who confiscated gold and silver which had been collected by the synagogues to be sent to Jerusalem and “defined Judaism as an unworthy superstition  passed away today.

1096: The armies of the First Crusade set out from Europe to deliver Jerusalem from the occupying forces of Islamic Turks. Championed by Peter the Hermit in 1093, Pope Urban II had sanctioned the crusade at the Council of Clermont in 1095.

1286: As what the original and 21st tenants of the city might find as an act of usurpation, during the era of the Crusaders, Henry II was name King of Jerusalem succeeding his brother John I whose death he was rumored to have hastened with the use of poison.

1309: Knights of St. John, complete their conquest of Rhodes. Apparently the Knights treatment of the Jewish population was comparatively benign since many Sicilian conversos would move to the island because “they remembered the Knights’’ liberal policy towards the Jews or Rhodes.”

1418: Birthdate of Johannes Hinderbach, the Prince-Bishiop of Trent who created a blood libel when he blamed the Jews for the death of Simon of Trent.

1461: Trapezunt surrenders to the forces of Sultan Mehmet II marking the real end of the Byzantine Empire. The experience of the Jews of Anatolia had been uneven in the days of the Byzantine (Christian) Empire.  The Jews of Constantinople remained in place after the Islamic forces came to power under Mehmet II.

1488: In Cordoba, Christopher Columbus and his companion Beatriz Enriquez de Arena gave birth to the explorer’s second son Ferdinand Columbus

1534: Ignatius of Loyola and six classmates took initial vows that would lead to the creation of the Society of Jesus in September of 1540. In its early days, the Jesuits accepted Jewish converts and their descendants who were known as New Christians were admitted to the order.  After the death of Loyola, the Jesuits adopted the Spanish attitudes and refused to accept New Christians or their descendants as members.

1753(15h of Av, 5513): Tu B’Av

1769: Birthdate of Napoleon Bonaparte.  Napoleon had profound effect on the Jews of Europe.  But if one asks “Was Napoleon good for the Jews” the best answer might be, “It depends.”  For one version see

1776(30th of Av, 5536): Rosh Chodesh Elul

1784: In Gorizia, Rabbi Abraham Vita and his wife gave birth to Isaac Samuel Reggio an Austro-Italian scholar and rabbi.

1796: In what may have been the first attempt for a governmental entity to protect Kashrut in the United States, the Common Coincil suppressed the butcher license of Nicholas Smart, a non-Jew, for affixing Jewish seals to non-kosher meats.  Pg 246

1806: Rabbi Joseph David Sinzheim delivered a sermon in the synagogue of Paris in honor of the emperor's birthday that strengthened Napoleon's favorable opinion of the Jews, who received the imperial promise that their rights as French citizens would not be withdrawn.

1815 (9th of Av): Rabbi Joseph Isaac Horowitz, known as “The Chozeh” of Seer of Lublin author of <u>Divrei Emet</u>, passed away.

1818: In Alsace, France, Alexandre Aron and Charlotte Aron, the daughter of Asser Lion and Gitlé Loëw gave birth to Jérôme Aron-Duperret

1819: Birthdate of Joseph Jacob Goldmark, the Hungarian physician who came to the United States after the failed revolution of 1848 where he discovered red phosphorous and became the father-in-law of Louis Brandeis and Felix Adler.

1830: Birthdate of Henry Aaron Isaacs who became sheriff of London and was knighted in 1887 and was elected Lord Mayor of London two years later.

1831: In Bavaria, David Isaac Seligmann and Fanny Seligmann gave birth to Leopold Seligmann, the husband of Julia Levi.

1831: Birthdate of Leopold Morse, the native of Wachenheim, Germany who moved to the United States in 1849 where he opened a successful clothing store in Massachusetts and became so active in the Democratic Party that he served as a delegate to the National Convention and a member of the House Representatives.

1838: Lewis Nathan married Hannah Cohen at the New Synagogue.

1838(24th of Av, 5598): German businessman Moses Moser whose business associates included Moses Friedländer and Moritz Robert and who was a close personal friend of Heinrich Heine passed away today in Berlin.

1842: Charles Henry Churchill, the British Consul in Damascus whose area of responsibility included Palestine, delivered his formal proposal to Sir Moses Montefiore concerning the role of Jews in the Middle East.  A Zionist before Zionism existed, Churchill proposed “that the Jews of England conjointly with their brethren on the Continent of Europe should make an application to the British Government through the Earl of Aberdeen to accredit and send out a fit and proper person to reside in Syria for the sole and express purpose of superintending and watching over the interests of the Jews residing in that country.” Charles Churchill was the grandfather of Sir Winston Churchill.

1849: Moss Davis and Jane Davis were married today at the Great Synagogue.

1849: Joseph Seligman and Babette Seligman gave birth to Helene Seligman who became Helene Spiegelberg when she married Emanuel Spiegelberg.

1854: M.H. Bresslau began serving as editor of The Jewish Chronicle (New Series) and Working Man's Friend" an Anglo-Jewish newspaper which he renamed “The Jewish Chronicle and Hebrew Observer."

1854: In Hesse, Levi Hoechster and Betty Hoechster gave birth to Max Hester.

1855(1st of Elul, 5615): Rosh Chodesh Elul

1858: In Montreal Abraham de Sola, the first chazzan Shearith Israel and Esther Joseph, “daughter of Henry Joseph, one of Canada’s earliest Jewish settlers” gave birth to “businessman, Zionist leader and author Clarence Isaac de Sola, the husband of Belle Maud Goldsmith with whom he had “two sons and two daughters.”

1857: Birthdate of Albert Ballin, the German-born businessman who served a general manager of the Hamburg America (Shipping) Line.

1861: Ralph Disraeli, the brother of Benjamin Disraeli, and Katherine Trevor were married today in Middlesex, England.

1861: Austen Henry Layard, the archeologist who excavated Nimrud and Niniveh as described in <u>Discoveries at Nineveh</u> began serving as Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.

1862: Philadelphians Corporal Lehman K. Strouse and Sergeant Albert Mers began serving in the 125thregimen.

1862: Philadelphian Private Joseph Levi began serving with Company G of the 129thRegiment.

1864: During the American Civil War, Isaac M. Abraham of Philadelphia who had been serving with the Union Army since November of 1861 was wounded while fighting near Deep Bottom Virginia as member of Company G of the Eighty-Fifth Regiment.

1865: It was reported today  that "A letter in the Journal de Posen alleges that the official journals, not daring to support the accusations launched by the Moscow Gazette against the Polish nobility, imputing to them the recent fires in Lithuania, and, on the other hand, feeling it necessary to throw the blame upon somebody, represent the Jews as the authors of these disasters. According to the official journals, the Jews, having first insured their houses for a sum superior to their real value, themselves set fire to the buildings to pocket the difference. If this criminal calculation has been made in certain cases, the supposition of its existence cannot give an explanation of all the disasters of this nature that have lately taken place; for, although insurance against fire is much practiced in Lithuania and Ruthenia, it is to be seen only in the more important towns, while a great number of fires have broken out even in the smallest towns."

1868(27th of Av, 5628): Parashat Re’ey

1868(27thof Av, 5628): S.A. Bierfield was lynched by the K.K.K. in Franklin TN. This was the first such reported incident involving a Jew. “A masked mob of Ku Klux Klansmen broke into the dry goods store of S. A. Bierfield, a Russian Jew, in Franklin, Tennessee, and fatally shot both Bierfield and his Black clerk, Lawrence Bowman. The reason given by the lynchers was a false charge of Bierfield's implication in a murder a few days earlier. But as the New York Times reported about a week later, the real reason for the lynching was that Bierfield was "an intelligent advocate of the present reconstruction policy of Congress and a friend to the freedmen of his neighborhood, among whom--he being a merchant--he commanded quite a trade, and perhaps found it expedient to keep one from among their number in his employ." A Nashville newspaper account stated that Bierfield was "an active and prominent Republican, having considerable influence with the colored people. . . . Our informant says that was his only crime"

1869: Two days after he had passed away, Joshua Jacobs, the son of Isaac and Catherine Jacobs was buried today at the “Halfway (Queenborough) Jewish Cemetery” in Kent

1871: Jacob Levi a German Jew swindled Alois Grieshaber out of $545 today using a form of the “pigeon drop.”  Grieshaber eventually discovered the swindle and went to the police.  Levi, who had become wealthy as a swindler, was tried, convicted and sent to Sing Sing Prison in 1872.

1873: On his 42 birthday, Leopold Seligman and Julia Levi gave birth to Walter Seligman

1873: John J. Malloy, Chief of the Brooklyn Police, notified police in several “Western cities” to be on the lookout for Emil Lowenstein, a German Jewish barber who sometimes uses the alias of Livingston.  Lowenstein is wanted in connection with his part in the murder of John Weston.  The governor of New York has offered a $500 reward for his capture.  Police believe that Mrs. Weston was a confederate in the plan and that she planned to run off with Lowenstein once they had murdered Mr. Weston and taken his money.

1873: “England’s New Master of the Rolls,” an article published today reports on the announcement that Sir George Jessel will soon be serving as the new Master of the Rolls. The Master of the Rolls dates back to the 13th century and “is the second most senior judge in England and Wales, after the Lord Chief Justice”. When he assumes the office later this month, Jessel will be the first Jew to serve in this capacity. The Jewish Chronicle noted the irony of Jessel’s appointment.  At one time the Master of the Rolls was officially known as “the Guardian of the Converted Jews” but thanks to a changed in the Judicature Act such is no longer the case. Jessel was the son of a coral merchant named Zadok Aaron who graduated from the University College London because his religion kept him from attending either Oxford or Cambridge

1874: Birthdate of Cincinnati, Ohio native  Rose  Fechheimer who z”like many other Rookwood artists, studied at the Cincinnati Art Academy, decorated pieces at Rookwood Pottery for ten years, between 1896 and 1906 and died in October, 1961 at Santa Monica, California.

1877: The funeral of Rabbi J.J. Lyon took place at the 19th Street Synagogue today. Albert Cardozo, father of future Supreme Court Justice Benjamin Cardozo was one of the pallbearers.

1878(1st of Elul, 5547): Rosh Chodesh Elul

1879: In Belarus, Zvi Mileikowsky and Liba Gitl Milikovsky gave birth to Rabbi Nathan Mileikowsky the father of historian Benzion Netanyahu and the grandfather of Yonatan Netanyahu of blessed memory (the Hero of Entebbe) and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

1879: According to reports published today police still do not feel like they have the true story surrounding the shooting of Harris Levy, a 28 Polish Jew who worked as a night watchman for a workshop owned by Louis Soloman, a manufacturing tailor.  Levy claims he was shot by an unknown assailant.  The police think the wound was self-inflicted.  However, they cannot find any evidence that it was suicide and Soloman believes the story about the burglar since his workshop was robbed 5 or 6 weeks ago.

1879: Justice C.W. Chocrane found Adolph D. Pollack, a Jew from White Plains, NY, guilty of having sold merchandize on Sunday, in violation of the law.  Chochrane suspended the sentence because it was Pollack’s first offense, but warned the defendant not to open his store again on Sunday.

1879: It was reported today that Lord Salisbury, British Foreign Minister, feels that it is time for Romania to fulfill to honor its commitments to improve the situation of its Jews since the autonomy the country enjoys was conditional on these promises.

1880: It was reported today that Silesia has a population of 3,800,000 of which 47,000 are Jewish.

1881: It was reported today that M.J. Butler, the proprietor of the Manson House donated the use of the hotel’s dining room for the concert that had been held to raise funds for a cemetery in Long Branch, NJ, that will be open to all regardless of faith or financial status.

1881: “Jews in Germany” published today described the pervasive anti-Semitism in that country that stands in stark contrast to the theme of the “Nathan the Wise” which is a popular German theatrical production.

1881: In New York City, “Moses Siegman and Anna Solfrey gave birth to Arthur Siegman the owner of Arthur Siegman, Inc. “one of the largest manfuacturers of men’s neckwear in New York, if not in the whole United States who married Beatrice Rosenzweig of Brooklyn in 1912 and whose advice to young men in is “Work Hard, be steady, learn to love your business and make friends.”

1882(30th of Av, 5642): Rosh Chodesh Elul

1882: In Walla Walla Washington, “shopkeeper Jacques Bauer” and “modern language teacher Julie Bauer gave birth to Marion Bauer the composer and music critic who was the younger sister of fellow musician Emilie Bauer.

1882: “Mr. Cox’s Wild Eloquence” published today provided a summary of speech by Representative Samuel S. Cox that he delivered during the last session of Congress in which he “eloquently” reviewed “the atrocities perpetrated on the Jews of Russia” and concluded “with an appeal for help and sympathy from America” to help the Jews overcome their plight.

1883: An unnamed British Jew representing a London business firm was expelled from Russia today even though he was carrying a British Passport.

1883: Among those receiving funds from the Board of Estimate and Apportionment was the Hebrew Sheltering Guardian Society which got $1,896.85.

1884: “Doom of the Ghetto at Rome” published today described the crumbling condition of the former Jewish quarter.  Paul IV was the first Pope to move the Jews across the river into “somber Tower of Marcellus.  He was the same Pope who used to force the Jews to listen to annual sermons on Holy Cross Day in hopes that they would convert.

1885: In Kalamazoo, Michigan, “Hungarian-born Jewish storekeeper, Jacob Charles Ferber, and his Milwaukee, Wisconsin-born wife, Julia (Neumann) Ferber” gave birth to Pulitzer prize winning author Edna Ferber who works included <u>Show Boat</u>, <u>Giant</u> and <u>Cimarron</u> – big books that treated big topics.

1885: In Kovno, Hyman Jehuda Osinksy and Rachel Osinsky gave birth to Meshe David Osinsky who came to Britain in 1900 where he gained fame as Sir Montague Maurice Burton the founder of Burton London and Burton Menswear.

1886: Based on information that first appeared in the Hebrew Standard it was reported today that a young Jewish lady “refused to play at a game of kissing forfeits, giving as her reason the quotation ‘Let the men that sacrifice kiss the calves’ (Hosea, XII, 2)”

1887: It was reported today that Israel Lipski has been granted a reprieve from the hangman’s rope.

1887: Three days after he had passed away, seventy-two year old Philip Gowa, the husband of Juliette Gowa and father of Josephine Gowa was buried today at the “Balls Pond Road Jewish Cemetery.

1887(25th of Av, 5647): Sixty-seven year old Danish author Meïr Aron Goldschmidt whose works included A Jew, “the first novel to provide an” an insider’s “description of the Copenhagen Jewish milieu” passed away today.

1888: Congressman Ford’s Immigration Committee heard testimony today in New York from Daniel Harris a journeyman cigar maker who testified on the impact of foreigners on his business.  In the past two decades foreigners have gone from being 10 per cent of the cigar makers to being 90 percent.  Wages have gone from fifty dollars a week to twelve dollars a week.  He blames part of this one the arrival of thousands of Russian and Polish Jews many of whom have their tickets to the United States by charitable organizations.

1888: Birthdate of Girsh Yankelovich Brilliant who as Grigori Yakovlovich Sokolnikov became a leading Bolshevik who would be murdered by Stalin during the purges of the 1930’s/

1888: In Vienna Leopold Leopoldi (whose name was Kohn before he changed it) and his wife gave birth to Herman Leopoldi the Austrian composer and performer who survived Buchenwald.

1889: Birthdate of  Jekuthiel Ginsburg, the native of Poland, who came to the United States in 1912, earned his degrees in Mathematics at Columbia and founded the Institute of Mathematics at Yeshiva University.

1890: Jacob Levy was delivered to the City of London lunatic asylum, Stone, in Kent, as an insane person. Born in 1856, at Aldgate to Joseph and Caroline Levy, he was a butcher who was a suspect in the Jack the Ripper Cases.

1890: The Jewish Messenger reported that Mr. Lippman Levy has left New York and returned to Cincinnati, Ohio.

1890(29thof Av, 5650): Montagu Meyer Gluckstein, the German born husband of Betsey Gluckstein passed away today in London

1890: It was reported today that Mount Sinai Temple has elected Godfrey Taubenhaus as rabbi

1891: Congregants at the House of Miriam in Long Branch, NJ, donated approximately $165 in response to today’s appeal made by Rabbi William H. Karuskopf.

1891: In London, the lead article in the Daily News deals with “the question of the Jews of Russia.”

1891: “Russian Refugees” published today described the difficulties faced by the Jewish immigrants from Russia who had been sent to Hightstown, NJ by the Baron Hirsch Fund.  Wallach & Sons of New York opened a shirt factory there and agreed to hire them as workers.  However, none of them have any experience and do not like the work.  They have complained to Jesse Seligman about conditions, but Seligman has expressed the feeling that those who are complaining are a few malcontents who do not want to work.

1892: “Orthodox or Reform?” published today described main issue that will be dealt with when a “conclave of Rabbis gathers in New York in October.  The Reform have clashed with the Orthodox by adopting a resolution making performance of “the Abrahamic rite” (circumcision) optional for those wanting to convert to Judaism.  The change championed by the Reform movement grew out of the fact that the daughter of Rabbi Wise, their leader, had married her physician, Dr. Maloney, who was Catholic.  Maloney said he would convert but he would not submit to circumcision.  According to the Orthodox, it was at that point that Rabbi Wise decided that the “Abrahamic rite” was optional.

1892: Meyer Reinherz of the of the United Hebrew Charities appeared in the Essex Market Police Court as the complainant in the case again Edward Pollock, an Austro-Hungarian reporter who had written several articles about Ellis Island and the Jewish boarding houses

1892: “A Wedding of Midgets” published today described the courtship and marriage of Leopold Kahn and Lottie Naomi Swartwood.  The 48 inch tall Jewish comedian met the 49 inch tall love of his life in Philadelphia where he was performing with the American Lilliputian Company. They overcame the obstacle of religion when she agreed to convert before they married and took the name Naomi which she incorporated into her secular name.

1892: “Will Not Object to Crosses” published today described the decision of Russian Jews who are the members of the Erie Street Congregation in Cleveland, Ohio to rent a hall from the Young Men’s Christian Association for use during Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.  It was agreed that “inasmuch as the crosses were more than twenty feet above the hall…and there were no crosses in the decoration in the room itself” there was no reason not to rent the room which will provide the needed space for the upcoming High Holiday services.

1893: The police promise to keep Hester and Mulberry Streets clear of all peddlers and vendors, many of whom are Jewish, after having conducting a successful operation to remove all such obstacles.

1893: In Seattle, WA, “Viola (Cohen) Kahn, the daughter of a famous rabbi” and “successful businessman Julius Kahn gave birth to “Dorothy Kahn, the eldest of their three children” and a leading Social Worker during the 1930’s and 1940’s.

1894: One day after he had passed away sixty-seven year old Leah Cohen, “the widow of Woolf Cohen was buried at the “West Ham Jewish Cemetery.”

1894: Birthdate of Louis B. Popkin the New York born journalist and public relations executive who was the editor of the American Hebrew and a board member of the Joint Distribution Committee, Union of American Hebrew Congregations and the Fair Play for Palestine Radio League.

1895: While stopping at the Union Square Hotel Senor Segundo Alvarez, the Mayor of Havana blamed the troubles in Cuba on American adventures including Carlos Roloff, “a Polish Jew” who has gotten funding from “the cigar-makers of Key West” whom some “say has landed in Cuba with a thousand men, guns and ammunition and dynamite.

1896: In Prague, Martha and Otto Radnitz, the manager of a sugar refinery, gave birth to “Dr. Gerty Theresa Radnitz Cori was the first American woman to receive the Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology, in 1947, which was shared with her husband, Dr. Carl F. Cori, and Dr. B.A. Houssay of Argentina.” (As reported by Jewish Virtual Library)

1897: The New York Times published a lengthy favorable article about the Zionist cause led by Herzl and the upcoming congress to be held in Basel, Switzerland.

1897: It was reported today that Joseph Barondess has started a new labor organization in opposition to the Hebrew Trades and the Socialist Trade and Labor Alliance.

1897: “The Jewish State Idea” published today described the history of Jewish settlement in Palestine and the challenges facing the Zionists as they meet at Basle.

1897: “The Adaptiveness of the Jew” published today summarizes an article by Professor A.S. Isaacs that first appeared in the August issue of the North American Review in which he said that “critic of Judaism…must familiarize himself with the history of the Jew in every land” in which he has lived.  And then “he must account for that marvelous vitality…which has made the Jew at home whether” on the banks of the Vistula, the Thames or the Euphrates or “amid the orange groves of Sicily or the plains of Arabia.

1898: “Bad Water Kills Orphans” published today described the efforts to care for those at the Hebrew Orphan Asylum who have become ill during the latest outbreak of dysentery in the neighborhood which has been attributed to polluted city water.

1898: On this date Clara, Baroness von Hirsch signed the 15th and final codicil of her will.

1899: In Washington, DC, the Treasurer of the Dewey Home Fund received a letter and a contribution of ten dollars from Mrs. Lizzie A. Cohen, Treasurer of the Woman’s Democratic Club of Salt Lake City which did not surprise him since the Jews have “contributed liberally” to this cause from the beginning.

1898: The fifteenth and final codicil for the will of Clara, Baroness von Hirsch, formerly Bischoffsheim, the widow of Baron Moritz von Hirsch which declares that her estate should be administered in Vienna under the terms of Austrian law is filed and attested to.

1899: As passions flare in France during the second court martial of Captain Dreyfus Bonapartists and Oreleanists held rallies and dinners during which they challenged the very existence of the French Republic. (These divisions are meaningless today.  In a nutshell, these were two right wing groups seeking to bring down the republican government and replace it with a monarch.  Of course, each group wanted their own candidate to fill the job.  The important thing to remember is that while Jews focus on the anti-Semitic aspect of the Dreyfus Affair, it really was part of a larger conflict between republicans and reactionaries.  The last act of this dreadful conflict would be played out at Vichy and Drancy four decades later)

1899:The Third Zionist Congress begins meeting in Basel.

1899: The American delegation at today’s Third Zionist Congress includes Professor Richard Gottheil of Columbia University and his wife, Miss Eva Leon, Rabbi Stephen Wise, Rabbi Marcus Jastrow of Philadelphia, Henrietta Szold of Baltimore and William Schurr of Chicago.

1899:”Would-Be Suicide Shaming” published today described the condition of Abraham Reinold who has been a patient at Georgetown Hospital ever since he tried to shoot himself while visiting Washington, DC. 

1902: Birthdate of Iris Margaret Origo, an Anglo-Irish writer who helped to save Jewish children through the kindertransport including the painter Frank Helmut Auerbach.

1902: Birthdate of Jack S. Popick, the native of Kishinev who came to the United States in 1904, became a successful businessman who helped co-found the Graduate School Education at Yehsiva University and served on the board of the Jewish Family and Children Services

1902: In Montreal, Clarence Isaac de Solla and Belle Maud de Sola gave birth to Raphael David de Sola, the grandson of Cantor Abraham de Sola.

1902: In the “Jewish Harlem Section” of New York City, Ruth Green, a widow whose husband died in a factory accident before the birth of her son, gave birth to Charlie Green who gained famed as World Bantamweight Champion Charlie Phil Rosenberg.

1903: Birthdate of Wilma Shannon Warburg the wife of Frederick Marcus Warburg.

1904(4thof Elul, 5664): Fifty-nine year old Gustav Przibram, the son of Salomon and Marie Przibram and the husband of Charlotte Przibram passed away today in Switzerland.

1905: Birthdate of Philadelphia native and violinist Louis Pearlman, the “director of the Pearlman School of Music” and the “conductor of the Doylestown Symphyony.”

1907(5th of Elul, 5667): Seventy-six year old violinist and composer Joseph Joachim passed away.

1908: In Galicia, Joseph Weinberg, “a metal worker who operated a body and fender repair business after he came to Baltimore” and homemaker Sarah Weinberg gave birth to their second child Harry Weinberg the successful businessman and husband of the former Jeanette Gutman with whom he had one child, Morton and created the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation, just one of his many charitable entities.

1911: B’Nai Brith contributes $3,382 to Jews who have suffered during the fires that raged through Constantinople.

1911: The 10th Zionist Congress elects Professor Otto Warburg, Dr. Hantke, Dr. Shmaryahu Levin, Hahum Sokolow and Victor Jacobsohn as successors to David Wolffsohn

1913: In London, Abraham Jacobs and Sarah Jacobs, the daughter of Abraham Simcha (Simon) Flashtiq and Rebekah Flashtiq gave birth to Marie (Esther Miriam) Lewis

1914:  The Panama Canal opened to traffic.  The territory that made up the nation of Panama had been amputated from Columbia in a revolution supported, if not created, by the United States so that a canal could be built.  Panama has a very old Jewish community.  When the Canal opened there were about six hundred Jews, mostly Sephardic, living in Panama.  Panama is the only country, with the exception of Israel, to have elected two Jews as President.

1915(5th of Elul, 5675): Albert Bettelhein, journalist and author, convicted by a Georgia jury of murder, was lynched by an anti-Semitic mob.

1915(5thof Elul, 5675): In Frankfurt am Main 62 year old Karl Ferdinand Moritz Flesch passed away.

1915(5thof Elul, 5675): Ninety year old Sarah Blumenthal, who was living with her Mr. and Mrs. Solomon Shillon, her son-in-law and daughter and her granddaughter Fanny “was killed last night when she accidently “feel from a window of her room on the 5th floor of an apartment house at 34 West 116thStreet.”

1915: Robert Moses married “Mary Louise Sims, of Dodgeville, Wisconsin, the granddaughter of the Reverend George Sims, a Methodist circuit rider.

1915: In Asbury Park, NJ, a crowd of more than 200 people heard several prominent rabbis say that “the very fate of the Jewish race in Continental Europe and Palestine depends in large measure on America’s response to the Old World’s entreaties” for financial aid.

1915: “An Inside View of Russia in War Time” published today provided a review of <u>Russia and the Great War</u> by Gregor Alexinsky

1915: “Russia’s Expulsion of Jews” published today described “the horrors wrought by a decree that forced 200,000” Jews to “leave the War Zone” with almost no warning.

1915: The original Broadway production of “The Blue Paradise” with music by Signmund Romberg and Edmund Eysler opened at the Casino Theatre.

1915: “Miss Theresa Dreyfus of New York, who has recently returned from Jerusalem” where she “said thousands of male Jews had allied to the Moslem war colors while their women and children remained at home in poverty and misery.”

1916: In the see-saw fighting in the Caucasus Mountains the Turks took back Mush and Bitlis from the Russians in the kind of miserable fighting that would help to bring on the Revolution in 1917.

1917(27thof Av, 5677): Eighty-two year old philanthropist Abraham Slimmer passed away today in Dubuque, IA.

1917: It was reported today that Samuel Gompers has been “denounced at a workingmen’s council.”\1917: It was reported today that Minister for Jewish Affairs in Ukraine Silverfarb is the first person to hold this unique position that he uses the penname “Basin.”

1918: Birthdate of Sanford Daniel Garelik, the first Jewish chief inspector of the New York Police Department.  Garelik graduated from the Police Academy in 1940 along with Gertrude Schimmel who became the first female and the first Jewish female deputy chief of police.

1918: As the effects of the Aimens offensive in which Sir John Monash played such a major part took effect, German long-range guns fired on Paris for the last time.

1919: Birthdate of Stanley Frazen, “a longtime film and television editor who was a member of the Army Air Forces' First Motion Picture Unit during World War II.”

1921: Birthdate of August Marian Kowalczyk, the Polish actor and director who “was the last survivor of a breakout from Auschwitz on June 10, 1942.”

1922: Birthdate of sculptor and printmaker Leonard Baskin.

1924: In Brooklyn, Dr Henry and Celia Kresky gave birth to Edward Mordecai Kresky  “an investment banker who was an architect of the debit refinancing plan that saved New York City from bankruptcy in the 1970’s” (As reported by Paul Vitello.

1925: Charlie Chaplin in "The Gold Rush" opens with a gala performance at midnight.

1926: Birthdate of Sami Michael, the left wing native of Baghdad who in 1949 came to Israel where he became an author and the President of The Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI).


1926: The Chevra Kadisha, at its last meeting here, decided to contribute a sum of 5,000 pesos to the Palestine campaign. At the same time, it decided to contribute a sum of 500 pesos to the Jewish Colonization work in Russia. (As reported by JTA)

1928: In Rochester, NY Abraham and Hannah Glazer gave birth to their fifth child Malcolm Irving Glazer the CEO of First Allied Corporation who owned two football teams – Manchester United (soccer) and Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFL)

1929(9th of Av, 5689): Tish'a B'Av

1929: Several hundred members of Joseph Klausner's Committee for the Western Wall, among them members of Vladimir Jabotinsky's Revisionist Zionism movement Betar youth organisation, under the leadership of Jeremiah Halpern, assembled at the Western Wall. They raised the Jewish national flag and sang the Hatikvah. The authorities had been notified of the march in advance and provided a heavy police escort in a bid to prevent any incidents.

1933: In Prague, the Conference of the Women's International Zionist Organization (Wizo), attended by 103 delegates from 19 countries, came to a close after hearing that its membership is now 50,000; adopts budget of £47,000, and approves resolutions encouraging immigration into Palestine of German-Jewish youth, especially those of the middle classes, urging more certificates for girl immigrants, and equal rights for women.

1933: In New York City Romanian born Adele (née Israel), and Hungarian-born baker, Samuel Milgram gave birth to social psychologist Stanley Milgram.

1933: In Bucharest.—M. Pandrei, Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Education, in an interview with the press, denies that the Government intends to establish a “numerus clauses” in the universities of Romania, and announces that owing to a lack of laboratory facilities, a general limitation of students is contemplated.

1934: Premiere of “Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back,” a comedic murder mystery with a script co-authored by Henry Lehman and music by Alfred Newman.

1935: “Alice Adams” produced by Pandro S. Berman with music by Max Steiner was released in the United States today by RKO.

1935:  Humorist Will Rogers and aviator Wiley Post were killed when their airplane crashed near Point Barrow, Alaska.  Rogers was one of the most popular celebrities of his time.  His radio shows, movies and columns were devoured by millions of Americans.  This son of the American Plains got his first big break when Flo Ziegfield featured him in the famous Zigfield Follies.  According to legend, he took away Will’s horse, left him with a rope and the wit that became his trademarks.

1936(27th of Av, 5696): Parashat Re’eh

1936: In Geneva, The World Jewish Congress adjourn tonight until 1938 after approving the recommendation of the nominations committee that included naming Federal Judge Julian W. Mack of New York as honorary president; “”Rabbi Stephen S. Wise as chairman of the executive committee; Louis Lipsky of New York as chairman of the council; and Louis Sturz who is chairman of the American Jewish Congress’s finance committee as treasurer.”

1937: In Tel Aviv, Amnon Drori, the son of Isaschar Dov (Bar-Drora) Drori (Freier) and Shulamit Drori (Bar-Drora) and Ella Drori, the daughter of Alexander Govorkovski and Ester Goverkovsky gave birth to General Amir Drori, the winner of the Medal of Courage and “the first director general of the Israel Antiquities Authority.” (Some sources show his birth at August 5)

1937: Sha’ar HaNeveg (which was renamed Kfar Szold) a new agricultural village east of Gedera was established. It was the 17th village to be settled in 1937.  Kfar Szold was only two hundred yards from the Syrian border.  In January, 1948, even before the state of Israel had been created, the Syrian army attacked the settlement in a determined effort to destroy it and kill the inhabitants.  Nine hundred Syrian soldiers attacked a settlement manned by fewer than hundred defenders.  After a spirited defense, the British army, for once, intervened on behalf of the Jews and the Syrians withdrew.

1937: Lord Melchett, Prof. L. Namier, H. Sacher, M. Ussishkin, Dr. S. Wise, Berl Katznelson, Dov Hos, Rabbi Berlin, Dr. Glickson, and Franz Bernstein joined the Advisory Commission, formed to assist the new Zionist Executive to negotiate the country’s partition under the Royal (Peel) Commission¹s scheme.

1937(8th of Elul, 5697): Solomon Wander, one of the first Jewish immigrants to form the Jewish community in Albany. New York passed away at the age of 71.

1937: The New York Times describes the growing tension in Palestine on the streets of Jerusalem and Haifa and the British response which includes the recommendation by a Royal Commission for "a surgical operation" on Palestine which will result in the creation of a Jewish State, an Arab State and a new British mandate over Jerusalem with a corridor to the sea.

1938: “The Gladiator” a comedy produced by David L. Loew with a script by Arthur Sheekman and music by Victor Young was released in the United States by Columbia Pictures.

1938: Birthdate of Lewis E. “Lew” Lehrman the founder of Rite Aid Drugstore and the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History who ran for Governor of New York in 1982 on the Republican ticket.

1938:  In San Francisco, CA, Anne A. and Irving G. Breyer gave birth to Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer.

1938: As Arab violence spirals to new levels of intensity, “six Jews were killed and two, both women, were seriously injured near Haifa this afternoon when a bus going to Mount Carmel was ambushed by Arabs while passing through a forest. It is believed several of those killed were Jewish special policemen.” A bomb was detonated on the road running between Herzliah and Raananh wounding some of the 25 workers in a truck bound for a local orange grove.  Several other acts of violence and sabotage took place including a bomb-throwing episode on the streets of Tel Aviv.

1938: Paul Ferdinand Strassmann, the Jewish born German gynecologist who became a Protestant, passed away.

1939: “The Wizard of Oz” the classical musical produced by Mervyn LeRoy with music by Harold Arlen and lyrics by Yip Harburg “both of whom won the Academy Award for Best original Song for ‘Over the Rainbow’ “had its Hollywood Premiere at Grauman’s Chinese Theater.

This is another example of Jews creating an icon of American popular culture.

1939(30th of Av, 5699): Rosh Chodesh Elul

1941:  Heinrich Lohse, Reich commissioner for Eastern Territories of the Ostland (Eastern Europe) region, decrees that Jews must wear two yellow badges, one on the chest and one on the back; that Jews cannot own automobiles or radios; and that their presence in public places will be severely proscribed.

1941 A Jewish ghetto is established at Riga, Latvia.

1941: Last of the remaining 25,000 Jews in Kovno were removed to Viampole. Each is allotted three square feet of living space.

1941: Six hundred Jews are taken from Stawiski and shot in nearby woods.

1941: A massacre begins at Rokiskis that leaves 3,200 men, women and children, shot by the next evening.

1942: On Shabbat, “the Germans entered the ghetto in the village of Zagrodski, ordering the Jews to leave their houses for a roll call” and then left to stand outside all day without any food or water.

1942: This evening, “a truck arrived at the ghetto in the village of Zagrodski. “The Jews were ordered on to it, and drove out of the ghetto. Those for whom there had been no room on the truck were ordered to run after it. For the rest of the tale of the ensuring slaughter read http://www.holocaustresearchproject.org/einsatz/rytest.html

1942: The Germans open Jawiszowice, a slave-labor camp located near Auschwitz.

1942: One thousand Belgian Jews, including 172 children, are deported to their deaths in the East.

1943: Nearly 1000 French Jews of Polish birth are deported to a slave-labor camp on Alderney, one of the British Channel Islands seized in 1940 by Germany, and are put to work building fortifications. Hundreds of the Jews die due to ill treatment and exhaustion

1944: “Operation Dragoon,” the Allied invasion of southern France in which former B-17 pilot Bruce Sundlin served as a bombardment spotter for the OSS, began today.

1944: “Children standing behind the ghetto fence in Lodz, Poland.”

1945:  V.J. Day – Victory over Japan Day is proclaimed by the Allies after having received official word of that the Japanese had indeed surrendered.

1945: Bess Myerson, who refused to change her name to something less Jewish and won the Miss New York beauty pageant based on her performance of music by Edvarg Grieg and George Gershwin as well as on her looks.

1947: Birthdate of Brooklyn native Allen H. Weisselberg, the “CFO the Trump Organization.”

 1947: With the end of the British rule of the Indian subcontinent, two new nations declared the independence.  One was Islamic Pakistan; the other was India which while heavily Hindu retained a large Islamic population.  India’s relations with Israel have been a mixed bag.  In the early days, under Nehru, the Indian government was anti-Israel, taking the lead, for example in denying it admittance to the Bandung Conference.  In more recent times, relations between the two states and their citizens have improved.

1947: Following today’s division of the Indian sub-continent into two states, Indian airlines responded to the Prime Minister Nehru’s request that they fly Hindus living in Pakistan to India.  Among those participating was Abie Nathan who was a co-pilot for one of the Indian airlines. 

1948(10th of Av, 5708): Tish’a B’Av observed since the 9th of Av fell on Shabbat

1948(10th of Av, 5708): As Israel fights for her independence Tish'a B'Av is observed today because the 9th of Av fell on Shabbat.

1948: Mitchell Flint, a WW II naval combat pilot who had planned to celebrate his graduation UC-Berkley by attending the Olympics in London but chose to fly for the IAF “out of concern for the plight of Holocaust survivors” flew his first two missions today – the first involving “a search for a last aircraft” and the second being an “attempted interception” of an enemy aircraft.

1948: In Iraq, a leading Jewish businessman, Shafiq Adas was hanged on trumped up charges of treason.  His body was mutilated by a crowd of on-lookers.

1948: American Michael “Mike” Flint joined Israel’s squadron 101.

1948: Two Israeli and two Arab soldiers were killed during a second unsuccessful Arab attack on the Mandelbaum House a key defensive point in Jerusalem.

1949(20th of Av, 5709): Fanny Binswanger Hoffman passed away. (As reported by Selma Weintraub, a past national president of the Women’s League for Conservative Judaism)

1950: In Indianapolis, Indiana, Anne and Wolf Rosenblum gave birth to Gail Sue Rosenblum who gained fame as Gaylen Ross “American actress, writer, producer and director” who produced the awarded “Killing Kasztner”

(For more see Gaylen Ross’s award winning documentary “Killing Kasztner: The Jew Who Dealt With Nazis” http://www.killingkasztner.com/

1951: Prime Minister David Ben Gurion's plan to take control of the Zionist movement outside of Israel from political parties and transfer it to non-partisan regional organizations was attacked here today by delegates to the twenty-third World Zionist Congress.

1951(13th of Av, 5711): Pianist and composer Artur Schnabel passed away.

1951: The last inmates of Bergen-Belsen left the camp on their way to the United States. Bergen- Belsen was originally set up in 1943. Many of its inmates were Jewish prisoners who had dual citizenship with Latin American countries or entry permits to Palestine. A few hundred were used by the Germans for prisoner exchanges. Though not a death camp per se, over 51,000 people died there including Anne Frank.

1951: In Philadelphia, premiere of “His Kind of Woman” directed by Richard Fleischer

1953: Seventy-seven year old Reinhold Quaatz the German right wing politician “who endorsed anti-Semitic policies” despite the fact that his mother was Jewish and avoided the Holocaust passed away today.

1954(16thof Av, 5714): Abram Pofcher, the son of Michael and Rose Nizel Pofcher and the husband of Mamie Pofcher  with whom he had five children passed away today after which he was buried in Suffolk Country, MA.

1955: “A Kid for Two Farthing” a screen version of the novel by Wolf Mankowitz who wrote the screenplay with music by Benjamin Frankel and co-starring David Kossoff was released today in the United Kingdom.

1959(11thof Av, 5719): Shabbat Nachamu

1959: “In the summer of her freshman year of college Judith Sussman married John M. Blume which meant she was Judy Blume, the name under which she became an award winning auther.

1959: As the Los Angeles Dodgers made a surprising run for the National League pennant ‘Larry Sherry walloped three hits, including his first home run, and pitched eight and two-thirds innings of scoreless relief ball today in leading the second place Los Angeles Dodgers to a 4-3 decision over the Cardinals.”

1960: It was reported today that “some quiet talk in the corridors of the U.N. here and in the Foreign Ministry in Buenos Aires may lead soon to restoration of full diplomatic relations between Israel and Argentina which had soured after “the two countries had clashed bitterly over the abduction of Adolf Eichmann.”

 1961: “Marines, Let’s Go” a Korean War that President Kennedy did not like with music by Irving Getz was released today in the United States.

1961: Elections were held today for the fifth Knesset Ben-Gurion’s Mapai came in first with 34.7% of the vote which earned 42 seats.  Herut, led by Menachem Begin and Liberal  led by Peretz Bernstein tied for second with each getting a little more than 13% of the vote which translated into 17 seats for each party.

1961: “The Lawbreakers” with music by Johnny Mandel who wrote the theme for MASH (Suicide is Painless) and featuring Jay Adler as “Abe Hirsch” was released in Germany today.

1962(15thof Av, 5722) Tu B’Av

1962(15thof Av, 5722): Sixty-three year old Russian native David Jacob Sandweiss who came to the U.S. in 1909, earned a Medical Degree from the University of Michigan, practiced in Detroit where he raised his son Samuel with his wife Frieda.

1968:  In Brooklyn, “Sandra (née Simons), who has worked as a professional singer, banker, travel and real estate agent, and Brian Messing, a sales executive for a costume jewelry packaging manufacturer” gave birth to actress Debra Messing who plays Grace, “the Jewish interior designer” on the television show Will and Grace.

1969(1stof Elul, 5729): Rosh Chodesh Elul

1969(1stof Elul, 5729): Sixty-six year old movie producer William B. “Bill” Goetz, the husband of Edith Mayer,  who was one of the founders of what is now 20th Century Fox and who had a stormy relationship with is father-in-law Louis B. Mayer passed away today

1969: The Woodstock Music and Art Fair, which became the iconoclastic hippie happening simply known as Woodstock, began today in Bethel, NY, at the farm of Jewish dairyman Max B. Yagur.

1970: “The Appointment” a drama directed by Sidney Lumet and written by James Salter (James Arnold Horowitz) was released today in Sweden.

1971(24thof Av, 5731): Eighty-year old Paul Lukas, the Budapest born Jew Pál Lukács, who won the Oscar for Best Actor for his role in the anti-fascist drama Watch on the Rhine passed away today in Morocco.

1971: A new paperback version of Tillie Olsen's classic short story collection <u>Tell Me a Riddle </u>was issued

1973: Black September, the Palestinian terror group, kills 3 and wounds 55 in Athens

1974: “Once Upon a Scoundrel” a comedy starring Zero Mostel was released today.

1975: “Yakov Vinarov, a 21 year old engineering student who refused conscription into the army, was sentenced in Kiev to three years’ imprisonment for “evading military service”.

1976: It was reported today that “in preparation for the raid on Entebbe Airport, Israeli intelligence officers allegedly hypnotized several previously-released hostages” one of whom “was able to give helpful physical details of the airport” where the terrorists were holding their captives.

1976: The National Convention of Hadassah is scheduled to open today in Washington, DC.

1977: The Arabs in the administered territories and neighboring countries continued to dismiss the Israeli government’s decision to equalize the standard services on the West Bank and in Gaza as one more step toward annexation. Israeli opposition, the Alignment and the Democratic Movement for a Change, dismissed the plan, claiming that Israel could not afford to give residents of the administered territories services equal to those enjoyed by Israelis. The new prime minister, Menachem Begin called upon the Labor Opposition to support his government if and when Israel would be pressed to accept the PLO as a negotiating peace-talks partner.

1980: The World Conference on Records – Preserving our Heritage at which Malcom H. Stern spoke on “Jewish Families: Their Assimilation into North American Culture” came to a close today.

1980: “The Girl in the Book” by Primo Levi was published for the first time in La Stampa.1983(6th of Elul, 5743): Seventy-six year old Brooklyn born Julius Yablok, the son of Lena and Louis Yablok and the husband of Miriam Yablok who played quarterback for Colgate University, coached St. Francis College and law partner of Mickey Marcus  passed away today in California. (There is some confusion since some sources report his demise as taking place on August 14)

1983(6th of Elul, 5743): Eighty-eight year old Benjamin V. Cohen a member of FDR’s “Brain Trust” who stayed on to work with Harry S. Truman passed away.  (As reported by Marjorie Hunter)

1984: A car bomb was discovered on Ben Yehuda Street in Jerusalem and defused about 10 minutes before it was to have exploded. In the car were about 12 kilograms of explosives and another three kilograms of iron nails.

1984: “Buckaroo Banzai” a sci-fi film co-starring Ellen Barkin and Jeff Goldblum was released in the United States by 20th Century Fox.

1984: “The Woman in Red” a comedy directed by Gene Wilder who also wrote the script and starred in this film produced by Victor Drai which also featured performances by Charles Grodin and Gilda Radner opened today in the United States.

1985(28thof Av, 5745): Eighty-one year old Lester Cole, one of the founders of the Writers Guild of America and a member of the Communist Party who was among the ten writers sent to prison for failing to answer questions asked by a committee of the House of Representatives passed away today in California.

1986: “The Fly” a remake of an early version the sci-fi thriller directed by David Cronenberg with music by Howard Shore and starring Jeff Goldblum was released in the United States today 20th Century Fox.

1986: “Manhunter” a “crime thriller” directed by Michael Mann who also wrote the script was released in the United States today by De Laurentiis Entertainment Group.

1986: “Armed and Dangerous” a comedy produced Brian Grazer who co-authored the script along with Harold Ramis and co-starring Eugene Levy was released in the United States by Columbia Pictures.

1992: Giorgio Perlasca, an Italian businessman who saved more than 3,000 Jews from deportation to Nazi concentration camps in World War II, passed away today at his home in Padua, Italy. He was 82 years old. Mr. Perlasca died of a heart attack, The Associated Press reported. Trapped in Budapest late in the war by the fall of the fascist Italian Government, Mr. Perlasca, a livestock trader, joined in a plan conceived by international relief workers and diplomats from neutral countries to save as many Jews as possible from the Nazis. When the Spanish diplomatic representative fled Budapest in November 1944, Mr. Perlasca, who had been a volunteer in Franco's army in the Spanish Civil War, persuaded Hungary to accept him as the Spanish representative, and in two months he issued travel documents to thousands of Jews to save them from deportation. In 1987 Mr. Perlasca, whose achievements had gone largely unnoticed, was made an honorary citizen of Israel and was honored by the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Museum there. In 1990 he received the Medal of Remembrance of the United States Holocaust Memorial Council. A tall, quiet man, Mr. Perlasca told The Jerusalem Post in 1987 that he had been motivated by neither religion nor politics. "I couldn't ignore it," he said. "I did what I had to do. I was lucky. I had friends among the Jews who were being killed by the Nazis. That gave me courage."

1993: TraveldoctorOnline commemorated “the 55th anniversary of the death of the Berlin gynecologist Prof. Paul Ferdinand Strassmann. In the first half of the 20th century, Strassmann was one of the leading specialists of plastic surgery of the female genital tract. Famous gynecologists and surgeons, e.g. the Mayo brothers, visited the Strassmann clinic in the Schumannstrasse with the aim of learn new surgical techniques. The present paper aims to outline particularly the life of Paul F. Strassmann but also his importance in the creation of modern gynecological surgery.”

1996(30th of Av, 5756): Rosh Chodesh Elul

1997: “Event Horizon” a sci-fi film co-starring Jason Isaacs with music by Michael Kamen was released in the United States today by Paramount Pictures.

1998: The curtain came down tonight on a three month revival of Neil Simon’s “Sweet Charity” at London’s Victoria Palace Theatre.

1999: The New York Times features reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or of special interest to Jewish readers including <u>Edward Albee: A Singular Journey: A Biography</u> by Mel Gussow and <u>Inside Picture Books</u> by Ellen Handler Spitz.

2000(14th of Av, 5760): Eighty-year old Harry Kuniansky the native of Atlanta and star football player for the Georgia Bulldogs who earned a Purple Heart in WW II and formed Raco General Contractors in Marietta, Georgia, passed away today.

2002(7th of Elul, 5762): Haim Yosef Zadok a native of Galicia who made Aliyah in 1935 and served as Jurist and political leader, passed away.

2003: Stan Lee voiced the character “Frank Elson” in the broadcast of an episode of “Spider Man” titled “mind games.”

2003: “In Doctor Writes ‘Epic Saga’ of Jews in Medicine,” Max Gross reviewed <u>Jews and Medicine: An Epic Saga</u> by Frank Heynick

2004: The Sunday New York Times features reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or of special interest to Jewish authors including <u>Dark Voyage</u> by Alan Furst and <u>The Numbers Game: Baseball's Lifelong Fascination With Statistics</u> by Alan Schwarz

2004: In “Past, Prologue and Paris” published today Alice Steinbach visits the world of the Camondo family and reminds us tenuous the fate of even the most powerful Jews can be.

2005: Deadline for Israeli citizens living in Gaza to accept government compensation packages as part of the voluntary evacuation plan.

2005: The evacuation of Gaza “under Major General Dan Harel of the Southern Command” began at 8 a.m. when “a convoy of security forces entered Neve Deakalim.”

2005:  Haaretz reported that the Israeli Defense Forces unit that is responsible for finding the remains of missing soldiers discovered the burial site of eight soldiers who died during the War of Independence.  The missing eight died in fighting on May 13, 1948near Kibbutz Nahshon. Their remains have been re-interred in cemeteries on Mount Herzl and Rosh Pina.

2006: The Sony BMG Masterworks label released Jay "Bluejay" Greenberg’s first CD. It includes his Symphony no. 5

2006(21st of Av, 5766): Myriam Fefer, a Jewish businesswoman, was brutally murdered in her home in Lima Peru.

2007(1st of Elul, 5767: Rosh Chodesh Elul; First Day of the month of Elul.  Psalm 27 will be recited from this date through Shemini Atzeres.  Shofar is blown daily at Shacharit except on Shabbat through the penultimate day of the month of Elul.

2007: Yad Vashem posthumously honored a Romanian reserve officer who blocked the deportation of Romanian Jews to Nazi death camps during World War II. Theodor Criveanu joined the Righteous Among the Nations group of non-Jews who rescued Jews from the Nazis. His son, Willie Criveanu, accepted the award on his behalf. Yad Vashem said it could not estimate how many Jews he saved. Criveanu married the daughter of one of the Jews he saved. He died in Romania in 1988.

2008: At the Israel Museum an exhibition entitled “Swords into Plowshares: The Isaiah Scroll and Its Message of Peace” comes to an end.

2008: Bais Chana Jewish Women's Weekend Retreat opens in St. Paul, Minnesota

2008: A Kassam rocket was launched into Israel from the Gaza Strip in the afternoon. The rocket hit an open field in the western Negev. No casualties or damage were reported.

2008: In a letter published today in Corriere della Sera, former Italian President Francesco Cossiga described a "secret 'non-belligerence pact' between the Italian state and Palestinian resistance organizations, including terrorist groups" such as the PFLP.

2008: Jody Wagner announces her candidacy for Lt. Gov. on the Republican ticket in the state of Virginia.

2008(14th of Av, 5768): Ninety-one year record producer Jerry Wexler who coined the term “rhythm and blues” passed away today. (As reported by Patricia Sullivan)

2009: The 92nd Street Y sponsors Israeli Folk Dance: Summer Marathon 2009.

2009: In Jerusalem, Amit Erez hits the stage at Hama'abada, playing an acoustic show which blends folk and indie style music, influenced by musicians such as Nick Drake and Elliot Smith on the one hand, and Shalom Hanoch on the other. Erez performs songs from his new album, including "Last Night When I Tried to Sleep" and "I Felt the Ocean on my Fingertips."

2009: As part of the activities designed to welcome Rabbi Todd Thalblum and his family to Cedar Rapids, Temple Judah celebrates a special outdoor Havdalah service at Woodpecker Lodge.

2009: A revival “How Now Dow Jones” with a book by Max Shulman, music by Elmer Bernstein and lyrics by Carolyn Leigh opens at the New York International Fringe Festival.

2009: According to a report broadcast today on Voice of Israel government radio wealthy foreign Arabs have bought up hundreds of dunams of land in the Galilee, land, which was owned privately and which was zoned for agricultural use, was sold due to economic hardship.

2010: Defense Minister Ehud Barak gave his approval today for the purchase of the fifth-generation F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) by the Israeli Air Force from the US.

2010: The Washington Post featured reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or of special interest to Jewish readers including <u>Denial: A Memoir of Terror</u> By Jessica Stern

2010: The Los Angeles Times featured reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or of special interest to Jewish readers including <u>Red Hook Road</u> by Ayelet Waldman<u> </u>and <u>Quantum: Eisenstein, Bohr and the Great Debate About the Nature of Reality</u> by Manjit Kumar<u>.</u>  [Editor’s note – The only person I know who is smart enough to understand this is Dr. Joe Rosen, so if you have questions write to him not to me.]

2011: The 31st International Conference on Jewish Genealogy (sponsored by the Jewish Genealogy Society of Greater Washington) and the Washingtoniana Division of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Library are scheduled to offer a free talk on "What’s Your Story? An Introduction to Genealogy and Family History"<u></u>

2011:Hutzot Hayotzer, the popular international arts and crafts fair that has become a Jerusalemite ritual, is scheduled to open today.<u></u>

2011(15th of Av, 5771): Tu B’Av- Jewish Saidie Hawkins Day<u></u>

2011:A marble statue of Hercules dating back to the second century C.E. has been found in an archeological dig in northern Israel, Israel's Antiquities Authority announced today. <u></u>

2011:The Israel Medical Association said in a discussion at the High Court today that it would be willing to hold mediated talks on points of contention with the Ministry of Finance, so long as certain conditions are upheld..<u></u>

2011: “No Loss For Words” published in today’s Sports Illustrated provides a portrait of Marv Levy, the coach who took the Bills to four Super Bowl, and a review of his soon to be published first novel, <u>Between the Lines.</u><u></u>

2011: The documentary “Gloria: In Her Own Words” about the life and times of Gloria Steinem premiered on HBO. (As reported by Jewish Women’s Archives)http://jwa.org/thisweek/aug/15/2011/gloria-steinem<u></u>

2012: The brit of “Baby Boy Sann” the son of Debbie and Ron Sann is scheduled to take place at Adas Israel in Washington, DC<u></u>

2012: In Boston, MA, Congregation Beth Elohim is scheduled to sponsor an evening of “Jewish Meditation.<u></u>

2012: Cantor Regina Heit is scheduled to lead the Learn and Lunch at Temple Emanuel in Denver, CO.<u></u>

2012: Members of Israel’s national soccer team apologized today for laughing during a lecture the day before on the murder of Hungarian Jewry by the Nazis. Some players tittered during a talk in Budapest, one day before the team’s friendly match against Hungary, the Sport Channel reported today<u></u>

2012:Egg, milk and chicken prices are expected to rise by up to 17 percent by the end of this year, the Agriculture Ministry forecast today. A study conducted by the ministry’s Research, Economy and Strategy Division said the price increases can be attributed mainly to the prolonged drought in the US, which has triggered a rise in the cost of agricultural commodities.<u></u>

2012(27th of Av, 5772): Sixty-eight year old “David M. Lederman, who led the team of scientists that developed the first fully implantable artificial heart — which, although it had limited success, prompted further advances in the treatment of late-stage heart disease” passed away today (As reported by Dennis Hevesi)<u></u>

2013: Israeli jazz guitarist Assaf Kehati and his trio are scheduled to perform at the Bar Next Door in New York City.

2013: Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, two of the Jewish members of “Kiss”  “became a part of the ownership group that created the LA Kiss Arena Football League team, which plays their home games at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California.”

2013: Oakland A’s first baseman Nate Freiman had four hits today including a homer and a double.

2013: “Soul Doctor,” a musical based on the life of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach opened tonight at the Circle in the Square in New York City.

2013: “An archeological team headed by Dr. Alexander Fantalkin of Tel Aviv university has announced the discovery of one of the largest construction projects in the entire Mediterranean basin: a system of fortifications from the 8th century BCE, as well as coins, weights and parts of buildings from the Hellenistic period, have all been found in the archeological dig Tel Ashdod Yam – where the harbor of the philistine city of Ashdod used to be. The site is about 3 miles south of today’s thriving Israeli city of Ashdod.’ (As reported by Yori Yanover)

2013: Documents linked to Oskar Schindler, the German industrialist known for his efforts to save Jews from World War Two concentration camps, were sold at auction for more than $122,000, a New Hampshire auction house said today.

2013: Hebrew University is ranked first in Israel and 59th globally, according to the 2013 Academic Ranking of World Universities released today. (As reported by Lahav Harkov)

2014: Today is the Jewish Historical Society of Greater Washington’s deadline for raising funds to save the original portions of the synagogue mural on 415 M Street, NW in Washington, D.C.

2014: Mark Ethan Toporek is scheduled to lead a talk on “Gender Benders” following a screening of “Liberace” at the 92nd Street Y.

2014: In London, The Tricyel Theatre and the UK Jewish Film Festival issued a joint statement saying that the Tricycle’s initial decision to refuse to host the festival “because of the event’s Israeli’s government funding “provoked considerable public upset” and that the theater has “invited back the UK Jewish Film Festival on the same terms as in previous years with no restrictions on funding from the Embassy of Israel in London.” (As reported by JTA)

2014: “After nearly two years of campaigning, millions of dollars spent and one tropical storm that delayed voting in this easternmost corner of Hawaii for nearly a week, Senator Brian Schatz won the Democratic nomination for his seat today defeating his challenger, Representative Colleen Hanabusa, by fewer than 1,800 votes — less than 1 percent of the total cast -- bringing one of the longest and most acrimonious primary contests in the state’s history to an apparent end.” (As reported Ian Lovett)

2014: “Israeli-American athlete Donald Sanford, the husband of Israeli baskeball player Danielle Deke., made some Israeli history todayy when he won a bronze medal in the 400 meter dash in the European Athletics Championships in Zurich, Switzerland – the first running medal for Israel in the history of the championships.” (Times Of Israel)

2014: Even as the cease fire seems to be holding for another day, Israel's Davis Cup tie against Argentina originally scheduled for Tel Aviv next month has been moved to Florida, the International Tennis Federation (ITF) said today.

2014: In Zurich, American-Israeli sprinter Donald Sanford won the bronze medal in the 400 metres sprint at the European Athletic Championships which “he dedicated to the IDF.”

2014: Nate Freimans “61-game errorless streak, the seventh-longest first baseman errorless streak in Oakland history” came to an end today.

2015(30thof Av, 5774): Rosh Chodesh Elul

2015: Tenth anniversary of the Israeli evacuation from Gaza. 

2015: A sixteen year old Palestinian stabbed a border police officer who was “conducting a routine security check…at the Beita Junction.”

2015: The friends, family and fans of Gaylen Ross “American actress, writer, producer and director” who produced the awarded “Killing Kasztner” are scheduled to join in celebrating a “milestone birthday.”

(For more see Gaylen Ross’s award winning documentary “Killing Kasztner: The Jew Who Dealt With Nazis” http://www.killingkasztner.com/

2015: One hundred thirtieth anniversary of the birth of Edna Ferber.

2015: The 2015 MoCCA Arts Festival Awards of Excellence Exhibit featuring the works of Israeli illustrator Keren Katz is scheduled to come to an end today.

2015: “A Decade Later, Many Israelis see Gaza Pullout as a big Mistake” published today described the reaction to a move that was supposed to put end to violence in Gaza which was attributed to the presence of Jewish settlements.

2015: The Havdalah Bike Ride, a six mile event is scheduled to depart from the park across from the Historic 6th & I Synagogue this evening followed by a community Havdalah service.

2015: At the Concordia Library in Oregon, Jeannie Opdyke Smith is scheduled to speak about her mother, the late Irene Opdyke who was a brave and inspiring figure who received international recognition for her life-saving actions during the Holocaust when working for a high ranking German official.

2016: “Scapegoat,” a short film by Gal Haklay and Shulamit Tager, won first prize in the original design category at the 13th annual Animation Block Party Awards, Bezalel announced today. (Reported by JTA)

2016: “Hanna’s Journey” is scheduled to be shown as part of The Hampton Synagogue Film Series.

2016: “The Israeli orchestra, conducted by Zubin Mehta, performed today at the National Grand Theater during celebrations of the 109th anniversary of the Lima Philharmonic Society at which Peru’s President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, whose father was a Jewish refugee, conducted Israel’s Philharmonic Orchestra during the playing of the Peruvian national anthem

2016:  On what is a double header for the celebration of women of Jewish letters celebration of the anniversary of the birth of Edna Ferber and the birth of Gaylen Ross.

2017 In partnership with Confucius Institute U.S. Center, the Jewish Historical of Greater Washington is scheduled to host a concert featuring Robyn Helzner who “served as Cantor for the United Jewish Congregation of Hong Kong and officiated at the first modern bar mitzvah celebrated in Beijing” followed by a viewing of “the exhibition Jewish Refugees in Shanghai on loan from the Shanghai Jewish Refugee Museum.

2017: “Israeli Mizrahi pop singer-songwriter and composer Moshe Peretz is scheduled to host 31 year old singer and songwriter Nathan Goshen at the Jerusalem Arts and Crafts Fair.

2018: In Jerusalem, Beit Avi Chai is scheduled to host “David” a children’s play about the king and the future mother of Solomon

2018: Friends and family of the mullti-talented  Gaylen Ross are scheduled to celebrate someone who has advanced the understanding of Jewish history in difficult times.

2018: The Jewish Historical Society of Greater Washington is scheduled to host “a concert with Robyn Helzner to celebrate Jewish culture and history in China through lively stories, photos, video and music.”



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This Day, August 14, In Jewish History by Mitchell A. Levin

01:25 AM Tuesday, August 14, 2018   by melamed&amp;amp;mavin

August 14

508: Maurice, the Emperor of the Byzantine Emperor who in 592 would punish “the entire Jewish community of Antioch after a Jew violated one his laws” began his reign today.

1197: "In the year 4957, on the twenty-eighth of Ab, there was a great persecution of the Jews in the kingdom of Leon at the hand of the two kingdoms that came to besiege it. At that time they removed thence the twenty-four sacred books which were written about 600 years before. They were written by R. Hillel ben Moses ben Hillel, and hence his name was given to the codex, which was called 'Hilleli.' It was exceedingly correct; and all other codices were revised after it. I saw the remaining two parts of it, containing the Former and Latter Prophets, written in large and beautiful characters; these had been brought by the exiles to Portugal and sold at Bugia in Africa, where they still are, having been written about 900 years ago. Kimḥi in his grammar on Num. x. 4 says that the Pentateuch of the Hillel Codex was extant in Toledo."

1349: Walram of Jülich , the Archbishop of Cologne who “protected” the Cologne Council from paying the debt it owned to “a Jewish banker named Meyer of Siegburg who was officially condemned to death, passed away today.

1385: In what might be called the “Battle of the Johns” The Portuguese forces commanded by King João I (King John I) defeat the Castilian army of King Juan I(King John I) at the Battle of Aljubarrota, leaving King Juan as ruler of Portugal. The victory of King João I guaranteed the existence of an independent Portugal which would provide a haven for Jews fleeing Christian persecution in Spain at the end of the 14th and start of the 15thcenturies.

1433: John I (King João I) of Portugal passed away.  As the following entry shows, King John I provided a haven for at least one Jew seeking to escape persecution in Spain.

In 1391, an anti-Jewish riot inspired and provoked by the church occurred in Seville and spread rapidly throughout Spain. Jews were being beaten and killed by religious fanatics and many others who were just taking advantage of the rioting to rob the Jews. The streets were flowing with Jewish blood; synagogues, homes and businesses are being destroyed; Jewish property is being stolen. The rioters were yelling; "Convert or Die!" The church promised peace and safety to the Jews who convert. Don Samuel Abarbanel, an observant Jew and his family were forced to convert. At that time the Abarbanels was one of the most distinguished families in Spain.  Its patriarch is Don Samuel Abarbanel, Treasurer of the State, Courtier, and friend to three kings of Spain. But even somebody as powerful as Don Samuel was not immune from the violence. He took the Christian name of Juan Sanchez de Seville and continued to serve King Henry III as his treasurer. He and his family attended church and mass on Sunday, but at great risk they were secret Jews, trying to eat kosher, observe the Sabbath and holidays and pray to Hashem. It was not an easy thing for them to do but they did so for about six years when it became increasingly more difficult. By 1397 Juan Sanchez de Seville and his family were able to escape to Portugal where they threw off their Christian customs and names and resumed their practice of Judaism.

Don Samuel Abarbanel's reputation as a brilliant financier and statesman preceded him. King John I had his agents approach Don Samuel to ask him to be an advisor to the king. Don Samuel readily agreed, and a long personal friendship and relationship began. The relationship was not only between the king and Don Samuel, it was between their two families, their children, and their grandchildren. Samuel's son Judah followed in his father's footsteps. Don Judah was highly respected by King John I who frequently sought his advice. King John I was called "King John the Great." The title was well justified. During John I's reign Portugal prospered. Portugal was entering the age of exploration and acquiring new territories and becoming rich. Don Judah Abarbanel's advice to the king was invaluable in pursuing this course of action. One of King John's sons was Prince Henry the Navigator who ran a school of navigation and encouraged its Navy to explore, discover and settle new territories and to bring greater wealth and prestige to Portugal.      

1447: Following a fire in Posen (Poland) where the original charter granting the Jews "privileges" was written, (by Casimir the Great), Casimir IV renewed all of their rights, making his charter one of the most liberal in Europe. This charter lasted less than a decade before it was revoked.

1587: When Vincent I succeeded his father William as Duke of Mantua today Salamone Rossi was serving in his first year as a court musician and concertmaster.

1587: Thirty nine year old to “Federico II of Gonzaga, the ruler of the Italian city of Mantua at the time of the birth of Leone de' Sommi, the first “unapologetically Jewish playwright and poet” and a ruler who enjoyed Jewish comedians enough to hire “Solly and Jacob” passed away toay.
1591(24thof Av, 1591): Abigdor Eisenstadt, aka Abigdor Sofer ben Moses, “the author of translation of festival prayers and a prayer-book from Polish into German” passed away today.

1629: Rabbi Yom Tov Lipmann Heller, who had been befriended by “Bohemian Court Jew and financier” Jacob Bassevi and who “was arrested at the order of the imperial court of Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand II, put in prison in Vienna, and accused of insulting Christianity” was freed today because a group of “generous Jews” paid a first installment of 2,000 florins on the 10,000 florin fine that had been levied against him,

1688: Birthdate of Frederick William I of Prussia whom Veitel-Heine Ephraim served as court jeweler and mint master.

1716:  Italian Rabbi Isaiah Bassani wrote a poem in honor of Zebulon Conegliano passing his examination in medicine today in Padua.

1725: “The Jewish Law of 14 August 1725” “forbade the settlement by Jews in places where they had not previously been settled” including Reichenberg.

1735: Birthdate of Jacob Meyer mystic and magician who gained fame as Jacob Philadelphia the name he took when he converted to Christianity.

1767: The will of Barbados resident Emanuel Aboaf was dated today.

1788: In Amsterdam, Abraham Benjamin Cohen and Elizabeth Gompertz gave birth to William Cohen.

1779: In Prague, Selig Trebitsch, ḥazzan at the Old New Synagogue and his wife gave birth to Rabbi Menahem Nahum Trebitsch whose writings included “Shelom Yerushalayim"

1787(30th of Av, 5547): Rosh Chodesh Elul

1787(30th of Av, 5547):Isaac de Pinto “a Dutch Jew of Portuguese origin, a scholar and one of the main investors in the Dutch East India Company” passed away. He had been born in 1717 in Amsterdam. In1748, Pinto helped stadholder William IV of Orange, sending or lending him money to defeat the French at Bergen op Zoom. In return he asked for uplifting measures against Jewish merchants forbidding them to sell clothes, gherkins or fish on the street. He proposed to send the poorest Jews to Surinam. Pinto was a man of broad learning, but did not begin to write until nearly fifty, when he acquired a reputation by defending his co-religionists against Voltaire. In 1762 he published his Essai sur le Luxe at Amsterdam. In the same year appeared his Apologie pour la Nation Juive, ou Réflexions Critiques. The author sent a manuscript copy of this work to Voltaire, who thanked him. Antoine Guenée reproduced the Apologie at the head of his Lettres de Quelques Juifs Portugais, Allemands et Polonais, à M. de Voltaire. In 1763 De Pinto became bankrupt as a result of speculation; he had to sell his house on Nieuwe Herengracht with five famous fixed wall-paintings by Jan Weenix. De Pinto moved to another fine mansion in The Hague; he and his family were invited to the palace when Mozart and his sister played. In 1768, Pinto sent a letter to Diderot on Du Jeu de Cartes. His Traité de la Circulation et du Crédit appeared in Amsterdam in 1771, and was twice reprinted, besides being translated into English and German. His Précis des Arguments Contre les Matérialistes was published at The Hague in 1774. Pinto's works were published in French (Amsterdam, 1777) and also in German (Leipzig, 1777).

1793: Birthdate of Baruch Auerbach, the “educator and philanthropist” who founded the Jewish Orphan Asylum in Berlin.

1815: Birthdate Rabbi Maier Zipser “one of the leaders of the Conservative (Neolog) movement of the Hungarian Jewry.”

1822: In New York, Thomas Strong gave birth to Dr. James Strong a student of the Hebrew language whose pamphlet on the subject was published before the Civil War.  Strong was a member of the Palestine Exploration Committee and traveled there in 1884. (Strong was part of a group of 19th century Christians whose interest in Palestine laid the groundwork for the archaeological activities that became “Israel’s National Pastime.”)

1829: Birthdate of Jules Moch a graduate of Saint-Cyr who fought served in the Crimean War and was captured at the Battle of Sedan during the Franco-Prussian War.

1840: Birthdate of New York native Manuel Augustus Kursheedt

1840: The U.S. government sent instruction to Mr. Glidon, the American Consul expressing President Van Buren’s concern over the treatment of the Jews of Damascus and his wish that United States work in concert with the governments of Europe to relieve their suffering.

1840: In New York, Asher Kursheedt and Abigail Judah City College of New York alum Manuel Augustus Kursheedt, whose activities in the Jewish community included serving as “the director of the United Hebrew Charities and the Educational Alliance, managing secretary of the Hebrew Emigrant Aid Society and President of the Young Men’s Hebrew Association.

1844: Morris de Saxe married Abigail Isaacs at the Great Synagogue today.

1850: David Hyams married Rebecca Arrobas today at the Great Synagogue today.

1850: One day after he had passed away, Myer Moses was buried today at the Brady Street Jewish Cemetery.

1855(30th of Av, 5615): Rosh Chodesh Elul

1859: Congregation Gemiluth Chassed was founded today in Port Gibson, Mississippi.

1861: Second Lieutenant Leopold Rosenthal began who would be wounded at Fort Magruder in Virginia began his three years of service with the 5th Cavalry today.

1862: Philadelphian Jacob Stern began his service with Company E of the 133rdRegiment.

1862: Jacob Ezekiel Hyneman, a native of Richmond, VA who had moved to Philadelphia with his father in 1850 enlisted in the U.S. Army during the Civil War.  Unlike some other native Virginians, Hyneman was able to choose fighting for the Union as opposed to defending slavery.

1863: Birthdate of London “communal worker” Felix Arthur Davis.

1863: "Affairs at Vicksburg” published today describes conditions a month after the fall of the Confederate Citadel including the following, "When the news reached the North that Vicksburg had fallen, a few thousand Hebrew patriots immediately made an exodus in this direction, with a view of opening a few hundred clothing stores at once. Greatly to their disgust Gen. Grant refused to allow any trade whatever, and much to their pecuniary grief they found that they had brought their shoddy to the wrong market. Something, however, must be done, and so fifty or sixty opened shops for the repair of watches, an equal number opened establishments for taking pictures, another quantity went to work gathering up the immense amount of old rags left everywhere by the rebels, while the balance stood disconsolately for a time around corners cursing Grant in every dialect originating at Babel, and then returned up the river. Those who went into the rag business had a good thing, for rags are high and the quantity left by Confederates in this place was enormous."

1864: In Columbus, Indiana, Samuel Ginsburg and Rachel L. Helfman gave birth to Bernard Ginsburg the husband of Ida Esther Goldman and resident of Detroit, Michigan who was Director of the Jewish Orphan Asylum in Cleveland for eight years and began serving as the first vice-president of the National Conference of Jewish Charities in 1904.

1865: Prussia and Austria signed the Gastein Convention that established the rules for governing Schleswig and Holstein which was one of the steps on Bismarck’s path to making uniting Germany under Prussian rule and making it the dominant power in Europe – a path that led to three wars: Franco-Prussian, WW I, and WW II – which had major impacts on the Jews of the Continent which included the Holocaust.

1865: Today's Foreign Items column reports that The Chief of Police in Warsaw has forbidden the Jews to wear their ancient dress and coiffure, (two curls sticking out from a velvet cap.

1865: Officer Thomas Ward who was murdered by a gang of felons in the line of duty, died at the Jew's Hospital. (Jew’s Hospital would later be known as Mt. Sinai.  The hospital took on the role of treating New Yorker’s regardless of religion during the Civil War when it treated large numbers of Union soldiers wounded during McClellan’s ill-fated Peninsula Campaign.)

1872: A letter published today signed simply “A Jew” took issue with the New York Tribune’s characterization of President Grant’s views on, and relationships with,  the Jewish people.  The writer denied the Tribune’s claim that Grant had apologized for General Oder No. 11 by saying “that his chief of staff had issued and that he (Grant) had countermanded it.  When questioned on the subject in 1868, Grant said that “he issued that order under misapprehension, and regretted his action.  He took the responsibility and did not claim credit for countermanding it.”  The Tribune, whose publisher Horace Greely, was running against Grant for the Presidency, was making the same claims against Grant that had failed to dissuade Jews from voting for the Civil War hero in 1868.  The writer concludes by stating that The Tribune does not understand Jews.  Jews think for themselves.  Some will vote Democrat.  Some will vote Republican.  But none of them will be swayed by the Tribune’s re-hash of the claims left over from the 1868 Presidential Campaign.

1873: According to Chief of Police John Malloy, the man who was murdered in Albany is a Brooklynite named John D. Weston.  He was allegedly murdered by Emil Lowenstein, a German-Jewish barber who had been enlisted by Mrs. Weston with enticements of sharing in the decedent’s property and enjoying her company.

1874(1st of Elul, 5634): Rosh Chodesh Elul

1874: It was reported today that the police superintendent of New York had received a telegram from the Sheriff of McLean Country, Illinois, stating that the ”German Jew named Levy” had confessed to murdering New York businessman Benjamin Nathan.  The sheriff doubts that truth of the confession and thinks the man is “a humbug” looking for a free trip back to New York.

1877: Two days after she had passed away, Adelaide Collins, the daughter of Solomon Collins and Catherine Isaacs and the husband of John Collins with whom she had four children – Kate, William, Louisa and Solomon – was buried today at the Balls Pond Road Jewish Cemetery.

1878: It was reported today that the government is doing nothing to alleviate the suffering from the effects of the famine in southern Morocco.  The Jews of the region are receiving some assistance from co-religionists

1879:  Harris Levy, a 28 year old Polish Jew was shot in the arm on Forsyth Street in New York.  Levy was as a night watchman for Louis Solomans, a manufacturing tailor whose businesses occupied three rooms on the building’s 6th floor.

1881: “Bleichroder and Thiers” published today described one Frenchman’s reaction to Barthelemy St. Hilaire recommending that the President of the Republic name Gerson von Bleichröder the German Jewish banker with close ties to Chancellor Bismarck be named a Knight of the Legion of Honor.

1881: In Kiev, Abraham and Dvora Wellcher gave birth to Laibel Welcher gained fame as aviation pioneer Arthur L. Wlesh who was a flight instructor and friend of the Wright Brothers.

1881: It was reported today that donations to help defray the cost of the next excursion sponsored by the Sanitarium for Hebrew Children can be sent to the offices of the Jewish Messenger on Walker Street.

1881: A concert sponsored by several prominent Jews is scheduled to be held today to raise funds for a cemetery at the popular resort town of Long Branch, NJ. The cemetery, “The Strangers’ Cemetery, will be open to all – rich or poor, Jew or Gentile

1882: It was reported today that there are forty Jews living in Hoboken NJ.

1882: It was reported today that yesterday’s account in the Congressional Record of speech given by S.S. Cox in defense of the Jews of Russia could not have happened since Congress had already adjourned. This was an example of the time-honored technique of entering things into the Congressional Record that were not actually said on the floor of the House and/or Senate.

1882: It was reported that a barrel of gunpowder had accidentally exploded at a shop in Grodeno, Russia killing an untold number of Jewish children attending a nearby school

1882:“Old Time Business Ways” reviewed <u>The Growth of English Industry and Commerce</u> by William Cunningham which included a description of how the reality of Jewish money lending in Medieval England.  While it appeared that the Jews had a monopoly on money lending, “the King had indirectly a monopoly on money-lending” because the Jews “were mere chattels of the King” which meant that “all that they had was his.”

1883: “With Hermann Guthe’s publication of his monograph on the scroll fragment completed” today “the Shapira’s manuscript” which was a scroll of Deuteronomy “officially achieved scholarly recognition.”

1884: It was reported today that Rabbi Henry Zindorf of Detroit’s Temple Beth El has been chosen as Professor of History and Hebrew Literature at Hebrew Union College.

1886: On the Lower East Side, Louis and Mary Strauss Frankenthaler gave birth to George Frankenthaler who served as the State Supreme Court Justice and New York County Surrogate.

1887: The members of the jury that convicted Israel Lipski of murder are scheduled to meet with the condemned man’s solicitor today.

1887: It was reported today that Israel Lipski’s solicitor has new facts that will prove that he did kill Miriam Angel, the woman he was convicted of killing.  Lipski’s lawyer has met privately with Judge Stephen and convinced him of his client’s innocence.

1887: It was reported today that that Israel Lipski’s solicitor has “sent a telegram to the Queen” asking her to stay the execution because “he is in possession of facts which will enable him to establish” Lipski’s innocence.

1887: “Old World News By Cable” published today included a description of the excitement gripping London over the upcoming hanging of Israel Lipski, a Polish Jew who was found guilty of murdering Miriam Angel.

1888: An excursion for sick children under the age of six sponsored by the Sanitarium for Hebrew Children will take place this morning at nine.

1888: Birthdate of Dr. Paul Zucker, the successful German architect who, when the Nazis came to power left for the United States where he became a citizen in 1944.

1889: The seventh free excursion of the summer sponsored by the Sanitarium for Hebrew Children is scheduled to leave from the Fifth Street pier of the East River.  Only children without contagious diseases and six years of age or younger will be allowed on the boat.

1889: One hundred twenty Jewish families arrived in Buenos Aires giving birth to the modern Argentinean Jewish community.In 1889, 824 Russian Jews arrived in Argentina on the S.S. Weser from Podolia in western Russia. Many of them became gauchos (Argentine cowboys). The gauchos bought land and established a colony, which they named Moiseville. Due to lack of funding, the gauchos appealed to Baron Maurice de Hirsch for funds and the Baron subsequently founded the Jewish Colonization Association. During its heyday, the Association owned more than 600,000 hectares of land, populated by more than 200,000 Jews. While many of these cooperative ranches are now owned by non-Jews, Jews continue to run some of the properties.

1890: It was reported today that donations to help defray the costs of the Sanitarium for Hebrew Children can be sent to  Nathan Lewis, President; Dr. H. Gomez, Vice President; Hezekiah Kohn, Treasurer: and Joseph Davis, honorary Secretary.

1891(10thof Av, 5651): Sixty-four year old Emile Frank, the widow of Joseph Frank and passed away at Huguenot, NY. The funeral will be delayed because the body has to be taken back to New York City and tomorrow is Shabbat.

1891:Mr. Rosenbluth, of the Sanitary Aid Society who works with the Trustees of the Baron Hirsch Fund gave one of the Russian Jewish refugees living at Highstown, NJ $5,000 and sent him out to purchase farm lands in an attempt to replicate the success that Jewish refugees have enjoyed farming in Connecticut.

1892: Lewis Novra the son of George Novra and Rebecca Abrahams was buried today at the Balls Pond Road Jewish Cemetery.

1892: Rabbis Aaron Wise and David Cahn officiated at the wedding of Lottie Naomi Swartwood and Leopold Kahn known as “Admiral Dot.” Kahn and Swartwood were both dwarfs.  He had begun performing with P.T.Barnum until he formed the American Lilliputian Company in 1877 where both of them were stars.

1892: Louis-Norbert Carrière the government commissioner who successfully pled at Rennes for Dreyfus's second conviction was appointed government commissioner to the Dreyfus court martial in Rennes today,

1892: “Decline of the Hat Industry in the Oranges” published today offered numerous reasons for the decline of millinery business in New Jersey including the fact that Polish Jews in Newark and Orange are finishing hats for eight and three quarters of a cent per dozen.  “American workmen have always been paid 25 cents per dozen.”  (In reality, the problem was the tariff)

1893: When representatives of the Board of Health, the Street Cleaning Department, the Fire Department and the Police swept through Hester Street and Mulberry Bend in an attempt to clear out the pushcarts and street vendors, they were forced to deal with “an old Jew” selling pears who had padlocked his cart in place and a Jew selling calico wrappers who claimed he could not move his cart because the wheel was broken.

1893: Birthdate of Samuel Simon Leibowitz, American attorney and jurist who would gain fame as the lawyer who defended the Scottsboro Boys.

1893: Jack O”Mara, the bartender at Patrick Devitt’s saloon in Brooklyn, is scheduled to go before the judge on charges that he handcuffed a Jewish paddled named Bruns and then stole his pack.

1894: Two day after his death “in his 48thyear,” Oscar Alexander, the husband of Sarah Woolf with whom he had nine children – Henry, Rachel, Leah, Hannah, Amelia, Rebecca, Bertha, Jacob and Rose – was buried today at the West Ham Jewish Cemetery.

1896: Heinrich von Gossler was appointed Prussian Minister of War. During his tenure in office he would defend Jewish manufacturers of rifles of when they were attacked by anti-Semites in the Reichstag. 

1897: In Chicago, Samuel Marlow, a German Jew and his son were arrested today when “officers raided a little frame house on 26thPlace” where they found a still that could produce 52 gallons of moonshine a day.
1898: As the staff at the Hebrew Orphan Asylum works to deal with an epidemic of dysentery “a well-known physician said that there forty to fifty cases in apartments in the same neighborhood which he attributed to polluted water.

1898: “The Arrival of the Immigrant” published today described the arrival of Italians at Ellis Island and the Barge Office who have replaced the wave of Jews “from the Ghettoes, the Judenstrasses and the village streets of Russia, Russian Poland and all of Jewish Western Europe” that filled these offices through-out the 1880’s.

1899: A New York Times reporter went to 3,815 Park Avenue which Abraham Reinold, a patient at Georgetown University in Washington, DC gave as his address.  The address given by this mysterious Jews was a vacant lot and no one in the neighborhood knew who he was.

1899: Birthdate of Evelyn Kozak the native New Yorker whose parents had left “Russia to escape anti-Semitic attacks” who would be described as the world’s oldest living Jew when passed away at the age of 113.

1899: In Paris, the police have surrounded the office of the Anti-Semite League where M.M. Guerin , the president of the league and Max Regis, the “noted –Jew baiter” and former Mayor of Algiers have barricaded themselves in attempt to avoid arrest “for political crimes that are punishable with penal servitude.”  A mob of their supporters shouting “Vive l’armee” and Mort aux Juifs’ has gathered outside the building.

1899: “Dreyfus Fight Thickens” published today described the split in French society that centers “around the shadowy and emaciated red-haired Jew, whose uniform of an artillery Captain so ill fits and befits his figure physiognomy.” 

1901: Two days after she had passed away “in her 16thyear,” Rachel Davis, the daughter of “Isaac and Betsy Davis” was buried at the Plashet Jewish Cemetery in London.

1903: Birthdate of Hezl Rosenblum, the native of Kaunas who was “a signatory of the Israeli declaration of independence, he worked as editor of Yedioth Ahronothfor more than 35 years.”

1904: Rabbi Meir Berlin and his wife gave birth to Judith Lieberman the wife of Rabbi Saul Lieberman.

1904: Lillie Solomon, the daughter of Anna and I.E. Solomon, who was born in Solomonville, Arizona Territory in 1879, married Jewish merchant Max Lantin of Globe.

1905(13th of Av, 5665): English painter Simeon Solomon passed away. For examples of his art and a whole lot more see

1905: Louis M Mayer and his first wife, Margaret Shenberg gave birth to their eldest daughter Edith “Edie” Mayer who married producer William Goetz.

1907: In Deal, NJ, Judge Joseph M. Proskauer, who served on the New York State Supreme Court before becoming a partner in the law firm now known as Proskauer Rose and the former Alice Naumburg, who helped found the Euthanasia Society of America, a right-to-die group gave birth to “Ruth Proskauer Smith, a longtime reproductive rights advocate who helped found what is now Naral Pro-Choice America.” (As reported by Margalit Fox)

1910: Birthdate of French-Jewish photographer Willy Ronis

1910: Birthdate of Natan Alterman the Warsaw native who gained fame as an Israeli poet, playwright, journalist, and translator.

1910: Birthdate of Herta Herzog, the author of “The Jews as 'Others': On Communicative Aspects of Anti-Semitism” and the wife of Paul Felix Lazarsfeld.

1910(9th of Av, 5670): Tish’a B’Av

1910(9th of Av, 5670): Moses Frankfurt who had been born in 1828 and was married to Babette Frankfurt passed away today in Norfolk, VA.

1911: In Richmond, Indiana, a meeting of the Society of Friends adopts a resolution protesting the treatment of the Jews of Russia.

1911: Today Lazarus Schwartz was elected Mayor of Mobile, Alabama, a position he would hold until 1915.

1914: In what would prove to be a costly act of bravado “the French First and Second Armies crossed the Franco-German border and began fighting the Battles of Morhange and Sarrebourg and the Battle on Mortagne which were part of the ill-fated Battles of the Frontiers – a doomed offensive that would almost cost the Allies the war in the Summer and Fall of 1914. (Editor’s note - there is a direct line from these defeats to the defeats suffered in 1940 and the subsequent collapse of France which led the Jews to Drancy and then to the death camps.)

1915: “In Brixton, south London,” “Arnold Mishcon, a rabbi who emigrated from Russian Poland, and his wife Queenie” gave birth to Victor Mischon, the British solicitor and Laborite who as a life peer became Baron Mishcon in 1978.

1915: Harry H. Schlacht, who is working to form “the American Legion, composed of foreign born Americans who have received military organization” said tonight “these people are loyal Americans” who “are anxious and willing to join the Foreign Legion and are ready to respond to the call for drill just as soon as army officers are appointed to train them.”

1916(15th of Av, 5676): Tu B’Av

1916: It was reported today that the in Russia “no definite decision has been reached” by the government but “the wish has been expressed that the circular of the ex-Minister of the Interior, Prince Cherbatoff abolishing the pale of settlement be confirmed and incorporated by the legislative institutions i.e. the Duma and Council.”

1917:  A memorandum from the Jewish Socialist Labor Union has been delivered to the Dutch-Scandinavian Labor Committee which calls for “perfect civil equality for Jews in every country and their re-establishment in the provinces” which they were forced to leave because of the war.

1917: It was reported today that “the situation in Palestine this Summer is the most serious since the war began,” that “a scheme for the looting of Jerusalem is already being executed” and the only hope of the inhabitants “is that the British armies now hammering at the gates of the Holy Land may soon drive out the Turks.

1917: A cablegram from Kiev sent to The Day, a Jewish daily in New York announced today “that the Ukrainian Congress had elected a member of the Jewish Socialist Territorialist Party as Minister for Jewish Affairs in Ukraine”

1917: In the Bronx, Harry and Molly Glickmann give birth to Martin “Martry” Glickman. A graduate of Syracuse University, where he played football, Glickman was best known for his skills in track & field. In 1936, Glickman was one of two Jews on the U.S. 400 yard relay team at the 1936 Olympics.  The two were replaced just before the event.  According to Glickman, this was in response to pressure Avery Brundage, an anti-Semite and supporter of the Nazi regime. Glickman went on to a very successful career as a sports broadcaster. Glickman’s parents came from Jassy where the Germans and their Romanian allies slaughtered over twenty thousand Jews during the summer of 1941. 

 1918: As the Amiens Offensive, in which John Monash played such a key role comes to an end French forces continue to engage the flagging Germans at the Battle of Montdidier.

1921(10th of Av, 5681): Tish’a B’Av is observed for the first time during the Presidency of Warren Harding.

1926: Birthdate of Martin Broszat “a prominent West German historian and a specialist on Nazi crimes against the Jews.” (As reported by Eric Pace)

1928: The original production of “The Front Page,” directed by George S. Kaufman, opened at the Times Square Theatre

1929: The Jewish Agency for Palestine was founded.  The Jewish Agency “became the main organization through which Palestinian Jewry maintained its contacts with world Jewry and with the Mandatory authorities and foreign governments.  It was, in fact, the de facto government of the Jews in the Jewish homeland.

1931: In Chicago, Irene Rose (née Mauser) and Cedric Michael Raphael gave birth to Oscar winning screenwriter Frederick Michael Raphael.

1932: The 1932 Olympics in which Attila Petschauer a gold medal winning swordsman was part of the Hungarian Fencing Team, came to an end today. The 1999 film Sunshineis a multi-generational study of Petschauer’s family and vividly depicts his death at the hands of the Nazis in 1943. Jewish Gold Medal winners included Istvan Barta, Hungary water polo, Gyorgy Brody, Hungary, water polo; Lillian Copeland, USA, athletics, discus throw; George Gulack, USA, gymnastics, flying rings; Endre Kabos, Hungary, fencing, team saber; Miklos Sárkány, Hungary water polo.

1933: While speaking in Prague, Dr. Stephen S. Wise, honorary president of the American Jewish Congress, approves of the boycott against German goods and services.

1933: The Government prohibits the circulation in Germany of all Jewish newspapers printed in foreign countries, irrespective of language, and commands Jewish libraries to remove such periodicals from their quarters.

1934: After buying “the defunct synagogue building formerly run by Rabbi Meyer Isserman,” Rabbi Yaakov Ben Zion HaCohen Mendelsohn opened the Bergen Street Shul today – a “ceremony attended by hundreds of locals along with rabbis from Passaic, West New York, the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Philadelphia.”

1935: President Roosevelt signed into law the Social Security Act.

1936: Today, “the World Jewish Congress adopted the main principles of its organization on a permanent basis, empower the executive committee, which is to be elected, to draft statutes and put them into force” and “also voted a $75,000 budget to finance during the first year the work to which this session has committed the congress.”

1936: It was announced today “at Second Corps Area Headquarters on Governors Island” that “Jewish soldiers in the United States Army will be granted to observe the High Holy Days” starting at noon on September 15th.

1936: Following appeals by ninety-two American citizens to the United States Consul and appeals by a number of Polish citizens to the Polish Consul “for protection against Arab terrorists in Safed” the consuls of these two countries “made representations to the Palestine Government” in Jerusalem “regarding the safety of their nationals in the city of Safed.”

1936: Arnold Spencer Leese was put on trial in London on charges of seditious libel against British Jews. In 1935, Leese who was a licensed veterinarian had proposed using gas chambers to murder Jews.  This led to an indictment “on six counts relating to two articles published in the July issue of The Fascist (the IFL newspaper) entitled "Jewish Ritual Murder," which later appeared as a pamphlet.” He would be convicted and served 6 months in prison.  The experience did not chasten him since he would help members of the Wafften SS escape Justice which would lead to another prison term in 1947.  Leese was so extreme that he attacked fellow fascist Oswald Mosley for being soft on the Jews.

1937: In his closing statement to the 20th Zionist Congress, held in Zurich, David Ben-Gurion said that the subject of a passionate debate regarding the proposed Jewish state was not the integrity of Palestine, which no Zionist can forgo, but the methods for securing the quicker achievement of the common aim. He welcomed the decision of the two-thirds majority of the Executive to negotiate the precise contents of the scheme, while this did not imply any assent to the principle of Partition.

1937: Nazis continued to harass the Zionist delegates in Zurich.

1937: Commissioning of the The USS Blue (DD-387) which on December 7, at Pearl Harbor, Ensign Nathan Asher, a graduate of the Naval Academy took command of since the skipper was ashore and in a harrowing trip lasting one and half hours guided the ship out to open waters and safety while Ensign Milton Moldane, a graduate of Washington University Law School “took charge of the forward machine guns” fighting off the attacking Japanese aircraft.

1937: While the League of Nations debated the recommendations of the Peel Report, Arab attacks against Jews in Palestine continued. Shots were fired at Motza and other Jewish settlements in a significant number of increased terrorist attacks all over the country.

1938:Hadassah, the Women's Zionist Organization of America, announced today that the Jewish children who were among the Austrian exiles expelled from Burgenland by Nazis and set drift on the Danube four months ago will be cared for by the Youth Aliyah (immigration) of movement and sent to Palestine before Sept. 30.

1938(17th of Av, 5698): Fifty-six year old c, the Latvian born Cantor who in 1922 composed Yiftah (Jephthah) passed away today.


1938: Arab terrorists conducted a series of early morning attacks including one by 200 armed Arabs at “the tiny Jewish colony of Shimroon” and another at Kfar Yabetz where Arabs “burned an orange packing house and uprooted four hundred trees on the grounds of the Kibbutz.”

1939:A resolution expressing "deep regret" that the executive of the Jewish Agency for Palestine did not resign immediately upon publication of the terms of the recent British White Paper was adopted today by the World Mizrachi. Mizrachi announced plans to fight the White Paper and calls on World Zionists to refuse to cooperate with the British in Palestine.

1939:Birthdate of Eric Weissberg the American banjo player, best known for the theme from the movie Deliverance.

1940: While fleeing from Paris which had been conquered by the Germans, Italian banker and philanthropist Angelo Donati stopped in Marseille where he was the best men at the wedding of his cousin Piero Sacredoti  and Marseille Ilse Klein, daughter of Siegmund and Helene Klein.

 1941: All residents of the Jewish community of Lesko, Poland, are transported to Zaslaw, Poland, and executed.

1941: In the aftermath of the German invasion of the Soviet Union which raised the rate of Jewish genocide exponentially, Stalin sought to ingratiate himself with the West by signing a military alliance with Poland today – just two years after the Communist Jackal had eaten his half of Poland after the Nazi conquest.

1941: Today, a training report described Isidore Newman, who was being trained as a Wireless Officer with SOE as being “self-assured and thinks with precision.”

1941: In Hungary, The Union of the Jewish Communities obtained “the liberation of the rabbis, leaders of communities, and teachers employed in Jewish schools, who had been arrested after the outbreak of war with the U.S.S.R., from the Targu-Jiu concentration camp. (Jewish Virtual Library)

1942(1st of Elul, 5702): Rosh Chodesh Elul

1942(1st of Elul, 5702): The Germans killed 1,850 Jews from the Lenin ghetto including the parents, sisters and younger brother of Fay Shulman


1942: Esther "Etty" Hillesum returned to Amsterdam from Westerbork

1942: The Archbishop of Lvov provided hiding places for Jewish children and Sifrei Torah.

1942: The entire Jewish community from Gorlice, Poland, is deported to the Belzec extermination camp.

1942: On the evening of 14 August 1942, the first day of the Hebrew month of Ellul, a Friday, the SS surrounded the ghetto in the village of Zagrodski, near Pinsk in Belarus (Belorussia), home to five hundred Jewish families. “The commotion and noise on that night”, recalled Rivka Yosselevska, “was not customary, and we felt something in the air.”

1942: A woman named Rivka Yosselevska is one of just four Jews to survive a bloody burial-pit massacre outside Zagrodski, Poland, near Pinsk.

1943: Premiere of wartime musical comedy “This Is the Army” directed by Michael Curtiz, produced by Hal Wallis and Jack Warner, featuring 19 songs by Irving Berlin, co-starring George Tobias.

1944: Twenty-five year old Edwin Newman, the future NBC television journalist and anchor married Rigel Grell today.

1944: Five days after “Leon Kubowitzki (later Aryeh Leon Kubovy), the head of the WJC's Rescue Department, relayed a message from Ernest Frischer of the Czechoslovak State Council to the US State Department urging the destruction of the gas chambers and the bombing of railways lines leading to the Auschwitz death camp. US Undersecretary of War John J. McCloy rejected the suggestion five days later, writing to Kubowitzki: "After a study it became apparent that such an operation could be executed only by the diversion of considerable air support essential to the success of our forces now engaged in decisive operations elsewhere and would in any case be of such doubtful efficacy that it would not warrant the use of our resources."

1945: From Larissa, Greece it was reported: "One synagogue is completely destroyed, not even the foundation exists, so thorough has been the German destruction. The other synagogue has been almost-completely destroyed, also- It cannot be used in its present condition

1945: Japan surrendered unconditionally to end WW II.  It took two atomic bombs and the invasion of Manchuria by the Soviet Army to finally convince the Japanese that all was lost.  The official surrender ceremony would not take place until September, 1945 on the decks of U.S.S. Missouri which would be anchored in Tokyo Bay.  While there is general agreement as to what the official start dates were for World War II, we have seen that the end dates both the war in Europe and in the Pacific get a little fuzzy. 

1945: Alfred Eisenstaedt took the iconic photo of a sailor kissing a nurse in Times Square as part of the V-J celebrations that was published in Life magazine.

1946: Today, “Will Rogers, Jr” the son of the popular American entertainer and “Board Member of the American League for a Free Palestine” wrote to Barley C. Crum, a Roman Catholic “member of the Anglo-American Commission of Inquiry on Palestine” who supported opening Palestine to unrestricted Jewish immigration” in which he said the League was “determined to challenge” the British claim of “illegality” when it came to the issue of “Hebrew immigration into Palestine” “by publicly announcing the intention to repatriate the Hebrew people to Palestine and by assuming public responsivity for this action…”

1947:  India granted independence within British Commonwealth.  According to some historians, the end of British rule in India had an impact on British policy in Palestine.  The reason the British had wanted to control Palestine, according to them, was to protect the Suez Canal which was part of the route connecting Britain and India.  Once India was independent, the imperative for holding on to Palestine was no longer there and the British were no longer quite so keen to spend blood and bullets on rocks and sands of Palestine.  There other imperial holdings including Transjordan, et al were enough to meet English commercial and political needs.

1947: “The Buchenwald Trial or United States of America vs. Josias Prince of Waldeck et al in which 31 people answered charges of war crimes “related to the Buchenwald concentration camp and its satellite camps” came to an

1947: “Life With Father” a movie version of the novel by the same name directed by Michael Curtiz and music by Max Steiner was released in the United States today Warner Bros.

1948(9th of Av, 5708): Since it is Shabbat, the fast will begin in the evening and be observed on Sunday.  There is an irony in this since it is the first time this day of mourning will be observed in an independent Jewish state.

1948(9th of Av, 5708): Tish’a B’av

1948: A day after testifying before HUAC where he denied being a communist, Harry Dexter White suffered another heart attack as he was arriving at his farm in Fitzwilliam, NH.

1948: Habib Vidal, "the owner of a printing shop and the custodian of the synagogue at Helwan" was one of the Jews arrested in Egypt.  Vidal was sentenced to 15 months at the Huckstep Prison despite the fact that he had not been formally charged or tried in a court of law.  (<u>In Ishmael's House</u>by Martin Gilbert)

1948: The Pan York, a ship filled with Jewish DPs as well as American volunteers for the Israeli army, arrived in Haifa.

1948: Birthdate of Kathi Kamen Goldmark who “had made a lot of friends in the literary world by shepherding authors on book tours when one day inspiration struck: what the very best authors yearn to be, she realized, are rock stars.” (As reported by Douglas Martin)

1951: “A Place in the Sun” starring Shelly Winters and featuring Paul Frees with music by Franz Waxman was released in the United States today by Paramount Pictures.

1951: The Jerusalem Postreported that Jerusalem was assured of a regular supply of ice for domestic purposes from outside of the city and that the government granted a subsidy, due to the cost of the transport of ice from the coast. The Jerusalem Program for Zionism, replacing the Basel Program drawn up at the First Zionist Congress in 1897, was drawn up for the 23rd Zionist Congress to be held in Jerusalem on August 14.

1952(23rd of Av, 5712): David Zvi Pinkas passed away.  At the time of his death at the age of 57, Pinkas was Minister of Communication in the Israeli government.

1952:Shlomo-Yisrael Ben-Meir became on MK “as a replacement for the late David Pinkas.”

1952: Israel and the representatives of the World Jewry announced that they reserved the right to demand restitution payment for the undeclared and heirless property in Austria.

1952: At this time, life in Israel was very difficult.  The Jewish settlers were pioneers in the truest sense of that term. For example, The Medical Advisory Council told the government that a large section of the Israeli population, mainly those who depended solely on the government’s rationing scheme, did not receive sufficient nutrition.

1953: In Los Angeles, Oscar winning set designer and art director Harry Horner and the former Joan Frankel gave birth to James Roy Horner the composer who won two Oscars for the romantic disaster film “Titanic.” (As reported by Sam Roberts)

1953: “The Affairs of Dobie Gillis” a musical comedy based on the short stories about this adolescent created by Max Shulman was released in the United States today.

1953: Forty-eight year old Max Colpet (born Max Kolpenitzky) a native of Koningsberg, whose parents died in a concentration camp during WW II and who was a friend a collaborator with fellow artist Billy Wilder became a United States citizen today.

1955. “Zero Mostel declined to name names and jousted with the members of Congress, invoked the Fifth Amendment, while standing up for his right to the privacy of his personal political beliefs.”

1957:Mohammed V, who according to Meredith Hindley, found Vichy’s laws pertaining to Jews “appalling” and did what he could given his limited power, to ameliorate their affect went from being Sultan of Morocco to being King of Morocco.

1959(10th of Av, 5719): Seventy-year old labor economist, college professor and author Selig Perlman whose works included <u>A Theory of the Labor Movement</u> and <u>The History of Trade Unionism in the United States </u>passed away today.

1963(24th of Av, 5723): A month after his 57th birthday, playwright Clifford Odets succumbed to colon cancer.

1969(30th of Av, 5729): Rosh Chodesh Elul

1969(30th of Av, 5729): Eighty-eight year old author and publisher Leonard Woolf, the husband of Virginia Woolf passed away today.

1972(4th of Elul, 5732):  Actor, composer and musician Oscar Levant passed away.

1973(16th of Av, 5733): Seventy-eight year old Lady Eva Violet Mond Isaacs, née Melchett, Marchioness of Reading passed away today.

1974: “Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia” produced by Martin Baum, with music by Jerry Fielding and co-starring Helmut Dantine, an Austrian gentile whose anti-Nazi activities landed him in a concentration camp after the Anschluss, was released in the United States.

1974: “Valery and Galina Panov demonstrated outside Soviet Embassy in London on behalf of Victor Polsky, the Soviet Jewish activist accused of “dangerous driving”.

1975: A letter from President Gerald R. Ford with today’s date praised John Gunther Dean, the U.S. Ambassador to Cambodia for carrying out the evacuation of the capital city which was “one of the most difficult assignments in the history of the Foreign Service” “with distinction.

1976: It was reported today that “In Morris Township, NJ, the Rabbinical College of America announced that its new President would be Albert Richman” an electrical engineering executive who was a graduate of Cooper Union and “a founding member of the Technion.”

1976: It was reported today that during a White House reception, when Betty Ford, whose husband is running for re-election “was introduced to Bernice Tannenbaum, the board nominee for Hadassah president” she “laughed and said ‘If you’re elected and we’re elected, I’ll see you here again.’”

1977: The new Likud cabinet had announced a policy of equalization of services for the inhabitants of the West Bank and Gaza. Officials claimed that this did not mean annexation or a change in the legal status of these areas, an opinion which was disputed by Arabs, foreign observers and the press.

1977: The American Jewish leadership asked US President Jimmy Carter to clarify his position on his possible recognition of the PLO.

1977: According to Time MagazineIsrael provided Lebanese Christians with $30 million to $35million in direct aid.

1979: After losing her seat in the 1977 elections Esther Herlitz “returned to the Knesset today as a replacement for the deceased Yehoshua Rabinovitz.

1979(21st of Av, 5739): Sixty-seven year old Yehoshua Rabinovitz, who had served a Minster of Housing and Minister of Finance, passed away today.

1980: Jimmy Carter, the man who brokered the Camp David Peace Accords, was nominated by the Democrats for a second term.

1980: Bruce Sundlun who become Rhode Island’s second Jewish Governor was a delegate to the Democratic National Convention which came to an end today.

1981(14th of Av, 5741): Sixty-five year old Morton B. Levin, a native of Philadelphia who worked for the federal government for over 3 decades and who was a member of Adas Israel passed away today.

1981: Warner Bros. released “Arthur’s Theme (Best That You Can Do) the Oscar winning song “written by Burt Bacharach, and Carole Bayer Sager.

1982: In Moscow, Anna Shulkina and Aleksandr Epshteyn gave birth to Boris Epshteyn investment banker and attorney, turned Chief Political Analyst for the Sinclair Broadcast and “senior advisor to Donald Trump whose marriage to Lauren Tanick Ephsteyn in 2009 has produced one child to date.

1982: Birthdate of Benjamin Cohen who became known for his dot.com enterprises as a teenager and for a dispute with Apple computers over the domain itunes.co.uk. In 2006, he became technology correspondent for Channel 4 News in the UK

1983: Elvira and Mark Kunis gave birth Mila Kunis who plays “Jackie” on the television hit, That 70’s Show.

1983(6th of Elul, 5743): Seventy-six year old Brooklyn born Julius Yablok, the son of Lena and Louis Yablok and the husband of Miriam Yablok who played quarterback for Colgate University, coached St. Francis College and law partner of Mickey Marcus  passed away today in California.

1985(27th of Av, 5745): Eighty-six year old actress Edith Holm "Gale" Sondergaard who along with her husband writer Herbert Biberman was blacklisted passed away today.

1986(9th of Av, 5746): Tish'a B'Av

1987: Premiere of “No Way Out” co-produced by Laura Ziskin

1987(19th of Av, 5747): In Little Rock, Arkansas, Sheldon Luber, son of Elaine and Harvey Luber passed away.  He left us too soon, but he will always be remembered.

1989(13th of Av, 5749): Ninety-two year old Rosa Levin Toubin, the daughter of Joe Levin and wife of Sam H. Toubin passed away.  A native of Brenham, TX, this graduate of Rice University demonstrated her skill as a Jewish Texan historian with the publication of  <u>History B’nai Abraham Synagouge</u>.

1989(13th of Av, 5749): Sir Dove-Myer Robinson passed away. Born in 1901, he “was Mayor of Auckland City from 1959 to 1965 and from 1968 to 1980, the longest tenure of any holder of the office. He was a colorful character and became affectionately known across New Zealand as "Robbie". He was one of several Jewish mayors of Auckland, although he rejected Judaism as a teenager and became a lifelong atheist. He has been described as a "slight, bespectacled man whose tiny stature was offset by a booming voice and massive ego.”

1990: Leonard Bernstein conducted Copland's Symphony No. 3, BMCO

1991: Comedian Jackie Mason marries his manager Jyll Rosenfeld.

1993: According to Argentinian prosecutor Alberto Nisman the authorization for the Argentinian prosecutor Alberto Nisman, the authorization for the bombing of the AMIA (Argentine Israelite Mutual Association) was given at today’s meeting of Iran’s National Security Council (As reported by Adiv Sterman)

1994: The fifth congress of the European Association for Jewish Studies opened today in Copenhagen.

1994: Ilich Ramírez Sánchez, the terrorist known as "Carlos the Jackal", is captured. Carlos involvement with Arab Terrorists, specifically the Marxist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) began in 1970. By July 1970 Ramirez was at a training camp in Jordan and after a meeting with Abu-Sharif the PFLP's recruiting officer he became known as Carlos the Jackal. The PFLP gained strength and started to form alliances with other terrorist groups such as the Baader-Meinhof gang and the Italian Red Brigade. Carlos' reputation within the organization grew after "Black September" where he fought against the Jordanian army trying to purge their country of terrorists. In 1972, the PFLP ordered Carlos to kill a respected member of the Jewish community in London, Edward Sieff the president of Marks & Spencer. In December 1973 Carlos went to Sieffs house and shot him, luckily not fatally. Carlos had preceded this by a hand grenade attack on the London headquarters of an Israeli bank and a car bomb in Paris in 1972, which injured 63 people. His international reputation was born. In 1976 he was involved in a skyjacking of an Air France jet to Uganda that lead to the famous raid on Entebbe by Israeli Special Forces

1994(7th of Elul, 5754):  Hamas took credit for the murder of 18 year old Ron Saval today in an ambush near the Kissufim Junction.

1994(7th of Elul, 5754):  Eighty-nine year old Elias Canetti, a novelist, playwright and cultural historian who won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1981, passed away today (As reported by William Grimes)

1996(29th of Av, 5756): Eighty-eight  year old Albert Neuberger, the German born physician who was a Professor of Chemical Pathology and a Fellow of the Royal Society, passed away.

1998: “Slums of Beverly Hills” a comedy about “a teenage girl struggling to grow up in the late 1970s in a lower-middle-class nomadic Jewish family that moves every few months” directed and written by Tamara Jenkins, co-starring Natasha Lyonne Alan Arkin and Carl Reiner and featuring David Krumholtz and Carl Reiner was released today in the United States by Fox Searchlight Pictures.

1999(2nd of Elul, 5759):  Phillip Klutznick, U.S. Secretary of Commerce under President Carter, passed away

2002: “In an….interview with American Journalist Amy Goodman Shulamit Aloni described how she believes the charge of antisemitism is used to suppress criticism of Israel.”

2002(6th of Elul, 5762): Seventy-eight year old artist Larry Rivers (Yitzroch Loiza Grossberg) passed away today.

2002: Argentine pianist “Alberto Portugheis was the only Europe-based pianist to play in the concert "Homage to V Scaramuzza" at the Colon Theatre” today.

2003(16th of Av, 5763): Moshe Carmel “an Israeli soldier and politician who served as Minister of Transportation for eight years” passed away today.

2005(9th of Av, 5765): Tish'a B'Av:

2005: “The evacuation of Neve Dekalim” an Israeli settlement in Gaza was completed today as part of the unilateral disengagement plan that was supposed to put an end to violence in the Gaza Strip.

2005: Members of the Ukrainian Conservative party demanded that Jews be prevented from teaching the Tanya in Jewish schools and synagogues. While Ukrainian officials denied any anti-Semitic intentions, others saw a link between this policy and those being...

2005:  The Jerusalem Post reported that “members of the Ukrainian Conservative Party and several far right-wing editors demanded that Jews be prevented from teaching the Tanya in Jewish schools and synagogues.”  While Ukrainian officials at the embassy in Tel Aviv offered assurances that their government was opposed to any anti-Semitic behaviors, others saw a similarity between these demands and those being made in other republics of the former Soviet Union.

2005:  The Cedar Rapids Gazette reported that the Library of American will publish an eight volume collection Phillip Roth’s novels and stories beginning later this summer.  Roth joins Saul Bellow and Eudora Welty as the only American to have their complete works preserved by the Library of America during their lifetimes. 

2005: The Sunday New York Timesbook section included a review of <u>The Last Expedition: Stanley’s Mad Journey Through the Congo</u> by Daniel Liebowitz and Charles Pearson which describes the quest to find Emin Pasha who was a Silesian born Jew named Isaak Eduard Schnitzer <u></u>

2006: A U.N. sponsored cease fire takes place along the border between Israel and Lebanon marking an end to five weeks of fighting.

2006: Kohenet’s first Hebrew Priestess Training Institute began today, at the Elat Chayyim Retreat Center in Accord, NY

2006: A Polish humanitarian organization is working to provide humanitarian assistance to hard-hit residents of northern Israel. The non-governmental Polish Humanitarian Organization will ask the Polish government as well as private donors for about NIS 1 million in aid for residents in the north for two projects, in addition to separate funding for Lebanese civilians, said Janina Ochojska, the group's founder and president. "If you really are a humanitarian organization you have to work for the victims of both sides, and not only be supporting one side," Ochojska said, in veiled criticism of the major international humanitarian organizations that have focused their work on the Lebanese civilians who have fled their homes during the war. She noted that while all the big humanitarian NGO's could be found working with Lebanese refugees, she was astonished to hear that hers was the first international humanitarian organization to have visited Israeli communities that have been pounded by 4,000 Katyusha rockets over the last month.  She added that her organization will seek UN and EU funding for the humanitarian aid projects in Israel. "These people may not be in refugee camps, but they are in shelters and some of them have lost their houses as well," she said. The Polish organization, which was established in 1992, has provided humanitarian assistance to 23 countries, including most recently to those hit by the tsunami in southeast Asia. This project is the first time they are working in Israel, although future projects dealing with water in both Israel and the Palestinian territories are also being planned. The initiative comes as the central Polish city of Lodz is hosting a group of 15 youngsters from northern Israel for a two-week all-expenses-paid vacation in Poland to give them a respite from the war in the North.  All of this comes sixty years after the infamous pogrom at Kielice, Poland which took place in July,1946, over a year after the end of World War II.2006: It was reported today that Randy Lerner had agreed to purchase the Ashton Villa football club for £62.6 million

2006: Cease fire goes into effect intended to end the “war” between Israel and Hezbollah in Lebanon.

2006: A month “after a Hezbollah Katyusha rocket hit a train depot killing eight Israel Railways workers service was restored today to the KIryat Motzkin Railway Station, “an Israel Railways passenger station serving the city of Kiryat Motzkin and the surrounding Kerayot region.”

2007: Haaretz reported that fifty-nine years after they were killed in the War of Independence near the Arab village of Tel Arish, the Israel Defense Forces has identified the bodies of five fighters. The men were soldiers in Battalion 52 of the Givati Brigade, and have been identified as First Lieutenant Yehiel Rosenfeld, Private David Kohavi, Private Itzhak Hamami, Private Yehoshua Lustig and a fifth soldier. The remains of the soldiers, who up until now were considered missing, were identified in unmarked graves in the Nahalat Itzhak cemetery. Their families have been notified. The mission to locate the bodies has gone on for approximately ten years. Nine months ago, the graves of the five were dug up, and samples from the bodies were sent to a laboratory in the United States, where DNAfrom the bones was compared to samples from family members. The decision to dig up the graves was made after lengthy debates between the Chief Rabbinate and the IDF unit that searches for missing people. During the debates, it was determined "beyond reasonable doubt" that the IDF knew the identities of the missing soldiers. The breakthrough was made thanks to the possibility of carrying out the tests in the United States, using technology unavailable in Israel. "These were nine months of taut nerves, during which consistent contacts were maintained with the families," said a source from the IDF unit carrying out the searches. The five soldiers fell during a battle over "Pillbox Hill" near the Arab village of Tel Arish, near Holon. The battle was fought to gain free access between Jerusalem and Jaffa. The remains of Corporal Amos Danieli and Private Itzhak Kandler, also of Batallion 52, are still missing. The remains of a total of 109 fallen soldiers are currently missing, and the fates of ten soldiers are unknown.

2007: Rosh Chodesh Elul, 5767

2008: In Becket, MA, Gallim Dance appears at the Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival. “Prior to founding Gallim Dance, artistic director Andrea Miller danced with master choreographer Ohad Naharin’s Batsheva, in Tel Aviv. Now, Miller presents her own explosive movement vocabulary, which hangs somewhere between elegance and insanity, in this smart, powerful program.”

2008(13th of Av, 5768):Marvin Pomerantz, 78, a friend and adviser of Republican governors and presidents for four decades who twice served as president of the Iowa Board of Regents, passed away today in Iowa City.



2009: In New York, opening performance of “Peace Warrior” by Israeli Professor Doron Ben-Atar of Fordham University. a historian of the early American republic and a playwright.

2009: In New York, Rooftop Films presents a screening of “Bloomfield or a Childhood Memory" by Eran Barak.

2009: Willy Ronis celebrates his 99th birthday. “The sole survivor of a generation of famous French photographers that included Henri Cartier-Bresson and Robert Doisneau, Ronis has become a media darling. Yet, this son of a Ukrainian-Jewish portrait photographer father and a Lithuanian-Jewish pianist mother, both of whom fled pogroms to settle in Paris, still remains a belatedly recognized outsider. Ronis’s religious mother made sure her son had a Jewish education (Willy was bar mitzvahed at Paris’s venerable Grande Synagogue on the Rue de la Victoire, familiarly known as the Rothschild-Schule). Ronis, however, remained an nonbeliever like his agnostic father, reserving his real devotion for the labor movement. Outraged to see his father working himself to an early death, the young Willy, despite years of studying to be a violinist and composer (the latter studies were with the noted French-Jewish musician André Bloch), became his ailing father’s assistant. An unrelenting diet of tediously static identity photos and posed marriage snapshots spurred Ronis to redefine photography for himself as something essentially dynamic, capturing movement on the spur of the moment with crackling energy. Soon after his father’s death in 1936, Ronis created some of his most celebrated images, like “Front Populaire, 14 Juillet 1936” (“The Popular Front,” July 14, 1936), which immortalized the revelry of humble Parisians after the election of Léon Blum, the first Socialist — and first Jewish — premier of France. A moderate left-winger, Blum resolved to augment workers’ rights, and despite many attacks, such as one by a right-wing National Assembly deputy who termed Blum a “cunning Talmudist,” the newly elected Socialist was widely seen widely as a symbol of hope (short-lived, as it turned out). Ronis’s immediate empathy with workers was translated into photos marked with seemingly unplanned architectural symmetry (which Ronis himself has likened to Bach’s counterpoint), especially when compared to the relatively cold formalism of Cartier-Bresson, or the sometimes sentimental, staged images of Doisneau. Armed with a secondhand Rolleiflex, Ronis captured vivid, strikingly natural-seeming images like “Rose Zehner, Grève aux Usines Javel-Citroën, 1938” (“Rose Zehner, Strike at the Javel-Citroën Factory, 1938”), showing a powerful female labor organizer haranguing fellow workers with theatrical zest. Depicting hefty French laborers as moving with the grace of professional dancers became a Ronis specialty. His subject, Rose Zehner, soon became a Resistance fighter. Zehner would be reunited with Ronis decades later in a 1982 feature-length documentary film, “Un Voyage de Rose” (“Rose’s Voyage”), in which both photographer and subject reminisced about their left-wing friends of long ago. These included French-Jewish cinematographer and union activist Henri Alekan and popular singer Francis Lemarque (born Nathan Korb of Lithuanian-Polish Jewish origin). More pertinent to Ronis’s growing aesthetic mastery was his collegial friendships with fellow photographers like Izis (born Israëlis Bidermanas in Lithuania), David “Chim” Seymour (born David Szymin in Warsaw) and Robert Capa (born Endre Ernö Friedmann in Budapest). The steady rise of European fascism made Ronis feel especially close to these émigré friends and colleagues. Already feeling excluded as a boy, due to schoolyard antisemitic jokes, Ronis was not inclined to try to live under the German occupation overoptimistically, as many French Jews did at first. As Ronis recently told a Radio France Internationale interviewer with typical lapidary concision, “I didn’t want to wear a yellow star.” So he fled to the South of France with false papers (his mother, who refused to leave Paris, managed to survive the occupation, shielded by friends and neighbors). After the war, when Ronis returned to Paris with the woman who would become his wife, he quickly realized that many of his Jewish relatives, friends and neighbors had not been as fortunate. An atypically tragic aura invades some of Ronis’s postwar photos, like those taken at a 1949 commemoration held at Oradour-sur-Glane in west central France, the site of a Nazi massacre where almost an entire village, including women and children, was burned alive. Ronis’s images taken during the commemoration ceremony show visitors (especially children) reacting to the site with somber reverence. As if in a subliminal search for other survivors, Ronis soon became a visual poet of Belleville, then, as now, a lower-class Parisian neighborhood with a historic population of Jewish residents. As Karen Adler’s perceptive “Jews and Gender in Liberation France” (Cambridge University Press, 2006) notes, Ronis “humanized Belleville’s poverty and architectural decline” after World War II. Essential to his capturing of these lines and forms is that for a while after the war, cars were still very scarce, until eventually they returned in force to Paris, suffocating the city. Away from Paris the same year, Ronis took what remains his most loved photo, “Le Nu Provençal: Gordes, 1949” (“Nude in Provence, Gordes, 1949”), a celebration of sensuality that shows his wife at a wash basin in a village bedroom in Southern France. Despite such exultant imagery, to some observers Ronis retains a sense of dislocation and apartness that is integral to his artistry. His friend and fellow photographer Brassaï dedicated his volume of “Conversations With Picasso” “to Willy Ronis, the distant one.” Amid all the merited hoopla, it is worth recalling that this photographer’s sheer survival has an element of the escape artist to it, a sleight of hand that perhaps can never be fully analyzed or understood. Having retired from photography almost a decade ago because of arthritis, and having survived his wife as well as their son, Vincent, Ronis now lives in a humble two-room flat in Belleville. He emerges for public appearances and patiently receives visitors eager to interview and photograph him, sometimes with frankly odd results. Despite what seems like friendly forbearing toward young shutterbugs, Ronis recently confessed to the French daily Le Monde: “I have little esteem for machine-gun [photographers]. It may be a severe notion of my trade, but I believe an image must be deserved before it can be taken.” Ronis has deserved, and taken, some of the memorable images of his century.”

2009(24th of Av, 5769): Erev Shabbat, Leonard Arik Karp, 59, was accosted and murdered by a gang of youths while walking with his wife and daughter along the Tel Aviv beachfront tonight.

2009: The City of Pittsburgh designated today as “Evelyn Kozak Day” which coincide with her 110th birthday.

2010: The 35th Hutzot Hayotzer International Craft Fair is scheduled to come to an end.

2010(4th of Elul, 5770): Eighty-eight year old Moshe “Misha” Lewin, Polish born Holocaust surviror and noted Russian history professor passed away today.



2010: The Daily Mail rates Isaac Rosenberg as one of the ten greatest British poets.

2011: The headstone unveiling for Rose Becker is scheduled to take place today at Eben Israel Cemetery

2011: The 31st IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy is scheduled to open today in Washington hosted by the Jewish Genealogy Society of Greater Washington.

2011:  The JCC Maccabi Games are scheduled to open in Philadelphia, PA and Springfield, Mass.

2011: The New York Timesfeatured reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or of special interest to Jewish readers including <u>My Faraway One: Selected Letters of Georgia O’Keeffe and Alfred Stieglitz: Volume I, 1915-1933</u> edited by Sarah Greenough and recently released paperback editions of <u>Dreyfus: Politics, Emotion, and the Scandal of the Century</u>, by Ruth Harris, <u>Where I Live: New and Selected Poems 1990-2010</u> by Maxine Kumin and <u>The Cookbook Collector</u> by Allegra Goodman.

2011:Twenty high-school teachers brought to Israel by the UK-based Holocaust Education Trust will complete a 10-day education training seminar at the International School for Holocaust Studies at Yad Vashem..(As reported by Jerusalem Post)

2011:Israeli NBA star Omri Casspi is returning to Maccabi Tel Aviv, David Federman, one of the club's owners said in an interview with Army Radio today. According to Federman, the majority of Casspi's contract has been negotiated and he will be joining Maccabi for the upcoming season, granted the NBA labor dispute continues and the 2011-2012 NBA season is delayed or canceled all together as many suspect. (As reported by Jerusalem Post)

2011: Egypt, in coordination with Israel, has deployed its military in the northern Sinai Peninsula in order to gain control over the anarchy that has taken hold of the region, a senior Israeli defense official said  today.

2011(14th of Av, 5771): Seventy-seven year old transplant expert Dr. Fritz Bach passed away. (As reported by Douglas Martin)


2012: The Eyal Vilner Big Band, led by Tel Aviv native Eyal Vilner, is scheduled to perform at the Garage Restaurant in NYC.

2012: Sacramento city leaders are scheduled to vote on a resolution making Ashkelon its 10th sister city (As reported by Ari Ben Goldberg)

2012: The price of a price-controlled loaf of will bread is scheduled to rise by 6.53% today. “The price of standard 750-gram loafs of dark or white bread will rise to NIS 5.24; a 500-gram challah will increase to NIS 5.72; a 750-gram loaf of sliced and packaged dark bread will cost NIS 7.87; and a 500-gram loaf of sliced and packaged white bread will cost NIS 6.99.”(As reported by Jerusalem Post)

2012: Funeral services for Zev Wolfson are scheduled to be at Sh’or Yoshuv Institute followed by interment at Wellwood Cemetery in Farmingdale, NY.

2012:European rabbis said today that they were lobbying Apple Inc. to pull a mobile app version of “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” a notorious anti-Semitic forgery

2012: Some 350 new immigrants from North America — including five sets of twins and two sets of triplets — were welcomed personally by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at Ben Gurion Airport this morning. “I’m proud of you,” the prime minister told the group. “We’re all proud of you. Friends of Israel, Jewish and non-Jewish alike, are all proud of you.”

2013: Noam Kat, the Minister for Public Diplomacy at the Embassy of Israel is scheduled to provide a briefing on The Middle East Process.

2013: Israeli jazz guitarist Assaf Kehati and his trio are scheduled to perform at the Bar Next Door in New York City.

2013: Today, Kevin “Pillar was called up to the Blue Jays for the first time in his career.”

2013: The inauguration of Rabbi David Lau “took place today at the official residence of the President of Israel.”

2013: The IDF launched an airstrike on Gaza early this morning in response to rockets fired into southern Israel from the territory, the army said in a statement.

2013: Twenty six convicted Palestinian terrorists were freed by Israel, and welcomed home to the West Bank and Gaza, as part of the US-brokered deal that enabled the resumption of peace talks. (As reported by Asher Zeiger and Michal Shmulovich)

<u>2014: The 92nd Street Y is scheduled to host “Jewish Italy: Food Culture and Travel” during which attendees can “discover Italy’s cucina ebraica (“Hebrew kitchen”) and desserts like sour cherry cheesecake from Rome’s famed Forno del Ghetto.”</u>

<u>2014: “The owners of 21 grocery store branches and kiosks” are scheduled to attend court session in Tel Aviv this morning “where they are expected to be ordered to close on Saturday.” (As reported by Niv Elis)</u>

2014:” The State Department confirmed today that weapons shipments to Israel would be undergoing additional review due to the war in Gaza, but denied reports that the Pentagon had engaged in weapons transfers to Israel behind the back of the White House and State Department.” (As reported by Rebecca Shimoni Stoil)

2014: “The Simon Wiesenthal center requested that a small hamlet south of Paris known as La-Mort-aux Juifs—‘Death to the Jews’—since the 11th century change its name.” (As reported by Stephanie Butnick)

2014: “Today, the South African Jewish Board of Deputies (SAJBD) initiated both criminal and civil charges against Tony Ehrenreich, provincial secretary of the Western Cape branch of the Congress of South African Trade Unions, for hate speech and incitement to violence against the Jewish community’s leadership” when he wrote “The time has come to say very clearly that if a woman or child is killed in Gaza, then the Jewish board of deputies, who are complicit, will feel the wrath of the People of SA with the age old biblical teaching of an eye for an eye,” he wrote. “The time has come for the conflict to be waged everywhere the Zionist supporters fund and condone the war killing machine of Israel.”

2014(18th of Av, 5774): Eighty-year old Leonard J. Fein the Jewish man of letters who founded and edited Moment Magazine and who was the brother of Rashi Fein passed away today.

2015: In “Sabbath” published today, Oliver Sacks examines the big questions of life using the Jewish day of rest as his point of reference.

2015: Shira Garielov, the Israeli musician who “was kicked off American Idol” and is working on “her second LP for the Israeli market” is scheduled to perform at Arlene’s Grocery.”

2015: After premiering at the Sundance Film Festival in January, “Mistress America” a comedy directed, produced and written by Noah Baumbach was released in the United States today.

2015: After premiering at the Washington Jewish Film Festival in February, “Rosenwald a documentary film directed by Aviva Kempner about the career of American businessman and philanthropist Julius Rosenwald was released in the United States today.

2015: The Secure Community Network issued an alert today warning that Hamza bin Laden, who has ambitions to lead al-Qaeda, the terrorist organization founded by his father, posted an audio message calling “for the targeting of Jewish American interests globally.”

2015: Prime Minister “Netanyahu announced the appointment” Danny Danon who in 2013 “asserted that his Likud Party’ was “staunchly opposed to a two state solution” “as Israel’s next Ambassador to the United Nations.” (As reported by David Horovitz)

2015: An exhibition featuring the work of Haifa born artist Guy Yanai is scheduled to come to an end today.

2016: The New York Times featured reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or of special interest to Jewish readers including <u>American Heiress: The Wild Sage of the Kidnapping, Crimes and Trial of Patty Hearst</u> by Jeffrey Toobin and <u>Cousin Joseph: A Graphic Novel</u> written and illustrated by Jules Feiffer.

2016: the UKJF is scheduled to sponsor a screening of “Bulgarian Rhapsody” – Bulgaria’s official submission to the 2015 Academy Awards.

2016: “Shadows From My Past” is scheduled to be shown today as part of the Tisha B’av Film Series.

2016(10thof Av, 5776): Fast of Tisha B’Av observed since the 9th of Av fell on Shabbat.

2016(10thof Av, 5776): Ninety-three year old Obie award winning actor Fyvush Finkel passed away today. (As reported by Joseph Berger)

2017: “The Police National Fraud Unit today detained Israeli diamond mogul Beny Steinmetz and four others for questioning in a money-laundering investigation involving real estate deals abroad, police said in a statement.” (As reported by Stuart Winer)

2017(22ndof Av, 5777): Ninety-seven year old St. John Law School grad Milton Mollen, the navigator who spent part of WW II in a Nazi POW camp and who was the leader of the corruption fighting Mollen Commission passed away today. (As reported by Joseph P. Fried)

2017:  In New Orleans, Kenneth Hoffman is scheduled to his new position today as the executive director of the Museum of the Southern Jewish Experience.

2017: “The Legacy of the Hebrew Orphans’ Home” an exhibition that “highlights the oldest Georgia-based Jewish non-profit from inception to present through photography and stories” is scheduled to open today at the Breman Museum

2017: Israeli singer and actress Miri Mesika is scheduled to host Yehuda Poliker at the Jerusalem Arts and Crafts Fair today.

2018: In London, JW3 is scheduled to host a screening of “Through Lotte’s Lens” a documentary that tells the extraordinary story of the ‘Hitler Émigrés’, the refugees – mainly Jewish who escaped the Nazi regime in the 1930s and found refuge in the UK.”

2018: “The Israeli rock band ‘Tattoo’ is scheduled to open tonight’s performance by “English song-writer and singer Marc Almond” at the Caesarea Amphitheatre in the Israeli seaside resort city that dates back to Roman times.





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This Day, August 13, In Jewish History by Mitchell A. Levin

01:43 AM Monday, August 13, 2018   by melamed&amp;amp;mavin

August 13

236: The body of Hippolytus, the author of Contra Judaeous, which blamed the harsh conditions of the Jews on their rejection of Jesus was buried in a cemetery on the Via Tiburtina

339: The Roman Emperor “issued a decree forbidding intermarriage between Jews and Christians with transgressors to be punished by death.” (As reported by Austin Cline)

339: The Roman Emperor “issued a decree imposing the death penalty on Jews who circumcise non-Jewish slaves.” (As reported by Austin Cline)

339: The Roman Emperor issued a decree imposing the death penalty on any Jews who hired women weavers that had been “in imperial service.” (As reported by Austin Cline)

985: Birthdate of the Fatimid caliph Al-Hakim who “ordered…Jews to wear wooden calves around their necks.”

1099: Following a ceremonial that had been instituted by Emperor Otto III, the Jews of Rome “were obliged to attend the entry into” Rome of Paschal II whose papacy began today “singing laudatory hymns.

1311: Birthdate of King Alfonso XI of Castile. During his reign, in 1348, Alfonso issued decrees prohibiting Jews from charging interest when lending money and prohibiting them from collecting unpaid debts.  (The same rules applied to Moslems, but not Christians.) At the same time, Jews were still allowed to own land during his reign.

1315: Louis X of France marries Clemence d'Anjou. In 1315, Louis X also overturned the decree of his predecessor that allowed the Jews to return to France, and accorded them a charter "in answer to the demands of the people."

1391: In Spain, anti-Semitic mobs attacked the Jews of Lerida, reportedly killing 75. Other Jews were forcibly baptized and were forced to see their synagogue turned into a church. 

1453: Seventeen Jews were burned at the stake in Silesia (now Poland and/or Czech Republic).

1516: The Treaty of Noyon between France and Spain is signed. Francis recognized Charles's claim to Naples, and Charles recognized Francis's claim to Milan. Twice, Charles would issue edicts expelling the Jews from Naples.  The second one, issued in 1533, would take effect despite Jewish attempts to dissuade him. 

1550: “The Jewish community of Salonica,” the Greek city that was at this time part of the Ottoman Empire, “invited the Jews of Provence” who were being expelled from France to settle in their community. (As reported by Abraham P. Bloch)

1551: Jews of Great Poland were granted limited self-government.

1599: In Basel, “Protestant Christian Hebraist” Johannes Buxtorf and his wife gave birth to their son “Johannes Buxtorf the Younger” who completed and edited several of his father’s works on Hebrew or related to Judaism as well as creating works of his own including a Latin translation of the writings of Maimonides. 

1620(4th of Av): Rabbi Menachem Azariah da Fano (Rama), author of Alfasi Zuta, passed away

1624: In France Cardinal Richelieu was named first chief minister of finance by King Louis XIII.  The Cardinal gave new meaning and depth to the term “power behind the throne.”  Many historians contend that any decree issued by King Louis XIII was really the work of Richelieu. This would include a decree issued in 1632 after the French had taken the fortress city of Metz that allowed the Jews to remain in the city.  The decree was necessitated by the fact that the King had issued a decree in 1615 banning all Jews from living in France.  This decree is an oddity in its in own right since when it was issued Jews were supposedly not living in the Gallic realm to start with.

1713: Birthdate of David Franco Mendes, the native of Amsterdam, a successful businessman who used his leisure time to write poetry, study Talmud and play a prominent role in the Spanish-Portuguese community.

1793: In Stamford Hill, UK, Benjamin Goldsmid and Jessy Salomons gave birth to Albert Goldsmid.

1804: Birthdate of Israel Franklin Moses the native of Charleston, South Carolina who became known as Franklin J. Moses, Sr. – prominent planter, politician and jurist.

1816: Birthdate of German jurist and office holder Rudolf von Geneist who courageously helped to found the Association for the Defense against Anti-Semitism “a non-Jewish organization” also known as The Union for Combating Anti-Semitism.

1817: In Frankfurt am Main Malchen Schloss and David Philipp Schloss gave birth to Jenny Schloss

1823: Birthdate of British born historian Goldwin Smith, “a pathological anti-Semite” who spent his last years in Canada.

1824: Nota ben Solomon married Reizecha bat Moses Israel at the Western Synagogue.

1829: One day after she had passed away, Shifra bat Joel, the wife of Jacob ben Moses was buried at the Brady Street Jewish Cemetery.

1831: Birthdate of composer and pianist Salomon Jadassohn whose musical accomplishments are overshadowed by the fact that unlike other German Jews he did not convert even though his being Jewish kept him from many “church jobs such as directors or organists” which went to Christians instead.

1833: Eighty-nine year old Simon Solomon Wilks, the husband of Elizabeth Wilks with whom he had seven children – “Abraham Philip, Israel, Leah, Sara, Mary and Elisha” – was buried today at the Brady Street Jewish Cemetery.

1837(12 of Av, 5597): Aryeh Löb ben Joseph Katzenellenbogen: who followed in the footsteps of his grandfather and father by serving as a rabbi at Brest-Litovsk a city that would become infamous in the 20th century as the site of the humiliating peace treaty that the Germans forced on the Russians during WW I passed away today.

1846: Birthdate of Sir Otto Jaffe, the Hamburg native who became a successful British businessman and Lord May of Belfast.

1847(30th of Av, 5634): Rosh Chodesh Elul

1851: In England, Cigar Maker Samuel (Isaac) Henry Gluckstein and Hannah Coenraad Gluckstein who had gotten married at the Great Synagogue on Saint James’ Place in 1845 gave birth to their fifth child Isidore Gluckstein.

1851: Birthdate of Felix Adler. Born in Germany, Adler’s family moved to the United States when he was five.  His father, Rabbi Samuel Adler, was head of Temple Emanu-el, the leading Reform Congregation in New York City.  In 1873, Adler became professor of Hebrew and Oriental Literature at Cornell University.  In that same year he delivered a major address at his father’s congregation entitled “the Judaism of the Future.”  He proposed ridding Judaism of its superstitious traditions in order to better focus on the ethics that he felt were central to any human community.  The congregation was receptive to his emphasis on ethics but was loathe to cast aside 3000 years of religious tradition.  Adler soon found himself beyond the pale.  In 1876, he founded the New York Ethical Cultural Society.  He remained a champion of the Ethical Cultural Movement until his death in 1933.

1860:In response to a public call, signed by a number of influential citizens, a meeting was held at the Tract-Society House today afternoon, to consider the subject of the Christian massacre in Syria, and to adopt measures for rendering assistance to the sufferers. About twenty persons were present, among them some of our most prominent clergymen.  During the meeting it was noted that meetings for the same purpose were being held in England and France by Jews as well as Christians.

1861: Philadelphian Joseph Lewenberg began serving with Company I of the 23rdRegiment.

1861: Birthdate of Dr. Marcus Jastrow, Jr., the Warsaw native who moved to Philadelphia with his father, the famed Talmudist Marcus Jastrow and became a noted Orientalist.

1862: Philadelphians, Emanuel Lehman, Jacob Lehman, Eli Arnold, Charles Lillienstein and Daniel S. Myers began a nine month hitch with the 127thRegiment.

1862: During the Civil War, Aaron Miller began serving with Company F of the 129thRegiment today.

1862: During the Civil War, William Lazarus who would be killed during the Battle of Antietam began serving with Company E of the 132nd Regiment.

1862: Henry Bear began serving with Company H. of the 133rd Regiment today.

1862: The Keystone Battery, a Pennsylvania Light Artillery Regiment in which Leon da Silva Solis-Cohen served until just before the Battle of Gettysburg was organized today in Philadelphia.

1865: Morris Sontheimer completed four years of service with Company K of the 108thRegiment of the Eleventh Calvary.

1865(21stof Av, 5625): Fifty year old Bavarian native Henry Bendel, the son of Abraham and Pessle Bendle who married Mary Anker Bendel with whom he had 8 children passed away today in Albany, NY.

1866(2ndof Elul, 5626): Forty year old Lithuanian born Hebrew scholar Wolf Adelsohn whose students included grammarian Ḥayyim Ẓebi Lerner passed away today in Odessa.



1867: Birthdate of Arthur Eichengrün, the German-Jewish chemist who holds 47 patents but is best known for his claim to really have been the inventor of Aspirin.

1867: Birthdate of Dr. Lee K. Frankel, the Philadelphia native who gained fame for his work with various Jewish philanthropies.

1867: Birthdate of Dr. Charles Foster Kent, the American Biblical scholar who dozens of works on ancient Israel including <u>Outlines Of Hebrew Histor</u>y<u>, A History of the Hebrew People</u> (2 volumes) and A History of the <u>Jewish People during the Babylonian, Persian and Greek Periods.</u>

1871:The Grand Lodge of the Ancient Jewish Order of Kesher Shel Barzel  held their annual banquet this evening at the corner of Seventh Avenue and 14th Street in New York City. The lodge has 4,000 members. The dinner was attended by 110 members including thirty delegates from  various parts of the United States.

1871: In Chicago, Rabbi Elkan Herzman was physically forced to leave his synagogue on Fifth Avenue. Some of the congregants had complained because Herzman had violated Jewish law by eating ice cream on a day when he should have been fasting.  When Herzman arrived at the synagogue he found another rabbi in his usual place.  Following the altercation, Herzman complained to the police who said that there was nothing they could do about.  Herzman has threatened further political action.  (I have not been able to find any further reference to this Rabbi or a synagogue on Fifth Avenue, so if you have, please let me know.)

1871: “Berton Gotthemier” the husband of the former “Julia Zachariah” with whom he had two children – “Lavinia and Maurice” – was buried today at the Balls Pond Road Jewish Cemetery.

1872: Birthdate of German born chemist, Richard Willstätter.  Willstatter won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1915 for his study of the structure of chlorophyll and other plant pigments.  He resigned his position on the faculty at a university in Munichover the issue of anti-Semitism. After Hitler’s rise to power, he fled to Switzerlandwhere he died in 1942. 

1872: Birthdate of Jacob de Haas, an English journalist who was one of Herzl’s earliest supporters. After Herzl’s death, de Haas became a lead of the Zionist movement in Israel.

1874(30thof Av, 5634): Rosh Chodesh Elul

1874: It was reported today that George Walling, the Superintendent of the New York Police Department had written to Henry Honscheidt, the Sheriff of McLean County, Illinois, telling him that in his opinion the man who had confessed to the Sheriff that he had killed Benjamin Nathan was “either  insane or an imposter.”

1875: Birthdate of Arthur Yitzhak Biram, Israeli philosopher, philologist, and educator, who died on the first day of the Six Days War.

1877: Midhat Pasha, the head of the “Young Turkey” Party is in Vienna where he hopes to negotiate a treaty with Austria and England that will protect the Ottoman Empire and avoid a Holy War. Pasha is the son of a Bulgarian Jew who converted to Islam to enhance his commercial opportunities in the lands of the Sultan.

1876: The Anglo-Jewish Association’s description of a Jewish community living in India was published today. According to the reported the community is known as the Beni-Israel (Children of Israel) and has been in existence for a thousand years.  They dress like Hindus and speak the Hindu language.   While they know little Hebrew, they follow the Levitical Code and strictly observe the Sabbath. They are separate from other Jewish communities in the subcontinent.

1878: Birthdate of Arthur Yitzhak Biram, the native of Saxony who earned a Ph.D. at the University of Leipzig and completed training as a rabbi before emigrating to Ottoman Palestine in 1913 where his academic accomplishments to him being awarded the Israel Prize for education in 1954.

1881: It was reported today that the government is taking “strong measures” to suppress the anti-Semitic riots in Pomerania including the arrest of 21 rioters at Koslin.

1881: “Comical German Names” published today includes a commentary on the names used by German Jews who were “not more than a century ago, forlorn of family names.”  “He was either known by a ‘front name,’ supplemented by that of his father as in ‘Aaron ben David’ or ‘Solomon ben Israel’ or by some nickname owing its origin to the nature of his occupation or perhaps to a conspicuous physical peculiarity.” Apparently this method of nomenclature made it difficult for the taxman to make his collections so a law was passed requiring Jews to choose a surname, use for the entire lifetime and “transmit it by legal act of registration to his children.”

1882: “Mr. Jenkins’s New Book” published today provides a review of A Paladin of Finance by Edward Jenkins in which the Member of Parliament creates a work of fiction based on the financial crash in France in which “he insists., the Jews rule the finances of the world and there wield all the power.”

1883: The New York Times published a letter to the editor from Raphael Lewin in which the author disputes the account of the Damascus Libel of 1840 published in the Times on August 6 describing it as being slanted and anti-Jewish.

1884: The Board of Governors of the Hebrew Union College re-elected Bernhard Bettmann as President.  Rabbi Henry Berkowitz of Mobile, Alabama and Rabbi Max Landsberg of Rochester, NY, were chosen to serve as new members on the board.

1884: It was reported today that Russian Jew on his way to his brother’s wedding in Paris was detained for 4 days by authorities because he did not understand French and could not answer their questions.  While in custody, a rope was kept around his neck; he was handcuffed and knocked about by those holding him.  When the mayor heard of the incident he called for an investigation

1884: It was reported today that Mrs. Morris Cohn, the daughter of Michael Englemann (the Salt King of Manistee, Michigan) has gone left her husband and returned after his arrest on charges of numerous counts of forgery.  Cohn, a prominent Jewish businessman had spent the $50.000 wedding gift from Englemann and turned to criminal activity to support their lifestyle.

1886: It was reported today that numerous homes of Jews living in Kiev have been destroyed during anti-Jewish riots in the Russian province.

1887: It was reported today that Israel Lipski’s solicitor has new facts that will prove that he did kill Miriam Angel, the woman he was convicted of killing.  Lipski’s lawyer has met privately with Judge Stephen convinced him of his client’s innocence.

1887: Israel Lipski’s solicitor, who has prepared a pamphlet reviewing the case against Israel Lipski containing “sundry points that could not brought into trial” met privately with Judge Stephen, who tried the case and is said “to have been convinced that there was grave doubt of Lipski’s guilt.”

1887: Henry Mathews, the Home Secretary who has refused to interfere in the case of Israel Lipski who has been sentenced to hang for murdering Miriam Angel “took the prompt step of announcing to the press late” tonight “that “Lipski would certainly be hanged” as scheduled.

1889: It was reported today that Theodore Cohn, the young man who stole $610 from A.H. & King is in the Tombs awaiting trial on a charge of grand larceny.

1890: The expenses of today’s excursion sponsored by the Sanitarium for Hebrew Children will be paid in full by an anonymous female donor who has been paying for one such excursion for each of the last seven years.

1890: In London, “the meeting at the Mansion House to protest against” Russian persecution has been postponed following reassurance by the Lord Mayor offers reassurances that there is no reason to believe that the Czar’s government will enforce the edicts of 1882.

1890: Godfrey Taubenaus has been selected to serve as Rabbi of Mount Sinai Temple on East 72nd Street.

1891: The Russian government prohibited the collection of funds or the publication of appeals for financial assistance to Jewish immigrants today

1892: “A Chicken Too Much for the Police” published today described the uproar at police stations throughout New York caused by Davis Rubenstein bringing a decayed chicken  to each police station in his attempt to have action taken against Berman’s Butcher Shop which is “selling impure food.” The foul fowl was turned over the Sanitary Bureau to use in its investigation.

1893(1st of Elul, 5653): Rosh Chodesh Elul

1893: “Parties in Austria” published today described the political divisions in the polyglot central European kingdom that include “anti-Semites, who conscientiously hold that hell is not hot enough for the Jews, whose torments ought, in strict justice, to begin in this life and be continued in the next.”

1893: Birthdate of Monnet Bain Davis who served as U.S. Ambassador to Israel from 1951 through 1953>

1895: According to Charles Bernstein, the settlement committee of the striking tailors, most of whom were Jewish, will meet for the last time tonight.

1895: American opera singer Francesca Halle and Joseph Gluckstein who with his brothers Isidore and Montague founded J. Lyons and Co. gave birth to Hannah Gluckstein the British painter known simply as Gluck who also the brother of Sir. Louis Gluckstein.

1896: Herzl meets with the Turkish ambassador, Mahmud Nedim Bey, in Vienna.

1896:  Since American commanders did not know that an armistice had been signed yesterday they proceeded to capture the Philippine city of Manila, the climactic moment in the Battle of Manila.  Sergeant Maurice Justh of the First California Volunteers, a regiment with 100 Jewish members, was the first soldier “to fall in the attack on Manilla.”

1898: “Hebrew Charities Building” published today described “the new Hebrew Charities Building, just now rising above the ground level on the corner of Second Avenue and Twenty-first Street” next to the Post Graduate Hospital.

1898: An entry in a Swiss hotel log showed that Freud stayed at the hostelry possibly with “a woman who was not his wife” and may have been his sister-in-law Minna Bernays.

1899: As tensions rise in France during the re-trial of Captain Dreyfus, Paul Deroulede, the poet who is also a member of the Chamber of Deputies and 23 of his allies were arrested today.  (The Dreyfus affair was symptomatic of deep divisions in French society that pitted Republican secularists against Royalist Roman Catholics.)

1899: Three duels are scheduled to be fought by journalists cover the court martial of Captain Dreyfus and Rennes, France.

1899: In Paris, demonstrations took place this evening outside of the offices of the Anti-Semite League where the President of the League and Max Regis, “the former Jew-baiting Mayor of Algiers” are hiding.

1899: “London Sympathy With Dreyfus” published today described a rally where a resolution was adopted calling for “a meeting of rejoicing” “in the event of the acquittal of Dreyfus.”

1899: “‘King Lear’ In Hebrew” published today described the emotional response to Jacob Adler’s portrayal of King Lear at the People’s Theatre in Brooklyn.  The Shakespearian drama has been updated to fit the taste of its predominately immigrant Jewish population so it is set in modern day Vilna and the women “dress in the latest New York Fashions.”

1899: It was reported today that the recent rapprochement between France and Germany has led to renewed mistrust and mistreatment of Germans in Russia as well the decision of the government to order German and Polish Jews who have been living in St. Petersburg for years to leave the capital by the end of the month.

1900: The Fourth Zionist Congress convened in London with five hundred delegates in attendance. Max Nordeau gave the opening in address which included an account of the appalling conditions faced by the Jews of Romania and a tribute to the Kaiser for his treatment of the Jews of Pomerania and East Prussia.

1900: In London, an open air meeting for the evangelizing of Jews was held near Queen’s Hall where the Zionists were holding their congress.

1900: Forty-seven year old Russian theologian and philosopher who “profoundly disagreed with the views of novelist Dostoevsky about the Jews” because he did not “see Judaism…as the antithesis of Christianity but as a forced that could help reconcile the peoples of Eastern Europe and revitalize Christianity” passed away today.

1903: In Salt Lake City, Utah President Joseph F. Smith of the LDS (Mormon) Church gave the dedicatory address at the cornerstone laying for Congregation Montefiore.

1907: The first American taxicabs appear on the streets of New York City.  At least two Jews played a major role in the introduction of this type of conveyance in the United States. In 1915, John Hertz, a Hungarian born Jew started the Yellow Cab Company in Chicago, Il. In 1922, a Russian born Jew named Morris Markin formed the Checker Cab Company and in 1929 he bought the Yellow Cab Company from Hertz.

1909: Birthdate of attorney Joshua J. Nasaw, the husband of Beatrice “Bea” Kaplan Nasaw and the father of historian and author David Nasaw.

1910: Birthdate of Shlomo-Yisrael Rosenberg; the native of Warsaw who moved to the United States where he became a lawyer and a rabbi before making in Aliyah where as Shlomo-Yisrael Ben-Meir he became an MK who held several ministerial porfolios.

1911: At Basel, Switzerland, the 10th Zionist Congress, adopted a resolution to establish a Zionist immigration office in Berlin

1911: In New York City, Jacob and Rebecca Reiter gave birth to NYU graduate William Bernbach, “the founder and chairman of the Doyle Dane Bernbach advertising agency and the husband of the “former Evelyn Carbone with whom he had two sons, John and Paul – the New York attorney and patron of the arts.

1912: Franz Kafka met Felice Bauer in Berlin.  The relationship between these two had a profound effect on Kafka’s literary output as well as his personal life.  One critic recently wrote that Kafka’s correspondence with Bauer “is the most useful key to Kafka’s thoughts and actions during the decisive years of his emergence as a writer.”

1912: In Vineland, NJ, founding of Ahabat Achim synagogue

1912:  Birthdate of Italian born biologist Salvador Luria. In 1969 he and Max Delbruck shared the Nobel Prize in medicine for the “Luria-Delbruck experiment” which “demonstrates that in bacteria, beneficial mutations arise in the absence of selection, rather than being a response to selection. This reinforces the Darwiniannotion of evolution by natural selection acting on random mutations.”

1913: In Bavaria, Moritz and Rachel Hellmann, the daughter of Rabbi Isaac Bamberger and Julie Judith Bamberger, gave birth to Julie Hellmann

1913: Birthdate of Melvin Frank, the Chicago native and graduate of the University of Chicago whose screen writing efforts included two classics “Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House” and “White Christmas” that helped to create the “middle class American dream.”

1914: The Great War, which will bring so many changes to Jews throughout the next four years, began to take shape as a great conflict as today, on the same day, “four squadrons of the Royal Flying Corps flew from Dover to France while Austria invaded Serbia as its armies crossed the Drina.

1915: Sixty-year old Eli Pochansky, an Orthodox Jew who attacked his son Samuel for smoking on Shabbat and then struck his wife and daughter who tried to defend them is a free man because when the magistrate hearing the assault complaint learned of Pochansky’s strict view on smoking he “decided not to entertain the charge.

1915: In a move that would presage the greatest naval threat to the Allies, a German submarine sank the H.M.T. Royal Edward in the Ægean Sea.

1916: It was reported today that Abram I. Elkus, the new United States Ambassador to Turkey is scheduled to set sail on August 17 for Copenhagen and then spend two or three days in Berlin before continuing on to Constantinople.

1916: It was reported today that Herman Bernstein, the editor of The American Hebrew, in speaking about the service of Oscar Straus, Henry Morgenthau and Abram Elkus as American diplomats said, “The world is more exacting toward a Jewish statesman” meaning that “in addition to serving his country, he must by the brilliance of his service disarm prejudice and raise the prestige of the Jewish people.”

1916: Birthdate of Connie Polan who became Connie Wald when she married Jerry Wald.

1917: The Turkish military leader Djemal Pasha announces the Turkish government has become convinced that the Jewish colonies inside Palestine must be destroyed, so they won't present a danger to the integrity of Turkey.

1917: It was reported today that to meet the needs of the thousands of Jews “who will be drafted into the” United States Army and Navy, “the need for Jewish Chaplains to tend to their spiritual wants” has become clearly apparent which has led Representative Isaac Siegel of New York has introduced a bill into Congress which provides that “The President may appoint not exceeding twenty Chaplains at large for the United States Army representing religious sects not recognized in the apportionment of Chaplains now recognized by law..”

1918: Based on information first supplied by the Vienna Morgen Zeitung, “the Jews who were supporters of the Austro-German Alliance…must now alter their opinion regarding Austria’s foreign policy since Germany no longer allows Jews to cross her frontier” and enter the country while Russia, as a result of the Revolution has lifted all of her laws aimed at suppressing the Jewish population.

1918: Birthdate of Judith Iris Martin, the Newark native who created the long-lived children’s theater group, the Paper Bag Players which would become a New York City institution (As reported by Douglas Martin)

1918: In a move that will have unforeseen meaning for decades to come the “British Government recognized the Czecho-Slovaks as an Allied nation on the same day when the Czechs declared their independence and declared war on Germany.

1920: One day after she had passed away Myer Lukowsky was buried today at the “Belfast Jewish Cemetery in Northern Ireland.”

1921: “The Hotel of the Dead” a silent film written by Walter Wassermann, starring Rosa Valetti and featuring Hermann Picha was released today in Germany.

1921: In Philadelphia, a $15,000 donation to the Jewish Hospital (now the Einstein Medical Center) established the May Fleisher Rosenburg Memorial Fund.

1922: Birthdate of Ruby Burman, the native of Columbus, Ohio, who as Ruby Cohn became “a theater scholar who espied the genius of Samuel Beckett early on in Paris and became a leading authority on his work as well as his friend…” (As reported by Bruce Weber)

1922: Samuel Untermeyer, President of the Palestine Foundation Fund made public a letter from Dr. Arthur Ruppin describing the future establishment of Jewish suburbs at Jerusalem and other sites in Palestine which show the likelihood of the development of major municipalities throughout the area.

1925: In the “Free City of Danzig” Eliezer and Dina Sterenberg gave birth to Meir Shamgar who served as President of the Israeli Supreme Court from 1983 until 1995.

1926: “The Third Squadron” a silent German movie starring Fritz Spira and Eugen Burg, both of whom died in concentration camps in WW II, was released in Germany today.

1926: Birthdate of Arthur Ortenburg, the native of Newark who teamed with his wife Liz Claiborne and Leonard Boxer to create fashion line Liz Claiborne, Inc (As reported by Douglas Martin)

1928: Birthdate of Yehuda "Nimrod" Lapidot “an Israeli historian and former professor of biochemistry. Lapidot was a member of the Irgun and an officer in the Israel Defense Forces. In 1980 he was appointed head of Lishkat Hakesher by former Irgun commander and then Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin. Lapidot received a Ph.D. in biochemistry from Hebrew University in 1960 and later became a professor.”

1928(27thof Av, 5688): Eighty-two year old American Jewish author Isaac Markens, the son of Orientalist Elias Markens and the collector of Lincoln memorabilia whose works included  <u>Lincoln and the Jews </u> passed away today in Newark, NJ.

1928(27thof Av, 5688): Seventy-one year old Nathan Lamport, the son of Tsvi Hirsch Lamport and Esther Lamport  and the husband of Sarah Lamport passed away today in Dobbs Ferry, NY after which he was buried in Jerusalem. He was“nationally known Orthodox leader and philanthropist, president of the Board of Directors of the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary and donor of $200,000 toward the Yeshiva College now in process of construction.”

1928: At the casino in Deauville, Charles A. Levine punched the editor of The Boulevardier after the latter admitted that he was the one who had been taking “dirty cracks” at Levine.  The two were separated and Miss Mabel Boll, who was reportedly Levine’s mistress, took him away.  Levine, a non-observant Jew, claimed to be the first passenger to fly the Atlantic in 1927.

1929: New York State Supreme Court Justice Frankenthaler is scheduled to hear arguments regarding a petition to have the question of the sanity of Alfred Dreyfus be determined by a jury.

1929: Jewish financier Felix Warburg and Lord Melchett, the famous British nobleman whose picture appeared on the cover of Time Magazine on October 29, 1928, each donate five hundred thousand dollars to start a financial concern aimed at helping development in Palestine.

1933:The Jewish Telegraphic Agency published an article that estimated that there were about 660,000 non-Aryans living in Germany of which 500,000 are "official" Jews and 160,000 of Jewish descent.

1933: “So This Is Harris!” – “a short comedy directed by Mark Sandrich” was released in the United States by RKO.

1934: La signora di tutti (Everybody's Woman) the only Italian film directed by Max Ophüls was released in Italy today.

1934: The comic strip “Li’l Abner,” created by Al Capp, made its debut. Born Alfred Gerald Caplan in New Haven, in 1909, Capp was a successful syndicated cartoonist by the age of 19.  He created Li’l Abner and all of his Hillbilly friends during the depths of the Great Depression.  One of the most famous characters in the strip were the Schmoos.  These characters could jump into your pot or skillet and “cook up” to taste like any food you wished for.  To Jewish kids, the Schmoos sounded an awful like the manna in the Bible.

1936: Felix M. Warburg, New York banker and philanthropist, today was named chairman of the American division of the executive committee of the Council for German Jewry.

1936: It was reported today that two Jewish newspapers in Berlin are not publishing any news about the Olympics because “neither has received a press card or been recognized in any way.”

1936(25thof Av, 5696): Late tonight in Safed, “Arab terrorists” “broke in the house of Rabbi Alter Ungar who was asleep with his family” and threw a bomb that “decapitated the rabbi” and killed an eight year old girl and a six year old boy.

1936: It was reported today that “there are no real Jews on the German Olympic team” since “Helen Mayer is only half Jewish” and that “there is no evidence that Olympics has made any difference (improvement) in the status of German Jews.”

1936: In Geneva, “The World Jewish Congress adopted eight resolutions by acclamation today and tonight cover the Palestine problem, the German boycott, emigration, anti-Semitism, the German Jewish question, refugees, relief and Soviet Russia.”

1936: Roger W. Straus, the co-chairman of the National Conference of Christians and Jews was appointed as “special assistant” in the Landon Presidential Campaign and “hit at reports that the Republican National Chairman had anti-Semitic tendencies.”

1937(6thof Elul, 5697): “Four members of a Jewish family,” including three children were “shot dead by Arabs who broke into their home in Safed.

1937: Dr. Isidore Frank, a chaplain in the NYPD and assistant rabbi at Mount Neboh Temple officiated at the funeral for Detective Isidore Astel which attended by hundreds of patrolman and Mayor La Guardia who “paid tribute to his heroism in the line of duty” which led to his death following his thwarting of a robbery in December of 1936.

1937: A proposal to settle 200,000 Jews in Palestine within the next three years, involving an investment of about $175,000,000, was laid before the World Zionist Congress today. The proposal was made by Elieser Kaplal, treasurer of the Zionist executive committee, who said American Jewry was expected to contribute $2,000,000 to the Zionist movement and Palestine fund in the current fiscal year.

1938: “Fifty-five Austrian Jews,” including ten women and three children “who have been deprived of their livelihoods and homes” following the Anschluss arrived in Helsingfors, Finland, aboard a Finnish liner but were forbidden to come ashore because of irregularities in their passports” even though the local Jewish community promised to provide food and shelter for the refugees and the Cabinet granted temporary permission for their landing.

1938(16th of Av, 5698): As they bicycled from Ramatayim to Petah Tikva Benjamin Babayoff and his wife were shot and killed by gunmen firing from an orange grove and their seven year old daughter who was riding on the handlebars was severely wounded.

1939: Newlyweds Katherine and Walter E. Sachs were sailing across the ocean to Europe today.

1939:  In Brooklyn Julius and Anee Cohen Steinberg gave birth to Saul Phillip Steinberg the Wharton graduate who founded “Leasco” which provided him with the financial bases to acquire 150 year old Reliance Insurance Company.

1940(9th of Av, 5700): Tish'a B'Av1940: During World War II, the Battle of Britain the Luftwaffe attacked British airfields   Field Marshall Goering told Hitler that the Luftwaffe could bomb the British into submission making an invasion unnecessary. On the other hand, by destroying the RAF, the Germans would be able to invade the British Isles with complete control of the skies insuring a Nazi victory.  If the British had lost the Battle of Britain, the Final Solution would have been that much closer to being truly “final.”  For more about the role of Jews in actually fighting the Battle of Britain see http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/ww2/sugar4.html.   Failure to win the Battle of Britain soured Hitler on the capabilities of the Luftwaffe and caused him to turn his face eastward towards the Soviet Union.  The invasion of the Soviet Union would result in the millions of Jews coming under the sway of the Final Solution.

1942(30thof Av, 5702): Rosh Chodesh Elul

1942: Four days after its world premiere in London, “Bambi” one of the most popular children’s films which was based on <u>Bambi, A Life in the Woods</u> by Felix Saltan, “the grandson of an Orthodox rabbi” opened in New York City today.

1942(30th of Av, 5702): Sixty-nine year old German born Nobel Award winning chemist Richard Willstätter who in 1924 he left his post a prominent German university because of the overt anti-Semitism he encountered passed away today in Switzerland after having left his homeland in the 1930’s.

1942: The Jewish communities at Mir, Belorussia, and Gorodok, Ukraine, are liquidated.

1942: Switzerland forces Jews (mostly French) already safe in Switzerland back across the border. The Swiss government will turn back 10,000 Jews to their deaths during the remainder of the war on the grounds that only political refugees can be admitted into Switzerland, not "racial refugees." The Swiss government does, however, welcome the gold that the Germans extract from the mouths and fingers of the dead Jews.  

1942: For the next fourteen days, 53,750 Jews from Warsaw will be deported to the Treblinka death camp.

1942: United States State Department officials and the British Foreign Office decide that the Riegner Cable outlining details of the Holocaust be kept secret.

1943: “A group of 367 Jews with Spanish citizenship arrived at Bergen Belsen, and in violation of his instructions Spanish diplomat Sebastian de Romero Radigales kept them alive until the Spanish government “changed its position and permitted their transfer to Spanish Morocco.”

1943: Y. Ben Ami wrote a letter to Peter H. Bergson proposing “the creation of a ‘Free Palestine League’ to influence United States policy on the Middle East and to wage a publicity campaign to create public support for an independent Palestine.” (Ben Ami would have a son, Jeremy who became the executive director of “J Street.”)

1944:  The Monuments Men under the command of James Rorimer “met as a group for the first time today outside the ruins of Saint Lo.”

1944: Following today’s arrest of an SOE agent and a French officer by the Gestapo, Krystyna Skarbek with the SS officer in charge, and using a combination of threats and bribery obtained the release of her comrades.

1945: Thirty-five Jews sacrifice their lives to blow up Nazi rubber plant in Silesia

1946: British authorities open detention camps on the island of Cyprus to hold Jewish refugees who have been prevented from entering Palestine due to British restrictions on immigration.

1946: In Brooklyn Anna Blumenthal and Dr. Julius Yellen gave birth to Janet Louise Yellen the American economist who has a career as an academic and public service including chairing the Council of Economic Advisers and holding senior positions with the Federal Reserve.

1948: Harry Dexter White, the son of Jewish immigrants from Lithuania, who had been accused of being a communist and a traitor denied being a member of the party when testified before the House Un-American Activities Committee today.

1948: On what came to be known as “Black Friday” due to the horrible weather conditions, during the Berlin Blockade, American and British aircrews delivered a record amount of supplies to the citizens of the Western Zone in what was part of an effort to halt Communist Russia’s imperial designs on western Europe – designs, as the Stalin purges were showing were inimical to the survival of the Jewish people.

1948(8th of Av, 5708): Silent screen star Elaine Hammerstein, daughter of Arthur Hammerstein and granddaughter of Oscar Hammerstein, died in an automobile accident.

1951: “A Nahal group from the Ezra movement” Sha’alvim, “a religious Kibbutz in central Israel…affiliated with Agudat Israel.

1951: Gonen a Nahal settlement which was “civilianized in 1952 by a group of Hebrew Scouts” was established today in the Upper Galilee “

1952: In New York Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt welcomed the 50,000th visitor to the Bond Drive’s Israeli Industrial Exhibition. The Hebrew lettering on a gleaming, Kaiser-Frazer car, assembled in Israel, made a great impression.

1953(2nd of Elul, 5713): Seventy-three year old history Eugen Täubler who began his career teaching  ath the Higher Institute for Jewish in Berlin and finished it teaching at HUC in Cincinnati, Ohio, passed away today.

1955: Two years after the death of Joseph Stalin, old-line Bolshevik Semyon Dimanstein was rehabilitated by the Communists running the Soviet Union.  Born in 1886, Dimanstein reportedly became a Rabbi after studying at a Chabad Yeshiva before becoming a Russian revolutionary.  He was widely identified with Jewish issues inside the Soviet Union including the Jewish Autonomous Oblast in the Far East and Yidn in FSSR (Jews in the Soviet Union). He was a victim of Stalin’s murderous purges in 1938. Rehabilitation is sort of like the Communist version of Resurrection.

1957: In Philadelphia, PA, “veteran WCAU Philadelphia news anchor Gene Crane and his first wife Joan”

 gave birth to David Crane,  who helped to create one television’s most popular sitcoms – “Friends” which will live on forever in re-runs.

1958: “God’s Little Acre” the film version of a novel by the same name directed by Anthony Mann with a script by Philip Yordan and Ben Maddow, starring Vic Morrow and with music by Elmer Bernstein was released today in the United States.

1959(9th of Av, 5719):Tish'a B'Av

1961(1st of Elul, 5721): Rosh Chodesh Elul

1961: Ernst and Karola Bloch were on a lecture tour in the Federal Republic of German when the Berlin Wall “went up” today forcing them to forsake their home Leipzig (East Germany) and settle in Tubingen (West Germany)

1961(1st of Elul, 5721): Seventy-nine year old Sir Ellice Victor Sassoon, who became a Baron on the death of his father Edward Elias Sassoon and who made much of his fortune in the orient passed away today. 

1964: In Los Angeles, “stage and film director Gordon Davidson” and his wife Judi Davidson” gave birth to movie actor and director Adam Davidson who “won the Academy Award for Best Short Subject” for “The Lunch Date.”

1965: It was reported today that the auditorium of newly built Anna Lazaroff Synagogue in Kfar Chabad

“was donated by Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Ferkauf, of New York, honoring Mr. and Mrs. Isidore and Rose Silverman.” (JTA)

1970: Two months after being released in the United States, “Two Mules for Sister Sara” directed by Dan Siegel and with a screenplay by Albert Maltz was released in Mexico today.

1973(15th of Av, 5733): Maurice Bisgyer, retired executive vice president of B'nai B'rith, the Jewish service organization, died today at the age of 75.

1973: The body of Sir Moses Montefiore, father of modern Jewish settlement in Eretz Israel, will be returned to Jerusalem a century after his death, the Israeli Government said today. The body will be moved from Ramsgate to Israel in 1975.

1976(15th of Av, 5755): Tu B’Av

1976: It was announced today that “the working title” of the film to be made about the raid on Entebbe “is ‘Operation Jonathan,’ in honor of Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Netanyahu, a 30 year old American born Israeli officer who killed during the rescue operation.”

1976: Having returned to NYC from a campaign trip to Rochester, Daniel P. Moniyhan who is running for a seat in the U.S. Senate was reported today to have “said that the Entebbe raid followed by” the terrorist attack at Istanbul “were indications of the failure of the international community to cooperate to cope with terror.”

1976: The Palestinian terrorists “who killed four persons in an attempt to hijack an Israeli plane at Istanbul were reported today to have “said they had been instructed to kill as many Israelis as we can” and that they were “active warriors of the PLO” which “they had joined six months ago.”

1976: Abraham Hirschfeld, a candidate for the U.S. Senate from New York was reported today to have named “a coordinator for his effort to win support in Hispanic areas of the state.”

1977: President Carter’s administration rejected the Israeli request for the co-production rights of the F-16 fighter-bomber and announced that Israel would not be able to purchase the 250 planes as requested. This number had been reduced to 50 or 75 on grounds that the Israel Air Force no longer needed to maintain its air superiority over the Arabs.

1978(10th of Av, 5738): Tish’a B’Av observed

1982: “White Dog” a cinematic treatment of Romain Gary’s novel of the same name “directed by Samuel Fuller” who co-authored the script was released in the United States by Paramount Pictures today.

1987: “Lyricist Lorenz Hart Lives On Through Sisterly Devotion” published today described the efforts of Dorothy Hart, the sister-in-law of the composer to preserve his legacy as can be seen by her new book <u>The Complete Lyrics of Lorenz Hart.</u>

1982: “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” directed by Amy Heckerling was released in the United States by Amy Heckerling.

1987: “Didn’t We Almost Have It All” a Grammy nominated song written by Michael Masser was released today.

1991: The publisher Robert Maxwell said today that he had reached a private agreement with the publisher and other shareholders of Israel's Ma'ariv-Modin Group to acquire the majority of shares in the company, which owns the Israeli daily Ma'ariv. Ma'ariv is published in Hebrew in Tel Aviv. Financial details were not given. A statement said Mr. Maxwell would be the chairman and publisher and hold more than 70 percent of the shares. Dov Judkowski, who with Mr. Maxwell controls more than 75 percent of the shares, will be editor in chief and deputy chairman. "I shall put at the disposal of Ma'ariv-Modin all the funds necessary for the swift development of the paper, for the benefit of both the group and its staff," said Mr. Maxwell, who recently acquired The Daily News in New York.

1993: “A Bronx Tale,” a crime film produced by Jane Rosenthal premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival.

1993: Belgian middle distance runner Nathan placed 10th in 800 metres at the 1993 World Championships which opened today at Stattgart.

1995: Aharon Barak succeeded Meir Shamgar as President of the Supreme Court of Israel.

1999(1st of Elul, 5759): Rosh Chodesh Elul

2000: The New York Times book section featured a review of <u>Half-Jew: A Daughter's Search for Her Family's Buried Past</u> by Susan Jacoby and <u>Rodinsky’s Room</u> a mystery about David Rodinsky coauthored by Iain Sinclair and Rachel Lichtenstein, granddaughter of Polish Jewish refugee Gedaliah Lichtenstein.

2001: In the fight against West Nile Virus, pesticides are applied at Baron Hirsch Cemetery In New York

2003: “The 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously rules to refuse to reconsider a three-judge panel ruling that a Ten Commandments plaque from 1920 can remain on the Chester County courthouse in Pennsylvania. The appeals court was overruling a decision that the plaque with the commandments “violated the separate of church and state.” (As reported by Austin Cline)

2005: The 20th annual Conference on Alternatives in Jewish Education (CAJE) opens at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst

2005(8th of Av, 5765): Parashat Devarim; Shabbat Chazon; Erev Tish’a B’Av

2005(8th of Av, 5765): Ninety-two year old movie producer Armand Deutsch passed away today.

2006: <u>A Woman in Jerusalem</u> by A. B. Yehoshua (translated from the Hebrew by Hillel Halkin) was reviewed in the Book Section of the New York Times. A human resources manager is described as “the nameless main character” of this latest acclaimed novel.  Finally a novel features a Jewish human resources manager – how can one not be excited at the prospect of reading this? 

2006: The Book Section of the Washington Post featured a review of  Peter Hartcher’s <u>Bubble Man: Alan Greenspan and the Missing 7 Trillion Dollars</u> which the reviewer describes as a “flawed jeremiad” that attempts to blame Greenspan for the collapse of the dot com bubble and the losses that may or may not have taken place.

2006(19th of Av, 5766): Mahadi Hiyat, 83, was killed when a rocket crashed directly into his house near the town of Shlomi. Hiyat was the sole Egyptian resident of the northern Jewish community of Ya'arah.

2007: A copy of Faye Kellerman’s latest novel, <u>The Burnt House</u> is contributed to the Temple Judah in Cedar Rapids, thus insuring that its library will have a complete collection of her detective mysteries. With <u>The Burnt House, </u>Kellerman returns to her literary roots with Rina and Peter Decker, the Jewish couple that solves murders.  Besides the fact they are slick yarns, where else can you be on the trail of multiple murderers while one of the characters talks about “hashgacha pratite” and another reassures his spouse that they could enjoy a visit to Santa Fe since “they have a Chabad there.”

2007: Some 75 people from the Jewish community of Rochester, New York, attended a dedication ceremony today to honor a rediscovered burial plot, long unknown to the community, where over 100 Jews from the 19th century were buried. The first Jewish graveyard in the city, and a special graveyard section for "Poor Jews" were recently rediscovered during a "Mitzvah Day" cleanup organized by a local synagogue. Cemetery records noted the Jewish area and separate "Jewish Poor Lot," where 105 Jews, mostly children who had died from disease and sickness, were buried anonymously. The ceremony was attended by various members of the community, including one man whose great, great grandfather (1797-1867), was buried in the cemetery. While Jews in the city knew about the existence of the Jewish cemetery, they did not know where it was located, until it was randomly rediscovered in 2005 during a Mitzvah Day cleanup organized by Reform synagogue TempleB'rith Kodesh. While some participants served food in soup kitchens, or visited old age homes, congregant Earl Gurell, together with several others, were sent to Mt. Hope Cemeteryto clean up areas no longer in use. As they cleaned, they discovered the Jewish cemetery, where 90 percent of the tombstones had fallen down or been desecrated. Subsequent research by Gurell and Jerry Zakalik showed that these sections were the first public Jewish burial plots in Rochester. Cemetery records dated part of the original purchase to April 3, 1848, by several founders of the then Orthodox synagogue B'rith Kodesh, seven months before the synagogue was established. Another, adjacent section was purchased by the Rochester German Benevolent Society in 1849. Thirty years after its founding, Temple B'rith Kodesh became affiliated with the Reform Movement, remaining so to this day, and is currently the largest synagogue in Rochester, which has a Jewish population of roughly 20,000.

At the time of the first discovery, cemetery staff also informed Gurell of "The Jewish Poor Lot," an additional site on the cemetery grounds, which the Jewish community had no prior knowledge of. This plot of land was purchased from the city for $1 in 1885, to bury poor Jews who couldn't afford their own land. With the help of members of B'rith Kodesh many of the tombstones were repaired and memorial stones dating each of the plots were erected at the sites.

From the 1840's to the 1870's, 128 children and 47 adults were buried in the B'rith Kodesh area. The "Jewish Poor Lot" was used between 1886 and 1912, with 85 children and 15 adults buried.

The plots where Jews were buried were referred to as "Jew ground," Gurell told The Jerusalem Post. At the time of the first purchase in 1848, the Jewish community was only a few decades old, comprised mainly of German immigrants. The fact that the city was willing to sell the land to the Jews is a sign that "the city was liberal enough to provide a place for the Jews," said Joel Elliot, executive director of B'rith Kodesh. "The ceremony is a reclaiming of frontier heritage."

2008: Forty Reform Jews land in Israel for a first-of-its-kind trip to meet the Israeli Reform movement.

2008: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez met with Jewish leaders today, pledging to work together against anti-Semitism and open up channels of communication despite differences on Middle East politics.

2009: Funeral for Robert William Levine, the businessman and philanthropist who worked to aid Russian immigrants is scheduled to take place at Temple Emanuel in Newton, MA followed by burial at Memorial Park in Sharon, MA.

2009: In Jerusalem, the Yiddishpiel Theatre helps prepare people for the High Holidays by presenting a “unique musical event which combines stories about the great cantors and Jewish and cantorial soul songs.

2009: In Jerusalem, Beit Avi Chai, A cultural center that explores concepts of Jewish and Israeli identity and creativity presents a workshop led by Dr. Meir Buzaglo, Department of Philosophy, at Hebrew University entitled Rambam in the 21st Century that asks the questions, “How does the Rambam’s thinking relate to the basic questions of the modern age?”\

2009: The Israel Defense Forces said today that they were investigating reports of a kidnapped soldier. 2009: The Jewish Lads’ and Girls’ Brigade (JLGB), “the UK’s oldest Jewish youth which was founded as the Jewish Lads’ Brigade by Colonel Albert E.W. Goldsmid” “broke the Guinness World Record for the largest custard pie fight at their annual summer camp with 253 people taking part and throwing 648 pies in a matter of minutes.”

2009: Rai Ephraim Simon, co-director of Friends of Lubavitch and a father of nine donated one of his kidneys to Samar Chasid living in Williamsburg who is the father of ten.

2009 Today, 36 year old Tzipora “Obziler convened a press conference to announce her retirement from professional tennis.”

2009 Patriot’s rookie Julian Edelman scored his first professional points on today in a pre-season game with the Philadelphia Eagles returning a punt 75 yards for a touchdown

2010(3rd of Elul, 5770):  On the Hebrew calendar today marks the 75th anniversary of the passing of Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak HaCohen Kook. He passed away on the 3rd of Elul, 5695. During the British Mandate, “Rabbi Kook was the first Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi of the Jewish population in the Land of Israel in modern times, and had great love and respect for the secular Zionist movement…”

2010: Temple Judah is scheduled to celebrate the 88th birthday of Marianne Bern at the Oneg following Friday night services.

2010: The man who killed Meir Kahane in 1990 claims he did not carry out the shooting alone, as previously thought, but was part of a three-man terrorist cell with links to al-Qaida. Its original target was future prime minister Ariel Sharon, according to a newly-leaked US government document. During his investigation for an article into alleged counter- terrorism blunders published in Playboy magazine today, freelance journalist Peter Lance uncovered official FBI memos which bring new information to light about the murder of the Israeli politician in New York.

2010: The reopening of Shaarei Torah, the synagogue of Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak HaCohen Kook, luminary sage and father of modern religious Zionism, coincided with the 75th anniversary of Rabbi Kook's death.

2011: The Gaga Summer Intensive that included Ohad Naharin's Repertoire is scheduled to come to a close today. Ohad Naharin “is an Israeli contemporary dancer, choreographer, artistic director, and musician.”

2011(13th of Av, 5771): Shabbat Nachamu

2011: The Summer Israeli Folk Dance Mostly Couples Marathon is scheduled to take place at Buttenwieser Hall in New York City.

2011: Social protests took place throughout Israel today, with demonstrators turning out en masse in Haifa, Be’er Sheva and Afula.

2011: Gunmen abducted an American Jew after breaking into his house in the eastern Pakistani city of Lahore today in an unusually brazen raid that illustrated the threat to foreigners in this militancy-wracked, US-allied country. The US Embassy identified the victim as Warren Weinstein. A man by that name serves as the Pakistan country director for J.E. Austin Associates, a development contractor that works with the aid arm of the American government, according to a profile on the LinkedIn networking website.

2012: Five short films created by Israeli directors - Occupy Rothschild, Wall to Wall, Busted, Word Games, A Wonderful Day – are scheduled to be shown in NYC

2012: The Industry, Trade and Labor Ministry announced today that the price of a price-controlled loaf of bread will rise by 6.53 percent tomorrow.

2012: Hezbollah has rockets that can hit any Israeli city, a leading official of the organization said this afternoon. In the morning Walla News reported a battery of the mobile Iron Dome anti-missile defense system was installed near Safed last week as part of an ongoing series of tests.

2012: Israel may need to destroy parts of Lebanon and Gaza if Hezbollah and Hamas rain missiles upon the country in response to an Israeli attack on Iran, former Mossad head Danny Yatom said today

2012(25thof Av, 5772): Eighty three year old real estate mogul and philanthropist Zev Wolfson passed away today.

2013: “Israel: A Home Movie” is scheduled to be shown at the Morris Cafritz Center for the Arts as part of the Year-Round Washington Jewish Film Festival.

2013: “Little Me” a Neil Simon musical opened at the Rose and Crown Theatre in London.

2013: “The High Court of Justice today rejected a petition by the families of terror victims to block the release of 26 Palestinian prisoners who were convicted of terrorism, ruling that it is not for the court to involve itself in what is a diplomatic rather than a legal process.” (As reported by Stuart Winer)

2013: The Israel Defense Forces gained 125 new recruits today as over 300 immigrants from North America landed in Israel, part of a charter flight organized by the Nefesh B’Nefesh organization. (As reported by Joshua Davidovich)

 2013: Amir Levy is scheduled to appear in “Bellimi and the Sultan” at the Robert Moss Theatre

2014: The Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center is scheduled to unveil two plaques honoring rescuers from Italy and Poland at the Ferro Fountain of the Righteous

2014: Dr. Mark W. Weisstuch is scheduled to deliver the second in his series of lectures on “The Merchant of Venice: A study of despair and humanity” at the Skirball Center for Jewish Life and Learning.

2014: “Jewish people must be allowed to pray on the Temple Mount during the High Holidays and Sukkot, lawmakers in the Knesset Interior Committee said today.” (As reported by Lahav Harkov)

2014: “Rockets were fired from Gaza tonight two-hours before the midnight deadline to Sunday's 72-hour cease-fire, as the IDF enhanced its troop presence along the border preparing to once again wage war against Hamas in Gaza.” (As reported by Herb Keinon, Hhaled Abu Toameh and Michael Wilner)

2014: “Accompanied by Senate Majority co-leaders Dean Skelon and Jeff Klein together with Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, Andrew M. Cuomo, the Governor of New York, called on President Reuven Rivlin today to affirm the State of New York’s support for the State of Israel in light of the continued threat of attacks by Hamas and other terrorist organizations.” (As reported by Greer Fay Cashman)

2015: ““Asif Kapadia’s Amy Winehouse film is” is scheduled to be shown in London under the auspices of the UK Jewish Film which “aims to develop a culture where Jewish and Israeli film is recognized and enjoyed by the widest possible audience, and to bring Jewish related film to the heart of British culture.”

2015: Jews On Bikes is scheduled to cosponsor “What It Takes: Havdalah” where attendees will “gain the skills to make Havdalah on their own” at the Historic 6th& I Synagogue.

2015: It was reported today, that the appoint of Fiamma Nirenstein, a former Italian MP and journalist who immigrated to Israel in 2013 to serve “as Israel’s ambassador to Rome has rattled the Italian Jewish community amid fear of accusations of dual loyalty.”

2016: In “Obit for the Obits” Bruce Weber bid farewell to his role an obituary writer for the New York Times. (Editor’s Note – This a moment of mixed emotion.  On the one hand we are glad that Mr. Weber will get to enjoy the fruits of a long life.  On other hand, he will be sorely missed.  His obits have provided mountains of information.  And his writing his elegant and amazing.  He is able to capture the life of people, some of whom are obscure and/or long forgotten, in a handful of well-chosen words.  I can think of no greater way to end one’s life than to be a subject of Bruce Weber’s writing.)

2016: At its triennial assembly which ended today, ‘The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America approved a resolution calling on the U.S. government to end all aid to Israel if Israel does not stop building settlements and “enable an independent Palestinian state.” (Editor’s Note – considering Luther’s view on Jews, he would be so proud of his spiritual descendants.)

2016: “Israeli superstar David Broza” and the Jazz Encounters are scheduled to perform at National Sawdust.

2016(9thof Av, 5776): Parashat Devarim; Shabbat Chazon; Erev Tish'a B'Av;

2016: The “22nd annual March around the Old City Witt the Women in Green” is scheduled to begin at 9:30 pm with the reading of “Eicah” in Independence Park.

2016: At midnight, “floodwaters began to flow into Ellen Sager’s Baton Rouge” – one of the 34 homes owned by Jewish resident of the city that would be lost to the rising waters.

2016: The Jerusalem Soul Center is scheduled to host the annual reading of Eicha starting at 8:45 pm which this year will be “dedicated to the Memory of Mike Levin z'l, our holy brother and lone soldier friend killed 10 years ago in the Lebanon War and buried on Tisha Bav 2006.”

2017: The New York Times features reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or of special interest to Jewish readers including Bed-Suy Is Burning, a novel by Brian Platzer and the recently released paperback edition of <u>You’ll Grow Out Of</u> It by Jessi Klein as well as recommendation for the sleep deprived to read <u>Go The F**K To Sleep</u>by Adam Mansbach.

2017: The Gula Bar and Restaurant at 4 David Remez Street in Jerusalem is schedule to host an Ilan Jazz Trio Concert featuring singer and pianist Ilan Chouraki.

2017: Dov Boros, the native of Budapest who survived the Gestapo and the Arrow Cross, who survived the Budapest ghetto is scheduled to talk about his experiences at the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center.

2017: Rita is scheduled to host Shimon Buskila at the Jerusalem Arts and Crafts Fair.

2017: The exhibition “Generation of Wealth by Lauren Greenfield” came to a close at the Annenberg Space for Photography in Los Angeles.

2018: In London, JW3 is scheduled to host a screening of “Through Lotte’s Lens” a documentary that tells the extraordinary story of the ‘Hitler Émigrés’, the refugees – mainly Jewish who escaped the Nazi regime in the 1930s and found refuge in the UK.”

2018: The Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center is scheduled “to host the U.S. premier of MGM's new motion picture Operation Finale- the story of the Mossad capture of Adolph Eichmann” followed by a presentation by “Avner Avraham, former Mossad agent and special Operation Finale film consultant.”

2018: In New York the Muslim American Leadership Alliance and the American Sephardi federation are scheduled to host “An Evening of Islamic and Jewish Calligraphy” led by “experiential educator and artist Ruben Shimonov.”



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This Day, August 12, In Jewish History by Mitchell A. Levin

03:18 AM Sunday, August 12, 2018   by melamed&amp;amp;mavin

August 12

30 BCE: Cleopatra committed suicide.  According to Josephus, the Egyptian tried to convince her lover and co-ruler, Marc Antony, to give her control over lands to the east including Syria and Palestine.  Herod was so afraid of her that he reportedly built the fortress at Masada as place of refuge should she attack. While Antony did not give into all of her demands, he did give her control over Jericho and several towns surrounding the ancient city.

1099: During the First Crusade, the Crusaders defeated the Saracens at the Battle of Ascalon.  This led to the creation of the Kingdom of Jerusalem under Godfrey of Bouillon.  The Crusader victory led to a period of persecution of the small Jewish population living in Palestine.  The Crusaders attempted to ban the Jews from living in Jerusalem.  Apparently it did not occur to them that such a ban would have meant that Jesus could not live in the Christian kingdom.

1121: At the Battle of Didgori the Georgian army under King David the Builder won a decisive victory over the famous Seljuk commander Ilghazi. Georgian-speaking Jewry is one of the oldest surviving Diaspora Jewish communities. The origin of Georgian Jews, also known as Gurjimor Ebraeli, is debated, but some claim they are descendants of the ten tribes exiled by Shalmaneser. Others say the first Jews made their way to southern Georgia after Nebuchadnezzar conquered Jerusalem in 586 B.C.E. after first fleeing to Babylonia. The first Jews in Western Georgia arrived in the 6th century when the region was ruled by the Byzantine Empire. Approximately 3,000 of these Jews then fled to Eastern Georgia, controlled by the Persians, to escape severe persecution by the Byzantines. The existence of the Jews in these regions during this period is supported by archaeological evidence showing that Jews lived in Mtzheta, the ancient capital of the East Georgian state of Kartli. The Ebraeli spoke Georgian and Jewish traders developed a dialect called Qivruli, or Judeo-Georgian, which included a number of Hebrew words. In the second half of the 7th century, the Muslim Empire conquered extensive Georgian territory, which became an Arab caliph province. Arab emirs ruled the majority of the region until 1122. Under the Arabs, in the late 9th century, Abu-Imran Musa al-Za'farani (later known as Abu-Imran al-Tiflisi) founded a Jewish sect called the Tiflis Sect which lasted for more than 300 years. The sect deviated from halakhah in its marriage and kashrutcustoms. http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/vjw/Georgia.html

1281: The fleet of Qubilai Khan, the Chinese emperor who celebrated the festivals of the Muslims, Christians and Jews, indicating that there  really were a significant number of Jews living in China during his reign, is destroyed by a typhoon while approaching Japan.

1317: John XXII, the second of the Avignon Popes, issued “Ex  Parte Vestra” a Bull that dealt with converts who relapse i.e. Jewish converts who wanted to return to the “faith of their Fathers and Mothers.”

1381(14th of Av, 5141): In the Balearic Islands, Sayd ben David was burned at the stake after being charged with “incontinence with a nun”

1452: Birthdate of Abraham Zacuto “a Sephardi Jewish astronomer, astrologer, mathematician and historian who served as Royal Astronomer in the 15th century to King John II of Portugal. The crater Zagut on the Moon is named after him.” The creator of new type of astrolabe that could be used at sea, he was one of the few Jews who was able to flee Portugal despite the edicts of King Manuel I.  He either passed away in Jerusalem in 1515 or Damascus in 1520.

1484: The Papacy of Sixtus IV came to an end.

 1530: A charter was granted to the Jews of Germany despite the protests of Martin Luther. Josel of Rosheim, the famous "shtadlan" (interceder) was instrumental in its passing.

1656: “The Jews of Barbados were granted ‘the privileges of laws and statutes of the Commonwealth of England and of this island, relating to foreigners and strangers.’” (Abraham P. Bloch)

1793(4thof Elul, 5553): Meyer Jacob passed away today and was buried at the Alderney Road Jewish Cemetry.

1816: Birthdate of Ion Ghica, the five-time Prime Minister of Romania “a valuable ally for Yiddish theater in Bucharest who n several occasions expressed his favorable view of the quality of acting, and even more of the technical aspects of the Yiddish theater. In 1881, he obtained for the National Theater the costumes that had been used for a Yiddish pageant on the coronation of King Solomon, which had been timed in tribute to the actual coronation of Carol I of Romania.

1816: Henry Harvey married Louisa Hart at the Hambro Synagogue today.

1817: Birthdate of German Orientalist Max Grünbaum

1819:  Anti-Semitic riots broke out in Darmstadt and Bayreuth, Germany

1828: In Schubin, Prussia, Rabbi Benjamin Mielziner and his wife gave birth Moses Mielziner who would become a leading rabbi in the Reform Movement.

1829: John Hadkins married Maria Woolf at the Great Synagogue today.

1829(13th of Av, 5589): Mordecai ben Abraham Benet, who was born in 1753 and became the chief rabbi of Moravia passed away.

1833: Founding of Chicago.  Jews were present in Chicago from its earliest days. The first Jews in the city were German and Ashkenazim.  By 1847, there were enough Jews in Chicago to establish Kehilath Anshe Maariv — Congregation of the Men of the West — on an upper floor of a commercial building. The congregation was popularly referred to as KAM and found its home in Hyde Park among the South Side German Jewish community. German Jews generally were accepted into mainstream society. In Chicago, they were already being elected to political office in the 1850s. Among the enterprises established by Chicago's German Jews were Florsheim Shoe Co., Hart Schaffner & Marx clothiers, the Brunswick billiard-table empire, Spiegel mail-order Company and Mandel Brothers department store, long a fixture on State Street. <u>The Jews of Chicago: From Shtetl to Suburb</u> by Irving Cutler provides a readable, popular history of the Jews of the Windy City.

1835: Isaac Jacobs married Matilda Levy at the Great Synagogue today.

1840: At Petersburg, VA,Rabbi Abraham H. Cohen officiated at the wedding of Capt. I.S. Cohen of Columbia, SC and Virginia Davis, he daughter of Ansley Davis

1842: Birthdate of Emily Bath, the native of Jefferson, Indiana who was interred in the Jewish Cemetery in Natchitoches, LA when passed away in 1924

1843: Birthdate of American playwright Bartely Campbell, the son of Irish immigrants who wrote “Siberia” a play about the persecution of the Jews in Russia.

1844: Birthdate of Edward Lauterbach, successful defense attorney, leader of the Republican Party and trustee of the Hebrew Orphan Asylum.

1845: Two days after he had passed away, Mendel Samuel, the husband of Amelia Emanuel with whom he had five children – Samuel, Charlotte, Jane, Anne and Lewis – was buried today in the United Kingdom

1845: Today a month after the death of Henrik Wergeland, the Norwegian leader who gone from being an anti-Semite to favoring the admission of Jews as full citizens of his country, passed away, “the constitution committee referred their recommendation to repeal” the ban on Jews to the Parliament.

1847(30thof Av, 5607): Rosh Chodesh Elul

1847: Lawrence Emanuel married Eve Braham at the Great Synagogue today.

1848(13thof Av, 5608): Avraham Ullmann, who had been born in 1791 and was the son Shalom Charif Ullman, the chief rabbi of Lackenbach, passed away.

1851: Luis Schlesinger, a Hungarian born Jew who had fled to the United States after the failed revolutions of 1848 was captured by the Spanish at Pinar del Rio when he led an unsuccessful raid on Cuba under the auspices of Cuban General Narciso Lopez. (As reported by Ben G.Frank)

1853: A German Jew, who has used a variety of aliases including J. Meyer, was arrested at the Irving House.  While being taken to court he tried to get rid of a package containing pledge  tickets for a large quantity of valuable goods recently pawned at the shops of Bernstein, Levy, Silver, Smith and Murdock. The items left at the pawn shop were all stolen.

1854: The Moral and Religious column described a new sect that has started in England called The Disciples. They believe that Christ will appear in 1864; that the Russians will triumph over the Turks and the Jews over the Russians-- the latter event to happen in ten years' time when the Jews will become a nation in the Holy Land. Christ is to be their King, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the rest of the righteous Jews of old, with a few elect among Christians, will rise from the dead and live forever in Palestine; but the heathen and the wicked Jews and Christians will sleep eternally.

1857: Joseph Magnus married Sarah Natali today.

1859: Birthdate of Albert Lucas, he native of London who was the husband of Rebecca Nieto and “Secretary of the Union Orthodox Jewish Congregation of America, and Secretary of the Joint Distribution Committee.”

1862: In Springfield, Illinois, “Samuel Rosenwald and his wife Augusta Hammerslough Rosenwald, a Jewish immigrant couple from Germany” gave birth to Julius Rosenwald who turned Sears, Roebuck and Company into a retailing behemoth while using much of his fortune to support education for African-Americans when this was one of the least important social concerns in the United States.

1862: Construction was completed on the first synagogue built on Long Island which came to be known as the Boerum Schule because it was located in Boerum Hill.

1862: In the part of Germany that included the cities of Moisling and Lubeck, The Oath More Judaico or Jewish Oath was modified.  It would remain in force until 1879, when the Germans adopted laws regulating civil procedure which abolished the oath.

1862: Philadelphian Samuel W. Rowe began serving as a 1st Lieutenant in Company B of the 122nd Regiment.

1862: Philadelphian Benjamin F. Baer began serving as a Captain in Company F of the 122nd Regiment.

1862: Philadelphian Solomon H. Kamer began serving as Corporal in Company G in the 128th Regiment.

1863: Philadelphian Nathan Fromm, a Corporal in Company A of the 167thRegiment completed his service with the Union Army today.

1863: Philadelphian Joseph Jacoby, a Sergeant in Company I of the 167thRegiment completed his service with the Union Army today.

1865: Birthdate of a British psychoanalyst, physician, Zionist and writer David Eder whose opposition to the partition of Palestine in the 1920’s was summed up in his statement that “There can be only one national home in Palestine, and that a Jewish one, and no equality in the partnership between Jews and Arabs.”
1870: A few days into the inquest being held to determine the facts surrounding the death of Benjamin Nathan, the Brooklyn Daily Eagle protested the disparity in treatment being shown to his son’s Washington and Frederick, and the Irish Catholic servants of the Nathan family who had suddenly become the prime suspects.

1873: Birthdate of New Yorker Alexander Alexander who passed away in 1940 at Miami Beach, FL.

1876(22ndof Av, 5636): Parashat Eikev

1876(22ndof Av, 5636): Forty-eight year old Leopold Blumberg, the Prussian Army Veteran who came to the United States in 1854, settled in Baltimore, MD and joined the Union Army after the attack on Fort Sumter finally succumbed to the effects of the wounds he received when shot by a sharpshooter at the Battle of Antietam in 1862.

1877(3rd of Elul, 5637): Rabbi Jaques Judah Lyons passed away today in New York. Judah and Mary Lyons; gave birth to him at Surinam, Dutch Guiana in 1814. “He was educated in Surinam, and was minister of the Spanish & Portuguese congregation there, Neveh Shalom, for five years. He left Surinam in 1837 and went to Richmond, Va., where for two years he was minister of the Congregation Beth Schalom. In 1839 he was elected minister of the Spanish and Portuguese congregation Shearith Israel, New York city, in succession to Isaac Seixas, and served the congregation thirty-eight years, successfully combating every movement to change the form of worship in his congregation. Lyons was among those who founded The Jews' (now Mount Sinai) Hospital; he was actively concerned in founding the Jewish Board of Delegates and Hebrew Free Schools and was superintendent of the Polonies Talmud Torah School…For many years he was president of the Hebra Hased ve-Emet and of the Sampson Simpson Theological Fund. Lyons was an ardent student and collected a library that is now in possession of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America.” In 1857, he joined with Dr. Abraham de Sola of Montreal, in preparing and publishing a Hebrew calendar covering fifty years, together with an essay on the Jewish calendar system

1878: Jewish representatives from the United States, Holland, Germany, England, Belgium, Romania, Palestine, Turkey, Italy Spain, France Austria and Russia met in Paris today to celebrate the anniversary of the Alliance Israelite Universelle of France. During the meeting, the attendees provided reports on the conditions of Jews in various countries and possible ways to improve their conditions.  It was suggested that a medal “commemorating the emancipation of the Jews in the East” should be presented to each member of the Berlin Congress on behalf “of the Jews of the world.”

1878: It was reported today that details have been released regarding the will of the late Michael Reese. His generosity included $650,000 for the State University of California and $25,000 to the Hebrew Orphan Asylum.

1879: It was reported today that Romania might agree “to accept the principle of equal rights for the Jews” if some consideration would be given to how it is applied.  Germany might be willing to agree to such an arrangement.

1879: “A Theory of Noses” published today provides an example of the outlandish 19thcentury that physical characteristics determined people’s behavior, intellect and social standing.  The fact “that the Jewish nation has for ages maintained a high level of civilization and that nevertheless the Jewish nose is not straight but curved” presents a problem for this theory.

1880: In Hungary, Kalman Hartman and the former Sarah Luchs gave birth Gustav Hartman attorney, Republican Party leader, jurist and philanthropist who founded the Israel Orphan Asylum in 1913 which he oversaw until his death in 1936

1881:  In Ashfield, MA, Henry and Matilda Beatrice DeMille gave birth to movie mogul Cecil B. DeMille.  His father was Episcopalian and his mother was Jewish. Regardless of how you view his religious background, he will forever be connected with Moses and the Jewish people through “The Ten Commandments.”

1881: It was reported today that anti-Semitism is so prevalent Pomerania and West Russia that recent government actions to protect the Jews living there will be totally ineffective.

1882: Today’s Congressional Record contained “a speech by the Honorable S.S. Cox on the persecution of the Jews in Russia.”  It was “an elaborate paper illustrated with poetical extracts, two pages of tables and a neatly engraved map.”

1882: “Russian Jews” published today described the plan of Chicago banker Lazarus Silverman to settle several Jewish immigrant families totaling 150 men, women in children on 300 acres that owns on 300 acres of land on Carp Lake in Michigan. The group includes one tailor, one wagon-maker, one blacksmith, one cooper, one paper-hanger, two tinsmiths, three coppersmiths and most important of all, 3 farmers.

1883(9thof Av, 5643): Tish’a B’Av

1883: “Bread Making” published today which describes the baking of bread in the British Isles begins by declaring that “since the time of the early Jews there has been very little change in the process.”

1883:”Ancient Manuscripts” published today described how Moses Shapira acquired an ancient copy of the Book of Deuteronomy in Palestine and sent it on to London where it can be preserved and studied. It is claimed this codex is 2,700 years old and provides evidence that the ancient Israelites were writing “consecutive narrative” at a time that corresponds to the Greeks Homer and Hesiod.

1884: It was reported today that a note had been found on the body of Israel Blatchky, a young Jew who had been living in Des Moines for three years.  According to the note he was despondent over a failed love affair and bought poison six months ago.

1884: Birthdate of Yiddish writer David Bergelson whose “only child, Lev, was an eminent Soviet biochemist who served as a Soviet Army captain during World War II and emigrated to Israel in 1991 with his wife Naomi, where both he and his wife died in 2014 and who was ironically murdered by Stalinist anti-Semitic purge that took place 68 years to the day from the date of his birth.

1884: In Telšiai, Lithuania, Isaac Noyk and Esther Chana Ravid gave birth to Michael Noyk who became a solicitor and Irish republican political leader.

1884: Leading Chicago businessman Morris L. Cohn was arraigned today and held for trial in lieu of $10,000 bond on numerous charges of forgery that included his issuance of $15,000 in bogus notes.

1885: Americans living Haifa write today that their “colony” in that city “is well known as an industrious, intelligent and law abiding community and the members of it are justly entitled to the full protection of their government…The time has come when it is absolutely necessary for the United States government to take a firm stand against the aggressive and illegal policy of the Turkish authorities.”  (As reported by Ruth Kark and Seth Frantzman)

1885: Birthdate of Russian native Samuel Maurice Pearl, who came to Boston in 1901, earned a medical degree from Tufts University and practiced medicine in Boston where he also served as a “trustee with B’nai B’rith.

1887: Congregation Keneseth Israel of Philadelphia, PA made a payment of $152 to the Union of American Hebrew Congregations.

1887: Seymour Bottigheimer the son of Ellis Bottigheimer of Richmond, VA turned celebrated his sixteenth birthday today while waiting to find out if he had been admitted to Hebrew Union College.

1888: It was reported today that the Sanitarium for Hebrew Children will be providing another free excursion for sick children under the age of six later this month.

1888: In St. Paul, MN, Silas Abraham Vehon and Anna Vehon gave birth to Isadore Vehon who was a merchant in Salina, KS and the husband of Josephine Bondy.

1890: The Lord Mayor of London announced that “inquiries into the persecution of the Jews of Russia give reason to believe that the Government’s edicts will not be enforced.” (He was wrong)

1890: Birthdate of Al Goodman. Born in Nikopol Russia, he was the orchestra leader for the NBC Comedy Hour, a show that dominated Sunday nights during the early 1950’s.

1891: In Russayn, Meyer Cohen and Rebecca Benyash gave birth to Canadian lawyer and professor Joseph Cohen

1892: In Canada, Judge Dugas ordered the extradition of two Jews - Harris Blank and Charles Rosenweigh - who are accused of murdering a Jewish peddler named Jacob Marks in Towanda, PA.

1892: Davis Rubenstein, a Russian Jew who lives at 183 Clinton Street lodged a complaint against Berman’s butcher shop at 9 Suffolk Street for the sale of “impure food.”

1893: Birthdate of Elmira, NY, native Irwin Wallace Alpert, the orthopedic surgeon educated at Union College and the University of Buffalo.

1893: In New Orleans, Maximilian Heller, the rabbi at Temple Sinai and a leading member of the Reform movement and Ida Annie Heller gave birth to Isaac Sherck Heller

1893: Birthdate of sculptor Bashka Paeff, the native of Minks who began her training at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design and created such works as the “Lexington Militia Man” relief.

1894(10thof Av, 5654): The 9th of Av fell on Shabbat so Tish’a B’Av is observed today

1895: Felix Fader who was found selling calico from a pushcart on Mulberry Street, Nathan Rablowitz who was caught selling dry goods at his store on Grand Street, Abraham Wolf who was arrested for selling three hats on Bowery and Max Rothman who was arrested for selling underwear from a wheelbarrow on Catherine Street went to court and pleaded that they observed the Jewish Sabbath which meant they should not have been arrested for violating the Sunday Closing Laws.  The court “overruled their plea that they worked on the Christian Sunday they must do so quietly.” This downturn was consistent with the downturn for all immigrant groups.

1897: At Temple Emanuel, Rabbi Gustav Gottheil will officiate at the funeral of the late Moses Schloss the life-long Republican businessman who had served as the Congregation’s Vice President as well as President of the Hebrew Theological Institute.  He was predeceased by his wife of 56 years, Amalia Water, the daughter of I.D. Walter.  He is survived by his bother Philip and his son Israel,

1897: A summary of immigration statistics published today showed that 22,750 Russian Jews had arrived in the United States as of the fiscal year ending June 30, 1897.  This compared with 45,137 Russian Jews who had arrived in the United States for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1896.

1897: Two days after he had passed away “in his 47thyear,” Michael Isaacs was buried today at the Plashet Jewish Cemetery in London.1898: An armistice took effect ending the Spanish-American War. “In the Spanish-American War, Jews once again demonstrated that they are willing and ready to fight and serve in defense of our country. When the battleship Main was sunk on February 15, 1898, there were 15 Jewish sailors who went down with the ship. The executive officer of the Maine, and later a vice admiral in the United States Navy, was Adolph Marix, a Jew. Marix was the chairman of a board of inquiry to investigate the mysterious sinking of the Maine. It is interesting to note that his father was an interpreter in the Lincoln Administration and that Abraham Lincoln appointed Adolph Marix to the United States Naval Academy. When the United States declared war against Spain on April 21, 1898, the first volunteer was Colonel Joseph M. Heller, who left a thriving medical practice to become an acting assistant surgeon in the Army. About 5,000 Jews served in this war. When the Jewish High Holy Days were approaching in 1898, there were 4,000 requests for furloughs to attend services. There were indeed 30 Jewish Army officers and 20 more in the Navy in the Spanish-American War. Jewish casualties ran high for the percentage of Jews in the service. Twenty-nine were killed, 47 wounded, and 28 died from disease - for a total of 104. Corporal Ben Prager received the Silver Star Medal for his bravery in the Philippines in 19 skirmishes and engagements. The official citation describes his accomplishments: "When the engagement was fully opened up, Corporal Benjamin Prager and seven other soldiers from Companies A and L, 19th United States Infantry, moved out and charged the enemy ... and after twice charging in the face of heavy fire, succeeded in dislodging the enemy and putting the entire force to rout. With true soldierly spirit, the success was followed up and the enemy was driven out of the city across the river and mountains." Colonel Teddy Roosevelt commanded the Rough Riders, which included a large number of Jews. The first Rough Rider killed was a 16-year-old Jewish boy, Jacob Wilbusky. Colonel Roosevelt promoted five men in his command for their bravery in the field without knowledge of their religion. One of them was a Jew. Sergeant Maurice Joost of the First California Volunteers, a regiment that had more than 100 Jewish soldiers, was the first man to fall in the attack on Manila. There were 280,000 American soldiers in this war, which was four-tenths of I percent of the population. Jewish soldiers were one-half of I percent of the American Jewish population; therefore, Jews served in greater proportion than did the remainder of the nation's citizens.”

1898: Birthdate of actor Oscar Homolka who was not Jewish but whose first wife was Jewish and who left for Great Britain when the Nazis came to power.

1899: In Rennes, France, the President of the Court returned Dreyfus’ salute for the first time marking a shift in the tone of the Court Martial which indicates the Jewish Captain will be acquitted.

1899: “Third Zionist Congress” published today identified the “two chief questions” that will be discussed at the upcoming meeting in Basel, Switzerland which relate to the settlement in Palestine and the “financing of trust company” which will further that endeavor.

1899: Five thousand “enthusiastic” Jews gather in London this evening to express their sympathy with Captain Dreyfus.

1899: Herzl travels to Darmstadt and is received by the Grossherzog of Hessen, brother-in-law of the Czar. Herzl asks him to recommend the "Chartered Company" to the Czar.

1899: “Dreyfusites Ask Full Publicity” published today described the demand of Dreyfus’ supporters that that the secret dossier which was used to convict him should be made public so that everybody can see the obvious forgeries and understand that he was framed by the military.

1899: Jacob Adler performed the role of King Lear at the People’s Theatre, a Jewish playhouse located in the Bowery.

1900: A Garden Party was held in Regent's Park during Herzl’s visit to Great Britain.

1900(17th of Av, 5660): The Father of Modern Chess, Wilhelm Steinitz, passed away.  Born in the Jewish Ghetto in Prague, in 1836, Steinitz began his professional career as a journalist.  He won his first major chess tournament in Vienna in 1861.  This marked the beginning of his domination of the game that would continue almost up to the time of his death.

1902(9th of Av, 5662): Tisha’ B’Av

1902: In Dallas, TX, Rabbi Simon Glazer and Ida Cantor Glazer gave birth to B. Benedict Glazer, the both Charles and Aubrey Glazer, who followed in his father’s footsteps after being ordained at HUC, leading congregations in New York and Detroit, Michigan where he also served on the state’s Commission on Civil Rights.

1905: Birthdate of Chicago native Ruben Grossman, who moved to Palestine in 1929 where as Ruven Avinoam he taught English literature at Hezliyyah high school, became a published author, serve as “supervisor of English studies at the Israel Ministry of Defense” and raised a son Noam, an author who died in the War of Independence.

1908(15th of 5658): Tu B’Av is observed for the last time during the Presidency of Theodore Roosevelt.

1910: Jews in Serres, Salonica protested against the use of the 200-year-old Jewish cemetery site for the construction of a new hospital. The plan was later abandoned. 

1911: It was reported today that “in a recent address Czar Ferdinand of Bulgaria said that he hoped the Jews would always regarded as political equals in that country…”

1911: It was reported today due to “constant persecution,” one hundred Persian Jewish families from Shiraz “who have lost their homes” “have petitioned the Jews of London” for funds to help them emigrate to Palestine.

1911(18th of Av, 5671): Eighty-seven year old Dutch painter Jozef Israëls whose works included “David Singing Before Saul” and “Jewish Wedding” painted in 1903  passed away today

1912:Yankee Guy Zinn sets a record by stealing home twice in the same game.

1912: On his 50th birthday Julius “Rosenwald made a dramatic entry into large-scale philanthropy” wheh he “announced he would be giving away close to $700,000 (about $16 million in current dollars), and encouraged other wealthy individuals to support good causes of their own. “Give While You Live,” was his slogan.”

1912(29th of Av, 5672): Twenty-seven year old Chester H. Brunswick, the “Deputy Harbor and Wharf Commissioner” passed away today in St. Louks.

1912: In Worcester, MA, Benjamin Rabinovitch and his wife gave birth to author and screenwriter Samuel Michael Fuller the decorated member of the Army’s famous First Division which he immortalized in “The Big Red One,” the popular name for his WW II unit

1912: Birthdate of Max I Dimont, the native of Helsinki who moved to Cleveland as a teenager and wrote <u>Jews, God and History</u> while spending 35 years working for Edison Brothers.

1912: Birthdate of Whitney Harris, one of the prosecutors who brought high-ranking Nazi war criminals to justice at the Nuremberg trials and who, a half-century later, was a significant voice in the creation of the International Criminal Court.

1913(9th of Av, 5673): Tish’A B’Av

1914: As Europe stumbles its way into what will become World War I with all of its negative consequences for Jews Britain (and therefore the British Empire) declares war on Austria-Hungary.

1914:  “Jewish historian Gustav Mayer…found his father bewailing the collapse of business as his drapery shop in Berlin’s Zehlendorf.  (As reported by Max Hastings)

1915: In Wennetka, a suburb of Chicago Alfred Samuel Alschuler, Sr. and Rose Alice Alschuler, the daughter of Charles and Mary Haas, gave birth to Richard Haas Alschuler

1915: At the Dardanelles, during the Gallipoli campaign, for the first time a ship was sunk by torpedo from a British seaplane

1915: Sixty year old Eli Pochansky, “an Orthodox Jewish father” who believes that smoking  cigarettes on the Sabbath is a sin deserving of severe punishment” appeared in Tombs Court today “on a charge of assaulting members of his family who do not conform to his views.”

1916: Isaac Don Levine, the Russian born American newspaperman who covered the Russian Revolution for the New York Herald Tribune described a meeting of the ruling Cabinet held in July where discussion of the “Jewish Question” included approval of the abolishment of the Pale of Settlement and agreement to discuss it further when “the Minister of Finances, Pierre Bark and the Imperial Controller N.N. Pokrovsky return from abroad.”

1916: At a farewell luncheon at the City Club, “Abram I. Elkus, the newly appointed Ambassador to Turkey, told Jewish editors and educators” including Herman Bernstein “that serious problems awaited him in Turkey but he hoped to to solve them to the satisfaction of the Administration and of his friends.”

1916: “Italian troops landed at Salonika” home to an ancient Jewish community that would be wiped in the Shoah, and joined in the fighting with Allied forces.

1916:  In the aftermath of the Battle of Romani, the first clear victory by Allied troops over the Ottomans, the Anzac Mounted Division entered Bir el Abd and found that the Austrians, Turks and Germans had withdrawn and was head back to El Arish and beyond.

1917: It was reported today that, “following the example set by Nathan Straus who has offered his New York City home for sale for the benefit of Jewish war sufferers, Mrs. Charles Brady of Rock Island, Illinois has given away her jewels with the idea that they will be sold and the proceeds given to the Central Jewish Relief Committee” which is attempting to raise $10,000,000 under the leadership of Harry Fischel who is the treasurer.

1917: “About 100 Palestine Jews, principally the wives and children of men who were naturalized years ago in the United States arrived” in Berne, Switzerland “today from Jerusalem on their way to New York.”

1918: Birthdate of Sanford Daniel Garelik, the Bronx native whom became the first Jew to serve as Chief Inspector in the New York Police Department (As reported by Matt Flegenheimer)

1918: Birthdate of Sidney “Sid” Bernstein the “impresario whose long career included bringing the Beatles to Carnegie Hall in 1964 and Shea Stadium in 1965.” (As reported by Allan Kozinin)

1918: The “announcement of the decision of the Prussian Foreign Minister that Jewish laborers will not be admitted to Germany from the East has caused resentment in all Jewish circles especially in Austria” where the realization has set in that while “Russia has abolished all laws placing limitations on Jews” “Germany is the only European state which wises to drive out the Jews.”

1918: General John Monash was knighted as a Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath on the battlefield by King George V following the successful Battle of Amiens. (Monash was Jewish; King George wasn’t)

1918(4th of Elul, 5678): Anna Held Polish-born, American actress and singer, passed away.  Held is variously described as the mistress and/or common-in-law wife of Flo Ziegfeld.  Reportedly, she collaborated with Ziegfeld on the creation of his famed Follies review. She was 46 when she died of cancer. 

1920: “Colonel Harry Cutler” who has been “named by Secretary Baker” to serve “on the War Memorial Commission left for Europe” today aboard the SS Imperator.

1921: Following an earlier donation by Mrs. Nathan Straus of jewels valued at $18,500 to the “Zionist Organization of America for medical and health services in Palestine, today, “Nathan Straus presented eight milk stations and a pasteurization laboratory” to the city of New York.

1922: Birthdate of Holocaust survivor and Polish journalist, Leopold Unger.        

1924: Moshav Magdi'el (now part of Hod Hasharon) was founded. A Moshav is a form of collective settlement.  Unlike the Kibbutz, the Moshav allowed for more private ownership.  Hod Hashron has grown into a modern city in the Central District of Israel.

1927: Birthdate of cellist Mstislav Rostropovich winner of theJewish National Fund 1987 Man of the Year and the Humanitarian Award from the United Jewish Appeal Federation

1930:  Birthdate of millionaire businessman George Soros.  Soros has had a minimal involvement with Jews and Jewish causes.  In a 1993 speech he essentially blamed Jews for anti-Semitism.  He said that the rise in European anti-Semitism was just the result of Israel’s policies.  He refers to the country as Palestine.  The head of the Anti-Defamation League described his views as obscene.

1931: In Highland Park, Illinois, Marion (née Weil) and Maurice Clarence Goldman gave birth to author

William Goldman, whose works included <u>Marathon Man </u>and <u>Princess Bride.</u>

1931:Louis Lipsky, former president of the Zionist Organization of America, returned today aboard the White Star liner Homeric from Europe where he had attended the World Zionist Congress, held recently at Basle, Switzerland.

1931: “Following the death of President George Cowen and the resignation of Sigmund T. Hess, Walter T. Kohn was elected president of Temple Beth Miriam in Long Branch, NJ.

1931: Martha and Jackie Fields, the winner of two boxing world championships were joined in a marriage today which did not last since they separated in 1940 and divorced in 1944.

1935: Birthdate of Joan Hamburg, “New York Radio’s First Lady” and the first cousin of Arthur Liman.

1936: In Vienna, Ernest and Mimi Hausner gave birth to Evelyn Hausner, the Austrian born refugee who gained fame as Evelyn Lauder, the wife of Leonard Lauder.

1936: Today, New York City “Mayor La Guardia accepted…membership on a committee sponsoring the publication of the United Palestine Appear Year Book for 1936 which will aid the $3,500,000 campaign for the settlement in Palestine of Jews from Germany, Poland and other lands” writing to the committee that “the regeneration of Palestine through the settling of more than 30,000 refugees from Germany is a warning to oppressors and tyrants.”

1936: “A proposal was made today to finance by an individual tax the permanent world organization that the World Jewish Congress is meeting” at Geneva “to create” while “the boycott commission agreed today to recommend that the Jewish congress endorse the German boycott, establish a special department to extend and strengthen this boycott and issue economic reports exposing subsidies for products made in Germany.”1937: The British Colonial Secretary, Mr. W.G.A. Ormsby-Gore, declared in Geneva, during the deliberations of the League of Nations Permanent Mandates Commission, that he was told by Dr. Chaim Weizmann that the political resolution adopted by the 20th Zionist Congress opened the door to negotiations for giving effect to the Peel Commission¹s proposals for the partition of Palestine and that talks on this subject would start at the conclusion of the September sessions of the League of Nations Council. Reports from Damascus indicated that Syria had become the center of activity for the training of armed men, the future leaders of the Palestine Arab uprising. The recent attack on Kfar Menahem was a trial measure perpetrated by such roving terrorist bands. The Arab Higher Committee denied that foreign money donations were used to carry out such military and sabotage training, carried out in preparations for future disturbances. 

1937: “A contract was drawn up today requesting ‘musical dramatic work…suitable for radio broadcasting” that would result in Marc Blitzstein creating “I’ve Got the Tune,” an opera dedicated to Orson Wells for CBS Radio.

1937: A proposal to settle 200,000 Jews in Palestine within the next three years, involving an investment of about $175,000,000, was laid before the World Zionist Congress today. The proposal was made by Elieser Kaplal, treasurer of the Zionist executive committee, who said American Jewry was expected to contribute $2,000,000 to the Zionist movement and Palestine fund in the current fiscal year.

1938(15th of Av, 5698): Tu B’Av

1938(15th of Av, 5698): Seventy-four year old German born Egyptologist Ludwig Borchardt who married Emilie (Mimi) Cohen, the daughter of artist Eduard Cohn, in 1903, and was involved in the excavations of the Pyramid of Sahure and Amana where the bust of Nefertiti was found passed away today in Paris.

1939: In Greenwich, CT, Walter E. Sachs, an investment banker with Benjamin & Sachs married actress Mary Williamson.

1939: Birthdate of David Jacobs, the Baltimore screenwriter who created “Dallas” the prime-time CBS soap opera that made JR Ewing a household name.

1939: “The Spy in Black” produced by Alexander Korda with a screenplay by Emeric Pressburger was released in the United Kingdom today by Columbia Pictures.

1940(8th of Av, 5700): Erev Tish'a B'Av

1940: In New York City, Ruth (née Goldberg) Kostner and her husband, Wall Street executive Theodore Kostner, gave birth to Gail Kostner who gained fame as screenwriter and author Gail Parent.

1941: In Vire, France, Abraham Drucker and his wife gave birth to television executive Jean Drucker, the brother television host Michel Rucker and Professor of Medicine Jacques Drucker and the father of journalist Marie Drucker.

1941(19th of Av, 5701): Nazis began the systematic murder of the Jews of Dvinsk, Latvia.

1941: The House of Representative votes to extend the first peace time conscription bill.  Proponents of the bill prevailed by one vote.  This one-vote victory was one of Sam Rayburn’s proudest legislative accomplishments.  If the bill had not passed, the United States would have been in the process of disbanding its newly created military force just at the moment when the Japanese were attacking Pearl Harbor.  One can only imagine of how much longer World War II would have lasted and how many more than six million Jews would have perished in a prolonged Holocaust.

1941: “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” the movie version of the 19th century novella with a script co-authored by Samuel Hoffenstein, music by Franz Waxman and filmed by cinematographer Joseph Ruttenberg was released in the United States today.

1942: Despite a campaign under the leadership of Hashomer Hatzair activist Zvi Dunski to stay away, “all the remaining Jews in Bedzin, Sosnowiec and Dabrowa Gornicza, the three neighboring towns located in the Zaglebie district in southwest Poland reported to the soccer field in Sosnowiec, where instead of having their papers revalidated they were subjected to “a large selection resulting in the deportation of 8,000 to Auschwitz.”

1942: Eighty-seven year old Jacob Gould Schurman who as President of Cornell University in 1905 sent a check to Jacob H. Schiff “for the fund in relief of the suffering Jews of Russia” along with a letter saying “The atrocities of the Russian mob have been beyond all description or imagination” and that it was his prayer “that the Christians of America may…remember with compassion and help with the generous contributions their sorely stricken Jewish brethren in Russia” passed away today.

1942(29th of Av, 5702): Fifty-six year old pioneering psychoanalyst Sabin Spielrein was murdered by the Nazis at Rostov-on-Don.

1944: Members of the 16th SS-Panzergrenadier Division “Reichsfuehrer SS,” killed more than 500 civilians in the Tuscan Village of Sant’Anna di Stazzema (As reported by David Rising)

1944: Birthdate of American actor Bruce Solomon who appropriately played Rabbi David Small in the television series “Lanigan’s Rabbi.”

1944(23rd of Av, 5704): Berl Katznelson “one the intellectual founders of Labor Zionism, instrumental to the establishment of the modern State of Israel, and the editor of Davar, the first daily newspaper of the workers' movement,” passed away today. “He was born in Bobruysk, Russia in 1887, and dreamed of settling in the Jewish homeland from an early age. In Russia, he was a librarian in a Hebrew-Yiddish library and taught Hebrew literature and Jewish history. He made aliyah to Ottoman Palestine in 1909, where he worked in agriculture and took an active role in organizing workers' federations based on the idea of "common work, life and aspirations." With Meir Rothberg, Katznelson founded the consumer co-operative known as Hamashbir Latzarhan. He helped to establish the Kupat Holim Clalit sick fund, a major fixture in Israel's network of socialized medicine. He was the editor of the newspaper, Davar, as well as the founder and first editor-in-chief of the Am Oved publishing house.” Katznelson was buried in the cemetery on the shores of the Sea of Galilee.

1944: “Just days before the liberation of Paris” 39 year old Suzanne Spaak, the lady of luxury who joined the joined Leopold Trepper’s “Red Orchestra and saved 163 Jewish children from sent to the death camps before being captured, tortured and murdered by the Nazis – actions for which she recognized by Yad Vashem as a Righteous Among the Nations – “was executed by the Gestapo today.


1944: Birthdate of Jersey City, NJ native Steven Katz, the hold of Ph.D. from Cambridge (UK) who has served as “the director Wiesel Center for Judaic Studies” at Boston University.

1945: In Brooklyn, Henry Rascoff, a pediatrician, and the former Minna Martz, a criminal lawyer gave birth to Joseph Fishel Rascoff the accountant who “became the business manager and tour producer of the Rolling Stone, U2 and Paul Simon. (As reported by Richard Sandomir)


1945: From Halkis, Greece it was reported, "The one man capable of teaching Hebrew and Judaism, Rabbi Davidson Matsa and his wife and 6 children have recently left for Janina, where he hopes to function as rabbi. He originally came from Janina. Individual Jews are trying to fill his place by carrying on religious activities in the Synagogue." 

1946(15thof Av, 5706): Tu B’Av

1946: President Harry Truman sent a telegram rejecting the ”Morris-Grady” plan because it would turn the Jewish zone in Palestine into “a ghetto” and “a betrayal” of promises made to the Jews and to Jewish aspirations for a homeland.

1946: Birthdate of New York native William D. Rubenstein, the Swarthmore and Johns Hopkins University trained historian who has taught in Great Britain and Australia and is the author of <u>Men of Property: The Very Wealthy in Britain Since the Industrial Revolution.</u>

1948: The first diplomatic envoy of the United States arrived in Israel

1948: The Czech government ordered a halt to arms shipment to Israel.  The new Communist Czech government’s policy was conforming to the increasing anti-Israel policy of their Soviet masters.  

1948(7th of Av, 5708): Three Jewish soldiers, Moshe Eliash, Alfred Rabinowitz and Pinah Solevetchik, were killed when Arab Legion shells fell on Mount Zion.

1948: “Arab Legion forces blew up the Latrun water pumping station” forcing Jewish Jerusalem to rely on private cisterns for its water supply.

1949: In Glasgow, Scotland Erwin Knopfler a Jewish refugee Hungary and Louisa Mary gave birth to rock musician Mark Freuder Knopfler

1949(17th of Av, 5709): Eighty-one year old Al Shean the German born Jewish comedian who was the “Shean” in the vaudeville team of Gallagher and Shean passed away.  (Editor’s note – is comedy genetic; Shean was the brother of Minnie Marx meaning he was the uncle of the Marx brothers)

1950: Riots broke out at Kikar HaShabbat (Sabbath Square) in Jerusalem when members of the Haredi community clashed with youth from Hashomer Hatzair who were upset by the problems they were having delivering milk from their farms.

1950(29thof Av, 5710): Parashat Re’eh

1950(29thof Av, 5710): Fifty-nine year old Austrian native Morris Jacobovits, who served as a rabbi in Cologne and Strasbourg as well as a chaplain in the French Army and worked with “the French Underground and various American relief organizations” to help adults and children regardless of religion during the occupation before escaping to Switzerland with his family and finally arriving in New York where he was serving “Congregation K’hall Adath Jeshurun” when he passed away today.


1950: After 581 performances, the curtain came down today at the Broadhurst Theatre on the original Broadway production of “Detective Story” written by Sidney Kingsley and in which Lee Grant “earned praise for her role as a shoplifter.”

1951(10th of Av, 5711):  Since the 9thof Av fell on Shabbat, observance of Tish'a B'Av

1951: Joseph B. Levin was designated Assistant Director of Office of Opinion Writing at the Securities and Exchange Commission.

1952: The government withdrew from the Knesset the bill granting the World Zionist Organization a special status, as “the representative of the Jewish people.” The government felt that there were many Jews and Jewish organizations in the world which were not a part of the Zionist movement and who had no intention of joining it, and yet they were interested and working for Israel. The government did not wish to do anything to lessen their goodwill or to interfere with their direct connection with the State. It was, however, prepared to support a corrected version of the WZO status. A new, blue Israeli passport was shown to the press for the first time.

1952: “Park Row” a drama directed, produced and written by Samuel Fuller was released in the United States today.

1952(21st of Av, 5712): In what was part of a wave of post-war anti-Semitism, 24 of the foremost Yiddish writers of Russia were executed by the Soviet Government. Among the victims were Peretz Markish, David Bergelson, Itzik Fefer, Leib Kwitko, David Hofstein,Benjamin Zuskin, Solomon Lozovsky and Boris Shimeliovich


1956: William Shatner married Gloria Rand.

1957(15th of Av, 5717): Tu B’Av

1957: “Chances Are” a popular song with lyrics by Al Stillman was released today.

1958: In New York, psychologist Sally Landsburg and Alan Landsburg gave birth to actress Valerie Landsburg “best known for her role as Doris Schwartz in the 1982 television series ‘Fame.’”

1961: Dr. Arthur G. King wrote to Dr. Jacob R. Marcus discussing “the origin of the Jewish cemetery located in the Cincinnati, Ohio suburb of Clifton.

1962: Birthdate of David Horovitz, the London born Israeli journalist who made Aliyah in 1983 and founded the newly created The Times of Israel.

1964: “The Patsy” a comedy directed by Jerry Lewis who co-wrote the script and co-starred along with Ina Balin, Phil Foster and Peter Lorre was released in the United States today.

1964:  Ellen Siegel, a “Freedom Summer volunteer” wrote a letter today in which she said, ““For the first time in my life, I am seeing what it is like to be poor, oppressed, and hated. And what I see here does not apply only to Gulfport or to Mississippi or even to the South … The people we’re killing in Viet Nam are the same people whom we’ve been killing for years in Mississippi. True, we didn’t tie the knot in Mississippi and we didn’t pull the trigger in Viet Nam—that is, we personally—but we’ve been standing behind the knot-tiers and the trigger-pullers too long.” (JWA)

1965: In Tel Aviv, “the $150,000 Anna Lazaroff Synagogue of the Lubavitcher Vocational Schools in Kfar Chabad, created with contributions from a number of American Jewish families, was dedicated today.” (JTA)

1970: “Soldier Blue” a movie based on the Sand Creek Massacre produced by Harold Loeb and co-starring Peter Strauss was released today in the United States.

1971:  Birthdate of actor Michael Ian Black

1971: “The Black Belly of the Tarantula” an Italian horror film featuring Barbara Bach was released today.

1972(2nd of Elul, 5732): Sixty-two year old Richard “Dick” Fishel who played halfback for Syracuse in the 1930’s and then turned pro as a linebacker with the Brooklyn Dodgers football team passed away today.

1976(14th of Av, 5733): Sixty-three year old Harry A. Pearson the graduate of Cooper Union and NYU and director of research for the Sontone Coporation passed away today in White Plains, NY five days after his birthday.

1976: “The Israeli Ministry of Commerce and Industry” announced today that “an agreement had been worked out between the Government and Ted Ashley, the Chairman of the Board of Warner Bros., to produce a film about the” rescue “of more than 100 Israeli hostages” who had been “held last month in a hijacked Air France plane at Entebbe Airport in Uganda.

1976: Daniel P. Moynihan said today “that the United Nations was lax in combating terrorism and pointed to the Istanbul bombing…as proof of the need for the ‘world’s democracies’ to form an ‘international force to do the job.”

1976: First Lady Betty Ford “shook hands with the 160 members” of “the national board of Hadassah” who attended a reception in the Blue Room where they enjoyed “tea, pastries and string ensemble music.”

1976: In Istanbul, the state prosecutor said tonight that “two Palestinian terrorist will face the death penalty in a Turkish court on charges stemming from their attack at Istanbul airport” where they killed four and wounded more than thirty people” in a vain attempt to hijack an Israeli airliner”

1979(19th of Av, 5739): Ernst Boris Chain German-born biochemist and recipient of the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 1945 passed away.

1988: “Tucker: The Man and His Dream” a biopic comedy written by Arnold Schulman and David Seidler and co-starring Martin Landau was released in the United States today.

1990: Iraq President Saddam Hussein says he is ready to resolve the Gulf crisis if Israel withdraws from occupied territories.  Of course, invading Kuwait had nothing to do with Israel, but Israel is always a good smoke screen when Arab dictators are up to devious deeds.

1991(2nd of Elul, 5751): Yeruham Cohen, an early Israeli undercover soldier, died on today, at the age of 75 years. “Mr. Cohen, an Arabic-speaker of Yemeni origin, died of an unspecified illness. He was a top aide to the commander of Israel's underground forces during the country's war for independence in 1948 and also belonged to a unit whose members disguised themselves as Arabs to infiltrate enemy lines.  Mr. Cohen is most famous for his acquaintance with Gamal Abdel Nasser of Egypt, whom he met in 1948 during the Israeli war for independence while Israeli forces encircled Egyptian troops the southern Negev. According to historical accounts, Mr. Cohen saw the future President while watching the Egyptians retreat, shouted and ran toward him, and they shook hands warmly.

1992: NBC begins broadcasting season four of “Seinfeld.”

1997(9th of Av, 5757): Tish’a B’Av

1999(30th of Av, 5759): Rosh Chodesh Elul

1999(30th of Av, 5759): Eight-two year old character actor Ross Elliot passed away today.

2000: Television wizard Steve Bocho, whose hits included “Hill Street Blue” re-married today.

2001: The New York Timesbook section featured reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or of special interest to Jewish readers including <u>Houdini’s Box: The Art of Escape</u> by Adam Phillips, a children’s book entitled <u>Sigmund Freud Pioneer of the Mind</u> by Catherine Reef and two books about Nixon’s Jewish born Secretary of State: <u>The Trial of Henry Kissinger</u> by Christopher Hitchens and <u>No Peace No Honor: Nixon, Kissinger, and Betrayal in Vietnam</u> by Larry Berman.

2001: Palestinian Islamic Jihad took credit for today’s bombing at the Wall Street Café in Kiryat Motzkin that injured 21 people. (According to other sources one person was killed and fifteen were injured.)

2003(14th of Av, 5763): Eighteen year old Erez Hershkovitz and twenty-two year old Amatzia Nisanevitch were murdered by a Hamas terrorist bomber.

2003(14th of Av, 5763): Forty-three year old Yehezkel (Hezi) Yekutieli was murder today by terrorist suicide bomber at Rosh HaAyin.

2004(25th of Av, 5764): Thirty year old Capt. Michael Y. Tarlavsky was killed today when his unit was attacked in Najaf, Iraq.(As reported by Maia Efrem)

2005:  A report in the Jerusalem Post concerning absenteeism among workers may come as a surprise to some Americans.  For the first seven months of 2005, the rate of absenteeism was higher among men than women.  There was no explanation for this reverse in the statistical model from past years.  The report also revealed that absenteeism rates rise when economic conditions improve.  During economic slowdowns workers are loathe to be away from work for fear of being replaced. 

2005:  It was announced at Texas Tech University that an article about co-option for which Michael Levin was the lead author was accepted for inclusion to the American Marketing Association's Winter Educators Conference which is the top conference for strategists.

2005: Today, the Younker’s main store in downtown Des Moines which had been operating at the 7th and Walnut Streets location since 1899 when it moved there “by three Polish Jewish immigrant brothers Lipman, Samuel, and Marcus Younker” was closed today

2005: Reuben Greenberg resigned as Chief of Police in Charleston, SC.

2006(18th of Av, 5766): Staff Sgt. Uri Grossman, 20, the son of renowned novelist and peace activist David Grossman was killed in Lebanon, just days after his father made a public call for the government to halt its military operation and enter negotiations.

2007: The Sunday New York Times book section features reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or of special interest to Jewish readers including <u>How American Grew From Sea to Shining</u> by Jewish Pulitzer Prize winning author Richard Kluger and <u>The Man In The White Sharkskin Suit</u> by Lucette Lagnado in which she “chronicles her Jewish family’s flight from the rise of Nasser.”

2007: The Chicago Sun Timesbook section featured a Q&A with Gail Carson Levine author of <u>Fairy Haven and the Quest for the Wand </u>and a review of <u>What Goes Up</u> by Eric J. Weiner.

2007: In a story entitled, “A Museum to Get Lost In, And How Israel Is Fixing It” the New York Times describes “an $80 million expansion and renovation that will transform the way a visitor navigates and experiences” the Israel Museum, “

2007(28th of Av, 5767): Eighty-six year old Dr. Ralph Asher Alpher, author of the Big Bang Theory, passed away.

2007: The City of Toronto “granted a closure of Bloor Street between Bathurst and Markham Streets to accommodate a celebration in honor of Ed Mirvish” the late Canadian “businessman, philanthropist and theatrical impresario.”

2008: In Little Rock, AR at the Chabad House, second session of From Ruins to Glory, a course of study based on a virtual tour of the Temple

2008:Rabbi David Loksen and Rabbi Shmulie Hecht, of the Brooklyn, New York-based Chabad Lubavitch Jewish Community Enrichment Program who are volunteers with Chabad Hawaii, leave Guam.  They have been working with the island’s small Jewish community since July 22, 2008

2008:Two Israeli physicians were dispatched to Georgia to treat Yedioth Aharonot journalist Zadok Yehezkeli, who was seriously wounded in Gori when shrapnel from an artillery shell, reportedly fired by the Russians, hit him.

2008: General Norton A. Schwartz became the 19th Chief of Staff of the U.S. Air Force and the first Jew to hold that position.

2008: Janet Jagan was lected as editor of the PPP newspaper, Thundertoday.

2009:Tzfat [Safed] Klezmer Festival comes to a close.

2009: Two Israelis were lightly wounded in a shooting attack in the northern West Bank tonight, according to the IDF. An initial investigation established that two of three young passengers driving in a car near the settlement of Ma'ale Levona, near Nablus, were lightly injured when Palestinians in a passing car opened fire on them.

2009: The youth movement Habonim Dror, a driving force behind the popular campaign for Gilad Schalit's return, organized a global prayer for the captured IDF soldier's safe return the focus of which was a communal service held at the Western Wall tonight at time that coincided with the soldier's 23rd birthday according to the Hebrew calendar.

2010: YAD Detroit Book Club Cluster is scheduled to discuss <u>The Piano Teacher</u> by Janice Y. K. Lee at the Barnes & Noble Book Store in West Bloomfield, Michigan.

2011:A special performance by Makela, DC’s co-ed Jewish a cappella group, is scheduled to take place at the Sixth &I Historic Synagogue.

2011:Tel Aviv municipal inspectors distributed an eviction notice today to a tent dweller who erected a structure that served as a kitchen and storage room at the Nordau Boulevard tent city in north Tel Aviv. 2011: A hearing to discuss political redistricting in the Baltimore area began this evening at 6:30 p.m.  The hearing was originally scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. but was changed to the earlier time to accommodate Jewish citizens who need to be at home or in their synagogues to mark the start of Shabbat.  Like all other citizens, Jews can e-mail in their testimony.

2011: The New York Daily News published the first interview that Levi Aron, the man charged with killing 8 year old Leib Kletzky, has given to the media.

2012: The New York Timesfeatures reviews of books written by Jewish authors and/or of special interest to Jewish readers including <u>The Patagonian Hare: A Memoir</u> by Claude Lanzmann and the recently released paperback editions of <u>The Night Circus</u>by Erin Morgenstern and <u>Heddy’s Folly:</u><u> The Life and Breakthrough Inventions of Hedy Lamarr, the Most Beautiful Woman in the World</u> by Richard Rhodes.

2012: The Jewish Community Center of Northern Virginia is scheduled to sponsor a contra-indicated (by the weather) fundraiser – Community Eat-for-Heat featuring a pancake feast and water play.

2012: The Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center is scheduled to present a special screening of “Granito:  How to Nail a Dictator”

2012(24th of Av, 5772): Eighty-five year old comic book artist Joe Kubert passed away today. (As reported Margalit Fox)

2012: The Summer Learning Institute at Hebrew Union College is scheduled to come to an end.   

2012: “Word Games (Mischakei Milim)” is scheduled to be shown at the Abingdon Theatre in NYC

2012: An off-duty female soldier was forced to disembark from a bus before she had completed her journey in order to avoid a verbal assault by ultra-Orthodox passengers who complained about her attire and point of boarding onto the vehicle, Israel Radio reported today

2012: Luiza Nahari, a Yemenite Jew whose husband, Moshe, was murdered in their hometown of Raydah in December 2008, immigrated to Israel this morning with four of her children.Nahari was reunited with her five other children, who had moved to Israel following her husband’s murder.

2012: “More than 1,000 people gathered at Rostov-on-Don, which 70 years ago witnessed the worst Holocaust atrocity in Russia.  Wearing arm bands marked with a Star of David, the crowd today marched to the mass grave of approximately 27,000 people executed by German soldiers near the city in 1942. Most of the victims were Jewish, according to the Russian Jewish Congress. Leading the procession was Rabbi Meir Lau, a Holocaust survivor and former chief rabbi of Israel. “The unprecedented turnout shows the memory of the Jewish genocide in Rostov is shared and preserved by Jews and non-Jews,” Russian Jewish Congress President Yury Kanner said.(As reported by Haaretz)

2013: “The A Word” which tells the story of the Rotenberg clan who live in the Arava desert is scheduled to shown at the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival.

2013: Lisa Levine of the Wharton Business School is scheduled to present “Negotiate with Israelis – Like a Pro!” at Talpiyot Jerusalem.

2013: MK Ayelet Shaked (Bayit Yehudi) today called for implementing the death penalty for terrorists. She said the measure was necessary to ensure that terrorist murderers are "never released." (As reported by David Lev and Ari Soffer)

2013:  The recently deployed Iron Dome anti-missile system intercepted a least one of the rockets that was fired towards Eilat tonight. (As reported by Elad Benari)

2013: The Israel Prisons Service published “the list of the first 26 convicted terrorists who will be released as part of Israel’s confidence-building measures to help the restart of peace talks with the Palestinian Authority. The list included 17 names of prisoners who had murdered Israelis, including Abu-Musa Salam Ali Atia of Fatah, who murdered Holocaust survivor Isaac Rotenberg in a Petah Tikvah construction site in 1994.” (As reported by Haviv Rettig Gur and Aaron Kalman)

2014: In New Orleans Bruce Spizer is scheduled to deliver a lecture at the Uptown JCC on the cause of Beatlemania were the attendees will be able to enjoy a catered kosher lunch.

2014: Tova Birnbaum, Director of the North America Region of the World Zionist Organization, is scheduled to speak on Is Zionism Still Relevant for the Next Generation? with Hadassah’s Lauren Katz.

2014: Prime Minister Netanyahu “summoned senior ministers late tonight to discuss” developments at the Cairo ceasefire talks in what is described as a “preparation talk.” (As reported by Attila Somfalvi)

2014(16thof Av, 5774): Ninety-three year old photographer Lida Moser passed away today.

2014(16thof Av, 5774): A month before her 90th birthday, actress Lauren Bacall, the first cousin of Israeli President Shimon Peres, passed away today.

2014: “Members of the United States Senate are demanding an independent investigation into the role of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency during Israel's most recent war in Gaza with Hamas.” (As reported by Michael Wilner)

2014: New York Governor Mario “Cuomo, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Senate co-leaders Dean Skelos and Jeff Klein are scheduled to travel to Israel” today for a two-day visit as a “demonstration of solidarity” with that country in the conflict in Gaza. (As reported by David Klepper)

2015: The Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education is scheduled to show “The Love Bug” as part of its “August at Noon – Car Movies” program.

2015: “Researchers open 'neglected chapter' of Ukraine's Holocaust history” published today revealed how a “project commemorating the killing of Jews” revealed “tensions between Soviet and modern Ukrainian historical narrative.”

2015: The Thaler Holocaust Programming Committee under the leadership of Dr. Robert Silber is me today in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

2015: Holocaust survivor Peter Kubicek who “calls himself the luckiest man alive” is scheduled to speak at the National Czech & Slovak Museum and Library in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

2015(28thof Av): Yarhrzeit for Larry Rosenstein, of blessed memory, husband of Judy Levin Rosenstein, of blessed memory.  Gone too soon but always remembered! 

2016: Today, “Treasure hunters relaunched their search for a lost Nazi gold train allegedly loaded with loot and buried in southwestern Poland, despite there being no scientific evidence it exists.”

2016: “Israel’s Or Sasson beat Cuba’s Alex Maxell Garcia Mendoza to win a bronze medal in the men’s over-100kg competition at the Rio Games” today,

2016: Diana van den Boogaard and Adam Brown are scheduled to provide a Preview of the 2017 conference to be held at Orlando on the final day of the 36thIAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy in Seattle, Washington.

2016: Flooding began in Baton Rouge, LA, which would eventually cost 34 families in the state capitol’s Jewish community their homes.

2016: “From the Deep” a play “inspired by the story of Gilan Shalit and Israeli POW Ilan Shaiach” is scheduled to open at The Fringe in New York City.

 2017(20th of Av, 5777): Parashat Ekev

2017: Following the June Chicago Dyke March, “when three Jewish participants at the LGBTQ demonstration were ejected for carrying LGBTQ Pride flags adorned with the Star of Daivd

2017: In the Negev, Mitzpe Ramon is scheduled to host “special events in the Spice Route Quarter” complete with telescopes to provide the best possible viewing of the Perseids Meteor Shower which is at its most impressive today organizers of the Slutwalk Chicago used “red umbrellas to block sings being held by Zioness Movement members who had “joined the initial rally in a local park, carrying signs depicting a woman wearing a Star of David necklace and some wearing rainbow-colored T-shirts emblazoned with a Star of David.”

2017: Hatikva 6 is scheduled to host Hanan Ben Ari at the International Jerusalem Arts and Crafts Fair -(the Hutzot Hayotzer festival)

2017: In Weimar, The Yiddish Summer Farewell Ball is scheduled to be held tonight marking the end of YSM 2017.

2017: As Jews observe Shabbat, they mourn the passing at Haifa Erev Shabbat of “Yisrael Kristal, a Holocaust survivor who was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records to be the world’s oldest man who He was one month shy of his 114th birthday. (As reported by Liel Leibovitz)

2018: The New York Times featured reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or of special interest Jewish readers including <u>Famous Father: A Memoir of Group Up Bernstein</u><u> </u>by Jamie Bernstein and <u>Get What’s Yours: The Secrets to Maxing Out Your Social Security </u>co-authored by Laurence J. Kotlikoff

2018(1st of Elul, 5778):  Rosh Chodesh Elul – Blow the shofar for the first time; for more see http://downhomedavartorah.blogspot.com/

2018: Demonstrators who are expected to be carrying Nazi flags as they did last year in Charlottesville, VA are scheduled to take to the streets of Washington, DC

2018: Israeli cellist Inbal Segev is scheduled to perform solo works by 21st century women including “Anna Clyne, Missy Mazzoli, Augusta Reed Thomas and Gity Razaz.”

2018: In Los Angeles, “Yiddishkayt is scheduled to join with the Southern California Arbeter Ring/Workmen’s Circle and the Sholem Community to view the 1925 classic film JEWISH LUCK, with titles in English translation” as part of events marking “the 66th anniversary of Stalin's purge of the members of the Jewish Antifascist Committee and” the 70thanniversary of the “murder of the Committee leader, the great Yiddish actor Shloyme Mikhoels.”




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This Day, August 11, In Jewish History by Mitchell A. Levin

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August 11

1492: Alexander VI is elected Pope.  Alexander was one of the Borgia popes.  He had reputation for “moral depravity” and was more politician than prelate.  He defied Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain by allowing large numbers of Marranos who were fleeing the Inquisition to take refuge in Rome.  He did reduce the size of the badge worn by the Jews under his rule but raised their taxes by five per cent.  He also lengthened the course that the Jews of Rome were forced to run each year so that he could view it from the comfort of his castle.  The Jews were forced to run naked much to the amusement of the Christian population of Rome – the home of Catholicism.  Everything is relative and for all of his shortcomings, Alexander VI’s treatment of the Jews was a lot better than that of the other Catholic strongman of the day, The Grand Inquisitor – Torquemada.

1634: Seventeen arrests were made by the Inquisition after a man turned another man in for being "unwilling to make a sale on Saturday," and for not wanting to eat bacon.

1667(21st of Av, 5427): Jonah Abravanel, a Dutch Jewish poet and author, passed away today at Amsterdam.   “He was the son of the physician Joseph Abravanel, and a nephew of Manasseh ben Israel.”

1770: Moses Mendelssohn and his wife the former Fromet (Frumet) Guggenheim gave birth to Joseph Mendelssohn, their oldest son, founder of the bank Mendelssohn & Co. and along with his sister Recha were the only two of the couple’s six children to remain Jewish.

1772: Following the partition of Poland which gave the Russians a large, unwanted population, Catherine II whom the Boyars call “Great,” issued an order that read, “Jewish communities residing in the towns, cities and territories now incorporated in the Russian Empire shall be left in the enjoyment of all those liberties with regard to their religion and property which they at present possess.” 

1778: Birthdate of Prussian native Friedrich Ludwig Jahn, the German nationalist whose statement in 1810 that "Poles, French, priests, aristocrats and Jews are Germany's misfortune” are an example of views that Peter Vierck among others  claimed made him “the spiritual founder of Nazism” – a claim challenged by the highly respected Jacques Barzun who “observed that Viereck's portrait of cultural trends supposedly leading to Nazism was "a caricature without resemblance" relying on "misleading shortcuts.”

1786: Captain Francis Light establishes the British colony of Penang in Malaysia. The Penang Jewish Cemetery, established in 1805, is believed to be the oldest single Jewish cemetery in Malaysia.  According to legend, the first Jews may have actually come to Malaysia as far back as the 11thcentury.

1793: Thirty-four year old Jacob Aaron who had passed away on Shabbat, was buried today at the Alderney Road Jewish Cemetery in the UK.

1799(10th of Av, 5559): Tish’a B’Av observed for the last time in the 18thcentury

1800: Today, “Benjamin Nones,” who had come to the United States from Bordeaux in 1777 “published a reply to an anonymous anti-Semitic letter which had been printed on August 5 in the Gazette of the United States.

1804: Francis II assumed the title of first Emperor of Austria. When it came to his Jewish subjects, Francis and his chief minister, Metternich followed in the footsteps Maria Theresa and not the more liberal Joseph II.  During his reign ghettos were set up in Austria.  Jews were not allowed to settle in the province of Tyrol.  Stringent restrictions were placed on where Jews could live in Bohemia and Moravia. In Vienna, a special tax was placed on all Jews who entered the capital.   While the Emperor “ennobled a few Jews” he “humiliated” the remainder of the population. Jewish marriages were restricted to the eldest son or those who had enough money to pay large bribes to the appropriate officials.

1810: In Oberdöbling near Vienna, banker Joseph von Henikstein and his wife, the former Elisabeth von Sonnenstein gave birth to Alfred von Henikstein who was baptized as a child making him  the highest ranking officer of Jewish parentage in the Austrian army and chief of staff before the battle of Königgrätz in the Austro-Prussian War

1824: Yitzhak ben Sampson married Perla bat Benjamin today.

1827: Birthdate of Jesse Seligman, the German born American banker and philanthropist whose career began in Alabama and ended in San Francisco, CA.

1828: Birthdate of Edward Salomon a native of Saxony who served as Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin from 1860 to 1862 at which time he became the state’s 8thGovernor when Louis P Harvey drowned in the Tennessee River.

1830(22nd of Av, 5590): Dr. Philip Moses Russell, a native of England who began serving as a medical officer for various units in the Revolutionary War starting in 1775 passed away today.  In addition to his medical work for which he was commended by George Washington, Russell and six other Jews “volunteered as guides to lead the American forces through the woods and swamps in a surprise attempt to recapture British-held Savannah, GA.”

1833: Birthdate of Robert G. Ingersoll, Civil war soldier, orator and defender of agnosticism.  He was the author of “Some Mistakes Moses Made” which begins “For many years I have regarded the Pentateuch simply as a record of a barbarous people, in which are found a great number of the ceremonies of savagery, many absurd and unjust laws, and thousands of ideas inconsistent with known and demonstrated facts. To me it seemed almost a crime to teach that this record was written by inspired men; that slavery, polygamy, wars of conquest and extermination were right, and that there was a time when men could win the approbation of infinite Intelligence, Justice, and Mercy, by violating maidens and by butchering babes.” Ingersoll was not an anti-Semite.  He had a “low opinion” of other religions as well.

1840: Lord Palmerston the British Foreign Secretary wrote a letter to the ambassador in Constantinople that said, “There exists…among the Jews…a strong notion that the time is approaching when their nation is to return to Palestine…. I instruct you… to strongly recommend that the Turkish Government … encourage the Jews of Europe to return to Palestine.”  Palmerston was not philo-Semite or a proto-Zionist.  Rather he was an English statesmen looking to bring what he considered Western civilization to the Orient.

1843(15th of Av, 5603): Tu B’Av

1844: Birthdate of Wilhelm Stern the son of a rabbi in Posen who became a German physician.

1844: Just days before his death, Rabbi Aron Chorin sent an address to the conference of Hungarian rabbis meeting at Páks.

1848: Establishment of The United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia to which Amy Totenberg would be appointed in 2011 making her the first Jewish woman to serve in such a capacity.

1851: In Vienna, Eleanor and Josef Pick gave birth to Leopold Pick

1852: In Bielostok, Russia, Noah Brodsky and his wife gave birth to Hyman Brodsky who “was instrumental in establishing Sheltering Homes, Talmud Torah Schools, Free Schools, Free Libraries, Building Associations, Loan Associations, Chevra Kadisha and Zionist Societies in New York, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Providence, RI, Troy, NY and Newark, NJ where since 1899 he has served as the rabbi of Congregation Anshe Russia.

1852: One day after he had passed away, Simon Simmons, the son of Joseph of Rosa Simmons and the husband of Catherine Davis with whom he had seven children – Rosetta, Esther, Israel, Caroline, Joseph, Mary Ann and Elizabeth – was buried today at the “Brompton (Fulham Road) Jewish Cemetery.

1853: It was reported today that an unnamed Jew owns a house at Table Rock adjacent to the Great Horse Shoe Falls where visitors can buy brandy and cigars and seek protection from the spray of the cataract.

1856:  Isle Dernière (Last Island), a barrier island southwest of New Orleans which has served as a resort was destroyed today by the Last Island Hurricane whose victims included more than one unnamed Jewish resident.

1857:During a debate on India, Benjamin Disraeli reiterated his conviction that the mutiny in India was more than just a military matter and that the government was not taking the correct measures in the matter. He also repudiated the government's faith in European alliances declaring that could not be depended upon.

1858(1st of Elul, 5618): Rosh Chodesh Elul

1860: The Jewish Messenger cautions “the public against an impostor, who calls himself Nelton and Abramowitsch, according to circumstances,” who writes his name with Hebrew letters “which may mean saint or sinner, as far as the knowledge of the common crowd goes. He dresses in priestly attire, so the Messenger says, with a white cravat and black cassock. While asking the Editor for charity, he appropriated an article of silver-ware from the mantelpiece”.

1862: In a letter written today addressed to the Adjutant General of the United States Army, General William Tecumseh Sherman warned that "the country will swarm with dishonest Jews" if continued trade in cotton is encouraged. (In a letter written in 1858, Sherman had described Jews as "…without pity, soul, heart, or bowels of compassion…"  During the Civil War Sherman had numerous Jews serving in the various armies under his command with no whiff of anti-Semitism attached to his decisions.  This included the 82ndIllinois Regiment that included a large contingent of Chicago Jews and was commanded by Edward S. Salomon.  The regiment fought under his command during Sherman’s brilliant Atlanta Campaign and rose to the rank of General as Sherman’s forces bravely marched north from Savannah to help trap the remaining Confederate forces.

1862: During the Civil War, Philadelphian Jacob Benedict a Corporal in Company H of the 122ndRegiment began serving in the Union Army.

1862: During the Civil War, Philadelphians Elias Bear, Lewis Cohen, Isaac Davidson, Henry Myers and David Fellenbaum began their nine month enlistment in the 122ndRegiment.

1862: Sarah Bernhardt made her acting debut at the Comédie Française in the title role of Racine's Iphigénie.

1864(9th of Av,5624): Tish’a B’Av (Did the Jewish soldiers fighting in the Union’s multi-prong offensive against the Rebels fast as they made their way across Northern Virginia and Georgia.

1865(19th of Av, 5625): Fifty year old Abraham Mordka Alter, the son of Yitzchak Alter and Feigele Lipschitz passed away today in Warszawa, Poland.

1866: Ernest Abraham Hart “was appointed editor of the British Medical Journal” today.

1867:  Birthdate of Joseph Weber, one half of the vaudeville comedy act of Weber and Fields. Playing Jews was not a key to show biz success when this team started out.  Some of their early success came playing Dutch (German characters) and Irishmen, something their audiences really enjoyed.

1873: Philadelphian Jonathan Manly Emanuel, the son of London born physician Manly Emanuel, who had joined the U.S. Navy as an engineer during the Civil War completed a month tour at the Navy Yard in Philadelphia today after which he was assigned to the “Tuscarora.”

1879: It was reported today that there are parts of Coney Island, New York’s popular resort, where “Jews are not tolerated.”

1879: The New York Times featured a review of <u>Somebody’s Ned</u> by Mrs. A.M. Freeman. This is a work of romantic fiction combined with a murder mystery.  In this case the star crossed lovers are a French Catholic named Danton Roland and French Jewess named Rachel Rosenthal as well David Dudley and Jessica-Rachel.  The plot thickens when Solomon Rosenthal is found dead. To find “who done it” go to

1879: In White Plains, New York, Justice C.W. Cochrane heard a case in which the Osmond C Lyon had filed a complaint against a Jewish merchant – Adolph D. Pollack – for selling cigars and neckties on Sunday in violation of the “blue laws.” The defendant responded that he had not violated the law because he had not “exposed” his goods “for sale” and had only sold them quietly when requested. He also said that as a Jew, he observed the Sabbath on Saturday and the enforcement of the law in this manner was a violation of the New York Constitution which prohibits interference with his religious views.

1879: “A Cool Day At Coney Island” published today shows that prejudice against Jews is now becoming prevalent at the popular resort. “For Coney Island is miniature New York and has its German quarter, its American quarter and its quarter where Jews are not tolerated.”

1881: It was reported today that the new Home for the Aged and Infirmed being built in Yonkers will cost more than $60,000.

1881: During a period of on-going Pogroms,” a dozen of the wealthiest Jews in Tsarist Russia filed into the palatial St. Petersburg home of Baron Horace de Gunzberg”  to discuss their concern that a mass exodus of Jews from Russia would convince the authorities to continue their program of violence as a way of dealing with “the Jewish problem.”

1882: Mr. Lazarus Silverman, a Chicago banker, appeared at the office of the Clerk of Circuit Court with 12 Russians Jews who had arrived in the Windy City with their families.  After following all of the legal requirements, the men took the oath and became citizens of the United States.  Since their knowledge of English was limited, they signed the documents in Hebrew.

1882: In Silesia, Rabbi Jacob David Kallen and Esther Rebecca Glazier gave birth to Horace M. Kallen, one of seven children all of whom, in 1887, came to the United States where Kallen would graduate from Harvard, become the first Jewish professor at Princeton while maintaining a leadership role in the American Jewish Community.


1883: Police fired on a mob that had resumed its attacks on the home of Joseph Scharf one of the defendants who had been acquitted of charges of having killed a Christian girl as part of a Jewish ritual murder.

1883: “The Demands on Charity” published today described a change in the assistance that will be rendered to the needy by New York’s charitable organizations. In the future, they will provide assistance to the needy who are trying to establish themselves in gainful occupations and trades. The United Hebrew Charities will help Jewish immigrants establish themselves in almost any occupation with the exception of street peddler, a calling that is now considered to be a public nuisance.

1884: “Persecuted By His Family” published today described the plight of Walter Gerson a young Jew born in 1858 at Bradford England who moved to London, Ontario and then to Chicago  where he converted to Christianity and married a non-Jewish woman, a fact which his family first accepted but now seems to be determined to undue.

1884(20th of Av, 5644): Israel Blatchky, a young Jew who has been working in Des Moines, Iowa for the past three years passed away today. 

1885: Dr.law Alois Eisler and Emilie Eisler gave birth to Otto Eisler.

1888: Oliver Hazard Peary married Josephine Diebitsch who would join Angelo Heilprin , the Hungarian born Jewish explorer on the expedition to Greenland in 1891

1888: “Something More About European Pauper Labor” published today included a summary of the testimony of the Director of the Jewish Emigration Protective Society before the Immigration Committee holding hearings at the Westminster Hotel in which he explained the reason for the impoverishment for Jewish workers coming to American and the tendency of them to settle among their co-religionists who provide them with support.

1889: “The Russian Emancipation” published today described the freeing of the serfs, which took place a quarter of a century ago, as a total failure.  The peasants are in perpetual debt due to their inability to re-pay the government for their land and the failed agricultural system.  This forces them to borrow money from the Jews who seize the land when they are unable to repay the loan.  (Yet another reason for treating the Jews badly – they are the moneylenders despoiling the noble serfs)

1890: “Geographical Palestine” published today provides a detailed review of Palestine by Major C.R. Conder.  Claude Reignier Conder served in the Corps of Royal Engineers and served two tours with the Palestine Exploration Fund providing him with invaluable first-hand knowledge of the future Jewish homeland.

1890: “Against Jews In Russia” published today provided a summary of the repressive edicts that the Czar has imposed on four million of his subjects which has led to their impoverishment and are intended to force them to leave the country and/or give up being Jewish.

1890: Sixty-four year old philanthropist and social reformer Charles Loring Brace passed away today In his book The Unknown God Or Inspiration Among Pre-Christian Races Brace points out that there is little “evidence of Egyptian found in the Hebrew faith.”  According to him “the thinkers and teachers of the Jews were visited by those higher and purer inspirations which have made them the greatest benefactors of mankind in ancient history…The Jews of modern days ought to be forever honored for such progenitors; a race which could such men deserves the lasting respect of mankind.”

1890: Birthdate of Samuel Bischoff, the native of Hartford, CT and graduate of Boston University who produced movies from 1922 to 1964.

1891: “The seventh free excursion” sponsored by “the Sanitarium for Hebrew Children” takes place today with the boat leaving from the foot of East Third Street at nine o’clock this morning.

1891: Three days after she had passed away, 52 year old Frederika Myers, the wife of Morris Myers was buried at the Stockton Jewish Cemetery.

1892:  Birthdate of publishing giant Alfred Knopf.

1892: The Third Marquess of Salisbury, Lord Robert Cecil, who as Prime Minister has reassured the House of Lords that regardless of the Czar’s policies “there were no grounds for dreading a wholesale invasion of Great Britain by pauper Jews from Russia” left office today and became the leader of “the loyal opposition.”

1893: In Brooklyn, Justice Walsh sentence William Davison to ten days in jail for his part in robbing a Jewish peddler named Burns.

1894: Birthdate of Ernst Angel the Viennese born man of letters who wrote the script for “Love on Wheels, a British musical comedy before morphing into an American psychologist

1895: Five Jews were arrested by the police from the Elizabeth Street Station for violating the Sunday Closing Laws.  One of those arrested, Morris Cohn “pleaded that he was a strict observer of the Hebrew Sabbath” and he was released by the Magistrate.

1895: “Sympathy For Hat And Cap Makers” published today described a mass meeting held at Union Square by several Jewish organizations in support of the workers who have been locked out by the manufacturers.

1895: Based on instructions provided by Meyer Schoenfeld and Herman Robinson the striking tailors, most of whom were Jewish and who were returning to work were not worried that they were being locked out today by the contractors since it was Sunday and the bosses observed the Sunday closing laws. 

1895: During July, it was reported today, the United Hebrew Charities “responded to the applications for relief from 3,304” people on behalf of 11,013 individuals.

1896: Populist leader Mary Elizabeth Lease was quoted today as saying "Redemption money and interest-bearing bonds are the curse of civilization. We are paying tribute to the Rothchilds of England, who are but the agent of the Jews."

1898: “Nevada Colonists Despoiled” published today described how a group of Russian Jews who had been building a new life in Lyon County, Nevada, were swindled by two of their co-religionists Daniel Schwartz who mortgaged the groups crop to get $1,500 from a bank in Carson City and then ran off with money.  The penniless Jews are now faced with the prospect of losing their newly built homes.

1898:  L’Anti-Juif,“a weekly organ of the Anti-Semitic League” was published today for the first time in Paris.

1899: “Joseph Haworth’s New Role” published today described Jacob Litt’s decision to cast Joseph Haworth in the role of Raphael, the leading character in Israel Zangwill’s “The Ghetto.”

1899: The officers presiding over the court marital of Captain Dreyfus announced that the next four sittings of the court would be held behind closed doors.

1899: In Mitau, Latvia, merchant Lazar Hirshhorn and his wife Amelia gave birth to their 12thchild, Joseph Herman Hirshhorn, the self-made financier and prospector best known for his role in establishing the Joseph H. Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington, D.C.

1899: The great Jewish actor Jacob Adler fell and seriously injured himself today while riding his bicycle at Long Branch, NJ.

1900: Mass meeting of the English Zionist Federation was held in East End.

1903: Herzl meets Jews from all circles in St. Petersburg and a banquet is arranged by the Russian Zionists.

1905: Birthdate of Erwin Chargaff, the Austrian born American biochemist who discovered two rules that led to the discovery of double helical structure of DNA.  He passed away in June of 2002.

1905: The British Aliens Act, which reflected anti-Jewish bias, became a law. The anti-Jewish bias was aimed at the Jews fleeing Rumania and Russia who were seeking a safe haven in England.  This was manifestation of lingering anti-Jewish sentiment in an English society that was increasingly accepting of its Jewish population.

1907: Birthdate of Max Abrams, the native of Glasgow who played drums for several bands in the 1930’s and 1940’s who wrote “50 jazz tutor books.”

1908: Nathan Solity married Miriam Mendie today at the New Briggate Synagogue in Leeds, UK

1909: The Chief Rabbi of Adrianople was forced to resign by Jews of Demotica for failing to take action and not protesting against the change in market day at Demotica, from Thursday to Saturday.

1910: In Philadelphia, PA, Max Leopold Margolis and his wife, the former Evelyn Kate Aronson gave birth to Catherine A. Margolis.

1911(17th of Av, 5671): One hundred seventeen year old Rabbi Isaac Reich passed away at Szamos Hungary.

1911: Birthdate of Giorgio Cavagliere, an American Jewish architect who fled Mussolini’s Italy and became a leader of the urban preservation movement.

1911: Jews suffer the impoverishing effect of fires in Russian communities including Tulishkoff, Mlava and Konskavola.

1911: As the Turks recover from the effects of the fires at Constantinople, the Chief Rabbi forms a Relief Committee and Grand Vizier Hakki Bey sent a telegram to the 10thZionist Congress meeting at Basle, Switzerland thanking the Jewish organization for the contributins to relieve the suffering of fire victims.

1911: In Copenhagen, Denmark, attacks are made on Shechitah at the Animal Protection Congress.

1912: In Westfield, MA, founding of Ahavas Achim synagogue.

1912: In Providence, Rhode, Island, found of Beth Israel synagogue.

1912: In Kenosha, Wisconsin founding of B’nai Zedek synagogue.

1914: Jews are expelled from Mitchenick, Poland

1914: In a move that showed the British navy did not understand the strategic consequences of its mission, two German warships entered the Dardenlles – a move that would push the Ottoman Empire into the arms of the Central Powers.  (Editor’s note – one can only wonder what would have happened to the Middle East, including Palestine if the Ottomans had remained neutral or joined the Allies.)

1915: As the Cossack and Dragoons continued their attack on the Jews of Lokachi in the Province of Volinski a gendarme found the blood covered coat of Gershon Pfeffer, a Jew who had been dragged off into the woods three days earlier when he resisted being lined up with the other Jews who were then robbed “of all their money and valuables.”

1915: Today in San Francisco., Attorney Edwin R.A. Seligman delivered “The Next Step in Tax Reform,” the Presidential Address at the “Ninth Annual Conference of the National Tax Association”

1916: It was reported today that Oscar Straus, the former U.S. Ambassador to Turkey, “assailed Jews who sought to forget their ancestors and their Jewish inheritance” saying “that if the present fashion in Jewish families of giving their children names as remote as possible from those with a Jewish sound continued, within a short time only Americans of Puritan ancestry would have names of Abraham and Jacob, Ruth and Esther.”

1917: It was reported today that the British Labour Party has adopted a memorandum on issues that will be part of a peace settlement that stated “in behalf of the Jews equal citizenship rights with other inhabitants is demanded from all countries and it is hoped that Palestine will be free from Turkish domination and become a free state under international guarantees to which such Jews as desire my return to work out their own salivation free from interference from nations and religions.”

1917: Turkish representative at The Hague, Netherlands denies that negotiations took place between Turkey and former United States ambassador, Henry Morgenthau regarding the sale of Palestine to the Jews

1917: Birthdate of Algerian born, French-Israeli writer Andre Chouraqui, known for his French-language translation of the Bible and his work for the government in Israel. A poet, Chouraqui was best known for translating religious texts, including <u>La Bible hebraique et le Nouveau Testament </u>(<u>The Hebrew Bible and New Testament),</u> published in 26 volumes between 1974 and 1977. Chouraqui studied law in Paris. During World War II, he joined the French Resistance and hid out in the Haute-Loire region of central France. After moving to Israel in 1958, he became an adviser to Israel's first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion, from 1959 to 1963. He also served as deputy mayor of Jerusalem. He passed away at the age of 89 at his home in Jerusalem in 2007.

1918: It was reported today that in a recent speech given by Dr. von Seidler, the Austrian Premier to the Lower House of the Austrian Reichstag, he said that “most of the Jews” in Austria “are counted as Germans unlike all of the other groups like the Poles, Czechs and Italians who are counted separately. (Editor’s note – considering what would happen twenty years later, this method might have come as a shock to those caught up in the Anschluss)

1919: The Weimar Republic's first Reichspräsident ("Reich President"), Friedrich Ebert of the SPD, signed the new German constitution into law. The Weimar Republic marked Germany’s first experience with a truly democratic government.  It failed for lack of popular support and would give way to Hitler’s Third Reich.  One of the excuses offered for German support the Holocaust was that Jews were associated with the founding of the Weimar Republic and the Weimar Republic was viewed as a humiliation saddled on the Germans by the Allies at the end of World War I.  The logic is tortured, but it is neither the first time that people would rationalize and justify their anti-Semitism.

1920: Samuel Gompers is one of several labor leaders who attend a dinner honoring T.J. Healy before he departs for Europe where he will represent the American Federation of Labor at an international labor conference.

1921: In Haifa, “agronomist Yechiel Weizman and his wife gave birth to Yael Weizman, who as Yael Allingham, the wife of Conal Wolsey Allingham, invented “polymeric mulch sheets and mulch films for use in agriculture.”


1923: In the Bronx, Benjamin Meschess and the former Anna Grosse gave birth to Arnold Mesches,, a scenic designer who was tracked by the F.B.I. for a quarter of a century. (As reported by William Grimes)


1923: At a session of the World Zionist Congress meeting in in Carslbad, Czechoslovakia, that continued until 2 o'clockthis morning, Dr. Chaim Weizmann and Nabum Sokolow, heads of the World Zionist Organization, defended their administration from the attacks to which it has been subjected during the last few days.

1925: Birthdate of Philadelphia native Arnold Schulman the University of North Carolina trained screenwriter whose work on such films as “Love With A Proper Stranger” and “A Hole in the Head” have earned him Writers Guild and Oscar nominations.

1926(1st of Elul, 5686): Rosh Chodesh Elul

1926: Birthdate of Brooklyn native Saul Fredericks Rabiner, the Tulane trained doctor and WW II veteran who served on the faculty at the Prtzker Medical School.

1927: Birthdate of Gustav Bermel a member of the Ehrenfield anti-Nazi resistance Group who was murdered at the age of 17.

1927: In Brooklyn, of Sara (née Kaminsky) and David Rosenberg gave birth to Stuart Rosenberg, director of Cool Hand Luke.

1928: “Four Walls” a silent film co-starring Carmel Myers, the San Francisco born daughter of “daughter of an Australian rabbi and Austrian Jewish mother” was released in the United States today by MGM.

1929: Birthdate of Frankfurt, Germany native Geoffrey H. Hartmann one of “the Jewish children evacuated from Nazi Germany as part of a Kindertransport” who became a Professor of English and comparative literature at Yale, co-founder of the Judaic studies program at Yale and the “first director of what is now the Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies at Yale.”

1929: The Jewish Agency was created at the 16th Zionist Congress in Zurich. It was intended to include non-Zionists such as Louis Marshall, Leon Blum and Felix Warburg to take a leading role among those working to create a Jewish state. 1929: Florence Wolfson Howlett turned 14 and made her first entry in the diary she received as a birthday present.  The diary would provide the basis for <u>The Red Leather Diary</u> by Lily Koppel

1930: At the second session of the fourth world congress of the Zionist Revisionist, Dr. Robert Lichtheim delivered a speech in which he said that the organization “would conduct its own political activities, particularly in pleading the Zionist cause before governments and statesmen, independently of the Zionist executive and the Jewish agency.

1930(17thof Av, 5690): Sixty-five year old Hungarian native, Rudolph Farbert, the father of Lillie, Bertrum, Leona, Arnold and Nettye who served as Rabbi at Congregation Gates of Heaven from 1885 to 1887  and Mt. Saini in Texarkana, TX passed away today in Chicago after which he was buried at Waldehim Jewish Cemetery.

1930: In New York City, an announcement was made at the headquarters of the Allied Jewish Campaign that more than $1,214,000 was spent in the development of the economic  and cultural program of the Jewish Agency in Palestine during the half year” that ended on May 1.

1932(9thof Av, 5692): Tisha B’Av

1932: Birthdate of American architect Peter Eisenman

1932: Birthdate of Israel Harold “Izzy” Asper, Canadian tax attorney and media magnate who“was the founder of CanWest Global Communications Corp and father to Leonard, Gail and David Asper, each of whom served as officers of CanWest.

1933: The Supreme Representative Committee of German Jews established a farm near Rathenow, in Prussia, to train unemployed Jews as agricultural workers.

1933: Judah Bergman, the World Light Welterweight Champion, who boxed under the name of Jack kid Berg, “married Bunty Pain, a dancer at the Trocadero, today at Prince's Row register office in London.”

1933: Nineteen year old actress Heddy Lamar, the daughter of Viennese Jewish parents married Austrian arms dealer and fascist Friedrich Mandl.

1933: In response to what is described as an “epidemic of suicides among German Jews of the Rhineland,” the Jewish community of Cologne has issued an appeal signed by the lay leaders and the Rabbinate, urging Jews not to despair.

1933: The Hamburg Federation of Grain Merchants, which had a large Jewish membership, was dissolved. Its funds and property were turned over to the "Aryanized" All-German Federation of Commerce.

1933: In Warsaw, an edict was issued forbidding Jewish bakers, who observe the Sabbath, to bake bread on Sundays. The edict affected over 50,000 Jewish bakers.

1933: In Cracow, Thirty-one of the forty-two arrested persons, charged with organizing riots against Jews in a nearby town received sentences of imprisonment of from four months to three years.

1935(12th of Av, 5695): Sixty-five year old portrait artist Leo Mielziner passed away today.


1936: Condemning British proposals to partition Palestine as "outrageous," Senator Royal S. Copeland (Dem., NY) introduced in the Senate today a resolution asking the Senate's "forthright indication of unwillingness to accept modification in the mandate without Senate consent." Senator Copeland declared that the territory allotted the Jews in the proposed partition was insufficient to maintain even a small number of Jews and that establishment of a small Jewish state might result in a war between the Jews and the Arabs.  The Jews are having a "terrible time" in Germany, Poland and Rumania.... At the same time he noted a "distinct animosity" on the part of American consuls abroad in granting visas to Jews, which, he said, showed discrimination. (As reported by JTA)

1936: “The Polish delegation to the World Jewish Congress charged early today…that Poland’s 3,500,000 Jews were being terrorized and made paupers” and that “anti-Semitic agitation is making the Jews the scapegoats for” Poland’s “ills” which “has led to the loss of Jewish life and property.”

1936: In Geneva, tonight, at the meeting of the World Jewish Congress, Rabbi M.L. Perlsweig, head of the World Zionist Organization's political information department, accused the British authorities in Palestine of "political ineptitude so gross as to be almost unbelievable” while “Rabbi Stephen S. Wise of New York paid tribute to the self-restraint of the Palestine Jews…”

1937: By a vote of 304 to 158, the 20th Zionist Congress, held in Zurich, endorsed Chaim Weizmann¹s proposal and empowered the Zionist Executive to negotiate with the British government the terms of the Royal (Peel) Report, according to which the partition of Palestine would be implemented and the Jewish state was to be established. Dr. Weizmann¹s proposal was denounced by Dr. Stephen Wise, on behalf of American Jewry and many other delegates, including Menachem Ussishkin. A revised version of the partition plan was also supported by David Ben-Gurion.

1937: In Santa Monica, CA, Harry Herschel and Shirley (née Weissman) Cohen gave birth to Iris Margo Cohen who gained fame as ballet dancer and actress Allegra Kent.

1937: In Zurich roving bands of Nazis assaulted and molested a number of Zionist delegates.

1937(4th of Elul, 5697): Detective Isidore Astel, the patrolman who shot a killed a hold-up man during a gun battle last December in Manhattan for which he was decorated with “the gold Police Combat Cross” died today “in the Hospital for Joint Diseases.

1937: New York Mayor La Guardia is scheduled to attend today’s outing sponsored by the Brooklyn Division of the American Jewish Congress which consisted of “a boat rid up the Hudson River on the steamship Delaware.”

1938: “The Osservatore Romano, the authoritative Vatican organ, today protested strongly against the Italian press boycott of the speeches in which Pope Pius has denounced the new racial theories” in words that included “Where Hebrewism means suffering, pain and a target for persecution, it cannot hope for a better defender than the Catholic Church.”

1938: After returning from a trip to Palestine, “Malcolm MacDonald, Dominions Secretary” delivered a radio talk today in which he said the “pacification of Palestine will not be accomplished quickly” but that in the meantime “the British Government will administer its trust on the basis of justice between the Jews…and Arabs. (Editor’s note – in less than a year, the infamous White Paper would make a lie of this as far as the Jews were concerned.)

1939: “When Tomorrow Comes,” a “romantic comedy” directed and produced by John M. Stahl was released today in the United States.

1939: Laurence Steinhardt begins serving as U.S. Ambassador to the U.S.S.R.

1939(26th of Av, 5699): Having received a summons from the Gestapo and fearing that he would be tortured like others who had received such a summons, 68 year old mathematicians Paul Epstein “took a lethal dose of Veronal.


1941: Birthdate of Brooklyn political figure, Elizabeth Holtzman.  A graduate of Harvard Law School, Holtzman began serving in Congress in 1973 just in time to be part of the Watergate investigation.  After leaving the House, she held various political positions but missed out on her biggest prize, a seat in the U.S. Senate. 

1941: Vichy adopted an ordinance excluding Jews from working as doctors.

1941: Het Parool, “an Amsterdam-based daily newspaper” was published for the first time “as a resistance paper during the Nazi occupation” by a staff that included Jaap Nunes Vaz who would be sent to Sobibor in 1942.

1942: Today “Hollywood actress Hedy Lamarr (called “the most beautiful woman in Hollywood”) received a patent with composer George Antheil for a “frequency hopping, spread-spectrum communication system” designed to make radio-guided torpedoes harder to detect or jam.”


1942(28th of Av, 5702): The Nazis murdered 13,000 Jews at Rostov-On-Don, a deadly total that would be added to a few days later when another two to five thousand Jews were murdered.

1944: Joop Westerweel, Dutch poet and educator was executed by the Nazis, for helping Jews escape. In late February 1944 Joop Westerweel traveled to the foot of the Pyrenees to say farewell to the group about to cross into Spain, which included Joseph Heinrich and thirteen other young people Joop and his underground group had helped to escape from Holland. His memorable speech was later vividly recalled by many who were present. He wished them well and that they should build Palestine into a place where there would be no war, only food and work for everyone. As the young pioneers left for Spain, Joop turned back to Holland. On March 11, he was arrested by border police while helping two young Jewish girls cross illegally from Holland to France. Five months later he was executed in prison in Vught Concentration Camp. The sacrifice of Joop Westerweel and those like him must never be forgotten.  The challenge for the living is to be worthy of the proof of such virtue.

1945: A ‘small pogrom’ took place in Krakow, Poland, three months after the end of World War II in Europe.

1945: Collier’s magazine published “Terror in Palestine” by Frank Gervasi which provides a contemporary look at events following the death of Lord Moyne.


1948(8th of Av, 5708): Elaine Hammerstein, the daughter of opera producer Arthur Hammerstein, who gained fame as an American silent film and stage actress, passed away.

1949: Birthdate of David Rubenstein, the son of a Baltimore postal worker, who co-founded the Carlyle Group and whose philanthropies included serving as Chairman of both Kennedy Center and the Duke University board of Trustees.

1950: In Riga, Frieda and Zalman Baskin gave birth to Ilya Zalmanovich Baskin who came to the United States in 1976 where he gained fame as actor Elya Baskin whose first film appearance was in “The World’s Greatest Lover”

1951(9th of Av): Yiddish playwright and journalist David Pinsky passed away.

1951(9th of Av, 5711): Rebekah Bettelheim Kohut passed away



1951: Today thirty-nine year old actress Sara Berner married theatrical agent Milton Rosner with whom she had a daughter Eugenie before divorcing in 1958.

1952: The ailing Talal¹s son, Hussein II, was proclaimed the King of Jordan, but a Regency Council was appointed to rule the country, since he was a minor. In 1952 three Middle Eastern monarchs’ ­ Hussein II of Jordan, Ahmed Fuad of Egypt and Faisal of Iraq ­ were minors. King Hussein had seen his grandfather assassinated by an Arab fanatic who thought he was too friendly with the Jews.  Hussein’s goal was to stay alive and remain king.  He wisely did not take part in the Sinai Campaign of 1956.  He foolishly attacked Israel in 1967 and lost the West Bank and east Jerusalem.  In the end, he signed a peace treaty with Israel but without gaining any territory west of the Jordan River.  Fuad would be ousted by a revolt masterminded by Colonel Nasser, the Pan-Arabist who had a secular version of Osama’s vision.  Faisal would die in a revolt in 1958 that would eventually bring Hussein (the dictator not the king) to power in Iraq.

1953: Birthdate of Stephen M. Katz, the native of Jericho, NY and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine who worked at several overseas locations including the Yotvata Hai-Bar Nature Reserve in Israel before pursuing a political career as a Republican member of the New York States Assembly.

1953: CBS broadcast the last episode of “Steve Randall” “a television series starring Melvyn Douglas.”

1955: Leonard Bernstein led premiere of Symphonic Suite from "On the Waterfront", BSO, Tanglewood

1955: After premiering in the United Kingdom last year, “The Divided Heart” featuring Theodore Bikel and John Schlesinger was released in the United States today by Ealing Studios.

1959(6thof Av, 5719): Eighty-seven year old Yiddish author and playwright David Pinski passed away today, five months are his wife Adele had passed away.


1959(6thof Av, 5719): Eighty-three year old Bertram Joseph Cahn, the son of “Joseph and Miriam Cahn,” the “husband of Irma Cahn” with whom he had three children and the Northwestern educated lawyer who served on the Crime Commission and belonged to the Urban League, passed away today in his native Chicago

1961: Birthdate of Toronto native David Brooks, the award winning New York Times columnist and author whose “oldest son” reportedly served in the IDF


1961: In Palo Alto, CA, Tola Fay Minkoff (née Stebel) and Jack Robert Minkoff gave birth to Academy Award winning director Robert Ralph Minkoff, whose most famous work to date is “The Lion King.”

1962: "Breaking Up Is Hard to Do" “a song recorded by Neil Sedaka, and co-written by Sedaka and Howard Greenfield” “hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100” today.

1964(3rd of Elul, 5724): Sixty-four year old Leopold Mannes, the creator of Kodachrome, passed away today.



1965:Rolf Friedemann Pauls, the man chosen to be Bonn’s first Ambassador to Israel arrived today at a “heavily guarded Lydda Airport.”

1968: In London, Nigerian native Henry Okonedo and his wife Joan Allman the Jewish Pilates teacher gave birth to Tony Award winning actress Sophia Okonedo who was raised in the faith of her mother.

1969(27th of Av, 5769): Bea Adelman who is memorialized at B’Nai Israel in Spartanburg, SC, passed away today.

1970(9th of Av, 5730): Tish’a B’Av

1972(1st of Elul, 5732): Rose Schneiderman passed away.  Born in Poland in 1884, Miss Schneiderman was brought to the United States by her father who worked as a tailor on the lower East Side.  She gained first-hand experience on life in the garment industry when she went to work as a cap maker. She earned eight dollars a week.  But she had to buy her own sewing machine with a cash $25 cash down payment and an additional $45 paid in installments.  In addition to this, she had to pay for power and thread.  Miss Schneiderman helped to organize the Women’s Trade Union League, an organization that she served as President for several terms.  In 1909 she took part in a strike of waistmakers that began the unionization of the garment industry. In New York, she served as Secretary of the State Labor Department from 1937 to 1944.  During the Great Depression, she served as an official of the National Recovery Administration and was considered to be a member of F.D.R.’s “brain trust.”

1975: Birthdate of Edina, MN native Alex Bernstein the 6’3”, 325 pound guard who played three years of college ball at Amherst before pursuing a brief NFL career with the Raven, Jets and Browns.

1975: “Prisoner of Zion David Chernoglaz received an exit visa to Israel.”

1976(15th of Av, 5736): Tu B’Av

1976(15th of Av, 5736): Twenty-nine year old Harold W. Rosenthal of Philadelphia was an aide to Senator Jacob Javits, Japanese tourist guide, Yutako Hirano and two Israelis – Solomon Weisbeck and Ernest Elias – were murdered and thirty others were  by two Palestinian terrorists who unsuccessfully attempted to hijack an El Al plane at the Istanbul airport.

1977: West Bank mayors and notables submitted separate views to US Secretary of State Cyrus Vance. The mayors acknowledged that the PLO was the ³sole² representative of the Palestine Arabs and claimed that no settlement was possible without PLO participation. But other West Bank notables had different ideas. They advocated an immediate mutual recognition of the national rights of Palestinians and Israelis in the area. They claimed that their two homelands must be mutually exclusive and advocated the establishment of a ³peace-promoting force² acceptable to both nations. These West Bank notables advocated the holding of a plebiscite during the interim period so that Palestinians could decide freely whether to join Jordan or establish an independent, democratic state. Unfortunately, these talks led to the same place as those that had come before and after – nowhere.

1977: Jordan and Egypt informed the US that they were prepared to sign formal peace treaties with Israel, but at the conclusion of the Arab-Israeli peace negotiations.

1982(22nd of Av, 5742): Worcester native and “publisher” James Kahn passed away today in Brookline, MA.

1982: This file picture dated August 11, 1982 shows people standing in front of the Chez Jo Goldenberg restaurant in Paris, two days after it was devastated in an attack by Palestinian gunmen (AFP/ JOEL ROBINE)

1983: Today, Joseph Hochstein wrote an Op-Ed titled "Not goodbye, but l'hitraot," in which he said, "I love newspapering, and I have a special love for this paper, since I helped start it in 1965 with my father. ... What happens each week at The Jewish Week is achieved with greater difficulty than the work done in the newsrooms of great metropolitan dailies, and it is more profoundly needed. Knowing that I played a central role in making this happen helps offset the regret of leaving, as does the joy of realizing a long-held dream of living in Israel." He wrote this just before making Aliyah.

1983: “Phar Lap” a biopic about a racehorse co-starring Ron Leibman was released in Australia today by 20thCentury Fox.

1983: Birthdate of Rochester, NY, native Adam Podlesh the outstanding punter for University of Maryland Terrapins who has played for the Jacksonville, Chicago and Pittsburgh NFL teams.

1984(13th of Av, 5744): Ninety-one year old American published Alfred Abraham Knopf, Sr. founder of Alfred A Knopf, Inc passed away today. (As reported by Herbert Mitgang)

1987(16th of Av, 5747): Eighty-six year old Clara Peller who gained fame as the “Where’s the beef” lady passed away today in Chicago.

1987:  Alan Greenspan becomes Chairman of the United States Federal Reserve. Another Jewish economist hits the top spot.

1988: Meir Kahane renounced his US citizenship to stay in the Israeli Parliament.  Kahane and his virulent anti-Arab views have been rejected by the Israeli mainstream.  Kahane himself was gunned down by Arab terrorists.

1991: The Felix Warburg Mansion; A Window to the Past in the Present,” published today Christopher Gray describes the past, present and future of the building that was home to one of New York’s most influential and famous Jewish families. http://www.nytimes.com/1991/08/11/realestate/streetscapes-the-felix-warburg-mansion-a-window-to-the-past-in-the-present.html?pagewanted=print&src=pm

1991(1st of Elul, 5751): Rosh Chodesh Elul

1992: “MY Sam Simonthe fourth vessel of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society fleet, named after American television producer and writer Sam Simon, who donated the money to purchase the vessel” was launched today.

1993: “Searching for Bobby Fischer,” a movie version of the book by Fred Waitzkin the father of Jewish chess prodigy Josh Waitzkin co-starring Max Pomeranc was released in the United States today.

1995: “A Walk in the Clouds” produced by David and Jerry Zucker, co-starring Debra Messing and filmed by cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki was released in the United States today 20th Century Fox.

1995: “A Kid in King Arthur's Court” a film based on a Mark Twain novel co-starring Ron Moody as “Merlin” was released in the United States today.

1997: Baltimore born Washington lawyer Alfred H. Moses completed his service as U.S. Ambassador to Romania. Five years later the President of Romania awarded him the Marc Cruce Medal.

1997(8thof Av, 5757): Erev Tish’a B’Av

1997(8thof Av, 5757): Forty-nine year old Eli Adourian of Kfar Adumim died of the wounds he sustained when a Hamas suicide bomber struck at the Mahane Yehuda Market on July 30th where the death toll would reach sixteen with an additional 178 injured.

1997: Eighty-six year old Monument’s Man Walter Farmer passed away today. (Editor’s note – some but not all of the Monument’s Men were Jewish.  Regardless of their origins, this unit played an invaluable role in trying to return looted art to the Jews who owned it and of course, played an invaluable role in trying to preserve the treasures of Western Civilization)

1999: Sheila Finestone began serving as Senator for Montarville, Quebec.

1999: Max Kampelman was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

1999: Janet Jagan, the Chicago born Jewess completed her service as President of Guyana when Bharrat Jagdeo was sworn as President

1999: Michael Dougall Bell began serving as Canada’s Ambassador to Israel.

2000: Today, Daniel Singer “Dan” Bricklin the co-creator of “the VisiCalc spreadsheet program known also as “The Father of the Spreadsheet” introduced the term "friend-to-friend networking"

2001(22ndof Av, 5761): Parashat Ekev

2001(22ndof Av, 5761): Ninety-year old Canadian journalist, dedicated Zionist and founder of The Canadian Jewish News passed away today.

2002: The Sunday New York Times featured reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or of special interest to Jewish readers including <u>'F E G: Ridiculous Poems for Intelligent Children</u> by Robin Hirsch <u>Fireweed: A Political Autobiography</u> by Gerda Lerner, the Austrian born Jewish American political activist.

2004: Seventy-three year old German historian Wolfgang Mommsen who fought attempts to whitewash the Holocaust made by some other German historians passed away today.

2005: A memorial service was held today at Temple Beth David in Temple, CA for Nathan “Fred” Asher a graduate of the Naval Academy who took command U.S.S. Blue since the skipper was ashore and in a harrowing trip lasting one and half hours guided the ship out to open waters and safety while Ensign Milton Moldane, a graduate of Washington University Law School “took charge of the forward machine guns” fighting off the attacking Japanese aircraft.

2005:  While the front pages of the paper carried news of Sharon’s attempts to bring peace to the Middle East with the withdrawal from Gaza, the back pages of Haaretzcarried a reminder of Sharon’s warrior past.  According to a story in Haaretz,The bloodstained bandage that wrapped Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's head after he was injured in fighting during the 1973 Yom Kippur War has been offered for sale on e-Bay with the bidding starting at $10,000.”  Sharon sustained the head wound when he was leading Israeli forces across the Suez Canal. 

2006: First day of the New York International Fringe Festival which will include a performance of “The Cheerleader and the Rabbi” featuring Sandy Wolshin.  “A former cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders shelater immersed herself in a mikveh as part of an orthodox conversion.”

2006:  The Jerusalem Post reported that Maj. Nimrod Hallel, 42, from Rosh Ha'ayin, was killed in the town of Leboneh in the western sector of southern Lebanon when an anti-tank missile was fired at his vehicle.

2006:  A reported 120 rockets rained down on northern Israel striking Haifa, Safed and Kiryat Shimona.

2006: “Jules Feiffer: If You Really Loved Me, You’d Find Me, The Strips 1960 - 2000” a collection of over 60 cartoon strips by the Pulitzer Prize winning author, cartoonist and playwright which has been on display at the Adam Baumgold Gallery is scheduled to come to an end today.

2006: Conflicting reports abound concerning the terms of a proposed cease fire intended to stop the fighting in Lebanon.  Some of the major points of contention include the robustness of the mandate of the international force and the willingness of the Lebanese army to confront and disarm Hezbollah fighters.


2007: On the “Jewish Jock Front,” The San Diego Union-Tribunereported that San Diego Charger Igor Olshansky may not get to play in an upcoming exhibition game with the Seattle SeaHawks while John Grabow of the Pittsburgh Pirates won a game on just 13 pitches, which was all he needed to complete a one inning relief stint against the San Francisco Giants.


2008: YuliTamir announced plans to remove Ze'ev Jabotinsky's work from the national education curriculum


2008Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Finance Minister Ronnie Bar-On decided to implement all of the recommendations of the State Commission of Inquiry into the government's handling of Holocaust survivors. One of the key recommendations was to increase the monthly stipend of about 43,000 survivors to the level of 75 percent of the stipend given by the German government to recipients of its restitution payments.

2008: Palestinian terrorists in Gaza violated a truce agreement with Israel, firing a Kassam rocket at the western Negev town of Sderot. Noam Bedein of the Sderot Media Center told The Jerusalem Post that there were no wounded in the attack and no damage. Bedein added, however, that the projectile landed right next to a home that was hit in the final rocket attack launched from the Strip before the truce went into effect in late June. The incident continues a pattern of sporadic cross-border shelling and rocket launches since the cease-fire was declared.

2008: Iowa native, James Hoyt passed away at the age of 83. As one of the first four American soldiers to discover the Buchenwald labor camp in 1945, James Hoyt rarely slept well. “He’s finally getting the rest he’s never had all these years,” his daughter, Theresa Stewart, 51, of Oxford said. When he closed his eyes, he’d see images of the Nazi concentration camp, which he thought was a mannequin factory when he first saw it before its liberation April 11, 1945, Stewart said. His daughters remembered him as a reserved man who put others first and loved reading, rebuilding cars and solving crossword puzzles.“He had time to listen to anyone and would hear everybody’s story,” Stewart said. For years, Hoyt did not share his own story. He later learned from doctors at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Iowa City that he was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Hoyt of Oxford, Iowa graduated from high school in 1943 and became a private first class after he was drafted in early 1944 to serve in World War II. He was a member of the 6th Armored Division’s 9th Infantry Battalion and fought in the Battle of the Bulge. On April 11, 1945, Hoyt was the radio operator and driver for a four-man reconnaissance team when two Buchenwald escapees flagged them down. The team went to the camp, which was hidden in a forested area. “When the people saw our vehicle with the American markings on it, they really went wild. They tore a part of the fence down. They threw us up in the air,” Hoyt told The Gazette 10 years ago. “It was a very sorry sight all the way. They were skin and bones, the living ones. Of course, there were all kinds of dead ones there.” In all, about 238,500 prisoners were held at the camp. As the years passed, Hoyt became more willing to talk about his experience, helping him to heal, his daughter, Pat Hatcher, said. “We didn’t know what he was fighting,” Hatcher said of the emotional memories. “It helps us understand him better.” After the war in 1949, Hoyt married Doris Hipp. He worked with his brothers in construction before joining the United States Postal Service in Oxford, where he served more than 30 years.

2009(21stof Av, 5769): Robert William LeVine passed away to at the age of 71.(As reported by Emma Stickgold)http://www.boston.com/bostonglobe/obituaries/articles/2009/08/13/robert_levine_71_helped_russian_jews_with_funerals/

2009: Three books about Bernie Madoff – <u>Too Good to Be True: The Rise and Fall of Bernie Madoff</u>, <u>Madoff with the Money</u>, <u>Betrayal: The Life and Lies of Bernie Madoff</u> – all hit the bookstores today.

2009: The National Jewish Retreat opens at Greenwich, Connecticut.  Featured presenters and performers for this event that ends on August 16 include Rabbi Manis Friedman, Rabbi Immanuel Schochet, Rabbi Yossi Jacobson, Professor Jonathan Sarna, Mrs. Rivka Slonim and recording star Arvram Fried.

2009: Barnes & Noble announces that <u>Rash</u>i by Elie Weisel and <u>Blindman’s Bluff</u> by Faye Kellerman are available at their stores and on-line.

2009: Releases of “Saints & Tzadiks” a CD on which Irish chanteuse Susan McKeown and Lexatics bandleader Lorin Skalmerg sing Yiddish, Irish and blends of Yiddish and Irish songs that highlight “the traditions and similarities as well as the different ways each tradition tells a musical tale.”

2010(1st of Elul, 5770): Rosh Chodesh Elul:

2010: Anat Hoffman leader of the Women of the Wall Prayer group is scheduled to blow the shofar on behalf of the group as she has done for the past 21 years.

2010: US envoy George Mitchell met with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to discuss advancing direct talks with the Palestinians. “We see eye to eye on the need open up direct talks with the Palestinians," Mitchell said about Netanyahu in comments made before the meeting.

2010: IDF Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi told the Turkel Committee today that the IDF made a crucial mistake when it did not resort to accurate fire against those blocking entry to the Mavi Marmara Turkish aid ship as IDF Shayetet 13 commandos rappelled onto the ship from helicopters

2011: Another session of “Hebrew Literacy: Aleph, Bet, and Beyond” is scheduled to take place at Sixth & I Historic Synagogue.

2011: The Eleventh Memorial for Yiddish Poets is scheduled to take place tonight at the amphitheater in Tekoa.  The event memorializes “the victims of the ‘Night of the Murdered Poets’ who were thirteen prominent Jewish figures in the USSR who were secretly executed at Stalin's order on the night between August 12th and August 13th 1952. These were the most outstanding and renowned Jewish writers, intellectuals, poets, musicians and actors of their time.”

2011: At the Off the Wall Comedy Club, Jerusalem funny man David Kilimnick whose funny bone was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, is scheduled to performTu BAv Comedy Special 'Jewish Singles' from The ‘Find Me A Wife’ Show.

2011: Israel's interior minister gave final authorization to build 1,600 apartments in disputed east Jerusalem and will approve 2,700 more in days, officials said today.

2011: Eighty-two year old Juergen Corleis passed away.

2011: Interior Minister Eli Yishai (Shas) said today during a meeting with that the “time is ripe for an upheaval in the coalition” in order to solve the ongoing social crisis that has rocked the country over the past month.

2011(11thof Av, 5771): Noach Flug, a Holocaust survivor who dedicated his life to fighting for the rights of other survivors is remembered as "a towering figure" passed away today in Jerusalem at the age of 86.


2012: Ben Sarsin in scheduled to be called to the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah at Temple Judah in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

2012: “Avenue Q,” the musical creation of Jeff Marx is scheduled to have its final performance at the Barter Theatre.

2012: The International Arts and Crafts Fair also known as Hutzot Hayozer is scheduled to open one after the end of Shabbat in Jerusalem.

2012: A fire broke out near the town of Kiryat Tivon, near Haifa, this morning, a few days after firefighters battled repeated blazes in the area believed to have been set by arsonists. Eight firefighting crews supported by two aircraft brought the fire under control. No injuries were reported.

2012: Israeli rhythmic gymnast Neta Rivkin performed well in all four routines at the London Games today, to secure a best-ever Israeli finish in the event. Rivkin, 21, finished seventh overall, making her the most successful rhythmic gymnast in Israeli Olympic history. Evgenia Kanaeva of Russia won the gold.

2013: “The Last White Knight” Paul Saltzman’s documentary about his personal encounter with Mississippi Racism is scheduled to be shown at the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival.

2013: The San Diego Jewish Film Festival, PJ Library, Shalom Baby, and Jewish Family Service are scheduled to sponsor “Learn About the Jewish New Year with Elmo” an event designed to prepare youngsters for the upcoming holidays.

2013: “Passages through the Fire: Jews and the Civil War,” an exhibit co-presented by the American Historical Society and Yeshiva University is scheduled to come to an end today.

2013: Harriet Rochlin, the leading expert on Western Jewish History recommends that those who can attend this evening’s opening of “American Jerusalem: Jews and the Making of San Francisco” a film that tells the epic story of pioneer Jews in San Francisco, a number of whom played a significant role in the transformation of a tiny village to California’s first metropolis.

2013: In Cedar Rapids, friends and family are scheduled to celebrating the graduation from Nursing School and Pinning of Rebbitzin Sabrina Thalblum.

2013: “Passages through the Fire: Jews and the Civil War,” a new exhibition presented by the American Jewish Historical Society and Yeshiva University Museum is scheduled to come to an end today.

2013: Just three days before Israeli-Palestinian peace talks are set to resume in Jerusalem. “Housing and Construction Minister Uri Ariel (Jewish Home) announced today that 793 new apartments would be built in Jerusalem, and 394 in large settlement blocs in the West Bank.” (As reported by Lazar Berman)

2013: Finance Minister Yair Lapid lashed out today at the decision to build more than one thousand new homes in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, calling it "a double mistake."

2014:”Marvin Hamlisch, What He Did for Love” and “The Jewish Cardinal” are scheduled to be shown at the Berkshire Jewish Film Festival.

2014: Israel will send its team of negotiators back to Cairo today if Hamas honors the 72-hour cease-fire that went into effect at midnight, diplomatic officials said yesterday evening. (As reported by Herb Keinon)

2014: “Former Israeli ambassador to the US Michael Oren denied today that he was fired as a CNN analyst, saying that he asked to suspend his contract, which obligates him to interview exclusively to that network, so he could accept more requests from other media as well.” (As reported by Raphael Ahren)

2014(15thof Av, 5774): “Three Israelis were killed when a train collided with their minibus at a level crossing in the canton of Nidwalden in Switzerland this morning.” (As reported by Stuart Winer)

2014(15thof Av, 5774): Celebration of Tu B’Av, a day devoted to love with no particular ritual but with a long tradition dating back, according to some, to the days when Shiloh was the site of religious observance for the 12 tribes

<u>2015: The Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education is scheduled to present “The Car in Contemporary Israeli Cinema”</u> featuring “excerpts from Metallic Blues, Broken Wings and Lost Islands (all of which are Israeli movies from the 2000s) followed by informal discussion with Dr. Moshe Rachmuth, who teaches Modern Hebrew and Israeli cinema at Portland State University. 

2015: At a time when “an estimated 47,000 African migrants, mostly from Eritrea and Sudan, have managed to illegally enter Israel via Egypt, seeking jobs or asylum” “Residents of south Tel Aviv demonstrated tonight against a High Court of Justice ruling that would limit to 12 months the detention time for migrants in holding facilities” because they feel that their neighborhood has “the State of Israel’s warehouse” for these individuals. (As reported by the Times of Israel)

2015: Julie Azous is scheduled to provide Maj-Johngg training for players at all levels at the 92nd Street Y.

2015:  “Inside Out/ Outside In” an exhibition of three women artists including Isa Lousie Levy opened today.

2015: “Hours after Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon warned that Palestinian terror group were seeking to carry out attacks” “members of the IDF, Border Police and Israel Police arrested 15 wanted Palestinians in a series of operations” tonight.(As reported by Stuart Winer)

2016: Comedian Gary Gulman is scheduled to appear at the summer benefit fund raiser sponsored by the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Educational Center.

2016: “In a world awash in religious and sectarian tensions, the three Olympic victors in the women’s all-around gymnastics competition delivered a multi-faith mosaic on the medals podium today in Rio, with a Christian, a Jew and a Muslim taking gold, silver and bronze respectively.”

2016: In New Orleans, Congregation Gates of Prayer is scheduled to host the first meeting of PFLAG which “promotes the health and well-being of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons, their families and friends through: support, to cope with an adverse society; education, to enlighten an ill-informed public; and advocacy, to end discrimination and to secure equal civil rights.”

2016: Madeline Isenberg is scheduled to lecture on “Different Traditions Even In Death: Ashkenazi vs. Sephardi Tombstones” and Brooke Ganz is scheduled to lecture on “Using the Gesher Galicia Website and All Galicia Database to Research Towns and Families” at the 36thIAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy in Seattle, Washington.

2017(19th of Av, 5777): “Yisrael Kristal, a Holocaust survivor who was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records to be the world’s oldest man and one of the ten oldest men who ever lived, passed away today in his home in Haifa. He was one month shy of his 114th birthday.” (As reported by Liel Leibovitz)

2017(19th of Av, 5777): Seventy-eight year old attorney and radio personality Neil Chayet passed away today. (As reported by Richard Sandomir)

2017: “Menashe” a film that “marks the feature debut of documentary-trained director Joshua Z. Weinstein, who shot his movie, partially under wraps across a two-year period, in the Hasidim community of Brooklyn, N.Y.’s Borough Park district” opened in Chicago.

2017: In Weimar, the YSW is scheduled to host “a Shabes-inspired, audience participation evening of song, stories and dance, directed by Alan Bern and Yiddish Summer Weimar artists.”

2017: The Jerusalem Arts and Crafts Fair which started on August 7 and runs until August 19 is closed today because of Shabbat.

2018(30th of Av, 5778): First Day Rosh Chodesh Elul

2018(30th of Av, 5778): Parsashat Re’ay; for more see http://downhomedavartorah.blogspot.com/

2018: “Classical Bridge, an international musical festival, academy and conference designed to build bridges through music” featuring “Israeli musicians Pinchas Zuckerman and Alexander Fiterstein” is scheduled to come to an end today.

2018: As a sign of the vitality of small community Judaism, in Coralville, IA, Pam Hills is scheduled to be called to the Torah as a Bat Mitzvah at Congregation Agudas Achim.








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This Day, August 10, In Jewish History by Mitchell A. Levin

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August 10
612 BCE: Sinsharishkun, King of the Assyrian Empire was killed and his capital city of Nineveh was destroyed.  This is the same Assyria that destroyed the Northern Kingdom and laid siege to Jerusalem.  This is also the same Nineveh to which God had sent Jonah.

70: According to sources, this is the date on the secular calendar when the Second Temple was destroyed.

117: Start of the reign of Hadrian as Roman Emperor.   At first Hadrian seemed to be a friend of the Jews.  He executed the anti-Jewish governor of Judea and promised to rebuild Jerusalem as a Jewish city.  For some unknown reason, he turned against the Jews banning circumcision throughout the Empire and announcing the decision to build a major temple to Jupiter in Jerusalem.  The Jews responded with what has become known as Bar Kochba's Rebellion.  The fighting was intense on both sides and resulted in the complete desolation of the land by the Romans.  Hadrian banned Jews from Jerusalem and renamed the city Aelia Capitolina.  He even had a copy of the Torah burned on the Temple Mount.  Antonius Pius, Hadrian's successor repealed many of Hadrian's anti-Jewish decrees including the bans on Torah study and circumcision.  But it was too late to save the Jewish community of the Promised Land.

1002: “Shortly after gain the support of the Saxons” Henry II, the Holy Roman Emperor whose expulsion of the Jews from Mayence was lamented in dirges composed by the poet Simon ben Isaac and of which Gershom ben Yehuda said, “Thou hast made those who despise They Law to have dominion over Thy people…” “arranged for Archbishop Willigist to crown his wife…as Queen of Germany” today “in Paderborn.”

1267: Birthdate of King James II of Aragon. James would prove to show greater toleration towards his Jewish subjects than his grandfather James I had.  . He permitted Jewish refugees from France to settle in Barcelona. In recognition of Jewish financial support for his equipping his fleet, the King released many Jewish communities from paying their taxes for a period of several years.  James also protected the Jews from popular anti-Semitic uprisings. In Barcelona in 1285, Berenguer Oller, announced that he planned to kill the local nobles and the Jews following which he would plunder their homes.  The King intervened to prevent the violence.  Whether he was more concerned about the well-being of the nobility or the Jews is unknown.

1391: The anti-Semitic rioting came to an end with Barcelona with an untold number of Jews converting at the point of the proverbial sword.

1391: Massacre of the Jews in Gerona, Spain.

1397: Birthdate of Albert II, who as Holy Roman Emperor Agreed to accept 900 gulden from the city of Augsburg in return for allowing them to expel their Jews.

1492: A large group of Jews from Spain, thousands strong, arrived in the Port of Naples. Jews from Sardinia soon joined them. 

1675: The Portuguese-Jewish synagogue opens in Amsterdam.

1762: Birthdate of Joshua Montefiore, an English lawyer, soldier, and journalist who would eventually move to the United States where he “edited Men and Measures, a weekly political journal” before finally settling in St. Albans, Vt.

1778: Gotthold Lessing, while having trouble sleeping, comes up with the inspiration for his play, “Nathan the Wise.”

1792: As the French Revolution, which would eventually bring the rights of citizenship to French Jews, intensified, Louis XVI was imprisoned today.

1793: On the first anniversary of the end of the Louvre, which among other things contains “4,000 engravings, 3,000 drawings, and 500 illustrated books” donated by Baron Edmond de Rothschild in 1935, was opened to the public for the first time as a museum.

1793(2ndof Elul, 5553): Thirty-four year old Jacob Aaron (Kopel ben Aaron Berstat) passed away today in London.

1794: In Detmold, Germany, ‘Talmud scholar Immanuel Menachem Zunz and Hendel Behrens, the daughter of Dov Beer,] an assistant cantor of the Detmold community” gave birth tobLeopold Zunz  also known as Yom Tov Lipmann Tzuntz, "the German Reform rabbi and writer who was the founder of what has been termed the "Science of Judaism" (Wissenschaft des Judentums), the critical investigation of Jewish literature, hymnology and ritual.


1807: In Fürth, Marcus and Jeannette Königswarter gave birth to Jonas Königswarter, the husband of Josephine Königswarter who was a leading member of the financial community in Vienna whom Emperor Francis Joseph “decorated with the Order of the Iron Crown of the third class, elevated to the knighthood, and raised to the baronetage.

1808: Emanuel Lazarus married Sophia Simmons today at the Great Synagogue.

1808: Isaac ben Uri married Reizecha bat Judah Leib today at the Western Synagogue.

1810: Birthdate of Count Camillo di Cavour, the Italian statesman who was part of the triumvirate that created the modern Italian state.  Cavour worked with Baron James de Rothschild who secretly provided the funds with which the Piedmont nobleman was able to fight the Austrian.  Cavour enjoyed good working relations with members of the Jewish community, including “Isaac Arton, his confidential secretary and ‘faithful lieutenant’.”

1815: In an attempt to attract non-Hispanic Europeans to Cuba and Puerto Rico, the Spanish government issued the Royal Decree of Graces which allowed non-Spaniards to own land on the islands.  While Jews did settle in the islands, the decree really did not work to their advantage since only Catholics were allowed to own land. 

1818: In Bavaria, Suesel Schloss and his wife gave birth to Moses Schloss who would move to New and become a successful dry goods merchant.

1819: Anti-Semitic riots continue for a second day in Frankfort.

1819: Birthdate of Julius Landsberger, the native of Upper Silesia who was the rabbi at Darmstadt for thirty year and who with his wife Pauline gave birth to Richard Landsberger, a pioneer in the field “biological dentistry.”

1821: Missouri becomes the 24th state to join the Union.  Jewish immigrants, many from Germany, had settled in the area since its territorial days.  The first known Jew settled in St. Louis in 1807.  The first Jewish lawyer settled in St. Louis in 1817.

 1824: Under Czar Alexander I, all foreign Jews were prohibited from settling in Russia. Alexander I, after an initial period of liberalism, reverted to the anti-Jewish proclamations of his predecessors. It began with forbidding Jews to have Christian servants. After that came the prohibition of settlement. The culmination of his policies came just before when all Jews were banished from the larger villages in the Mohilev and Vitbesk districts.

1832: Philip Minis, a Savannah physician and the son of Judge Isaac Minis shot and killed James Stark after the latter had called him a “damn Jew,” “a coward” and had pulled a gun on him in the City Hotel at Savannah.

1835(15thof Av, 5595): Tu B’Av

1835: Frederick David Goldsmid, MP and his wife gave birth to their oldest daughter Helen who as the wife of Lionel Lucas whom she married in 1855 was active in the Anglo-Jewish community as can be seen by her service as the President of the Workrooms Committee of the Jewish Board of Guardians, Treasurer of the Jewish Ladies’ West End Charity and Patroness of the City of London Benevolent Society for Assisting Widows of the Jewish Faith.

1843: Sixty-nine year old anti-Semite Jakob Friedrich Fries passed away. “In 1816 he wrote Über die Gefährdung des Wohlstandes und des Charakters der Deutschen durch die Juden ("On the Danger Posed by the Jews to German Well-Being and Character"), advocating among other things a distinct sign on the dress of Jews to distinguish them from the general population, and encouraging their emigration from German lands. He blamed the Jews for the ascendant role of money in society and called for Judaism to be "extirpated root and branch" from German society.”

1845: Two days after he had passed away, Lambert Ellis, the husband of Sarah Ellis with whom he had six children – Asher, Abraham, Esther, Jonas, Anna and Moses – was buried today at the Brady Street Jewish Cemetery.

1845: Birthdate of German physician Mortiz Litten, the son-in-law of pathologist Ludwig Traube who was the son of a Jewish wine merchant.

1846: President James K. Polk signed the Smithsonian Institution Act into law” which created the museum known as the Smithsonian Institution of which the National Museum of American Jewish History would eventually become an affiliate institution. 

1851: Eighty-nine year old German theologian Heinrich Eberhard Gottlob Paulus, the anti-Semite who authored "The Jewish National Separation: Its Origin, Consequences, and the Means of its Correction" passed away today.

1854: The Jewish Theological Seminary of Breslau opened today.

1856: In Stuttgart, Dr. Friedrich Heimerdinger and his wife gave birth to General Erwin von Heimerdinger the father of Gertrude von Heimerdinger who “was employed in the German Foreign Office as assistant Chief of the Diplomatic Courier Section. An anti-Nazi, she secretly arranged for special passes to enable diplomat Fritz Kolbe (the main Allied source of intelligence) to make frequent trips to Switzerland to pass on information to Allen Dulles, head of American O.S.S.” (Jewish Virtual Library)

1858(30th of Av, 5618): Rosh Chodesh Elul

1859: It was reported today that “there has recently arrived in New York City an eminent Jewish traveler, a Mr. Benjamin, the object of whose life hitherto has been to explore the interior of the Asiatic and African continents for the purpose of ascertaining the condition, occupations, hopes,  of his Hebrew brethren.”

1861: Fifty-nine year old Frederick Julius Stahl, the German lawyer and political leader who converted to Christianity when he was baptized as a Lutheran at the age of 17 passed away today.

1861: It was reported today that in “The past week Mr. J.J. Benjamin, a Moldavian traveler and Jew, has been in this city from California. This gentleman's ruling passion appears to be to find out the "Ten Lost Tribes," to accomplish which purpose, he states that he has already traveled over a great portion of the civilized and the uncivilized world. He thinks he has discovered a clue to those missing tribes in Northern Africa and in Asia. Whether or not any such clue exists in this Great Basin, the world will, perhaps, be informed of in due time.”

[Editor’s Note: Mr. Benjamin and J.J. Benjamin are the same person.  J.J. Benjamin was a Rumanian born Jewish businessman who became historian.  Reportedly he modeled himself as modern day version of Benjamin of Tudela, the famous twelfth century Jewish traveler. He signed many of his writing as Benjamin II.]

1861: Forty-year old Samuel (Isaac) Henry Gluckstein a cigar maker from Dusseldorf became a naturalized citizen of the United Kingdom today.

1861: Philadelphian Nathan Rosenfelt who was later wounded at the Battle of Antietam, began serving with company A of the 72nd Regiment.

1861: Henry Isaacs “enlisted with Company M” of the 72nd Regiment today.

1861: Joshua Pickering enlisted in the Cameron Dragoons a “largely Jewish regiment” that was “the first completed regiment of cavalry ever enlisted in the United States during” the Civil War.

1861: Philadelphian James Comelien began serving in the 5th Cavalry where he reached the rank of Lieutenant.

1862: In a letter written to President Lincoln today, August Belmont persisted in his advocacy of a negotiated peace with the Confederates.

1868(22nd of Av, 5628): Approximately three months after her last performance, Adah Isaacs Menken passed away while living in Paris. The cause of death was most likely peritonitis, tuberculosis, or the combined ravages of both. She was buried in the Jewish section of the Montparnasse cemetery in Paris.

1868: Birthdate of Paul M Warburg, the scion of a German banking family, who came to  New York and became a partner in Kuhn, Loeb & Company and an advocate of a “central bank” that took form as the Federal Reserve Board.

1873: A group of Jewish teachers met at #142 East 40th Street in New York today and formed a committee to develop an organizational plan for a Jewish Teacher’s Association.  The plan will be submitted at a future meeting the time of which has not been established.

1873:  It was reported today that Anshey Chesed has decided to hire Dr. Isaac M. Wise of Cincinnati to serve as it rabbi.  The congregation has just completed the building of sanctuary on the corner of Lexington and 63rd at cost of $250,000.

1873: In Cleveland, Ohio, William Hocking and Julia Pratt gave birth to William Ernest Hocking the Harvard professor who in 1936 expressed his opposition to Jewish settlement in Palestine because it “lacks rainfall” and it is “the immediate” cause “for turbulence on the part of the Arabs” while attacking the Pro-Palestine Federation led by its President, Charles Edward Russell.

1874:  Herbert Hoover, future President of the United States, was born in West Branch, Iowa. Hoover is best remembered by Jews as the President who nominated Benjamin Cardozo to the Supreme Court in 1932.  In his memoirs, Hoover makes only a brief reference to the appointment.  There is no mention about the fact that he was Jewish.  Hoover was concerned that there might be opposition because appointing Cardozo would mean that there would be two New Yorkers sitting on the High Court.  His Congressional supporters advised him that this would not be a problem.  So, thanks to a Quaker from Iowa, the Supreme Court found itself with two Jewish Justices (Frankfurter being the other) at a time when anti-Semitism was on the rise in the United States and Europe.

1874: Queen Victoria allowed Solomon Benedict de Worms to use his Austrian title of Baron in Great Britain.

1874: Sherrif Honscheidt of McClean County, Illinois, wrote a letter today addressed to George Walling, the Superintendent of the Police in New York City containing information about the murder Benjamin Nathan.  According to the Sherriff, a German Jew named Levy came to his house and confessed that he had killed Nathan.  He gave the address of the crime; described the murder weapon; and claimed that the motive was robbery.  Levy says he had an accomplice whose name he will only reveal once he is back in New York.  He claims that he has confessed because “he has had no rest nor peace of mind since he committed the crime.”  The Sheriff is not sure if Levy is telling the truth if he is just some “humbug” looking for a free trip to New York. (Nathan was a prominent Jewish member of the business community.  His shocking murder provided a great deal of scandal, but never produced a perpetrator)

1875(9th of Av, 5635): Tish'a B'Av

1875: In Cincinnati, Ohio, William Jacob Mack and Rebecca M. Mack gave birth to Jacob William Mack

 “a member of the executive board of Hebrew Union College, president of Wise Temple in Cincinnati, Ohio, and president of the International Association of Garment Manufacturers and Chairman of the Mack Shirt Corporation.

1875: The New York Times reported that “the anniversary of the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem will be celebrated throughout the world to-day by the conservative Jews, as a day of mourning.”

1877(1stof Elul, 5637): Rosh Chodesh Elul

1878: Birthdate of San Francisco native and U.C. Berkley undergrad, Saul Epsteen, noted mathematician and author.

1878: In Stettin master tailor Max Döblin and his wife Sophie gave birth to prolific author Bruno Alfred Döblin who would convert to Catholicism while living the life of a refugee in Los Angeles during WW II.

1879: In Dresden, “Gustav and Amalie Pinthus” gave birth to Dora Pinthus who married Oskar Michael Blumenthal and became Dora Blumenthal the name under which she was murdered at Theresiendstadt Ghetto.

1879: Two days after she had passed away, Catherine (Elisa) Levy, the wife of Lewis Levy with whom she had had seven children – Esther, Jane, Abraham, Amelia, Frances, Samuel and Philip – was buried today at the “Brompton (Fulham Road) Jewish Cemetery.

1879: According to reports published today, there were eight societies in Great Britain devoted to converting Jews to Christianity and a dozen more in continental Europe devoted to the same purpose.  Together, these organizations have a half million dollars to spend and employ 250 in this work.  The London Society for the Propagation of Christianity Among the Jews is the oldest and most prominent of these groups headquartered in London.  The society has 34 offices encompassing those cities in Europe, along the Mediterranean and in Abyssinia that have large Jewish populations. [These societies had little success.  Based on anecdotal evidence, most conversions took place in Western Europe and Britain for purposes of social and economic progress.]

1879:  It was reported today that the Jews play an activity role in the philanthropic activities in London since the synagogues of that city have give $3,460 to the hospital fund which is supported by donations from all denominations, “except perhaps the Catholics.”

1879: As various hotels and resorts began excluding Jews one merchant published an ad today designed to further their inclusion. “Although the Jews have been excluded from Manhattan Beach, they are not probhibted on account of their religious principles from buying Humphrey’s Parisian Diamonds.  They are for sale only at Humphrey’s Jewelry Store…Price list sent free.”

1880: In Romania, Abraham and Vera Landesco gave birth to Alexander A. Landesco, the graduate of the University of Wisconsin Law School and director of “relief work in East Europe for the Joint Distribution Committee” after World War I who spent 25 years with Lazard Freres and Company was the husband of Olga Spiegel Landesco.

1881: Over 2,500 people attended the corner-stone laying ceremony for the Home for the Aged and Infirmed in Yonkers.  Joseph E. Newberger gave the opening remarks on behalf of the B’Nai Brith and was followed by Norton Otis, the May of Yonkers.

1883: “The Outrages in Hungary” published today described the violent anti-Semitic reaction to the acquittal of Jews who have been standing trial at Nyireghyhaza on charges of ritual murder i.e. killing a young Christian girl.  Joseph Scharf, the father of Moritz Scharf, has been attacked several times because his son’s testimony during the trial.  There have been several outbreaks of arson aimed at the Jewish population of the town in which the dead girl lived.

1883: August Rholing, notorious slanderer of Jews and the Talmud brought charges of defamation against Rabbi Joseph Samuel Bloch of Vienna

1883: The escape by Theodore Hoffman, who was convicted of murdering Zife Marks, a Jewish peddler, was thwarted today.

1884: It was reported today that Jews in England are seeking to have their government intervene on behalf of their co-religionists in Romania who have been harmed by “the new hawking law.”

1884: It was reported today that Novoje Vremya, “the chief Jew-baiting organ in Russia” has received a warning from the authorities to cease its attacks on Jews.

1884 During today’s Earthquake in New York City, Jews living on Ludlow Street threw their furniture out of their windows and fearfully ran out of their houses carrying trunks, valises and mattresses.

1885: Birthdate of Cincinnati native and Harvard Law School graduate who was a WW I veteran and a director of Big Brothers in Chicago.

1886(9thof Av, 5646): Tish’a B’Av

1886: “The Fast of AB” published today described “the fast of Ab or ‘black fast,’ as it is it is sometimes called among the Jews”  which “is one of the most solemn occasions in the Hebrew worship and scrupulously observed by orthodox Jews” because “it commemorates the destruction of the two temples of Judea.”

1887: Abe Furst and Dr. Charles H. Rosenthal both of Cincinnati, Ohio, each donated $10 to the Union of American Hebrew Congregations.

1887: The Sanitarium for Hebrew Children are providing another free excursion today for the poor children of the Lower East Side.

1888: The Immigration Committee chaired by Congressman Ford met today at the Westminster Hotel. While Ford and Congressman Guenther tried to paint a picture of an invasion of immigrant paupers, they were stymied by testimony of at least one Jewish witness.  When Ford asked, “Do all the immigrants have the means of subsistence when they reach here?” the response was “If they have not, they are cared for by relatives and friends here.  Certainly they do not become a charge upon the public.  The records of the state Board of Charities will not show that a single Jew has been cared for by public charity.” (This sounds painfully familiar to those who have been listening to the current debate about immigration in the United States)

1889: In Brooklyn, “Mary (Miriam) Natelson and Samson Nateslon, who married Dr. Meyer Weiner and as Ethel Weiner, the Brooklyn school teacher, “vice president of the Jewish Teachers Association” and “a sister of the Rachel Natelson… who collaborated with Henrietta Szold in founding Hadassah.”

1890; “Dr. Cyrus Adler” delivered the sixth in a series of lectures sponsored by the Jewish Theological Seminary at Cooper Union entitled “The Bible and Modern Discoveries with Special Reference to the Geography of Egypt and Palestine” which was attended by a large number of people including several ladies.

1890: “Waiting for A,B,C” published today relied on information that first appeared in the Edinburgh to traces the history of written alphabets including a listing of ancient inscriptions, one of which is “the Hebrew text…known as the Siloam inscription” which  “is very clearly of the age of Hezekiah” approximately 700 BCE.

1890: Birthdate of Solomon Rosenthal, the native of Vilnius who became a chess master.

1890 It has been determined that the Polish Jews who fell ill yesterday were not victims of food poisoning.  They had all drank coffee deliberately poisoned by Mrs. Levy, the wife of a second-hand clothing proprietor.  No reason has been given for her action. As to the victims, Jacob Schmidt and Jacob Levenson will recover but two of the mothers and their daughters are still in danger. The mass poisoning was made possible by the fact these Jews cook and eat a communal meal at the Sabbath.

1891: “A Rabbi At Chautauqua” published today described the incredulity of some Christians that Rabbi Gustav Gottheil is scheduled to speak before this organization.

1891: “Caring For Jewish Immigrants” published today described plans that leaders of the Jewish Alliance of America  have to help their co-religionists arriving in this country including helping them to settle in several states, find work for those “who are skilled mechanics or laborers” and “to purchase cheap arable lands for those” who want to farm.

1892: The SS Kehrwider sailed from Hamburg today bound for New York carrying a significant number of passengers who were poor Jews fleeing Poland and Russia.

1893: James O’Mara and William Davison sole the pack of a Jewish peddler went he entered Patrick Devitt’s saloon in Brooklyn.  Two policemen arrived and arrested the thieves.

1893(28th of Av, 5653): Rabbi Naftali Zvi Yehuda Berlin passed away today in Warsaw. Born in Mir, Russia, in 1816, he “was also known as Reb Hirsch Leib Berlin, and commonly known by the acronym Netziv.” Berlin “was…dean of the Volozhin Yeshiva and author of several works of rabbinic literature in Lithuania.”

1895: “A score of charitable” people from Brooklyn who are spending the summer at Tannersville, NY, hosted a fund raiser for the benefit of the Hebrew Sanitarium.

1895: Lucian Sanial spoke first tonight at the mass meeting in Union Square sponsored by several Jewish organizations held “express sympathy with the locked-out hat and cap makers.”

1895: During the mass meeting at Walhalla Hall on Orchard Street, it was announced that the strike by the tailors, most of whom are Jewish has come to an end.

1895: Birthdate of Harold Reichman, the native of Cincinnati, Ohio who at the age of 18 changed his name to Harry Richman – the name under which he carved out a career as “a singer, actor, dancer, comedian, pianist, songwriter, bandleader, and night club performer” who began his film career in the classic “Putting on the Ritz.”

1896(1st of Elul, 5656): Rosh Chodesh Elul 

1896: Birthdate Pediatrician Dorothy Wilkes Weiss, the wife of Charles Wilkes who was active in Hadassah while living in San Francisco.

1896: “Education in Germany” published today provided a statistical analysis by religion of the Germans “attending the universities and other higher educational institutions.  For every 10,000 Protestants, 50 of them are students; for every 10,000 Roman Catholics, 32 are students: for every 10,000 Jews, 333 are students. “These figures testify to the extreme value set on a university education by Jews in Germany and explain how it is that young Hebrews are pressing into all the learned professions in far greater proportion than their ratio to the entire population of the country would warrant.” (While the Jews may have been elated about this, many Germans thought the progress of the Jews had to be part of some evil plot which, however irrationally, fueled the flames of anti-Semitism)

1897(12thof Av, 5657): Moses Schloss, a native of Bavaria who has been a successful merchant in New York for the past 50 years passed away today which was his 79thbirthday.

1898: In Wellington, Nevada, the sheriff is about to close down the Occidental Colony Company which was organized and operated by Jewish immigrants from Russia.

1898: One day after she had passed away. Phoebe Winkel, the “wife of Israel J. Winkel” with she had five children – Joseph, Solomon, Kate, Sarah and Leah – was buried today at the Plashet Jewish Cemetery in London.

1900: Birthdate of Philip Levine, the Russian born American pioneer in the research “of serums and antibodies who discovered the Rh factor in human blood.” (As reported by Peter B. Flint)

1902: Birthdate of Canadian Oscar winning actress Norma Shearer who converted to Judaism in 1927 when she married movie mogul Irving Thalberg.

1902: in Podgorze, Kraków's Jewish quarter, Rosa Philippine (née Blum) and Ignatz Siodmak, a devout Hasidic scholar gave birth to Kurt Siodmak who gained fame as “novelist and screenwriter” Curt Siodmak.

1903: The New York Times features a review of a compendium of the writings of Rabbi Kaufmann Kohler entitled <u>Studies in Jewish Literature</u>.

1905:  The Russians and the Japanese begin peace talks at Portsmouth under the watchful eye of President Theodore Roosevelt.  The talks would bring an end to the Russo-Japanese War.  The Russians were humiliated by the defeat.  The Czar did make some half-hearted attempts at democratic reform which was encouraging to the Jews in the emerging Russian middle class.  At the same time, the Slavophiles, extreme Russian nationalists also sought power; trying to convince Nicholas II that Russia would only find greatness when it had rid itself of all Western and foreign (i.e. Jewish) influences.  In the end, nothing changed for the better and the Communists would come to power thirteen years later. Russian anti-Semitism gave the Japanese an edge in fighting the war.  The Russian government had refused to take responsibility for pogrom. It had blocked American attempts to investigate the treatment of the Russian Jews. When war broke between the Russians and the Japanese, several American Jewish financiers were instrumental in insuring that Japanese war underwritten which meant that the Japanese would have money to fight the war. 

1906: Birthdate of Abie Bain, the native of St. Petersburg, Russia who reportedly began his boxing career in the United States at the age of 12 as a flyweight but boxed as middleweight for most of his career except when he stepped up to Light Heavyweight class to fight Maxie Rosenbloom.

1907: At Cowes, Lord Rothschild is one of the notable guests aboard the famed yacht Margaritta one of only two vessels of interest at this fabled nautical event.

1910: The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that two valuable silver cups had been stolen from the Sons of Israel Synagogue in Camden, NJ.

1911: Samuel Gompers, President of the American Federation of Labor, headed a delegation of men interested in labor publications who appeared before the Congressional commission on second-class mail matter to protest against the raise in the rates.

1911: Birthdate of American playwright Jerome Chodorov, the New York native who is the brother of playwright Edward Chodorov.

1912(27thof Av, 5672): Parashat Re’eh

1912: Approximately 75 people attended services at the Social Hall of the Forest House in Kennebunkport, Maine, led by Rabbi Bernard. G. Ehrenreich of Montgomery, Alabama.

1912: Pitcher Barney Pely “known as ‘the Yiddish Curver’” appeared in his last major league as a member of the Washington Senators of the American League.

1913: The Second Balkan War comes to an end with the signing of the Treaty of Bucharest. As a result of the war, the final boundaries for the modern Greek state were finally established.  This led to an end of the “protected status” many Balkan Jews had enjoyed under Ottoman rule as they became citizens of Greece.

1913: One day after he had passed away, Myer Friedland, the husband of Eva Friedland with whom he had two children – Martha and Annie – was buried today at “the Belfast Jewish Cemetery in Northern Ireland.”

1913: The treaty ending the Second Balkan War signed today gave the town of Monastir, which had been home to a Jewish community since Roman times became part of Serbia and was renamed Bitola although the local Jews continued to refer to it by its Ottoman name.

1914: Samuel Prince, a former Assemblyman from the east side and a labor agitator passes away and includes a bequest of fifty dollars to Samuel Gompers for use in supporting strikers in Colorado.

1915: During the Gallipoli campaign, which saw the appearance of the Zion Mule Corps, forces under Mustfa Kemal (who would gain fame as Ataturk)) defeated the Allies during the Battle of Sari Bair.

1916: Oscar S. Straus and Henry Morgenthau, the two previous U.S. Ambassadors to Turkey were sitting at the speakers table with Abram I. Elkus, the latest appointee to the position at a dinner at the Fruendschaft Society where the attendees expressed “satisfaction and pride in the service rendered to the nation by the Jews.”

1916: Chief Rabbi of Salonica received a telegram from the Minister of Interior stating the government has taken steps to ensure tranquility for the Jews on Corfu, after a blood libel accusation arose. 

1916: It was reported today that in Warsaw which is now under German rule “death from starvation” is so prevalent among the Jews, “that Jewish mothers feel happy to see their nursing babies die” because it puts an end to their suffering and that even the “wealthiest” Jews “cut off their daughters’ hair and sell it to be able to buy indispensable thing like bread for their dying children.”

1916: It was reported today that a commission has been to Switzerland to seek help in maintaining the soup kitchens for the Jews in Warsaw, but that the real hope is that American Jews will send aid because “should America not aid” them, the Jews of Warsaw “will be lost.”


1917: Dr. Reuben Blank sent a telegram today from Petrograd to Lucien Wolf in London that “in the press and proclamations” the “extreme Russian reactionaries, the extreme revolutionaries and the Black Hundreds” “go so far as to throw upon the Jews the entire responsibility for the war and for the obstacles in the way of a peace with Germany”

1917: The Central Committee of Council of Workmen and Soldiers” having learned “of the revival of anti-Semitic activity in the northwestern and southwestern provinces” dispatched “fifteen delegates to the affect districts to counteract the agitation.”

1917: “Professor Felix Frankfurter of Harvard, the assistant to the Secretary of War, who went abroad recently as a member of a semi-official commission” that sought to determine “the condition of the Jews of Palestine” returned to Washington, D.C.

1917: In Berlin, “five orthodox representative of the Jewish community resigned because of the appointment of a radical reformer, Dr. Benzion Kellerman, as a rabbi of the synagogue of the South-eastern district.
1918: During the Battle of Amiens which General John Monash was the commanding field officer, the French re-took the town of Montdidier.

1919(14th of Av, 5679): The Ukrainian National Army massacres 25 Jews in Podolia Ukraine

1920: The Turkish government renounced its sovereignty over Eretz Yisrael and recognized the British mandate.

1920:  Birthdate of Basketball coach William Red Holzman When he retired, Red Holzman was the second winingnest coach in NBA history with 696 victories in regular season play, mostly with the New York Knickerbockers. His Knick teams won NBA championships in l970 and l973. Red was elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame as a coach in 1986. Incidentally, the only man ahead of Holzman on the all-time win list was another Jew, Red Auerbach of the Boston Celtics.

1920: In London “Eight year old Jewish chess wonder” Samuel Rzeschewski “played simultaneous games against twenty strong amateur player at the Gambit Chess rooms” his evening and won 18 of he games and having two end in a draw.

1920(26th of Av, 5680): Eighty-four year old pioneer physician Adam Politzer and a founder of otology passed away today.

1921: Eight days she had passed away, Rebecca Linneweil, the wife of Salomon Linneweil and the mother of Henriette Linneweil was buried today at London’s Edmonton Adath Yisroel Jewish Cemetery.

1923: In Carslbad, Dr. Glickson, a delegate to the Thirteenth Zionist Congress denounced the policy of the British administration in Palestine toward the Jews of the country and toward the Zionist movement. He declared that "the Government hinders the upbuilding of the Jewish national home."

1923: The American delegation to the Thirteenth Zionist Congress cabled the newly installed U.S. President, Calvin Coolidge, “a message of greeting” including wishes for  a “successful administration.  The Zionists…recalled that the President has on various occasions expressed his admiration of the effort to re-establish Palestine as the Jewish homeland.

1923: JTA does not publish its daily news bulletin today because it is the National Day of Mourning in memory of President Warren G. Harding.

1925: More 30,000 members of the ILGWU held a rally today at Yankee Stadium.  The Union was dominated by Jewish members and leaders including Morris Sigman the president from 1923 to 1928 who battled communists and bosses to improve the lot the working men and women of America.

1926(30th of Av, 5686): Rosh Chodesh Elul

1928: Birthdate of Eddie Fisher.  Fisher’s early fame came as “crooner” and teen-age heartthrob in the 1950’s.  He gained a certain level of infamy when he dumped Debbie to marry Elizabeth Taylor.  Taylor later dumped him after a pubic romp with Richard Burton.  Of such was the news in simpler times.

1929(4thof Av, 5689): Parashat Devarim; Shabbat Chazon

1929(4thof Av, 5689): Seventy-five year old Aletta Jacobs, the female trailblazer who followed in her father’s footsteps and became a physician and was an active suffragette passed away today.

1929(4thof Ave, 5689): Seventy-five year old Aletta Henriëtte Jacobs “the first woman to attend a Dutch University officially and the first female physician in the Netherlands” passed away today.

1929: Two days before his 17th birthday, historian Max Dimont who had sailed to the United States in steerage aboard the SS Berengaria was discharged from the hospital on Ellis Island and begin the trip to his new home in Cleveland, Ohio with the rest of his family.


1929: “The Awful Truth” a comedy filmed by cinematographer David Abel was released today in the United States.

1930: The fourth world congress of the Zionist Revisionists opened in Prague today under the presidency of Vladimir Jabotinsky. The Revisionists constitute the Opposition in the World Zionist Organization.

1932: In today’s diary entry, 18 year old Hermann Pressman, who would survive the Holocaust” described spending his Sunday evening with friends at a Berlin café.

1932: In Berlin “conductor and composer Walter Goehr” and wife gave birth to “British composer and professor Peter Alexander Goehr.

1933: In Amsterdam, 225 German-Jewish children, chiefly from the Rhine region, arrived to stay with Dutch Jewish families.

1933: Eighteen year old Heddy Lamarr married “Austrian military arms merchant and munitions manufacturer” Friedrich Mandl who “was reputed to be the third richest man in Austria.

1933: Der Ernes, the Yiddish language newspaper published in the Soviet Unon, reported that a farmer named Leiser Kabakoff, had been expelled from his collective in the Crimea for his efforts to get other farmers to refrain from working on the Sabbath.

1936: At Geneva, “the Polish delegation to the World Jewish Congress charged early today in a statement present at the third day’s session that Poland’s 3,500,000 Jews were being terrorized and made paupers. (Editor’s note – the rising tide of Polish anti-Semitism during the 1930’s might help to explain the ease with which her Jewish population was all but wiped in the Shoah)

1936: It was reported today that economist Jacob Lesthiesky estimated that “Nazism has reduced 20 to 22 per cent of All Germans to dependence on relief and 20 per cent of the Jews have already liquidated their affairs in preparation for emigration” and that Polish economist Dr. Arjeh Tartakower estimated that 200,000 Jews in world are being compelled to emigrate due to “economic or political pressure.”

1937: At the historic plenary session of the 20th Zionist Congress, held in Zurich under the chairmanship of Dr. Stephen Wise, a last desperate attempt was made by Menahem Ussishkin to prevent the adoption of a resolution that was tantamount to the Jewish acceptance of the Peel Report’s principle of Palestine’s partition. The acceptance of this proposal, said Ussishkin, means the end of our historic hope... it will mean that a great misfortune must befell us. Ussishkin criticized Moshe Shertok.

1937: The Weizmann policy on the partition of Palestine took textual form today in the draft of a resolution submitted to the political resolutions committee of the World Zionist Congress here. This body, elected today, started what promises to be an all-night secret debate on this resolution, particularly on the last two and most crucial points.

1938: A group of Arabs carried out a daring day time robbery of the Barclays Bank at Nablus.  The proceeds of the action are thought to be a source of funding for the on-going wave of Arab terror and violence which claimed more Jewish victims today when a car filled with Jewish workers approaching an orange grove near Hadera struck a land mine and a Jewish cart driver was wounded by sniper fire as he drove along the road from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

1938: Three Hebrew language dailies, including Davar, published editorials condemning violence that was traced back to the Revisionists wing of the Zionist movement.

1938: Nuremberg Synagogue is burnt down.

1939: Bernhard Maissner (also known as Bejrich Bernhard Majzner) was forced to move to Bentschen, Poland before being shipped to Treblinka where “later he was declared to have perished.”

1940: The government of Rumania passed anti-Jewish racial laws.

1942(27th of Av, 5702): Twenty-seven year old Berta Samuel who had been shipped to Auschwitz from Drancy died at the Nazi death camp today.

.  1942: This was the first of thirteen days when over 40,000 Jews were shipped from Lvov to the death camp at Belzec.  By the end of the month, another 36,000 Jews from Lvov and its surrounding area would be shipped to Belzec where they would meet a similar fate.

1943(9th of Av, 5703): Tish'a B'Av

1943(9th of Av, 5703): Twenty-seven more Jews were found in the ‘Aryan' portion of the ghetto in Warsaw and were shot.

1944: In Manhattan, “Dr. Abraham Leff, a psychiatrist, and the former Rose Levy, a pharmacist” gave birth to Eugene Joel Leff, the lawyer who got justice for the victims of Love Canal.  (As reported by Sam Roberts)

1945(1stof Elul, 5705): Rosh Chodesh Elul

1945: A day after the United States dropped the Atomic Bomb on Nagasaki, the Japanese government sent word through diplomatic channels that it would accept the terms of the Potsdam Conference which meant that WW II was close to coming a close.

1945(1stof Elul, 5705): Staff Sargent Jack Winer, he “only son of a Jewish immigrant mother from Russia” and “a navigator for the 345th Bombardment Group, was killed during an air raid today days before the surrender of Japan” after which he was reinterred at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific in 1949 and erroneously “ended up with a cross on his headstone instead of the Star of David.”

1946: Kitty “Carlisle married playwright and theatrical producer Moss Hart today.

1948(5th of Av, 5708): Sixty-five year old Viennese native Nathan Eibschutz, the “son of Rabbi Rahmiel Eibschutz,” “a founder of Israel Zion Hospital,” the President and Treasurer of the Night and Day Press printing house and the husband of Ceclia Friedman Eibschutz, of blessed memory and the former Monya W. Tepperman, passed away today in Manhattan.

1948: In another example of how a Jew helped to create American pop culture, Allen Funt's "Candid Camera" TV debuted on ABC.  Long before “reality t.v.” hit it big, Funt showed the world how to laugh with ordinary people doing ordinary things while the whole world (which was much smaller then) watched.

1948: A concert was held in Tel Aviv attended by Ben Gurion, Golda Meir and Moshe Sharett.

1949(15thof Av, 5709): Tu B’Av

1949(15thof Av, 5709): Yiddish author and Belarus native, Yosef or Joseph Tunkel who used “he pen name Der Tunkler” passed away today and was then “buried in the New Mount Carmel Cemetery.

1950: “Sunset Boulevard” a film noir set in Hollywood directed by Billy Wilder who also co-authored the script, with music by Franz Waxman and co-starring Erich von Stroheim was released in the United States by Paramount Pictures.

1953: “The Caddy” a Martin and Lewis comedy directed by Norman Taurog and a script co-authored by Danny Arnold was released in the United States today.

1957: “The Rising of the Moon,” an Irish anthology film featuring Harold Golblatt in “A Minute’s Wait” was released in Ireland today by Warner Bros.

1959:  Birthdate of actress Rosanna Arquette.

1960: In East Bergholt, Suffolk, “screenwriter, novelist and journalist” Frederic Raphael gave birth to English artist Sarah Natasha Raphael.

1960: The original “Ocean’s 11” directed and produced by Lewis Milestone, co-staring Sammy Davis, Jr. and Joey Bishop and featuring Norman Fell was released in the United States today.

1962: President Kennedy's Secretary of State Dean Rusk criticized Daniel Schorr's actions in a diplomatic cable today for a checkbook journalism story in which, “Schorr involved himself in a matter which was far beyond his private or journalistic responsibilities and proceeded amateurishly in a matter filled with greatest danger for all concerned.” (This was neither the first time nor the last time that Schorr would draw the ire of a government official including those in Washington and Moscow. 

1964: It was reported that Alaska Democrat Ernest Gruening was one of only two Senators to vote against the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution.  The two senators saw the resolution as “unconstitutional because it was ‘a pre-dated declaration of war power’ reserved to Congress. This vote cost him his seat in the Senate; a fate that many of the johnny-come-lately opponents such as the anti-Semite J. William Fulbright were spared.

1965(12th of Av, 5725): Eighty-eight year old “specialist in criminal law and a founder of the doctrine of international criminal law” Emil Stanisław Rappaport passed away today.

1969(26thof Av, 5729): Seventy-two year old Arthur J  “Art” Strauss also known as Dutch Strauss the fullback and running back for Phillips College before turning pro with the Toledo Marrons and the Kansas City Blues passed away today.

1970: “Diary of a Mad Housewife,” the film version of the novel by Sue Kaufman, starring Richard Benjamin was released in the United States today by Universal Pictures.

1972(30th of Av, 5732): Rosh Chodesh Elul

1976: In Toronto, the Paralympic Games in which volleyball player Hagai Zamier earned a Gold Medal, came to a closes.

1977: “The Kentucky Fried Movie,” a comedy written by Jim Abrahams, David Zucker and Jerry Zucker was released in the United States today.

1979: “Americathon” a comedy produced by Joe Roth and starring Harvey Korman and Peter Riegert was released today in the United States today.

1981(10th of Av, 5741): Seventy-five year old Yeruham Cohen, an Arabic-speaker of Yemeni origin who was “an early Israeli undercover soldier” passed away today. He was a top aide to the commander of Israel's underground forces during the country's war for independence in 1948 and also belonged to a unit whose members disguised themselves as Arabs to infiltrate enemy lines.  Mr. Cohen is most famous for his acquaintance with Gamal Abdel Nasser of Egypt, whom he met in 1948 during the Israeli war for independence while Israeli forces encircled Egyptian troops the southern Negev. According to historical accounts, Mr. Cohen saw the future President while watching the Egyptians retreat, shouted and ran toward him, and they shook hands warmly.

1980(28th of Av, 5740): Seventy-four year old Karl Wolf, a native of Austria who was the husband of Margit Wolf passed away today in Haifa.

1981: Pitcher Bob Tufts made his major league debut with the San Francisco Giants.

1983(1stof Elul, 5743): Rosh Chodesh Elul

1986: A Broadway revival of “Me and My Girl” featuring George S. Irving in “his Tony nominated performance as Sir John” opened today at the Marquis Theatre.

1988:  After opening in Australia, “Crimes of the Future,” “a Canadian sci-fi film” directed by, produced by, written by, filmed by and edited by David Conenberg was release today in the United States.

1989(9thof Av, 5749): Tish’a B’Av

1989: Birthdate of Ben Sahar, Israeli born football (soccer) star.

1990: “Flaterliners” a sci-fi thriller directed by Joel Schumacher, the son of Swedish Jewess, was released throughout the United States today by Columbia Pictures.

1990: Eighty-two year old Martha Dodd Stern, the daughter of William Dodd, FDR’s first ambassador to Hitler’s Germany, who became an anti-Nazi, passed away today.  (As reported by Glenn Fowler)

1991(30thof Av, 5751): Shabbat and Rosh Chodesh Elul

1991(30thof Av, 5751): Eighty-five year old Hans Jacob Polostky, the native of Zurich and German educated orientalist who made Aliyah in 1935 to escape the Nazis and became an award winning Professor at Hebrew University passed away today.

1993: Ruth Bader Ginsburg was sworn as an Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme court. Thus she became the second woman, and the first Jewish woman, to serve on the Supreme Court. Ginsburg replaced retiring justice Byron R. White. “Born in Brooklyn on March 15, 1933, Ginsburg was the first in her immediate family to attend college. She earned her B.A. from Cornell, with High Honors in Government, in 1954. Admitted to Harvard Law School, she delayed her studies to move with her husband to Oklahoma, where she worked for the Social Security Administration. Returning east, Ginsburg enrolled at Harvard in 1956, but switched to Columbia Law School for her final year when her husband accepted a job offer from a prestigious New York law firm. At both Harvard and Columbia, Ginsburg was accepted to the Law Review; at Columbia, she tied for first in her class. Despite this record of achievement, Ginsburg found it difficult to work as a lawyer upon graduation. Few judges and no law firms were willing to accept a woman as clerk or staff member. Finally, she won a clerkship with Judge Edmund L. Palmieri of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York. Palmieri accepted her only on the promise from a male lawyer that if Ginsburg did not work out, the man would leave a law firm job to become a law clerk. That proved unnecessary. After her clerkship, Ginsburg worked for the Columbia Project on International Civil Procedure, which did basic research on foreign systems of civil procedure and recommended changes in the U.S. system of transnational litigation. With the completion of the Columbia Project, Ginsburg embarked on an academic career, first at Rutgers University (1963-1972) (where she was paid less than her male colleagues), and then at Columbia (1972-1980), where she was the first tenured woman on the law faculty. Just before her move to Columbia, Ginsburg also became co-director of the ACLU's Women's Rights Project.

Dividing her time between Columbia and the ACLU, Ginsburg worked extensively on sex-discrimination cases, especially those relating to employment. In this work, Ginsburg filed briefs in nine major sex discrimination cases that were decided by the Supreme Court, personally arguing six of them. Ginsburg argued that protections granted to persons under the constitution should apply to women and, thus, successfully established that differential treatment based on gender was unconstitutional. In 1980, President Jimmy Carter appointed Ginsburg to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. She served there for thirteen years, until her nomination and confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court. In nominating Ginsburg to the Supreme Court, President Clinton described her as "one of our nation's best judges, progressive in outlook, wise in judgment, balanced and fair in her opinions." He also said that "Ruth Bader Ginsburg cannot be called a liberal or a conservative. She has proved herself too thoughtful for such labels." Ginsburg's record as a centrist likely helped to ease her confirmation; the Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously endorsed her nomination, and the full Senate voted 96-3 in her favor.

On the Court, Ginsburg's work has been characterized by cool logic and reason, and a pragmatism that takes into account the real-life implications of Court decisions. In her written decisions she has continued to establish the constitutional basis for prohibiting discrimination based on gender. Justice Ginsburg has actively participated in this year's 350th anniversary celebrations of Jewish life in North America, pointing proudly to Judaism's eternal pursuit of justice, the promise of America, and the accomplishments of Jewish women who have preceded her. The resignation of Justice Sandra Day O'Connor makes Justice Ginsburg the only woman on the Supreme Court.”

1997: The New York Times book section featured reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or of special interest to Jewish readers including <u>Secret Channels: The Inside Story of Arab-Israeli Peace Negotiations</u> by Mohamed Heikal and <u>Faith or Fear: How Jews Can Survive in a Christian America </u>by Elliott Abrams

1997(7th of Av, 5757): Sixty-three year old Professor George Zames “known for his fundamental contributions to the theory of robust control” and who was one of the Jews saved by Japanese Consul Senpo Sugihara passed away today.

2000(9thof Av, 5760): Tish’a B’Av

2000:At the U.S. Olympic swimming trials in Indianapolis, Indiana, Dara Torres swam the 100-meter butterfly in a time of 57.86. In 2005, Torres was inducted into the International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame.”

2001: “American Pie 2” a sequel to “American Pie” with a story by David H. Steinberg and Adam Herz who also wrote the screenplay and co-starring Eugene Levy was released in the United States today by Universal Studios.

2002: Thirty-one year old Yafit Herenstein was shot in her home by members of the Al-Aqsa Brigades

2003: “Shattered Glass” a biopic based on the fraudulent journalistic career of Stephen Glass premiered today at the Toronto International Film Festival today.

2003: The Sunday New York Times book section includes reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or of special interest to Jewish readers including  <u>When the Chickens Went on Strike: A Rosh Hashanah Tale,</u> Erica Silverman’s adaption of a story by Sholom Aleichem illustrated by Matthew Trueman,  <u>Lay Back the Darkness,</u> a collection of poems by Edward Hirscha Midwestern man with a Jewishheritage and  Ronit Matalon's novel <u>Bliss </u>translated by Jessica Cohen that “focuses on Israel's two pains: the kind it suffers and the kind it inflicts”

2003(12thof Av, 5763): Sixteen year old Haviv Dadon was “killed by shrapnel from an anti-aircraft shell fired from Lebanon.”

2005: “In his first speech before the Knesset following his resignation, Netanyahu spoke of the necessity for Knesset members to oppose the proposed disengagement” from Gaza.

2006(16th of Av, 5766): IDF Staff Sergeant Kobi Idan, 26, from Eilat was killed and at least 16 other soldiers were wounded, nine of them seriously, in the clashes with Hezbollah.

2006: Twenty-four year old Angelo Frammartino, from Monte Rotondo, Italy was stabbed to death by an Arab terrorist in Jerusalem.

2006: During the 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict, Israeli authors, David Grossman, Amos Oz and A.B. Yehoshua spoke at a press conference calling upon the government to agree to a ceasefire as a basis for talks toward a negotiated solution, describing further military action as "dangerous and counterproductive" and expressing particular concern for the Lebanese government. [Editor’s note - Two days later, Grossman’s 20-year-old son Uri, a staff sergeant in an armored unit, was killed by an anti-tank missile during an IDF operation in southern Lebanon shortly before the ceasefire.]

2007: The Indianapolis Colts placed tight end Mike Seidman on the injured reserve list

2007: Colonel Giora "Hawkeye" Epstein “was the primary subject of the "Desert Aces" episode of The History Channel series Dogfights that aired for the first time tonight.”

2007 (26th of Av): On the secular calendar commemoration of  Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson’s, the third Rebbe of the Chabad dynasty, popularly known as the "Tzemach Tzedek," departure from Petersburg after having successfully prevented the government's disruption of traditional Jewish life.2008(9th of Av, 5768): Tish'a B'Av

2008:The New York Times book section featured reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or about topics of Jewish interest including <u>The Challenge:</u> <u>Hamdan v. Rumsfeld and the Fight Over Presidential Power</u> by Jonathan Mahler, <u>My Sister, My Love</u> by Joyce Carol Oates, <u>American Priestess: The Extraordinary Story of Anna Spafford and the American Colony in Jerusalem</u>by Jane Fletcher Geniesse and <u>Kingmakers:The Invention of the Modern Middle East</u> by Karl E. Meyer and Shareen Blair Brysac.

2008: The Jerusalem Post reported that the Jewish Agency has released a statement that some 200 Jews living near the town Gori, on the South Ossetia border, were advised to evacuate to the Georgian capital after the outbreak of hostilities with Russia two days ago.

2008(9th of Av, 5768): Howard G. Minsky, a former Hollywood talent agent and the producer of the movie “Love Story,” passed away today at the age of 94. Mr. Minsky began his career during the silent-film era and sold reels of film door to door before breaking into the Hollywood scene. He worked as an executive for 20th Century Fox and Paramount Pictures and as a talent agent for the William Morris Agency. In the 1960s he left the agency to produce the romantic drama “Love Story,” written by one of his clients, Erich Segal. Released in 1970, it became a blockbuster, winning five Golden Globes, including best picture, and an Academy Award for music.

2009: The exhibit, Bagels & Barbeque: The Jewish Experience in Tennessee which documents the history of Jewish immigration to Tennessee opened at Chattanooga State, the College on the River.

2009: Opening of the Tzfat [Safed] Klezmer Festival

2009 (20th of Av): On the Jewish calendar, Yahrzeit of Rabbi Levi Yitzchak Schneerson, father of the seventh and last Chabad-Lubavitch Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson. A brave and educated soul, he after being imprisoned by the Soviets for thwarting the Communists attempts to wipe out Jewish civilization.

2009: Israeli aircraft bombed tunnels early today along the Gaza Strip border with Egypt, Hamas officials and witnesses said. There were no immediate reports of casualties from the predawn raid against targets in the town of Rafah. The Israeli military had no immediate comment. Israel has frequently attacked tunnels it says are used to smuggle weapons or materials to build weapons into Gaza from Egypt. The bombings may also have been response re-newed mortar and rocket attacks by terrorists in Gaza.

2010(30th of Av, 5770): Rosh Chodesh Elul

2010(30th of Av, 5770): Ninety year old author Nancy Freedman passed away.

2010(30th of Av, 5770): Eighty-two year old David L. Wolper, who changed America’s view of race and slavery with “Roots”, passed away today. (As reported by Richard Severo)

2010: Paul Hunt began serving as Canada’s Ambassador to Israel.2010: The first public screening of “A Film Unfinished” is scheduled to take place at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York City. 2010: While testifying before the Turkel Committee today, Defense Minister Ehud Barak “placed the blame” for the botched flotilla raid “on the IDF, which he said was responsible for warning the government if ‘the mission cannot be carried out.’ In the case of the flotilla the IDF did not warn, Barak said.

2010: “The Human Resources Manager” the movie version of the A.B. Yehoshua novel by the same name directed by Eran Riklis and starring Mark Ivanir was released today in Israel.

2011: The International Master Course for Violinists which has been taking place amid the scenic mountains of the western Galilee at Kibbutz Eilon is scheduled to come to an end today.

2011: The DC Premiere “Maya” is scheduled to take place at this evening’s WJFF (Washington Jewish Film Festival) Friend-raiser Screener and Party

2011: Philip Levine was named today as the new poet laureate of the United States. Levine has an MFA through the University of Iowa Writer's Workshop. His works include a "continuous examination of his Jewish immigrant inheritance.

2011The Romanian Academy said today that it will change its definition of an anti-Semitic slur in a dictionary to make it clear the word is pejorative.

2011: The International Master Course for Violinists which is taking place at Kibbutz Eilon is scheduled to come to an end.

2012: Rookie right tackle Mitchell Schwartz is scheduled to start in the Detroit Lions’ first exhibition pro-football game.

2012: The Russian Olympic basketball team coached by Israeli-American David Blatt is scheduled to play Spain today in the semifinals.

2012: Victor Lieberman is scheduled to lead Shabbat eve services at B’nai Israel in Grand Forks, ND

2012: Ben Sarasin will help lead Shabbat eve services at Temple Judah in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, as part of his “Bar Mitzvah Weekend.”

2012: Shai Wosner is scheduled to perform at Lincoln Center

2012: New Zealand Jewish sailor Jo Aleh and her partner Polly Powrie won the gold medal in the women’s 470 regatta. Aleh, 26, whose parents are dual Israeli-New Zealand citizens, skippered the pair into the lead from the start of the gold medal race today at the London Olympic Games

2012: Israeli rhythmic gymnast Neta Rivkin leapt to the finals after her ribbon routine in the individual qualifiers today at the London Games.

2012: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak have “almost finally” decided on an Israeli strike at Iran’s nuclear facilities this fall, and a final decision will be taken “soon,” Israel’s main TV news broadcast reported this evening.

2013: “Dancing in Jaffa” and “Gideon’s Army” are scheduled to be shown at the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival.

2013: Kol HaOt is scheduled to sponsor “The Sounds of Elul” featuring Yehuda Katz.

2013: An al-Qaeda-linked group active in the Sinai Peninsula said today that its fighters were the target of a reported Israeli drone strike into Egyptian territory, a rare operation that could indicate increased Egyptian-Israeli security cooperation against militants in the lawless border zone. (As reported by Maamoun Youssef)

2013: “Israeli tennis star Shahar Pe'er won her first tournament in four years today, defeating unseeded Zheng Saisai 6:2, 2:6, 6:3 in the final of the Suzhou Ladies Open in Suzhou China.”

2014:  The New York Times featured books by Jewish authors and/or of special interest to Jewish readers including <u>Lena Finkle’s Magic Barrel</u> written and illustrated by Anya Ulinich, <u>Becoming Freud: </u>

<u>The Making of a Psychoanalyst </u>by Adam Phillips, Lucky Us by Amy Bloom and <u>Strange Glory: A Life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer</u> by Charles Marsh.

2014: Congregation HarTzeon – Agudath Achim is scheduled to host a trip to NYC see the off-Broadway musical “Atomic” about the Manhattan Project.

2014: The Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center is scheduled to host a “conversation with Holocaust survivor Steen Metz.”

2014: “Rocket fire from the Gaza Strip continued today, with over nine rockets being shot at Israel throughout the day. Six hit the Eshkol Regional Council in the early hours, while two others slammed into Sderot, starting a small fire. Two more rockets were intercepted about the city.” (As reported by Ilana Curiel)

2014:” Air raid sirens sounded in Ashdod at 10 pm, two hours before the start of an Egyptian-brokered temporary truce.”(As reported by Matan Tzuri)

2014: The Miami Herald reported today that “the Jewish community of Miami is offering $50,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest of the two suspects in the death of Rabbi Joseph Raksin” who was murdered while walking to services on Shabbat.

2014: Rabbi Joseph Raskin who was murdered in Florida yesterday as he walked to Shabbat services is scheduled to be buried today.

2014: For King and Country? a major new exhibition exploring the Jewish experience of the First World War is scheduled to come to a close today at the Jewish Museum in London.

2015: YIVO and the Congress for Jewish Culture are scheduled to present “Night of the Murdered Poets” during which Ala Zuskin Perelman, daughter of Soviet Yiddish actor, Benjamin Zuskin will discuss her recent biography, <u>The Travels of Benjamin Zuskin</u> about her father’s tragic life and work as an actor and artistic director of the Moscow State Jewish Theater.

2015: Thanks to the efforts of New York State Assembly member Todd Kaminsky, the nephew of Mel Brooks, the emergency room at the Long Beach Community Center that had been closed since Hurricane Sandy reopened today.

2015: The 2015 AIPAC Iowa Annual Event is scheduled to take place this evening in Des Moines.

2015: “I’m convinced that Fiamma Nirenstein” whose appointment as Israel’s ambassador to Rome has rattled the Italian Jewish community “will bring with her to the position lots of diplomatic and political experience, and will succeed in deepening the relationship between Israel and Italy, our close friends, and act for diplomatic, economic, cultural and security cooperation,” Netanyahu said in a statement today

2015: “A disaster at Ben Gurion International Airport was narrowly averted today when a drone came dangerously close to an incoming plane, forcing the aircraft to adjust its course.”

2015: Just days before his death, Kate Edgar, “the longtime personal assistant” of Dr. Oliver Sacks “who described herself as his ‘collaborator, friend, researcher and editor’ wrote in an email ‘He is still writing with great clarity.  We are pretty sure he will go with fountain pen in hand.’”

2015: “The Obama administration, citing the potential for economic and political harm to the Palestinian Authority and the broader peace process, asked a judge today to “carefully consider” the size of the bond he requires for the authority to appeal a huge damages award for its role in six terrorist attacks in Israel that killed and injured Americans.

2016: William Korn is scheduled to lecture on “Pioneer Jews of Leadville, Colorado, 1878-1914” and David McDonald is scheduled to lecture on “A Gentile in the Tribe: Using Christian Church Records” at the 36th IAJGCS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy in Seattle.

2016: Today Luciana Berger was not selected by the “Labor Party candidate for the position of Metro Mayor of Liverpool.”

2016: “Deli Man” a film that paints a portrait of the rapidly disappearing delicatessens in the United States” is scheduled to be shown in London tonight. 

2017: In Weimar, YSW is scheduled to host both a Dance Orchestra Workshop and Dance Workshop followed in the evening by a series of Yiddish music jam sessions.

2017: “Ballet Pécs, the first contemporary ballet company of Hungary,” is scheduled to present “Carmen” as part of the dance festival in Tel Aviv.

2018: Seventy years and one day after fifty year old Chaim Soutine died in Paris while trying to avoid capture by the Gestapo, the Jewish Museum is scheduled to host a tour of the exhibition “Chaim Soutine: Flesh” featuring thirty of picture painted by the French expressionist.

2018: “Classical Bridge, an international music festival, academy and conference designed to build bridges through the music” featuring violinist Pinchas Zuckerman and clarinetist Alexander Fiterstein is scheduled to continue today in New York.

2018: As Israelis awaken, the question on everybody’s mind is will the truce with Hamas that was supposed to go into effect last night hold or will the rockets and flammable kites return.




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This Day, August 9, In Jewish History by Mitchell A. Levin

03:42 AM Thursday, August 9, 2018   by melamed&amp;amp;mavin

August 9

48 B.C.E.: Julius Caesar defeated Pompey at the battle of Parsalus. This victory helped to cement Caesar’s position and put an end to Pompey. Considering Pompey’s behavior towards the Jews, including his desecration of the Temple, Caesar’s victory was the preferred outcome.

378: Roman Emperor Valens who began his reign in 364, was killed by the Visigoths as he led his large to defeat at the Battle of Adrianople.   During his reign Valens followed the course of his predecessors and issued an edict strengthening the Patriarchate.  He issued an edict that exempted “officers of communities subject to the ‘illustrious Patriarch (Nasi)’ from service on municipal councils.  In 368 he issued an edict forbidding the billeting of troops in Synagogues.  Such minor sounding positive notes, makes him better than his imperial peers when it came to treatment of the Jewish people.

681: Founding of the first Bulgarian Empire. Archaeologists have found traces of Jewish communities in the area that pre-dated the formation of Bulgaria.  The first major movement of Jews into Bulgaria took place early in the 8th century when Jews fled persecution in the Byzantine Empire.

1471: The Papacy of Sixtus IV began. “In Italy the reign of Sixtus IV marks a high point of tolerance. The pope used Jewish physicians, and perhaps employed Jews for the collection, copying, and translation of Hebrew works. He refused to canonize Simon of Trent, allegedly a victim of Jewish ritual murder. It is clear, however, that the pope's tolerance was offset, outside his own domains, by local hostility. A generous bull of 1479 concerning the Jews of Avignon was questioned and subsequently withdrawn. In November 1478 the pope issued a bull investing Ferdinand and Isabella with extraordinary powers to appoint inquisitors in all parts of Castile.” (Jewish Virtual Library)  This was the first step in what would lead to the expulsion of the Jews from Spain in 1492.

1506: Prince Yaroslavitch established the community of Pinsk. At the same time, he reconfirmed the rights given to the Jews by King Alexander Jagello, King of Lithuania.

1612: Thirty-five year old Count Philip Ludwig II who invited Jews to settle in Hanau, “permitted them to build a synagogue and gave them legal status” in spite of opposition from the Christian clergy passed away today.

1732(18th of Av, 5492): Rabbi Yaakov Culi the Talmudist and Biblical commentator who was the grandson of Moses ibn Habib, passed away in Constantinople.

1753(9th of Av, 5513): Tish’a B’Av

1773: Adoption of the "General-Juden-Reglement" which provided the rules used to govern the newly acquired Jewish subjects that Frederick the Great acquired from the partition of Poland.

1793(1st of Elul, 5553): Rosh Chodesh Elul

1793(1st of Elul, 5553): Jacob Aaron passed away today ervev Shabbat which meant he would not be buried in the Alderney Road Jewish Cemetery until Sunday.

1807(5th of Av): Rabbi Ze’ev Lesh, author of Kedushat Yisrael, passed away

1819: With the mobs crying “Hep, hep!” an anti-Semitic riot broke out in Frankfort.

1821: Birthdate of Austrian poet Heinrich Landesmann.

1826(6th of Av, 5586): Meir Ben Moses Kurnik, “the German rabbi and calendar maker from Glogau” passed away today at Hamburg.

1827: Birthdate of William Morris Stewart, the Senator from Nevada who defended the Jews of Romania from an attack by Senator Sprague.  Sprague said the Jews were to blame for their suffering because of the economic success. “Mr. Stewart said he hoped Mr. Sprague did not mean to imply that when a man gets rich he ought to be killed.” Senator Sprague gave a faint smile but made no reply.

1828: At Kent Road, London, Daniel Levy and Amelia Jacobs gave birth to Charlotte Levy.

1828: Birthdate of Joseph Eduard Konrad Bischoff who gained fame as Conrad von Bolanden the author of Judas Makkabaeus, a novella which appeared in Der Gefangene von Kuestrinin 1885

1832: The seconds for James Jones Stark, who refused to apologize for calling Phillip Minis a “damned Jew” and the seconds for Minis met in Savannah to discuss the terms for the duel between the two men.

1836: In New York City, Jacob and Belvidere del Mar, gave birth to their “oldest son Alexander del Mar” “an American political economist, historian, numismatist and author” who “was the first director of the Bureau of Statistics at the U.S. Treasury Department.”

1839: Today “Rabbis Samuel Aba and Pinchas Shapiro, two brothers in charge of a large Chasidic printing plant in Slavuta, Poland, received 1,500 lashes each and were imprisoned for life in a Moscow jail.” (As reported by Abraham Bloch)

1850(1st of Elul, 5610): Rosh Chodesh Elul

1850(1st of Elul, 5610): Miss Rachel Myers Cohen of Philadelphia passed away at the age of 70.

1851: In Mitau, Courland, Russia, Selig Braude and his wife gave birth to Abraham Samuel Braude who served as the rabbi at Mitau before coming to the United States in 1891 where he became the Rabbi of Congregation Ohave Sholem Mariampol at 1347 South Canal in Chicago, Illinois.

1854: John Zachariah Laurence married Miriam Solomon at the Western Synagogue today.

1854: Isaac Mozes Pereira Mendoza married Sara Isaac Monis at the Portuguese Jewish Synagogue in Amsterdam.

1855: As further proof of the existence of a Jewish community from the earliest days of the Lone Star State, The San Antonio Texan reported today on the excitement that has gripped this city during its recent election. "In fact the excitement reached every class of our citizens, old and young, rich and poor, male and female, Protestant, Catholic and Jew..."

1855: Birthdate of author Dorothea Gerard, the native of New Monkland, Scotland near Glasgow whose works include <u>Orthodox</u>, <u>One Year</u> and <u>The Austrian Officer</u>.

1858: In London, birthdate of musician Isidore Lara

1858: Birthdate of Levenworth native Henry Wollman, a senior partner in Wollman and Wollman and a member of Temple Emanu-El on 5th Avenue.

1858: It was reported today that the in Great Britain, the House of Lords, has taken action on two of the pressing issues of the day related to religion. Based apparently on its view of Biblical law, the Lords has expressed its opposition to allowing a widower to marry the sister of his deceased spouse. The Lords has agreed to allow Jews to sit in the House of Commons if they are elected to that chamber.  The Lords has opposed this measure for decades, but as in so many other matters including the repeal of the Corn Laws and the Divorce Bill, the “upper house” has given way to the popular will.  This latest capitulation in the matter of the Jews is seen as further evidence of the erosion of the power of the Lords. [This issue of the Jews sitting in Parliament was, in some respects, part of a much larger battle that was fought throughout most of the 19th century, between the landed gentry and the rising trading, industrial and professional classes.]

1860: It was reported today that Baron Alphonse De Rothschild has been appointed Consul-General of Prussia. He is the first Jew who has exercised such functions for that Kingdom.

1861: During the Civil War, Philadelphian Jacob Trautman began 4 years of serving in Company E of the 5th Cavalry.

1861: During the Civil War, Philadelphian Henry Schlosss began 4 years of serving in Company E of the 5th Cavalry during which he would be wounded in fighting a Richmond in 1864.

1862: During the Civil War, Philadelphian Jacob Canter began his service with Company C of the 126th Regiment.

1862: Birthdate of David Phillipson, the native of Wabash, Indiana who became one of the leading Reform Rabbis of the late 19th and 20thcenturies.

1864: Birthdate of Roman Dmowski the Polish political leader who, during the inter-war years led a political party that was both anti-Semitic and anti- ethnic Germans.  Among other things, he believed the “wealth of the Jews and the Germans” should confiscated and given to Polish Catholics.

1868: In Chicago, a hospital on La Salle Avenue sponsored by the United Hebrew Relief Association opened its doors to patients for the first time.

1871: “France and Algeria” published today described the pitiful conditions of the Jews living in Algeria prior to its colonization by the French.  Among the Moslem “races…hatred of the Jew is a tradition and almost a religious duty.”  During the Moslem “rule in Algeria, the Jews suffered every kind of torment.  They could not walk in the streets after 6 o’clock at night without obtaining a special authorization from the police.  If the night was dark, instead of carrying a lantern, like the Turks and Moors, they had a lighted candle, which the wind blew out continually.  They were obliged to take off their shoes in passing before a Mosque and to kneel before the Kasba.   Jews could only address a” Moslem “with deference and submission.”   The Jews “moved off the pavement to allow” the Moslems “to pass and any infraction of these customs was punished with basonado and fines.”  The Jews “could not ride on horseback and could not enter the town on a donkey.  Any insult toward a “Moslem” was punished by sudden death, inflicted arbitrarily, and often according to the offended Moor’s caprices…” [The idea that all the lands of Islam were hospitable to Jews until the creation of the state of Israel, is obviously not an accurate one.]

1872: Birthdate of Julius Gareché Lay the American diplomat who in 1915, as the American Consul General in Berlin worked with Isidore Hershfield to relieve the suffering of the Jews caught in the war zone of Poland and Galicia.

1874: It was reported today that the London School Board had appointed “Mr. Levy, a Jew…as head master of a school in Whitechapel, in a district where the majority of the inhabitants are Jews.”


1879: It was reported today that much of Sarajevo, the multi-ethnic capital of the Turkish province of Bosnia has been consumed by fire.  Amongst those who have suffered great loss are those living in the Jewish district the home of many of those who dominate the commercial activities of the region.

1880: Samuel Untermyer married Minnie Carl, daughter of Mairelius Carl of New York City today. “They had three children, Alvin, who served in the 305th Field Artillery in France during the Great War; Irwin, a justice of the Appellate Division of the New York State Supreme Court, and Irene, a philanthropist who married Louis Putnam Myers and, after his death, became the wife of Stanley Richter.”

1881: In Vienna, banker Moritz Bauer and Jeannette Bauer née Honig gave birth to Adele Bloch-Bauer.

1883: “Moritz Scharf, the boy who was the principal witness for the prosecution in the recent trial of a number of Jews at Nyireghyhaza, charged with murdering a girl in order to procure her blood for ritual purposes and who swore he saw the murder committed, has confessed…that his testimony was false.”

1885: In Detroit, Louis Grossman, the tenth person to serve as Rabbi at Temple Beth El organized the Emerson Circle, “a society for the promotion of general culture.”

1885: “Strolling Bands” published today described the various wandering musicians found on the Lower East Side and Coney Island.  Membership in the strolling string bands is confined to Polish and Italian Jews.

1886: “The New Books” column described Court Royal: A Story of Cross Currents, the latest novel by S. Baring Gould.  The novel which is “conspicuous” for its “exceeding bad taste, features Emanuel Lazarus, a Plymouth pawnbroker who is a Jew “of the most repulsive type” and misses no opportunity to ridicule the customs of the Jewish religion.

1886(8thof Av, 5646): Rabbi Mendes led the Tish’a B’Av services tonight at the 19thstreet Synagogue. The well attended services began with a reading of the 137thPsalm followed by the chanting of <u>Lamentations</u>.

1886: “Solomon At Long Branch” published today described various reactions to the large number of Jews who spend their summer at this popular New Jersey resort – ranging from the ugliest ant-Semitism to the most enlightened views of the 19thcentury.

1888: During today’s meeting of the House of Representative’s Committee on Immigration which was holding hearings in New York, Henry Zeltner described the manner in which many Polish Jews reach the United States.  There are several operatives on Canal Street who “sell steamship tickets to Poles in this country on the installment plan.”  “By paying $3 down, they can have a ticket to America sent to a relative in Poland.  “The relative then comes” to the United States and “works out the price of the ticket.”

1890: “City and Suburban News” published today listed upcoming events in the New York Metropolitan area including a lecture by Dr. Cyrus Adler at the Jewish Theological Seminary.

1890: As of today, the leaders of London’s Jewish community have not been able to “discover the exact truth about the…anti-Jewish crusade in Russia.”

1890: In Pittsburg, Mrs. William Schmidt, Mrs. Sarah Vabelinsky and their two children, all of whom are Polish Jews experienced convulsions and fainting spells which might have been caused by food poisoning.

1890: Mendel Feldstein told his landlord this morning at breakfast that he had seen two men hide a bag of jewels last night and that they had threatened him when they realized he was aware that he had seen them.1890: A list of those charities receiving bequests of a thousand dollars from the late Alexander Bach was published today included: Mount Sinai Hospital, Montefiore Home for Incurables, Hebrew Benevolent and orphan Asylum Society, United Hebrew Charities, Temple Gates of Hope, Hebrew Free School Association, Home for Aged and Infirm Hebrews and Temple Israel of Harlem.  The Deborah Nursery was on the list but only for $500.

1891: It was reported today that “Steve” Ryan of Atlanta, GA “has vowed vengeance upon the whole Jewish race” after he failed to pay the debts he owed to Schloss Brothers & Co according to the attorneys Horowitz and Hirschfield.

1892: “Extradition proceedings in the case of Harris Blank and Charles Roseneigh,” who have been accused of murdering a Jewish peddler, Jacob Marks came to a close today in Toronto, Canada.

1893: Following claims by Reverend Herman P. Faust of the Hebrew Christian Mission that the United Hebrew Charities “often refuses to give aid where it is plainly needed” as exemplified by the case of the late Joseph Korman whose family was left destitute by the Jewish agency, “a reporter for the New York Times found” the family “living in rooms that are neat.”  The United Hebrew Charities said that it had offered the family $5 in aid, “which was refused.”  It had not given more because the family had three children who were old enough to work and the agency offered, as was its practice, to find each of them jobs.

1896: “East Side Roof Garden” published today described  the recently opened facility atop the Hebrew Institute  as “one of the greates blessing that could been devised to give the overcrowded population on the east side a chance to breathe a little fresher air than they can get in the stifling streets and tenements.” Ice water is provided free of charge to the eight hundred people allowed on the roof which is also the scene of evening concerts three times a week.

1896(30th of Av, 5656): Rosh Chodesh Elul

1896: Three days after she had passed away, 55 year old Agnes Rosa Samuel “the fourth daughter” born to Rosa and Ralph Henry Samuel was buried today at the Balls Pond Road Jewish Cemetery.

1896(30th of Av, 5656): Aviation pioneer Otto Lilenthal died when his glider crashed during a test flight.  Lienthal is referred to some as the Jewish “Wright Brothers” since he is credited by some with making one of the first flights with a heavier than air craft.

1896: Birthdate of Swiss developmental psychologist Jean Piaget who was treated by Sabina Spiielrein, the Jewish pioneer psychoanalyst who served as his analyst for 8 months in 1921.

1896: Birthdate of Russian psychologist, Lev Vygotsky.

1896: Due to the “sever heat” the milk depots funded by Nathan Straus will be kept open all day. 1896: “Free Milk For Sick Children” published today described the easing of restrictions by Nathan Straus to make free milk available to the children to New York as well as instructions for the best ways for children to drink it.

1896: Because of the “severe heat” all of the depots dispensing free milk sponsored by Nathan Straus will remain open all day today.

1898: During the Spanish-American War, Mathew N. Levy of Norfolk was mustered into Company H of the 4th Virginia Volunteer Infantry.

1899: Israel Zangwill will go to Southampton, Long Island, “as the guest of James Herne, who is “going to state “Children of the Ghetto.”

1902: Edward VII is crowned King of the United Kingdom (Great Britain, Scotland and Ireland).  When he was Prince of Wales, Edward broke with conventional social notions by including numerous Jews in his “set.”  On ascending the throne, Edward earned a lasting position of endearment among the Jewish people.  He pressed the Russians to improve the treatment of their Jewish subjects.  When he went to Russia, he insisted on raising the issue with Czar Nicholas II even though his advisors pleaded with him not to.  Edward’s intervention did not improve the situation but he gets high mark for having made the effort.

1902(6th of Av, 5662): Sixty-six year old Moritz Szeps the editor-in-chief of the Vienna Morgenpost, passed away today.

1903: Today, a meeting of rabbis was held in Cracow that “opened with a solemn oath taken by all present to the effect that Jews had never been guilty of ritual murder and that no Jewish law ever sanction such practices.”

1903: In Cleveland, the first annual picnic hosted by the United Zionists today “was a great success socially and financially.”

1903: “A committee was appointed to canvass for donations and subscriptions for a Jewish publication” during today’s meeting The Chovevi Zion in Scranton, PA.

1910: In Camden, NJ, “on opening Sons of Israel Synagogue at eighth and Sycamore Streets” this “morning, it was discovered that two valuable silver cups had been stolen.”

1911(15thof Av, 5671): Tu B’Av

1911: It was reported today that Boston Rabbi Wolf Margolies has agreed to become the Rabbi for United Hebrew Communion also known as Adas Israel.  The congregation has 10,000 members and will reportedly the new rabbi an annual salary of five thousand dollars.

1912: Birthdate of Giora Yoseftal, the native of Nuremburg who made Aliyah in 1938 and became a leader of Mapai.

1913: It was reported today that the University of Geneva has conferred an honorary doctorate on French chemistry professor Gabriel Lippmann.

1913: It was reported today that Polish born socialist and journalist Stanislaus Mendelson, the son-in-law of Naham Sokolow and husband of fellow socialist Maria Jankowska has passed away.

1914:  Five days after  the declaration of war, a war in which 10,000 Jews would sign up to serve in just the first year,  The H.M. S. Birmingham, a Royal Navy Cruiser sank the U-15 marking the first time that a German submarine was “lost to a an enemy warship)

1915: It was reported today that the committee chaired by Congressman Meyer which will be raising money to help Jews in war-torn Europe is devising a plan whereby “storekeepers” will “display cards in their windows “both asking for contributions and showing that he merchants themselves have already given.”

1916: In World War I, Italian forces take Gorizia, a battle during which General Roberto Serge showed such courage that he was cited for bravery and a year later “promoted to chief of staff of the Fifth Army Corps.

1917: It was reported today that the officers of the newly formed Jewish Board for Welfare Relief Work in the United States Army and Navy are Chairman, Colonel Harry Cutler of Providence, RI; Vice Chairman, Dr. Cyrus Adler of Philadelphia; Treasurer, S.S. Rosenstamm of New York and Secretary, Sidney Goldstein of New York.

1917: “Through the Intelligence Department of the Mayor’s Committee on National Defense, the Provisional Zionist Committee” tonight “made public a letter describing conditions among Jews in Warsaw under German rule” “the veracity and authenticity of” which “is vouched for by” Dr. Stephen S. Wise, Chairman of the Zionist Committee and Associate Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis who is the committee’s honorary chairman.

1918(1stof Elul, 5678): Rosh Chodesh Elul

1918: The Archbishop of Warsaw met with several Jewish leaders who expressed the hope that “the new Polish state would prove “tolerant to the Jewish communities.”

1918: On the Western Front, three days of fighting during which future Medal of Honor winner William Shemmin was wounded after having “left the cover of his platoon's trench and crossed open space, repeatedly exposing himself to heavy machine gun and rifle fire to rescue the wounded” and then taken command of the platoon “after the officers and senior non-commissioned officers had become casualties.”

1918: It was reported today that the 34th infantry participated in pogroms at “Jarislawa and other Galician towns’ where “the police did nothing to protect the Jews.

1918: It was reported today that “Miss Julie Heineman who is doing relief work overseas has been decorated by King Albert of Belgium with the Queen Elizabeth medal in recognition of her work for” those French people have been wounded or blinded.

1918: During WW I which fighting at Chipilly Ridge Nathan Lieberman, a Corporal in Company of C of the 131st Infantry (which had had been the 1stInfantry of the Illinois National Guard) “displayed unusual gallantry he rushed a machine gun nest whose fire was checking the advance” of the unit and captured 4 prisoners as an added bonus.

1919: Today, Isaac Babel married Yevgenia Gronfein, the parents of Nathalie Babel Brown who became “the editor of her father’s life and work.”

1922(15thof Av, 5682): Tu B’Av

1923: The JTA reported that it would not be publishing the Daily News Bulletin tomorrow in observance of the national day of mourning for the death of President Harding

1924: Samuel Gompers, President of the American Federation of Labor refused to attend the notification ceremony for John W. Davis at Clarksburg, West Virginia. Davis was the compromise candidate for the Democratic Party’s nomination for President, having been chosen on the 103rd ballot.

1924: A statement from Samuel Gompers that he was "willing to forget and forgive acts of omission and commission resulting from differences of opinion during the war" is contained in a letter made public by Mr. Gompers today incidental to the meeting of the Executive Council of the American Federation of Labor at the Hotel Ambassador.

1925(19th of Av, 5685): Fifty-nine year old philanthropist Sidney Salzado Peixotto passed away today in California.

1925: A memorial tablet erected to one of its patients by his fellow patients was unveiled today in the Montefiore Hospital for Chronic Diseases, at Gun Hill Road and Bainbridge Avenue, the Bronx. Although tablets on hospital walls usually represent benefactions to the institution, this one is a tribute from the 600 patients, who were cheered in his lifetime by Max Messinger.  Confined to his wheel chair for twelve years, Max Messinger was the Good Samaritan of the hospital. His busy brain and fingers, the only parts of his body over which he had control, worked to create amusement for the other patients to whom he brought music, vaudeville, moving pictures, books, magazines and a social club, as well as a monthly paper, which he edited. By establishing contacts with performers and film companies, he was able to present a full performance each week to the hundreds who assembled on crutches and in wheel chairs for relaxation. He received literature which he distributed to the others, and traveled about the wards, especially among the children. With a portable victrola perched on his wheel chair he played the records that friends had sent. For ten years he was the editor of the monthly paper, The Montefiore Echo, in which he encouraged the others to write. On the walls, with memorials to such noted benefactors as Sir Moses Montefiore, Jacob H. Schiff, Professor Morris Loeb, has been placed a bronze plaque made possible by the small contributions of the patients, a simple expression of gratitude to Max Meninger.

1926: The Third International Conference of the Ort associations opened in Berlin at a building that formerly housed the Prussian House of Lords. (ORT is an organization that was founded in 1880 to provide assistance and educational opportunities for Russian Jews.  The scope has expanded and it currently offers programs for Jews in over a one hundred countries.)

1926: The extent of Jewish participation in the struggle for the independence of Poland, in the early days of the movement, unrecognized by the Great Powers and Polish public opinion at large, was impressed upon the public mind today when Josef Pilsudski, first Marshal of Poland and leader of the Legionaires, kissed publicly a Jewish invalid who fought in the Legion. A highly dramatic scene was enacted when the twelfth anniversary of the crossing by Pilsudski's Legion of the frontier of Congress Poland was celebrated at the Legionaire Congress, opened today in Kielce, the first Polish city to be occupied by the Polish Legion under Pilsudski's command in 1914. Many Jewish Legionaires were present at the celebration. Pilsudski publicly kissed a Jewish Legionaire who lost both his legs on the battlefield. (JTA)

1927: In New York City, “Dr. Henry Minsky, an eye surgeon who was chief of ophthalmology at Mount Sinai Hospital, and Fannie Reiser, a social activist and Zionist” gave birth to Marvin Minsky who has made many contributions to AI (Artificial Intelligence), cognitive psychology, mathematics, computational linguistics, robotics, and optics. In recent years he has worked chiefly on imparting to machines the human capacity for commonsense reasoning. Minsky is on the faculty of MIT and winner of the ACM Turing Award.

1927The Maccabee soccer team of Palestine left New York today aboard the SS Sinaia.

1927:M. Henri Torres, counsel for Sholom Schwartzbard, has addressed a cablegram to Louis D. Brandeis, U. S. Supreme Court Justice, asking him to intervene in favor of Sacco and Vanzetti.

1928: Birthdate of Maximillian Grunfeld the native of Czechoslovakia who gained fame as American master tailor Martin Greenfield owner of Martin Greenfield Clothiers.

1929: “Friend Sues To Free Sculptor As Sane” published today described the efforts De Hirsch Margules to gain the freedom of Alfred Dreyfus. The painter and sculptor has petitioned Chief Justice Alfred Frankenthaler on behalf of Alfred Dreyfuss, the sculptor and writer to overturn the order issued by Justice Lydon that has committed his friend to a sanitarium for the insane.  Margules contends that Drefyuss’ mother brought the suit after having been unduly influenced by her other son who is seeking to control the family’s financial affairs.

1930(15thof Av, 5690): Shabbat Nachamu and Tu B’Av

1930: Famed cartoon character “Betty Boop” made her debut in the animated film Dizzy Dishes.  Boop and the film were the creation of an Austrian born Jew named Max Fleischer. Fleischer was producing animated cartoons years before Disney’s Steamboat Willie appeared on the screen.

1931: Birthdate of South African native Sir Mark Aubrey Weinberg, the English trained barrister and financier who founded Abbey Life Assurance Company and Hambro Life Assurance

1932:  In Berlin, Holocaust survivor Hermann Pressman and his family -- Father Zysia, mother Hinda Leah, brother Hermann and sister Sonia --  went to the zoo today “and then to the Rubenstein kosher restaurant.”

1933: In Vilna, Chamber of Commerce unanimously votes to proclaim a boycott against German goods in protest against the Nazi treatment of the Jews.

1933: Ben Jeby (Morris Benjamin Jebaltowsky) was knocked out in the seventh round today ending his reign as middleweight champion.

1933: Edgar Ansell Mowrer, president of the Foreign Correspondents Association in Berlin, resigned from his post in order to secure the release of Paul Goldman, 68-year-old Jewish correspondent of the Vienna Neue Freie Presse, who was charged with "high treason." 


1935: “China Seas,” an adventure moved produced by Irving Thalberg was released in the United States today by MGM.

1936: It was reported today that “among the questions to come before the first Jewish World Congress will be the defense of Jewish equality, re-establishment of the rights of Jews in Germany, the struggle against anti-Semitism and participation in Jewish reconstruction work in Palestine.”

1936: At the opening business session of The World Jewish Congress today in Geneva, Dr. Leon Kubowitski of Belgium made a proposal for a permanent organization that would be ‘elected for four years, meet regularly biannually” and be overseen by “a central council that should meet semi-annually” and an “executive that should have specific administrative duties.

1937: In New York, premiere of “Souls at Sea” featuring Joseph Schildkraut as “Gaston de Bastonet.”

1937: The political resolutions committee of the World Zionist Congress which was elected today began an all-night debate in Zurich on “the Weizmann policy on the partition of Palestine.”

1938: Warner Bros. released “Four Daughters” a musical drama based on a novel by Fannie Hurst directed by Michael Curtiz, produced by Hal B. Wallis with a screenplay co-authored by Jules Epstein, music by Max Steiner and featuring John Garfield.

1938: Today Senator Norris of Nebraska made a recommendation that President Roosevelt appoint Felix Frankfurter, Professor of Law at Harvard University and one of the original New Deal advisers, to the United States Supreme Court to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Justice Benjamin Cardozo.

1938: I “Children Go to Palestine,” published today described the migration of 167 Jewish children from Austria and Germany to Palestine.  The youngsters are part of the Third Aliyah and are being settled at Ain Harod and Kfar Jecheskiel.

1938: The situation in Palestine threatened to grow worse when Moslem ecclesiastical authorities issued a fatwa calling for Iraqi participation in the fighting in Palestine which was labeled a Jihad.  Thousands of young Iraqis responded by rushing to sign up at recruiting stations set up in Baghdad.

1938: Premiere of “Four Daughters,” a musical directed by Michael Curtiz, produced by Hal Wallis, co-starring John Garfield, with a script by Julius Epstein, music by Max Steiner and co-starring John Garfield who was nominated for an Oscar as Best Actor in a Supporting Role.

1940(5th of Av, 5700): Rabbi Chaim Ozer Grodzinski, author of Ahi’ezer passed away

1940: Birthdate of Carl Robert Zelnick, the New York native whose assignments for ABC news included a two year stint as their correspondent in Israel during the 1980’s.

1941: According to reports at the time the Nazis killed 510 Jews Brest-Litovsk and 296 Jews killed in Bialystok

1942: Slovakian and Polish Jews were violently removed from the Rejowiec ghetto as the Nazis shut it down.

1942: Teresa Benedicta of the Cross died in Auschwitz.  Born Edith Stein, Sister Teresa and her sister converted long before World War II.  However, the Catholic Church allowed the Nazis to seize her and thousands of other Jews who had converted to Catholicism and ship them off to the death chambers.  According to Canon Law, Sister Teresa was a Catholic.  But apparently she was not a real Catholic since the Church let her go up in smoke facing the fate of a Jewess named Stein.

1942: In the first mass deportation to the gas chambers 10,000 Jews were sent from the Borislave ghetto to the Belsen death camp.

1942: In London, world premiere of one of the most popular children’s films “Bambi” based on Bambi, A Life in the Woods by Felix Saltan, “the grandson of an Orthodox rabbi.”

1942: Two hundred Jews escape into the forests of Mir. During that week, another 6,000 would die in Naliboki, Lubcz and Karelicze.

1942: In Winnipeg, Canada Rabbi Yasha Steinberg and his wife Ruth gave birth to director and comedian David Steinberg.

1942: Birthdate of Richard Michael Suzman, the native of Johannesburg who was an anti-apartheid activist before becoming a leading social psychologist in the United States.

1943: Birthdate of French art historian Michel Melot author of The Impressionist Print.

1944: German jurist Karl Sack was arrested today for his part in the attempt to assassinate Hitler on June 20th.

1944: “Leon Kubowitzki (later Aryeh Leon Kubovy), the head of the WJC's Rescue Department, relayed a message from Ernest Frischer of the Czechoslovak State Council to the US State Department urging the destruction of the gas chambers and the bombing of railways lines leading to the Auschwitz death camp. US Undersecretary of War John J. McCloy rejected the suggestion five days later…”

1945: Birthdate of Avraham Poraz, the native of Bucharest who made Aliyah in 1950 and served in the Knesset and as Minister of the Interior.

1945: More than 500 people attended the funeral services for State Senator Carl Pack today who was the honorary vice president of Temple Beth Elohim in the Bronx.

1948: The first envoy from the USSR arrived in Israel today,

1948: In Rissani, Morocco, Rabbi Meir and Simcha Abuhatzeira, gave birth Rabbi Elazar Abuhatzeira, known as the “Baba Elazar” the grandson of the Baba Sali, Rabbi Yisrael Abuhatzeira, and the brother of Rabbi David Chai Abuhatzeira of Nahariya who moved to Beersheba in 1966.

1949: In New York City, “aerospace engineer and inventor David Kellerman and his wife Sylvia gave birth to mystery writer Jonathan Kellerman, the author of the series featuring Dr. Delaware, the husband of mystery writer Faye Kellerman and father of novelist Jesse Kellerman and author Aliza Kellerman.

1949: “Trottie True” a film based on a novel by S.J. Simon and Caryl Brahms, with music by Benjamin Frankel was released today in London, UK.

1957: In New York, Jerry and Sally Solomon gave birth Deborah Solomon the New Rochelle raised “art critic, journalist and biographer.”

1952: In Westport, CT, “The Stronger,” an opera by Hugo Weisgall premiered at the White Barn Theatre a venue created by actress Lucille Lortel, the daughter of Anny and Harris Walder and wife of industrialist and philanthropist Louis Schweitzer.

1955(21stof Av, 5715): Just six days before her 73rd  birthday, Walla Walla, Washington native Marion Eugénie Bauer, the composer and music critic, passed away today “in South Hadley, Massachusetts, where a rabbi conducted her memorial service.”

1959: “The Ugly Duckling,” a British comedy starring Bernard Bresslaw was released today in the United Kingdom

1960: The Religious Torah Front, an alliance of the Ultra-orthodox parties Agudat Yisrael and Poalei Agudat Yisrael that had been formed in 1955, split today with Poalei Agudat taking two of the Front’s six seats in the Knesset.

1960: Larry Sherry came in to relieve starter Johnny Podres and protect the team’s 3 to 2 victory over the Milwaukee Braves.

1961: Birthdate of John Phillip Key, the 38th Prime Minister of New Zealand and leader of the New Zealand National Party.

1961: “Come September” a comedy with a script by Stanley Shapiro and music by Hans J. Salter was released today in the United States by Universal Pictures.

1962(9thof Av, 5722): Tish’a B’Av

1964(1stof Elul, 5724): Rosh Chodesh Elul

1964(1stof Elul, 5724): Fifty-eight year old NYU law professor Edmond Nathaniel Cahn, a graduate of Tulane University, Director of the American Civil Liberties Union and an author whose works drew on the lessons of the Hebrew prophets passed away today in New York.

1964: “More than 2,000 American Legionnaires and members of their families witnessed the dedication” today of a wooded area in the Skokie Division of the Country Forest Preserve in Northbrook in honor of the 131st Infantry Division whose members included Corporal Nathan Lieberman which won the battle of Chipilly Ridge 54 years ago today

1965:  Singapore seceded from Malaysia and gained independence.  The Jewish community in Singapore traces its origins back to the early 18th century. The famous Sassoon family established business operations in the middle of the century. David Marshall, a prominent leader of the Jewish community, was known as the “father of Singapore Independence” for his efforts to gain liberation from Great Britain.  Today, Singapore has a small but vibrant Jewish community that supports two venerated houses of worship Maghain Aboth and Chesed El Synagogues.

1967(3rdof Av, 5727): Seventy year old Austrian born British actor Anton Walbrook who did not return to his native land when the Nazis took power because his mother was Jewish passed away today in Bavria.

1967: Hafez Tahoub, a former Jordanian district judge, and Mussa el-Bitar, an insurance agent, were arrested today by Israeli authorities for instigating a general in east Jerusalem that was aimed at crippling the economy in the section of the city that had been occupied by the Jordanians from 1948 until June of 1967.\1969: Birthdate of New York lawyer and politician Andrew Cohen.

1969(25thof Av, 5729): Seventy-seven year old Robert Owen Lehman, Sr. the son of Philip Lehman the cofounder of Lehman Brothers and Carrie Lauer who became head of the investment bank when his father retired in 1925 and guided it through the roaring-twenties, the Great Depression and the era of unprecedented post-war prosperity passed away today.

1969:  Sharon Tate, wife of director Roman Polanski and four others were murdered in Los Angeles.  It would turn out that they were victims of Charles Manson and his gang of killers.

1973(11thof Av, 5733): Ukrainian born, Israeli actor David Vardi, who had Hebraized his name from David Rosenfeld passed away today in Tel Aviv.

1973:  At a lecture to the Staff College, Defense Minister Moshe Dayan told the officer “the overall balance of forces is in our favor and this is what decides the question and rules out the immediate renewal of the war.”  These reassuring words would come back to haunt the Israelis when Egypt and Syria would attack two months later in the Yom Kippur War, which almost had disastrous consequences for the survival of the Jewish state. 

1974: In the wake of the Watergate Scandal, Richard Nixon resigned as President of the United States. Nixon turned out to be “a mixed bag” for the Jewish people.  He began his career on the political right as a fellow-traveler the McCarthy Movement which made him an anathema to many Jews who tended to be moderates and liberals.  As President, he appointed the first Jew, Henry Kissinger to the position of Secretary of State.  During the Yom Kippur War, he pulled out all of the stops to aid Israel.  Yet the Watergate Tapes have him uttering some of the vilest anti-Semitic sentiments that one can imagine coming from the lips of U.S. President. 

1978: Morton Abramowitz began serving as U.S. Ambassador to Thailand.

1981(9th of Av, 5741):Tish'a B'Av

1981: At the All Star Baseball Game in Cleveland, Bob Verdi of the Chicago Tribunesits next to Jerome Holtzman, the popular Jewish baseball writer who wrote for the Sun-Times.  Holtzman indicated to Verdi that he was ready to move from the Sun Times to the Tribune.  Verdi contacted George Langford, the Trib’s sports editor, setting in motion Holtzman’s switch from Chicago’s #2 paper, to the Windy City’s # 1 paper.

1982: Grenade-throwing Palestinians burst into the Jo Goldenberg deli in Paris and sprayed machine-gun fire which killed six, including two Americans, and injuring 21 patrons.

1983(30thof Av, 5743): Rosh Chodesh Elul

1985: Release date for “Pee-wee’s Big Adventure” starring Paul Reubens as Pee-wee Herman

1991: As the Fed expressed its displeasure over Salomon Brothers trading activity, Bond Trader Paul William Mozer was suspended today.

1993: In Belgium, coronation of King Albert II during which Queen Paola wore a yellow coat that was designed by Olivier Strelli, who was born Nissim Israel at Kinshasa in 1946 and developed “a chain of male and female clothing and accessory boutiques in Belgium, Switzerland, France and China.”

1994: Edward P. Djererjian left his post as U.S. Ambassador to Israel.

1998: The New York Times features a review of <u>Benjamin Disraeli Letters Volume 6: 1852-1856
</u>Edited by M. G. Wiebe, Mary S. Millar and Ann P. Robson.  Disraeli is Britain’s most famous Jew who was not Jewish.

2001(20th of Av, 5761):  A suicide bomber struck a busy intersection in Jerusalem, blowing up a Sbarro Pizza Parlor, killing 15, 7 of whom were children  and wounding 130. Hamas and the Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the attack. The dead included Zvika Golombek, 26, from Karmiel; Shoshana Yehudit (Judy) Greenbaum, 31 (5 months pregnant), from Passaic, New Jersey, U.S.;Tehila Maoz, 18, from Jerusalem; Frieda Mendelsohn, 62, from Jerusalem; Michal Raziel, 16, from Jerusalem; Malka Chana (Malki) Roth, 15, from Jerusalem; Mordechai Schijveschuurder, 43, from Neria; Tzira Schijveschuurder, 41, from Neria; Ra'aya Schijveschuurder, 14, from Neria; Avraham Yitzhak Schijveschuurder, 4, from Neria; Hemda Schijveschuurder, 2, from Neria;] Lily Shimashvili, 33, from Jerusalem; Tamara Shimashvili, 8, from Jerusalem; Yocheved Shoshan, 10, from Jerusalem; and Giora Balash, 60, from Brazil

<u>2001(20th of Av, 5761): Seventeen year old Aliza Malka was killed by terrorists “in a drive-by shooting.”</u>

2002(1stof Elul, 5762): Rosh Chodesh Elul

2002(1stof Elul, 5762): Eighty-six year old Marian Pollock, the wife of Louis Pollock passed away today.

2002(1stof Elul, 5762): Seventy three year old Emmy award winning composer Peter Matz passed away today.

2004(22ndof Av, 5764): Ninety-two year composer David Raskin who earned two Oscar nominations while composing over 400 scores for movies and television series including the western “Wagon Train” and medical series “Ben Casey” passed away today.

2004: TNT broadcast the final episode of “The Grid” a miniseries starring Julianna Margulies.

2005: Eric Edelman began serving as Under Secretary of Defense for Polic

2005:  The Jerusalem Post reported on The Dry Bones Project.  The project is the brainchild of Yaakov Kirschen, creator of the popular Dry Bones Cartoons.  The project is intended to use humor to fight anti-Semitism.  Kirschen plans to talk about his work at international conference of cartoon aficionados to be held later this month.  An example of the projects work is The Shmendrick Awards. Those awarded Shmendriks will be "honored" during a ceremony in this year's Animation, Comics and Caricature Festival in the Tel Aviv Cinematheque from August 27 to 30. “.This year, the winners (or rather, the "ineffectual losers") are the mayor of London, Ken Livingston, for his frequent remarks disparaging the Jewish state (in first place); the American Presbyterian Church for divesting from companies doing business in Israel (in second place); the Neturei Karta - a small group of ultra-Orthodox Jews who protest against Zionism and the State of Israel (in third place); and an honorable mention for Prince Harry, who appeared in a Nazi costume two weeks before the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. For more info on the project, go to http://www.drybonesproject.com.

2005:  Haaretz reported on the fourteenth meeting of World Jewish Congress of Jewish Studies held this week at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.  One of the sessions featured a theoretical debate on the question of "Teaching Mysticism in Academia."  Discussion of this topic in an academic form highlights renewed interest among the mainstream Jewish community in the topic of mysticism within the framework of Judaism.

2005(4th of Av, 5765): Eighty-five year old Abraham Jacob “Abe” Hirschfeld, the New York real estate investor and Democratic Party activist passed away today.

2005(4th of Av, 5765): Seventy-year old Judith Rossner, author of <u>Looking for Mr. Goodbar</u> passed away.

2006(15th of Av, 5766):  Eighty-three year old Melissa Hayden, one of the biggest starts in  American ballet passed away.(As reported by Anna Kisselgoff)

2006(15th of Av, 5766):  Fifteen members of the IDF have been killed and another twenty-five wounded in the fight against Hezbollah.

2007: The Jerusalem Post reported that the Saudi Arabian government continues to bar Jews and Christians from bringing items such as Bibles, crucifixes and Stars of David into the country and is threatening to confiscate them on sight. "A number of items are not allowed to be brought into the kingdom due to religious reasons and local regulations," declares the Web site of Saudi Arabian Airlines, the country's national carrier.

2007: A 23-year-old Jewish woman was attacked in Noisy-le-Grand, near Paris, by two youths who beat her and shouted anti-Semitic slogans, said the French National Bureau of Vigilance Against Anti-Semitism. The attackers shouted "You dirty Jew" at the woman before stealing the mobile phone she was using and beating her violently about the head and body. One of the two attackers was later arrested by police and put in custody. According to Rebecca, the two aggressors recognized her Jewish origin when they saw a Star of David around her neck. At first she didn't mention the anti-Semitic character of the attack to police out of fear for reprisals, but she did so later after speaking to the National Bureau of Vigilance against anti-Semitism.

2008(8th of Av, 5768): Shabbat Chazon; Begin reading the Book of Devarim (Deuteronomy)

2008: Five of Israel's representatives will be competing in the first day of the Olympic Games today. Judoka Gal Yekutiel will be the first Israeli to take part in the Games, facing Athens 2004 bronze medalist Tsagaanbaatar Hashbaatar of Mongolia on Saturday afternoon in the first round of the under-60kg event at the University of Science and Technology Gymnasium. Gymnast Alex Shatilov will compete at the National Indoor Stadium, while Gal Nevo, Anya Gostomelsky and Tom Be'eri will swim for the first time at the National Aquatics Center.

2008(8th of Av, 5768): Seventy-four year old Jack Landau “a founder of the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press” passed away today.

2008(8th of Av, 5768): In the evening, Fast of Tisha B’Av begins; David Levin chants Chapter Five from the Book of Lamentations  - a sweet voice for a sad occasion.

2008: The Washington Post reportsthat nearly three months after a federal immigration raid uprooted almost 400 employees at a meatpacking plant in northeastern Iowa, dozens of Somali immigrants are slowly but steadily filling the depleted ranks left by the arrested workers.

2009: The New York Times features reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or of special interest to Jewish readers including <u>The Art of Harvey Kurtzman: The Mad Genius of Comics</u> “Denis Kitchen and Paul Buhle’s insightful, entertaining and profusely illustrated biographical monograph, which chronicles almost everything Kurtzman accomplished…”

2009(19th of Av, 5769): Seventy year old Lester Glassner whose penchant for “kitsch” turned him into a major collector of pop culture artifacts, passed away. (As reported by Bruce Weber)

2009: Gaza militants fired mortars at a crossing into Israel just as Palestinian patients were being transferred for treatment, a Palestinian official said.

2009: Fervently Orthodox Jews mobbed Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat and threw stones at his car.

The mayor’s car was damaged in this evening’s attack, which occurred as Barkat was leaving a personal meeting with a prominent Jerusalem rabbi in the Ezrat Torah neighborhood.

2010: This is scheduled to be the final night of this year’s San Francisco Jewish Film Festival.

2010: Oscilloscope Laboratories said today that it would appeal the rating by the Classification and Rating Administration for "A Film Unfinished," which explores a Nazi propaganda film taken in the Warsaw Ghetto in 1942. With an R rating, viewers under the age of 17 must be accompanied by an adult. The rating board explained its decision, saying the movie contained “disturbing images of Holocaust atrocities, including graphic nudity.” “This is too important of a historical document to ban from classrooms,” Adam Yauch, an owner of Oscilloscope and a founding member of the Beastie Boys, said in a statement issued today. The film, which was first screened at the Sundance Film Festival this year, is set to open nationally later this month.

2010(29th of Av, 5770):  Eighty-eight year old New York real estate tycoon Paul Milstein passed away (As reported by Douglas Martin)

2010: A New Zealand judge has allowed the kosher slaughter of animals to resume until the lawsuit filed by the Jewish community against the government comes to trial.

2011.” New Zealand Jewish Council chairman Geoff Levy described the interim agreement as “a positive outcome” for the 7,000-member Jewish community.

2010: The synagogue of Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak HaCohen Kook, luminary sage and father of modern religious Zionism, was reopened today in southern Tel Aviv 30 years after it closed its doors. The synagogue, Shaarei Torah, is located in the Neveh Shalom neighborhood just north of Yafo (Jaffa).

Following the informal re-dedication today amid singing and dancing, the synagogue is now open for daily prayers.

2011(9th of Ave, 5771): Fast of Tisha B’Av

2011: The British Jewish community has expressed its shock over the recent rioting which has shaken the UK over the last few days. The Board of Deputies of British Jews called for unity and said today that the community’s thoughts were with the victims. “The Jewish community, like all right minded people, will have been shocked and appalled at the wanton destruction and criminality witnessed on our streets over the last few days,” Jon Benjamin, chief executive of the Board of Deputies. “Attacks on businesses and property are also assaults on the lives and livelihoods of decent hardworking people, trying to get by in difficult times, and the perpetrators are beneath contempt.” Yesterday, the Board’s interfaith manager Philip Rosenberg spoke alongside Muslim and Christian representatives at a vigil in Tottenham, calling for unity and a concerted effort by communities to address the problems they face.

 2011: Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz, who is a member of the Trajtenberg Committee created to examine the demands of the social-movement protesters, visited the Rothschild Boulevard tent protest on this evening where activists explained to him their discontent with the government, and particularly the minister's, inefficiency. In response to a demonstrator's inquiry about so-called tycoons' lack of responsibility to the general public, Katz said that the situation was "serious" and that "we need to deal with it."

2011(9th of Av, 5771): Eighty-seven year old David Lewis, the British entrepreneur who founded the Isrotel chain of hotels, which is the country’s large hotel chain, passed away today.

2011: The New York Times featured reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or of special interest including <u>The Long Night: William L. Shirer and ‘The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich'</u> by Steve Wick

2012: Jerusalem’s Hazel Hill String Band is scheduled to perform tonight at Petah Tiqva

2012: Dr. Laibl Wolf is scheduled to deliver a lecture on "The 2012 Secret of Successful Relationships" - Intimacy, Commitment & Exploitation!” at the Chabad Center of Rechavia

2012:An American Jewish woman, Debra Ryder, is demanding NIS 50,000 in compensation from El Al Israel Airlines Ltd. (TASE: ELAL) for allegedly switching her seat on a flight from the US, because haredi (ultra-orthodox) men refused to sit next to her. She claims that the flight steward moved her to a seat in the back of the plane, which did not meet her medical needs.

2012:A Brooklyn hardware store clerk pleaded guilty today to charges he abducted and dismembered an 8-year-old boy who lost his way home. The guilty plea, to charges of second-degree murder and kidnapping, guarantees Levi Aron a sentence of 40 years to life in a case that traumatized the victim’s tight-knit Orthodox Jewish community.

2012:Al-Quds also reported this morning, that Mossad had transferred a list of names to Egyptian Intelligence that contained nine names of terrorists connected to the attack in Rafah. According to the same source, this led Egyptian intelligence to send a request to Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, using senior Hamas official Mahmoud al-Zahar as an intermediary, to extradite members of  the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas’ paramilitary wing.

2012: David Kilimnick, Razorback by birth – Israeli by choice, is scheduled to perform The Aliyah Monologues: Tour of Funny through the Holy Land at the Off The Wall Comedy Club in Jerusalem.

2012: Janet Maslin reviewed two books that might be of special interest to Jewish readers--<u>Double Cross: The True Story of the D-Day Spies</u>by Ben Macintyre and <u>Agent Garbo:</u><u> The Brilliant, Eccentric Secret Agent Who Tricked Hitler and Saved D-Day </u>by Stephen Talty

2012(21st of Av, 5772): Eighty-three year old Mel Stuart director and producer whose career ranged from the ultra-light (Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory” to the very serious (The Triangle Factory Fire Scandal) passed away today in Beverly Hills.

2012: The Cleveland Indians fired Scott Radinsky as their pitching coach.

2012(21st of Av, 5772): Forty-seven year old “comic essayist” David Rakoff passed away today. (As reported by Margalit Fox)

2012(21st of Av, 5772): Seventy-seven year old Holocaust survivor turned New York political powerhouse Raymond B. Harding, passed away today. (As reported by Robert McFadden)

2013: “Blumenthal” and “Awake Zion” are scheduled to be shown at the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival.

2013: “Fill the Void,” a film that tells the story an Orthodox Chassidic family from Tel Aviv is scheduled to open at Century 16 in Anchorage, Alaska, making it the second theatre in the state to show the film.

2013 “Former Military Intelligence chief Amos Yadlin warned today that the West's one dimensional perception of Iran's nuclear program, focusing solely on the uranium enrichment path to a nuclear weapon, could enable the Islamic Republic to build a plutonium bomb without detection.” (As reported by the Jerusalem Post)

2013: An Israeli Air Force drone reportedly struck a jihadist rocket launcher in the Sinai Peninsula near the Israeli-Egyptian border, killing four suspected terrorists who were planning to launch missiles at Israel, Egyptian security sources told Reuters today. Details of the strike remain unclear. Five different security sources told Reuters the strike was done by Israel, while an Egyptian army spokesman issued a statement on Facebook several hours after the strike denying Israel was behind it. Israeli officials, meanwhile, declined to comment on the reports.

2014: "Automonuments", a solo exhibition by New York based Israeli artist Niv Rozenberg is scheduled to come to an end today.

2014(13thof Av, 5774); Sixty year old Joseph Raskin, an Orthodox Rabbi from Brooklyn was gunned down this morning as he walked to Shabbat services at Bais Menachem, a Northeast Miami-Dade Synagogue.

2014: “After nearly two years of campaigning, millions of dollars spent and one tropical storm that delayed voting in this easternmost corner of Hawaii for nearly a week, Senator Brian Schatz won the Democratic nomination for his seat” today.

2014(13thof Av, 5774): Eighty-four New York real estate developer Arthur G. Cohen passed away today.

2014: In Coralville, Iowa, Agudas Achim is scheduled to show “The Big Dig,” a “comedy lampooning…the madness of everyday life in Israel.”

2014: “Amid efforts to revive stalled talks in Cairo, Israeli forces and Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip traded blows again today, with a volley of rockets fired toward Israel, and the Israeli military striking dozens of targets across the coastal enclave.” (As reported by Laura King and Batsheba Sobelman)

<u>2015: The New York Times featured reviews of books by Jewish writers and/or of special interest to Jewish readers including Days of Awe by Lauren Fox and We’re Still Here Ya Bastards:</u><u> </u>

<u>How the People of New Orleans Rebuilt Their City by Roberta Brandes Gratz</u>

<u>2015:</u> <u>April Slabosheski , the Holocaust Educator at the Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education is scheduled to teach “</u>Holocaust Memorials: Context, Interpretation, Memory,” a class “where participants will learn about concepts that underlie widely known Holocaust memorials throughout the world.”

2015: The Jewish Museum of Maryland is scheduled to host a screening of Charlie Chaplin’s “The Great Dictator.”

2015: Adei Ad, which is part of the Shilo bloc of settlements was among the outposts raided today by police and agents of the Shin Beit security service who “detained at least nine people.”

2015: In an interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria broadcast today, President Obama “said Israeli interference in internal US affairs ahead of a Congressional vote on the Iranian nuclear deal was unprecedented.”

2015: In Amherst, MA, the Yiddish Book Center is scheduled to host a challah baking demonstration and talk on cuisine by Tina Wasserman, author of <u>Entrée to Judaism: A Culinary Exploration of the Jewish Diaspora</u> and <u>Entrée to Judaism for Families: Jewish Cooking and Kitchen Conversations with Children</u>

2015: The Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust is scheduled to host a talk by Betty Cohen the Amsterdam native who “spent two years in hiding” until she and her family “were discovered and sent to concentration camps.”

2016(5th of Av, 5776): Ninety-one year old Russian sculptor Ernst Neizvestny passed away today. (As reported by William Grimes)

2016: Linda Levi is scheduled to speak on “The JDC Archives and What We have to Offer Jewish Genealogists” at the 36thIAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy.

2016: A gag order was lifted today which made public the arrest of 38 year old Wahid al-Bursh, “as senor United Nations engineer” on charges of “abusing his post in order to aid Hamas.”

2016:The Last Jews Of Baghdad” which “provides a historical and personal view of the persecution, torture, escape, and flight of over 160,000 Jews from Iraq between the years 1940 and 2003” is scheduled to be shown at the Southampton Jewish Film Festival.

2017: “The Caravan Orchestra,” “a collaborative project of Jewish Summer Weimar and the Franz Liszt Music Academy in Weimar” is scheduled  tonight in Erfurt “in celebration of Erfurt’s sister partnership with Haifa.”

2017: The Suzanne Dellal Centre is scheduled to present “Dust,” “an ensemble of four male dancers,” as part of Tel Aviv Dance.

2018(28th of Av): Yarhrzeit for Larry Rosenstein, of blessed memory, husband of Judy Levin Rosenstein, of blessed memory.  Gone too soon but always remembered! 

2018: The Breman Museum is scheduled to co-host “Theatre as Social Change,” “a panel discussion with theatre directors and educators, Mira Hirsh and Patrick McClorey.

2018: In the early morning hours, Israeli time, dozens of rockets have been fired into Israel from Gaza wounding civilians and forcing untold thousands to spend the night in shelters while the sound of rockets mixes with the sound of silence from a world that will care when the IDF strikes back at the terrorists.




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This Day, August 8, In Jewish History by Mitchell A. Levin

02:25 AM Wednesday, August 8, 2018   by melamed&amp;amp;mavin

August 8 

117 C.E.:  Hadrian named Emperor of the Roman Empire.  He is remembered as the man who accepted the limits of the Roman empire, as can be seen by the construction of Hadrian’s Wall in what is today Great Britain.  It was designed to keep the barbarians out of the empire and was viewed as the greatest engineering feat of the Roman legions.  Hadrian was also seen as a man of culture who a devotee of Greek learning.  Jews remember him as the man who brought on Bar Kochba’s Rebellion.  At the end of this extended but ultimately failed clash of arms. Hadrian made war on Judaism itself.  He sought to build a temple to Jupiter on the Temple Mount.  He hunted down the Jewish sages and created the list of martyrs some of whom we invoke by name each year on the High Holidays.  In Jewish writings he is referred to as “the Wicked or the Evil One.”

1356: The King of Aragon sent his Jewish physician to tend to the wounds of a Muslim who was fighting in the king’s army.  

1385: In Rome, the Senate made good on Boniface IX’s promise “to the Jewish physicians Angelo di Manuele and Solomone de Sabalduchio of Perugia” by according the Jewish community of Rome a yearly reduction of 30 florins for the taxes of the two doctors because of the services they had rendered to the city’s poor.

1391: In Barcelona, the citadel where many of the Jews had gone for protection was stormed, by the mob and more than 300 Jews were murdered, among the slain being the only son of Hasdai Crescas.

1488: <u>Makre Dardeke  (Teach of Young Children)</u>was published for the first time in Naples Italy, by Joseph Ashkenazi.  This Judaic glossary was trilingual: Hebrew, Arabic and Italian.  [For more see “A history and guide to Judaic dictionaries and concordances, Volume 3, Part 1” by Shimeon Brisman]

1524: Giles of Viterbo who studied Hebrew with “grammarian Elias Levita” and provided him with sanctuary when war drove him for Padua to Rome today became Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem.

1541: The Jews of Great Poland were authorized by King Sigismund to elect a chief Rabbi

1588: In the war between England and Spain, the Battle of Gravelines comes to an end.  Conventional commentators see it as turning point in history because it marked the end of the Spanish Armada's attempt to invade England. Any defeat suffered by Spain, the land of the Inquisition had to be seen as a plus from the Jewish point of view.  More specifically, the end of the Battle of Gravelines meant that the Spanish Armada could not support the landing of Spanish troops in the Netherlands.  Part of the mission of the Armada was to provide support for Spanish forces fighting to impose Catholic rule on the Protestant Dutch.  The Spanish were determined to bring the Inquisition to the Netherlands to punish the heresy of the Protestants and would of course have doomed the future for the Sephardic Jews who had already settled in Holland or would be settling there.  If the Spanish had been successful at Gravelines, the 23 Jews who would sail into New Amsterdam would have found a Catholic government that would have not provided them aid, shelter and a New World in which to settle.  It is not too great a stretch to say that a line can be drawn from Drake’s victory over the Armada at Gravelines to the founding of the Jewish Community in America.  As we have said many times in our studies in Cedar Rapids, you must understand history to understand Jewish history and seeing history through the Jewish prism is not the same as seeing history in its general form.

1641(2ndof Elul, 5401): Joseph Bueno, the Bordeaux trained doctor of medicine described as “this new Jewish physician” by the French Ambassador E’Presses who was unable to save the life of Prince Maurice of Orange and was the father of Ephraim Bueno passed away today.

1653: Birthdate of Normandy native Jacques Basnage de Deauval, the Protestant minister and author whose works included L'Histoire des Juifs (<u>History of the Jews</u>) which the author said is "a survey of all that pertains to the religion and the history of the Jews since Herod the Great.”

1648: Mehmed IV began his reign as Sultan of the Ottoman Empire during which Safed, the home to numerous Jewish mystics and sages “was destroyed by Arabs” and the Jews of Yemen were banished to Mawza Desert

1654: Jacob Barsimson sailed for New Amsterdam from Holland aboard the Peartree and landed on August 22. Some consider him to be the the first Jewish immigrant to travel to what is now New York City. Other dates have been giving for this sailing. Regardless, the official date of the start of the Jewish community comes later in 1654 when 23 Portuguese Jews landed in New Amsterdam.

1655: The Russians captured Vilna. As part of the peace settlement between Chmielnicki and Czar Alexis, the east bank of the Dnieper became part of the kingdom of Moscow. Jews were once again subject to expulsion and murder.

1670: After Leopold I evicted the Jews from Vienna; he sold the Jewish quarter for 100,000 florins. The Jewish quarter was then renamed Leopoldstadt in his honor. The Synagogue and the Bet Midrash (study hall) were turned into St. Margaret's Church.

1765(21st of Av, 5525): Elkalah Myers Cohen, the first wife of Myer Myers died at the age of thirty, leaving him three sons and two daughters.

1804: Birthdate of Dr. Gedelia Daniel Rudolph Warburg.

1805: Today Hungarian Rabbi Moses Münz “declared that” Aaron Chorin, the author of "'Emeḳ ha-Shaweh" “was to blamed for certain statements in the first part entitled ‘Rosh Amanah’ which were apt to mislead the public” but “reaffirmed that the book contained no heresies.”

1809: A group of 70 people led by the followers of the Vilna Gaon arrived in Eretz Yisrael.


1816: Today “the Austrian Beobachter, a semi-official government newspaper, vigorously attacked Lubeck for having expelled the Jews, without waiting for the action on the Jewish question by the Diet.”(Max J. Kohler)

1817: Frederick VI granted Hartvig Philip Ree “the right to build a sugar refinery at Aarhus.”

1820: Birthdate of composer and conductor Jules Stern the native of Breslau “who established his reputation” when he conducted the first performance of Mendelssohn’s oratorio “Elijah” in 1847.

1821: Herman Hendricks married Abigial Rose Levein at the Great Synagogue today.

1827: Moses ben Abraham HaCohen married Beila bat Menahem Mendel at the Western Synagogue today.

1827: Ralph Solomon married Blumah Simmons today at the Great Synagogue

1829: In Paris, Lucinde Paradol and Léon Halévy the son of the writer and chazzan Élie Halévy gave birth to journalist Lucien-Anatole Prévost-Paradol

1846: Second and concluding day dedicatory services for the Eagle Street Synagogue in Cleveland, Ohio.

1849: Birthdate of Henri Cordier, the native of New Orleans who grew up in France and eventually became President of the Société de Géographie

1850(30th of Av, 5610): Rosh Chodesh Elul

1854: It was reported today that all of the people of Jamaica, regardless of religious persuasion, have responded sympathetically to the plight of the Jews living in Jerusalem and other parts of Palestine.  They have raised $2,000 to help alleviate their suffering which includes the effects of a famine brought on by an outbreak of “pestilence” and skyrocketing food prices.  The suffering of the Jewish communities is blamed on Czar Nicholas who has prevented the Jews from receiving financial aid usually sent from Russia.

1857: In Fairfield, CT, “railroad tycoon William Henry Osborn and his wife, Virginia Reed Osborn gave birth to Dr. Henry Fairfield Osbron proponent of “biological determination” that was being used to keep Jewish immigrants from entering the United States as could be seen during “the hearings for the emergency immigration law o 1921.

1862: Philadelphia native Henry Arnold began his service with Company F of the 123rd Regiment, a unit that would see action four months later at the Battle of Fredericksburg.

1862: During the Civil War, Philadelphian Michael Baer began serving as a First Lieutenant in Company F of the 123rdRegiment.

1868: Baron James Mayer Rothschild purchased a Chateau for 4.4 million francs. The estate became Château Lafite Rothschild. However, Baron James, died just three months after purchasing Lafite and the estate became the joint property of his three sons: Alphonse, Gustave, and Edmond.

1871: The Court of Special Sessions in New York, Judge Shandley presiding heard an usual case today.   Mr. Robert Thomas, a member of the Alanson Methodist Episcopal Church complained that a Jew named Nathan Koyofski was disturbing their Sabbath (Sunday) Services with noise made by his sewing machine. Koyofski lives in a tenement adjoining the building housing the church.  Requests from church members that he stop his work had proven fruitless so they were forced to take legal action.  Koyofski ‘s lawyer contended that any attempt by the state to dictate which days were for work and which were for worship “would be an infringement of fundamental American principles…”  Shandley found Koyofski guilty of violating the law that stated “explicitly that no one should willfully disturb religious worship, of whatever nature it might be…” If anybody disrobed the Jews on Saturday, they would have an equal righ to complain.  The Judge suspended the sentence. But he warned Koyofski that if he were brought before him again on a similar charge, he would have to go to jail.

1873: Louis and Lillian (Wolff) Seligsberg gave birth to Alice Lillie Seligsberg a social worker and Zionist who helped to found Hadassah.

1878(9th of Av, 5638):Tish'a B'Av

1879: A major fire has destroyed much of Sarajevo today including the city’s Jewish quarter.

1881(13th of Av, 5641): Just 6 days before his 52nd birthday Jules Moch a Colonel of the 130th Regiment in the French Army, the father of Gaston Moch and the grandfather of Jules S. Moch passed away.

1882: “Discontented Russian Jews” published today provided the reasons for the angry outbursts that had taken place yesterday at the offices of the Hebrew Emigrant Aid Society. After having been subject to indignities in various European cities as they made their way to the United States, several of the Jews felt betrayed when they found out that they would not be receiving 160 acres and enough financial support to begin life as farmers.  At the same time, their lack of language skills has made them feel they will never be able to earn a living and some are so frustrated that they want to return to Russia.

1882: The Hebrew Emigrant Aid Society was reported to be sending groups of Russian immigrants to agricultural communities near Hartford, CT and Vineland, CO on a daily basis.  The society is planning on sending 25 men to South Orange, NJ next week so that they can start a new colony.(The unprecedented mass migration of Eastern European Jews was already overwhelming available resources in the first of its four decades)

1883: It was reported today that the dinner provided at the recently held conference of Jewish congregations in Cincinnati was a violation of Jewish dietary laws since included Little Neck clams, soft shell crabs and shrimp salad. In response to reports that some “of the conservative congregations would withdraw from the union,” Rabbi Wise disavowed responsibility for the menu since it was paid for by private individuals who could spend their money as they please.  Besides, the rabbi said that “the American Hebrews’ religion does not center in the kitchen or the stomach.”

1883: Anti-Jewish riots broke out in Budapest following the acquittal of Jews charged with the ritual murder of Esther Solymose

1884: It was reported today that “The Woskhod, the Hebrew journal, has received a warning from the authorities for violating the press laws.”  (This must be a reference to Voskhod, a monthly founded by Adolph Landau in 1881. http://www.yivoencyclopedia.org/article.aspx/Voskhod

1885: “The Four Great Moses” published today identifies the leading Jews with that name – Moses of Biblical fame, Moses Ben Maimon (Maimonides), Moses Mendelssohn and Moses Montefiore, who “put into practice the teachings of his three great predecessors…”

1886(7th of Av, 5646): Gedaliah Tiktin the son Solomon Tiktin whom he succeeded as the rabbi in Breslau and who received the Order of the Red Eagle for his services rendered during the Franco-Prussian War passed away today.

1887 A payment of $1, 097.23 was made to Leopold Feiss today by the Union of American Hebrew Congregations.

1887: A payment of $157.57 was made to A.J. Friedlander to by the Union of American Hebrew Congregations.

1888(1stof Elul, 5648): Rosh Chodesh Elul

1888: In Harrisburg, PA, “ Julius Kantor, a German orthodox rabbi, and Mary, a Lithuanian, who immigrated to Pennsylvania some years earlier” gave birth to J.R. (Jacob Robert) Kantor , the American psychologist who, while at the University of Chicago married Helen rich with he had one child, “Helen J. Kantor, “the professor at the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago.”

1888: Birthdate of Austrian native Maurice Moses Maisel, who came to the United States in 1897 after which he moved to Albuquerque, NM where he operated a store.

1889: The funeral of Isaac Phillips is scheduled to take place today at his home in New York City.

1889: The United States Deputy Marshall said that “Simon Baruch, a Spanish Jews accused of stealing approximately $150,000 while in Austria arrived at New York aboard the SS Hammonia.

1890:N.J. Arbeely was appointed to serve as an interpreter at the Barge Office (the major entry point for immigrants in New York) based on his fluency in several foreign languages which includes Hebrew.

1890: A squad of police moved through an a area bounded by Hester, Essex, Division, Orchard  and Norfolk streets arresting fifty immigrants, including a number of Jews for violating city ordinances concerning pushcarts, stands and other commercial conveyances that blocked the streets.

1890: The will of the late Alexander Bach was filed for probate today.

1890: Mendel Feldstein saw two men, one of whom was Jacob Rohnewitch bury$90 worth of jewelry that they had stolen from Israel Simovitch.

1891: Birthdate of German violinist Adolf Busch.  Busch was not Jewish.  But early on, he saw the dangers of the rise of Hitler and moved to Switzerland. When WW II he moved to the United States where he continued his career until his death in 1952.

1891: “No Swindle Like This One” published today described commercial machinations engineered by Steve Ryan of Atlanta, GA  which victimized nearly 400 people most of whom were Jewish merchants from several locations in the United States.

1892: Birthdate of Solomon Bennett Freehof “a prominent Reform rabbi, posek, and scholar. A native of London, he moved to the U.S. in 1903, received a degree from the University of Cincinnati in 1914 and was ordained by Hebrew Union College in 1915.  He was a World War I army chaplain, a liturgy professor at HUC, and a rabbi at Chicago's Congregation Kehillath Anshe Maarav before moving to Pittsburgh.”

Rabbi Freehof served as president of the Central Conference of American Rabbis and the World Union for Progressive Judaism. Beginning in 1955, he led the CCAR's work on Jewish law through its responsa committee. He also spearheaded changes to Reform liturgy with revisions to the Union Prayer Book. For many years, he served as the pulpit rabbi at Rodef Shalom in Pittsburgh, PA.”  According to the congregation, "For more than 35 years, Dr. Freehof's weekly book review series attracted audiences of more than 1,500 Christians and Jews." He retired in 1966 and passed away in 1990. He was a descendant of the Alter Rebbe.

1893: Reverend Herman P. Faust of the Hebrew Christian Mission accused the United Hebrew Charities of refusing to give needy Jews.  He specifically cited the case of Joseph Korman, a Russian Jew whom he said had been denied aid and when he died it was left to his group to pay for the burial and provided for his widow and orphans (more to come tomorrow)

1895: Birthdate of Annie Stein Lazarus, the wife of Sam Lazarus with whom she had

five children – Jacob, Leon, Frances, Ralph and Irwin – before passing away in 1970 and being buried in the Valdosta, Georgia.

1897: “From Cactus Aristocracy” published today described society in Los Angeles where “the big fortunes are held …by three classes:  “the native ranch interest;”  “the lumber dealers;” and “the Jews.” “The Jews…are socially conspicuous but less obtrusive than either of the other two.”

1897: It was reported today that Herr von Diest’s pamphlet that accuses Bismarck of “gaining wealth by questionable methods” will delight the anti-Semites because of its attacks on the Rothschilds and Gerson von Bleichröder, the Jewish banker who handled financial matters for the Chancellor and Prussia.

1898(20th of Av, 5658) Sixty-seven year old Adolph Sutro, the first Jewish mayor of San Francisco who made his fortune in the Comstock Lode passed away today.

1899 Israel Zangwill is scheduled to return to New York today after visiting with Judge Meyer Sulzberger in Philadelphia.

1899: Three days after she had passed away, Anna Hendelah Waley, the daughter of Phillip Joseph Salomons and Cecilia Salomons and the wife of Simon Waley was buried today at the Balls Pond Road Jewish Cemetery today.

1899: Funeral services for Myer Stern were held in the Temple Emanu-El today forenoon, and many men prominent in business and fraternal circles were present. Rabbi Gustav Gottheil and his assistant, Dr. Joseph Silverman, officiated. In an earnest eulogy Rabbi Gottheil spoke of Mr. Stern's philanthropic character, and of his activities in various organizations. In his brief eulogy Rabbi Silverman said “Myer Stern made the world better for being here. He catered neither to the great nor the strong but follolowed where the principles of truth, right and justice led.”  Mr. Stern was the author of <u>The Rise and Progress of Reform Judaism : Embracing a History Made from the Offical Records of Temple Emanu-El of New York, with a Description of Salem</u>.

1900: In Dresden, Rosa Philippine (née Blum) and Ignatz Siodmak gave birth to German American director Robert Siodmak.

1900: Birthdate of composer and conductor Victor Young, the native of Chicago who has “received 22 Academy Award nominations.”

1902: In Yelisavetgrad, Russian Empire, “Max Corash, a Jewish doctor facing conscription into the Russian Army” and his wife gave birth to Goldie Corash who married American real estate developer David Michelson and gained fame as supercentenarian Goldie Michelson

1903: Dorothy Levitt drove the Napier motor-boat at Cowes and won the race.

1903: Morris Rosenfeld recited an original poem and A.D. Savage spoke about “Zionism from the Christian point of at today’s celebration of the 25thanniversary of the founding of Peta Tikva hostedby the CCNY Students’ Zionist Society.

1905: In Ashland, VA, Martha and William E. Dodd, FDR’s first Ambassador to Nazi Germany gave birth to William Dodd, Jr.  The younger Dodd accompanied his father to the posting in Berlin and became an ardent anti-Fascist at a time when famous Americans like Lindbergh were cozying up to Hitler.  Unfortunately, like many of his political persuasion he became a victim of the Right Wing Ant-Communist this college professor with a PhD ended his days as a clerk at Macy’s.  Whatever their views before they came to Berlin Ambassador Dodd and both of his children saw the danger of the Nazis and tried to warn America about it.

1908: Birthdate of Arthur J. Goldberg. Son of Jewish immigrants from the Ukraine, Goldberg became a labor lawyer who championed the rights of the workers. President Kennedy appointed him as Secretary of Labor in 1961. In 1962, Kennedy named him as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court to succeed Felix Frankfurter. Goldberg resigned to service as Ambassador to the United Nations under President Johnson. Johnson named Abe Fortas to replace Goldberg on the High Court. Goldberg passed away in 1990.

1909: First Jewish community organization is founded in Santiago, Chile – Sociedad Unon Israelita de Chile.  At the same in Argentinia, a group of Jewish students founded Juventud Israelita Argentina which produce a journal entitled Juventud, which became a favorite among Argentinian Jewish intellectuals.

1910:  In the Bronx, “Rebecca (née Saperstein), a Romanian Jew, and Victor Kosow, a Russian Jewish immigrant who worked as a clothing salesman” gave birth to Sylvia Kosow who as the actress Sylvia Sidney Sydney arrived in Hollywood after playing leading roles on Broadway just as the talkie era began. She quickly became one of Paramount's top women stars along with Marlene Dietrich, Miriam Hopkins and Claudette Colbert. In the 1950’s her career seemed to come to an end.  However, she gained fame toward the end of her life playing in the television comedy “WKRP” and the film Bettlejuice. She passed away at the age of 88.

1910: Birthdate of Harry A. Pearson, a graduate of Cooper Union and NYU who went on to become director of research at Sonotone Corporation.

1911: During the 62nd Congress Public Law 62-5 sets the number of representatives in the United States House of Representatives at 435. There were 5 Jews serving in the House during the 62nd Congress including, Jefferson Levy, Julius Kahn, Victor Berg, Henry Goldfogle, Adolph Sabath. By contrast, the 111th Congress (the session meeting in 2010) there were 31 Jews serving in the House of Representatives; 30 Democrats and one Republican.

1911: Moses Gaster, the Romanian born Jewish scholar who was Chief Rabbi of the Sephardic communities in England, wrote a letter to the Board of Deputies (the governing body of the British Jewish Community) protesting the wording of an amendment introduced into the Slaughter of Animals Bill before Parliament at the insistence of the Board.

1912: In Brooklyn, Helen Chugerman and attorney Samuel Chugerman gave birth to Daniel Chugerman who gained fame as director Daniel Mann, the father-in-law of Harold Ramis of “Ghostbusters” fame.

1913(5thof Av, 5673): Fifty year old Solomon H. Bauer, the Polish born rabbi who moved to Jerusalem in 1885 with “his son-in-law, Rabbi Chaim Eliezer Waks” where he “turned private homes in a residential religious college” and “cultivated Etrog orchards near Tibeiras” before finally settling in the United States where he led three Chicago Congregations ‘--Agudas Achim North Shore Congregation, Moses Montefiore Congregation and Anshe Emet – passed away today.

1914(16thof Av, 5674): Parashat Vaetchanan and Shabbat Nachamu

1914: During WW I, the Germans returned to Kalisz, a city which during the inter-war period had a population that was almost thirty per cent Jewish, and took and shot 100 hostages.

1914: German industrialist Walter Rathenau went to see the Head of the General War Department in Berlin to offer his support to the war effort.  “Rathenau proposed to ‘save Germany from strangulation’, and with a few days was put in charge of a specially created War Raw Materials Department.”  His job was to keep Germany in the war.  But because he was a civilian and a Jew he was faced with constant hostility from the German General Staff.

1915: According to reports published today German correspondents describe German troops as being welcomed to Warsaw as liberators by crowds in the streets “filled with Poles, Jews, Germans and Russians.”

1915: After having failed in the attack on Hill 970 during the Gallipoli Campaign, troops under the command of Sir John Monash unsuccessfully attacked Hill 60 after which they were withdrawn to Lemnos.

1915: A Conference of Jewish representatives from 110 organizations took place today at the Educational Alliance Building in New York where plans were made to raise additional funds for Jews trapped on the Eastern Front which includes 600,000 of their co-religionists.

1915: “A group of secular, Yiddish-speaking socialists formed a third committee, the People's Relief Committee (PRC), whose officers were Meyer London, chairman, and Isaac Goldberg, treasurer. The Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) accepted the PRC as its third constituent member and limited the organization's activities to house to house collections from the non-Orthodox Jewish community.

1916(9thof Av, 5676): Tish’a B’Av

1916: It was reported today that in his sermon marking the start of the Tish’a B’Av observance Rabbi Mendes told the congregants at Shearith Israel that “it was particularly sorrowful to the Jews at this time to know that their co-religionists were fighting against one another under every banner in Europe” and that “in the heart of every Jew there was the hope that after the struggle (WW I) justice would be done to his race.”

1917: Birthdate of scriptwriter Malvin Wald who was responsible for the gritty film noir “The Naked City” starring Kirk Douglas

1917: During WW I, “representatives of several national Jewish organization met in Washington today and formed the Jewish Board for Welfare Relief Work in the United States Army and Navy” which will provide services “for the benefit of the 50,000 or more Jewish youths who will be among the first American fighting forces sent to war’ similar to those provided by the YMCA for non-Jewish military personnel.

1918(30thof Av, 5678): Rosh Chodesh Elul

1918: Australian troops under General John Monash spear headed the successful attack of the British army at the Battle of Amiens.  Amiens was the opening round in the great allied offensive that would force the surrender of the German Army.  Monash’s key role would be recognized when he was Knight Commandeer of the Order of the Bath by King George V.

1919: Birthdate of Murrey Marder, the crusading journalist who was the first to expose the tissues of lies created by Joe McCarthy during the Anti-Communist witch hunt – a smear campaign that the Right continues to in the second decade of the 21st century.

1920: Birthdate of Bernard Schoenbaum, the son of Jewish immigrants, “who in hundreds of cartoons in The New Yorker needled the relatively affluent, the media-conscious, the irony-besotted and the socially competitive.”

1920: Establishment of Gdud HaAvoda VeHaHaganah al shem Yosef Trumpeldor a “socialist Zionist work group also known as Gdud Ha’Avoda that its name from Joseph Trumpeldor, the one-armed Russian soldier who died defend Tel Hai from attacks from the Arabs.

1921: In Manhattan actress Lillian Bonner and movie producer Ephraim Asher gave birth to “William Asher, a producer, director and screenwriter in the early days of television who directed some two dozen shows — most notably “Bewitched,” which starred his wife, Elizabeth Montgomery, and more than 100 episodes of “I Love Lucy” (As reported by Denise Grady)

1922: Birthdate of Gertrude Himmelfarb, the native of Brooklyn who gained fame as Bea Kristol, the husband of Irving Kristol and mother of William Kristol who has made her career as an intellectual historian and has perhaps made her larger mark on the world as a conservative public intellectual.



“Raised in Brooklyn, Himmelfarb earned her B.A. from Brooklyn College before studying at the University of Chicago. At Chicago, beginning in 1942, she studied with a group of predominantly Jewish, immigrant, and conservative thinkers who were in the process of reformulating Western political thought. Their approach to history and politics profoundly shaped Himmelfarb's own thinking. She earned her Ph.D. in history in 1950, and later published her dissertation, Lord Acton: A Study in Conscience and Politics (1952). Beginning with that dissertation, which focused on a Victorian-era British parliamentarian, Himmelfarb has devoted her scholarly career to studying the Victorians on both sides of the Atlantic. As she wrote about Acton, she consistently found the Victorian era to be "highly relevant for the post World War II world." In most of her writings, she has advanced the argument that a modern decline in emphasis on personal morality is at the root of political and social problems of the late twentieth (and early twenty-first) century. The Idea of Poverty: England in the Early Industrial Age (1984) favorably examined Victorian treatment of the poor, while Marriage and Morals Among the Victorians (1986) and Poverty and Compassion: The Moral Imagination of the Late Victorians (1991) both described Victorian dedication to traditional social mores as superior to the "value-free" relativism that succeeded it. Himmelfarb believed that the past was superior to the present and she extended this belief to her assessment of historical methodology. When she joined the faculty of the City University of New York in 1965, the "new social history," which emphasized the experiences of "ordinary" people over the traditional political narrative, was just taking hold. The "new social history" also emphasized quantitative methods and borrowed heavily from psychology, sociology, and Marxism. Himmelfarb condemned all of these innovations, arguing that they "belittle[d] the will ... and freedom of individuals." Later, she was equally harsh in her critique of postmodernism and multiculturalism in history.More recently, Himmelfarb has turned her pen more directly to the travails of modern society. In two books, The De-Moralization of Society(1995) and One Nation, Two Cultures (1999), she argues that a lack of moral courage is at the root of modern social ills. In the earlier volume, she contrasts modern America to the Victorian age and argues that reinstating social stigmas on out-of-wedlock births and welfare recipients, for example, could help to eliminate dependency and illegitimacy. In the later volume, she argues that the counterculture of the 1960s represented a break with a long-standing earlier social system, and that what she regards as modern social pathology (premarital sex, confessional memoirs, profanity, divorce) has its roots in that break. Her most recent book is The Roads to Modernity: The British, French, and American Enlightenments (2004). Although a New York Times reviewer called One Nation, Two Cultures "not convincing," Himmelfarb has received significant recognition for her work. She has won fellowships from the Rockefeller, Guggenheim, and Wilson foundations, and ten honorary degrees. In addition, through essays in Public Interest, Commentary, the Times Literary Supplement, and the New York Times, she has reached a public well beyond the academy. A 1999 New York Times essay on "compassionate conservatism," for example, showcases her voice as an influential conservative public intellectual. Himmelfarb's neoconservative identity is bolstered by her personal connections to husband Irving Kristol, editor for forty years of the journal The Public Interest, and son William Kristol, editor of The Weekly Standard. Himmelfarb is currently a professor emeritus at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York.”

.1922: In Vienna, Siegmund Gernreich and Elisabeth (née Müller) Gernreich gave birth to Rudi Gernreich, a designer of American fashions for women who created and/or popularized such then daring items as the miniskirt and the topless bathing suit.

1922: Birthdate of Dr. Leon Eisenberg, who “conducted some of the first rigorous studies of autism, attention deficit disorder and learning delays and became a prominent advocate for children struggling with disabilities.” (As reported by Benedict Carey)

1923: Samuel J. Bloomingdale, the President of Bloomingdale Bros. hosted a luncheon at his office today during which Francis Leffler announced the completion of plans to raise funds from the manufacturers in the house furnishing trades that will help erase the $500,000 deficit in the budget of the New York Federation that supports the Jewish Philanthropic Societies. (As reported by JTA)

1924: In Bălți, Simon Greenberg and his wife gave birth to Lia Greenberg whose parents sent her to Palestine in 1940 where gained famed as Lia van Leer “the founder of the Haifa Cinematheque, the Jerusalem Cinematheque, the Israel Film Archive and the Jerusalem Film Festival.”


1924: Plutario Elias Calles, President-elect of Mexico, spent a few hours in Atlantic City today for the so he could meet with Jewish labor leader Samuel Gompers and the Executive Council of the American Federation of Labor, which is in session here at the Ambassador Hotel.

1925:  In one of their largest rallies ever, 40,000 Ku Klux Klansmen marched down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C.  The Klansmen marched in full hooded regalia and were watched by adoring throngs.  The Klan was not just a Southern organization.  Large groups could be found in such Mid-Western states as Illinois, Indiana and Ohio.  The Klan was anti-Semitic as well as anti-Catholic and opposed to all non-Caucasian races including African-Americans.  Memories of this march help to explain the timidity of the Jews in the 1930’s when it came to pressing the case for opening the doors to refugees from Nazi Europe.

1925: In Manhattan, Michael Goldman, “a native of Dublin” and “the former Rebecca Perlman” both of whom were lawyers gave birth to Arnold Perlman Gold, the Texas Longhorn undergrad and “pediatric neurologist who, along with his wife Sandra was a leading proponent of “an empathetic bedside manner.” (As reported by Richard Sandomir)

1926: Hundreds of residents of the Jewish quarter of Paris assembled at the Garenord station at 11 o'clock tonight to greet the poet Chaim Nachman Bialiak with shouts of "Heidad!", and the singing of Hatikvah on his visit to the French capital after “the conclusion of the Zionist Actions Committee in London.” (JTA)


1929: Heinrich Himmler and his wife gave birth Gudrun Margarete Elfriede Emma Anna Himmler, their only biological child” who was loyal to her father up until the moment of her death in 2018.

1928(22ndof Av, 5688): Seventy-four year old Alfred S. Brandeis, the son of Adolph and Fredericka Brandeis, the husband of Jennie Brandeis and the brother of Louis Brandeis, the first Jewish Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court passed away today.

1929: “On the ground that Alfred Dreyfus, a writer and sculptor, has been committed to a sanitarium as insane although he is of sound mind, an application was made” today “to Supreme Court Justice Frankenthaler for an order directing that the question of his sanity be determined by a jury.  Dreyfus had been committed to a mental institution more than a year ago by his brother Walter Ludwig Drefyus.

1931: Birthdate of Joshua Matza Israeli political figure and “president and CEO of State of Israel Bonds, a global enterprise that generates more than $1 billion in annual sales. Israel utilizes the funds for economic development projects. Matza was recommended for the post in 2002 by then-Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and then-Finance Minister Silvan Shalom. Matza served 18 years in the Knesset, Israel’s parliament, as a member of the Likud party. He was a cabinet minister in the government of Benjamin Netanyahu, holding the portfolio of minister of health. Matza also served 20 years on the Jerusalem City Council, 10 of which were in the capacity of deputy mayor.”

1931: The Arab National Association adopts a resolution indicating that the Arabs do not intend to obey the government's orders to cease agitation against sealed armories and will continue to defy the British government in Palestine.

1933: Dr. Daniel Mulvihill, a New Yorker visiting Berlin “was assaulted by a German citizen…apparently because he had failed ‘to salute a Nazi detachment.’”

1933: The police and the Aeronautics Board of the Department Commerce began an investigation today into reports that a an unidentified plane had, for the last two days, been dropping German language pamphlets on a meeting of the United Singers Society protesting the exclusion of the Friends of the New German from its activities.  The Friends of Germany is pro-Nazi while the United Singers Society is a conservative German organization that does not support the Nazis.  The investigation was begun at the behest of Albert F. Frosh, president of the United Singers Society.

1933: In Czernowitz, Romania, the Maccabee sports organization submits a claim for 100,000 lei as compensation for cancelling the Maccabiade, international meet of Jewish athletes, forbidden by Rumanian Government, owing to fears that Lord Melchett, head of Maccabee World Union, would be molested by anti-Semites. Lord Melchett was Sir Alfred Moritz Mond, the son of Ludwig Mond.  He was a leading British businessman, politician and supporter of Zionism.

1933: The German Government announced that those East European Jews who will be deprived of their citizenship in accordance with a recent decree will be given the status of Staatenlose (men without citizenship in any country); this explanation is accompanied by estimates that 10,300 East-European Jews had been naturalized in Prussia alone since 1922.

1933: The All-German Richard Wagner Association, meeting at Beiruth to arrange for the Wagner Festival, decides to amend its by-laws so as to exclude all "non-Aryans," and to instruct its branches throughout Germany to expel Jewish members. It was actions like this that created the myth that Wagner, who was dead by now, was an anti-Semite.

1933:  In Regina, the Jewish Colonization Association prepares statistics for the World's Grain Exhibition and Conference which show that 557,000 Jews in eight countries engage in agriculture and cultivate 5,410,750 acres of land, and that the Jewish farmers in Canada raise 500,000 bushels of wheat annually. The family of Ekiel Bronfman was one of those Jewish families who did not succeed in its agricultural endeavors.  Thanks to Ekiel’s son Sam, they found another way to make money from grain besides growing it

1933: In Germany, The Ministry of Labor issues an ordinance which provides that no Jewish physician is to remain associated with any sick benefit association, with the exception of front-line war veterans, and establishes an official list of sick fund doctors, from which all Jews are excluded.

1935 (9th of Av): Yiddish poetess Rivka Galin passed away

1935: “Following complaints from Dr. Schacht plus reports on the public disagreement with the wave of anti-Semitic violence, Hitler ordered a stop to "individual actions" against German Jews today.”

1936: The World Jewish Congress was convened in Geneva. Stephen Wise and Nahum Goldman founded the Congress. Although they organized a boycott of German goods, they felt that a more direct approach would prompt the Nazis "to even harsher policies."

1936: “Girls’ Dormitory” starring French born actress Simone Simon whose Jewish father would die in a WW II concentration camp was distributed in the United States today by 20th Century Fox.

1937(1stof Elul, 5697): Rosh Chodesh Elul

1937(1stof Elul, 5697): Sixty-four year old Theodore A. Peyser the native of Charleston, West Virginia, passed away today while representing New York’s 17thcongressional district.

1937: As the debate over the Peel Commission Report continued Rabbi Dr. Stephen Wise, president of the Zionist Organization of America, assailed the partition plan as abandonment of trust, but his rejection did not oppose the very idea of the creation of a Jewish state. He said that Great Britain cannot say that it failed as a trustee. It failed to try and, if the whole truth be told, it has tried to fail. David Ben-Gurion refused even to consider the notion that Jews might ever remain a minority in their homeland. He wanted Eretz Yisrael to provide the solution to the entire Jewish problem. Ben-Gurion held that the Jewish state should be proclaimed immediately, as an alternative to the Peel Commission's partition. This will accelerate the country's development and Jews will become a powerful factor in Palestine. He firmly believed that Jews and Arabs can live in peace. A decade later Ben-Gurion would take an opposite stance and embrace partition with Jerusalem as an international city.  Ben-Gurion was a Zionist.  He was also a realist and statesman.

1937: In Los Angeles, Lillian (née Gold) and prop supervisor Harry Hoffman gave birth to their second son Dustin Hoffman, the younger brother of attorney and economist Ronald Hoffman.

1938: Sir Harold Alfred MacMichael, the High Commissioner of Trans-Jordan and Commander in Chief of Palestine issued an appeal for an end to the “ruinous campaign of murder and sabotage.

1938: An Italian newspaper, the Tevere, printed an attack on the Jewish historian Emil Ludwig.  The attack on Ludwig was triggered by comments about  “the race problem” made by Mussolini “in 1932 that are included in his book, <u>Conversations With Mussolini </u>that are in sharp contrast with the views now expressed by the Fascist dictator who has allied himself with Hitler.

1938: Hadassah headquarters in the United States received a cable from the Youth Aliyah offices in Berlin stating that fifty seven Jewish boys and girls fleeing Germany and Austria had arrived in Palestine and that another 110 young Jewish refugees embarked today for the trip to Palestine. 

1938: The Nazis opened the Mauthausen-Gusen Concentration camp.

1940:  Today, when Hermann Goering instructed the German Air Force to commence Operation Adler “he informed his subordinates that ‘within a short period you will wipe the British Air Force from the sky.”

(Editor’s Note – if he been correct, the Holocaust would have come to the British Isles and who knows where else.  And all of the “smart people:” including Lindbergh and Joe Kennedy, the American Ambassador to the Court of St. James” thought Goering would have his airborne victory.)

1941: Neilma Myer, the daughter of Australian businessman and philanthropist Sidney Myer, became Neilma Gantner when she married Vallejo Gantner in Melbourne.

1941: In Hungary, enactment of The "Third Jewish Law" which prohibited intermarriage and penalized sexual intercourse between Jews and non-Jews.

1941: Georges Mandel, the Franco-Jewish journalist who became a leader of the Resistance and whom Winston Churchill “was believed to have preferred as a leader of the Free French” instead of DeGaulle was arrested “on the orders of Pierre Laval the Prime Minister of the fascist, anti-Semitic Vichy government.

1941: Corporal Hank Greenberg, the all-star baseball player now serving with the U.S. Army is placed in charge of a five man anti-tank crew.

1942: Gerhart Mortiz Riegner sent the “Riegner Telegram” describing plans for the Final Solution to Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, the President of the World Jewish Congress. “Have received through foreign office following message from Riegner Geneva STOP Received alarming report that in Fuhrers headquarters plan discussed and under consideration all Jews in countries occupied or controlled Germany number 3½ to 4 million should after deportation and concentration in East at one blow exterminated to resolve once and for all Jewish question in Europe.”

1942: “During World War II, six German saboteurs who secretly entered the United States on a mission to attack its civil infrastructure were executed by the United States for spying” today.

1942: All 2,000 Jews of Szczebrzeszyn refused to gather for a deportation round up. The Germans commenced a search for them. Only 400 were found. They were all killed.

1944: The Frank family and all those who had been hiding with them in attic were taken from their prison cells and sent to the Westerbork Concentration Camp.

1944: After a kangaroo trial in Berlin that was overseen by Goebbels, Hitler hung several of the German officers and other conspirators who tried to kill him. They are hung on meat hooks with chicken wire around their necks. The butchery is filmed and sent to Hitler for review. Over the next several months many more conspirators would be sent to trial.

1944: Seventy-seven year old Gustav Fruend who had been living in Prague before being deported to Terezin was murdered there today.

1944(19th of Av, 5704): Famed expressionist painter Chaim Soutine passed away. Born in Belarus in 1894, Soutine moved to Paris in 1911 where he developed his unique style. He flourished in the inter-war years. However, his good times were not to last after the invasion of France by German troops at the start of World War II. As a Jew, Soutine had to escape from the French capital and hide in order to avoid arrest by the Gestapo. He constantly moved from one place to another and was sometimes forced to seek shelter in forests, sleeping outdoors. Suffering from a stomach ulcer and bleeding badly he had to leave his safe hiding place for Paris in order to undergo emergency surgery, which failed to save his life. Chaim Soutine died of a perforated ulcer just two weeks before the French capital was freed by Allied forces. After his death his vivid colors and passionate handling of paint gained him recognition as one of the foremost Expressionist painters. If Soutine had merely been an Expressionist Painter and not a Jewish Expressionist Painter, he would have probably lived to a ripe old age covered with glory and honors.

1944: Wireless operator Denise Bloch, a French born Jewish secret agent working with the SOE (the British version of the American OSS) was shackled to one of her fellow agents today after having captured by the Nazis and was placed on a train – the first leg of a trip that would end with her execution at Ravensbruck.

1945: First baseman Mike Schemer made his major league debut with the New York Giants.

1947: The Empire Lifeguard which had suffered a hold blown its hole at Haifa while transporting Jewish DPs was “refloated today and towed to Port Said” for repairts.

1948(3rd of Av, 5708): Seventy-eight year old Leo Morris Franklin, a leading Reform rabbi who served Temple Beth El in Detroit from 1899 to 1941, passed away today.

1951: Birthdate of Bronx native Martin Brest the NYU grad who went on to a career as a director, screenwriter and producer that got its biggest start with “Going in Style” and “Beverly Hills Cop.”

1953:  Birthdate of Donny Most who played Ralph in the sitcom “Happy Days.”

1953: Birthdate of Alexander Pinkhosovich Podrabinek the Russian born human rights activist and “refusnik”

1960 (15th of Av, 5720): As Jews observe Tu B’Av no love was lost as Nixon squared off against Kennedy in the presidential campaign.

1962: “Valley Jewish Center Dedication Scheduled” published today in the Los Angeles Times

1963: In New York, “comedy writer Saul Turtletaub” and his wife gave birth to director and producer Jonathan Charles “Jon” Turtletaub who is responsible for some forgettable films such as “3 Ninjas.”

1964: French music man Serge Gainsbourg and his second wife Françoise-Antoinette "Béatrice" Pancrazzi gave birth to their daughter Natacha.

1964: It was reported that Alaska Democrat Ernest Gruening was one of only two Senators to vote against the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution.  The two senators saw the resolution as “unconstitutional because it was ‘a pre-dated declaration of war power’ reserved to Congress. This vote cost him his seat in the Senate; a fate that many of the johnny-come-lately opponents such as the anti-Semite J. William Fulbright were spared.

1965(10thof Av, 5725): Tish’a B’Av

1965(10thof Av, 5725): Eighty-seven year old Edith Jacobi Baerwald passed away today.

1965(10thof Av, 5725: Seventy-one year old Minks native Sidney Davidson, the founder of “Davidson Brothers” a New York “underwear company, a founder, in 1939 “of the United Jewish Appeal of Greater New York” and the husband of “the former Sarah Machilis” with whom he had two children – Jean and Morton – passed away today after suffering a heart attack.

1966: Three months after having been released in the United Kingdom and Australia, “It Happened Here,” a film that looks at what might have happened if the Nazis had won WW II filmed by cinematographer Peter Suschitzky, was released in the United States today.

1973: “The Stone Killer” a film about murdering Italian and Jewish mobsters” directed and produced by Michael Winner starring Martin Balsam, Stuart Margolin and Norman Fell was released today in the United States.

1973: In a move that will have profound repercussions for the United States, the rest of the World (and of course the Jews, Richard Nixon delivered an address to the nation tonight saying this his Presidency would officially end tomorrow at noon.

1975: Jacob “Jack” Austin was appointed to the Upper House of the Canadian Parliament today to serve as a Senator from Vancouver.

1975: “Farewell My Lovely” the murder mystery produced by Elliot Kastner and Jerry Bruckheimer, with a screenplay by David Zelag Goodman and music by David Shire was released in the United States today.

1976(12thof Av, 5736): Sixty-six year old Berlin born Eddie Rosner, the jazz musician known as “The White Louis Armstrong,” passed away today,

1976: Three Israelis were injured when a bus was fired on near Hebron.

1977: Officials in Washington agreed that there was no evidence that more than 8,000 pounds of the lost American enriched uranium and plutonium had ever reached Israel.

1977: The Jerusalem YMCA, one of the most beautiful in the world and the only one to have a membership 98 per cent Jewish, celebrated its centenary.

1979(15thof Av, 5739): Tu B’Av

1980: Today, the National Park Service determined that Dewey House which had been designed by David Adler was eligible for the National Register of Historic Places.”

1980: As part of the on-going Soviet campaign to punish Jewish refusniks, Grigorii Geishis was put on trial at Leningrad.

1982: Just two weeks before her 84th birthdate Rosie Goldschmidt Waldeck, the author whose works include Athene Palace passed away.  Born a German Jew in 1898, she converted to Catholicism and became a U.S. citizen in 19391982:Where are the Arab ‘brothers' now?” by Daniel Pipes appears in the Chicago Tribune.

1984: Funeral services were held today in Jerusalem for “Rabbi Louis Rabinowitz, former Chief Rabbi of the Orange Free State in South Africa and more recently a Herut Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem.” (As reported by JTA)

1984: Based on an order from the Israeli Supreme Court, financer Shmuel Flatto-Sharon is scheduled to report to jail today where he is “to start a three- month sentence for bribery during his campaign for the Israeli Parliament in 1977, which was successful.”

1986: “The Transformer: The Movie” an animated feature film featuring the voices of Judd Nelson, Lionel Stander and Leonard Nimoy was released in the United States today by the De Laurentiis Entertainment Group.

1986: Warner Bros. released “One Crazy Summer,” a romantic comedy produced by Michael Jaffe and featuring Jeremy Piven in the role of “Ty.”

1987: Mary Travers, the folk singer, plays Emma Lazarus, as one of a series of radio spots for a a program entitled “Voices of Freedom.”  Ms Travers said her character also had such contemporary relevance. ''She doesn't talk about history as if it's frozen in time,'' Ms. Travers said of Lazarus. ''Her words are valuable not as the words of a woman willing to struggle with inequity in 1883, but as the words of an American willing to struggle with inequity in 1987.''

1987:  ''Yiddish Theater in London, 1880-1987 an exhibition included in this summer's Jewish East End Celebration is scheduled to come to an end.

1987: ''Daughters of the Pale,'' an exhibition that in words and photographs documents the experiences of daughters of Jewish immigrants, is scheduled to come to an end in London

1988: Israeli Ambassador Moshe Arad met with Rev. Jesse Jackson. The two men and their advisers said they discussed a wide range of issues, including the conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians; the plight of black Israelis; Israel's relationship with South Africa, and recent friction between blacks and Jews in this country, particularly in Chicago and New York.


1988: Israeli Ambassador Moshe Arad met with Rev. Jesse Jackson. The two men and their advisers said they discussed a wide range of issues, including the conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians; the plight of black Israelis; Israel's relationship with South Africa, and recent friction between blacks and Jews in this country, particularly in Chicago and New York.

1989: A Broadway revival of the musical “Shenandoah” with a “book” co-authored by producer Philip Rose opened today.

1990: Oil prices fell and the stock markets in the New York and Tokyo steadied today after the United States decision to send troops to Saudi Arabia and reports that the oil-rich kingdom would increase its production in what would be part of the start of Gulf War I, the first conflict in which Israel would stand down and trust the United States to defend its airspace from Arab attack.

1990: “I’m Dangerous Tonight” a horror film featuring Natalie Schafer debuted on USA Network tonight.

1993: The third in a series of family tours to Israel sponsored by the American Jewish Congress is schedule to begin today.

1993: The Bosnian family sponsored by Temple Beth Am arrived in Seattle, Washington.

1995: Eighty-nine year old SS officer Kurt Becher who was involved in deals to trade money and goods for sparing the lives of Hungarian Jews that included dealings with Rudolf Kastner passed away.

(For more about Rudolf Kastner see Gaylen Ross’s award winning documentary “Killing Kasztner: The Jew Who Dealt With Nazis” http://www.killingkasztner.com/

and <u>Kastner’s Train</u> by Anna Porter and

1996: Mel Torme, an icon of the American Jazz scene, suffered a stroke which effectively ended his career.

1996: “Haifa” premiered at the Cannes Film Festival.

1999: PGA golfer Bruce Fleisher won the Lightpath Long Island Classic.

1999: The New York Times includes reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or of special interest to Jewish readers including <u>Between Silk and Cyanide: A Codemaker's War, 1941-1945 </u>by Leo Marks, <u>Walter Benjamin: Selected Writings: Volume 2, 1927-1934</u>and <u>Broke Heart Blues</u> by Joyce Carol Oates, the author who discovered late in life her own family's Jewish history: Her grandmother, who immigrated to the United States in the 1890s, kept her religion hidden for fear of persecution.

1999: Avery Corman, the novelist, who has just completed working on a new musical with Cy Coleman, discusses ''The Musical: The American Jewish Theater in Its Heyday'' at Temple Adas Israel on Elizabeth Street in Sag Harbor

2001: Hamas claimed credit for today’s bombing at Moshav Beka’ot

2002: “Queen’s Opens J.B. Salsberg Papers to the Public” published today included a brief description of the life of the Polish born Canadian Labor Zionist.

2003(10th of Av, 5763):Third Petty Officer Roi Oren, 20, an Israel Navy commando, was shot in the head and killed in an assault on a Hamas bomb factory in Nablus.

2004: Second and final performance  by the Royal English Opera Company of Rockford, Illinois of “The Nautch Girl,” a comic opera composed by Edward Solomon.  These are the only times the opera has been performed in North America.

2004: The New York Times featured reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or of special interest to Jewish readers including <u>The Missing Peace: The Inside Story of the Fight for Middle East Peace </u>by Dennis Ross

2005:  Legislation is introduced in Congress that would make it illegal to deny life insurance to people based on their travel habits.  Those traveling to Israel, including at least one Jewish member of the House of Representatives have been denied life insurance.  While those pushing the legislation have not accused the life insurance industry of an anti-Jewish bias, one of the non-Jewish supporters of the bill noted that he had never been denied insurance even though he had taken repeated trips to his ancestral homeland, Ireland.

2005: Today “Haaretz quoted a top Palestinian Authority religious cleric, Sheikh Jamal al-Bawatna, the mufti of the Ramallah district, in a fatwa (a religious edict) banning shooting attacks against Israeli security forces and settlements, out of concern they might lead to a postponement of the pullout. According to Haaretz, this is the first time that a Muslim cleric has forbidden shooting at Israeli forces.”

2005: “Kevin Youkilis took the field in the 9th inning along with Adam Stern and Gabe Kapler, setting a "record" for the most Jewish players on the field at one time in American League history and the most in Major League Baseball history since four Jewish players took the field for the New York Giants in 1941. (Jewish Virtual Library) 

2005: Wolf Blitzer began hosting The Situation Room, a two-hour afternoon/early evening program on CNN

2005(3rdof Av, 5765): Eighty-seven year Nathan “Fred” Asher, the Naval Academy Graduate, who took command of the destroyer U.S.S. Blue during the bombing of Pearl Harbor and was the husband of Slema Straus with whom he had three children – Dennis, Karen and Jeffrey – passed away today in California.

2006: Five ambulances donated to Magen David Adom by Canadian Jewry were flown to Israel from New York by CAL Cargo Airlines. The ambulances were donated as a sign of solidarity with the situation in Israel and to help with the treatment of the injured from the conflict in the northern part of the county. "The company is currently doing all it can to give preference to urgently required cargo for the security forces and other state bodies," a statement from CALCargo said

2006 (14th of Av, 5766): Staff Sergeant Oren Lifschitz, 21, of Kibbutz Gazit and Staff Sergeant Moran Cohen, 21, of Kibbutz Ashdot Yaakov were killed  in battles in the south Lebanon village of Bint Jbail. St.-Sgt. Yesmao Yallao 26, from Or Yehuda and Cap. (res.) and Gilad Balahsan, 28, of Karmiel were killed in clashes with Hezbollah near Leboneh.

2007: The last two concerts The Zimriya - The World Assembly of Choirs are held at 8 P.M., at Einav Cultural Center in Tel Aviv and at Independence Hall on Mt. Scopus. The Zimriya has been held every three years since 1952.

2007: Donald Fisher the founder of GAP “announced plans to build a 100,000-square-foot (9,300 m2) museum in the San Francisco Presidio, tentatively named the Contemporary Art Museum of the Presidio, to house his art collection” – plans which would be abandoned in 2009 when Fisher and his wife “decided to enter into a partnership with SFMOMA to display the world famous collection.”

2007(24th of Av, 5767): Melville “Mel” Shavelson, writer, director and producer passed away at the age of 90.

2008: Israeli President Shimon Peres attends the Olympic Games' opening ceremony at the invitation of the Chinese government.  Since the games open on Friday, the Chinese government has agreed as a goodwill gesture to house him in a hotel within the Olympic complex so he will not desecrate the Sabbath.  While Beijing and Jerusalem seem to be worried about the rituals of Shabbat, they do not seem to have the same concern about the Biblical strictures about caring for the widow, the orphan and the stranger in your midst as can be seen in Darfur and Tibet.

2008: In “Jewish Roots in India,” published today the Washington Post reviews <u>The Girl From Foreign</u> by Sadia Shephard in which the American born author traces the Jewish roots of her Indian grandmother who lived as a Moslem.

2008: In Virginia, Jody Wagner resigns her position as Secretary of Finance.

2008(7th of Av, 5768): Ted Solotaroff passes away at the age of 80

2009: In Jerusalem, Beit Avi Chai's Saturday night music line, directed by Shaanan Street, presents "Eve’s Women": Four musicians create a magical, diverse musical world, with fresh, new arrangements of familiar melodies and songs from Jewish tradition, klezmer tunes, and Hasidic songs. A fascinating musical journey including improvisations created in each concert.

2010: A documentary entitled “Einsatzgruppen: The Death Brigades” is scheduled to be shown at the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival.

2010: Bankito, sometimes referred to as "Jewstock" -- a youth-oriented Jewish culture festival on the shore of Bank Lake, north of Budapest is scheduled to come to an end.

2010: First Jewish Women's Music Festival at Falls Village, CT is scheduled to come to an end.

2010: The New York Times featured reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or of special interest to Jewish readers including two novels set in Nazi-occupied Holland by Dutch author Hans Keilson – <u>The Death of the Adversary</u> and <u>Comedy in a Minor Key</u>, <u>Super Sad True Love Story</u> by Gary Shteyngart, <u>As Husbands Go</u> by Susan Isaacs, <u>97 Orchard</u> by Jane Ziegelman and <u>Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg; The Letters Edited</u> by Bill Morgan and David Stanford

2011: The San Francisco Jewish Film Festival is scheduled to come to an end.

2011(8thof Av): Erev Tisha B’Av – fast starts at sundown

2011: This evening, a delegation of 18 Washington-based ambassadors from four continents and one other senior diplomat who have embarked on a fact-finding mission to Israel and the West Bank organized by The Israel Project (TIP) will go to the Old City of Jerusalem to observe the commemoration of Tisha B’Av

2011: Three mortar shells fell last night in Sha'ar HaNegev Regional Council, causing damage to a fence. No injuries were reported. The incident comes after a spate in rocket attacks launched from the Gaza Strip last week. Defense Minister Ehud Barak said in a cabinet meeting yesterday that the recent rocket fire from Gaza was carried out by Palestinian breakaway groups and an Islamic Jihad organization, adding that he views the recent escalation with great severity and believes the attacks will continue.

Since the beginning of 2011 more than 340 rockets have been fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip, according to the Israel Defense Forces.

2011: Today, the High Court of Justice rejected a petition asking that the government be ordered to deploy the Iron Dome rocket defense system in Gaza border communities.The ruling to reject the petition, which had been brought by the Eshkol Regional Council, follows an upsurge in Palestinian rocket fire against the South in recent days.Some 340 rockets and mortar shells from Gaza have hit dozens of southern communities this year, the IDF Spokesman’s Office said today In rejecting the petition, Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch, Justice Salim Joubran and Justice Uzi Fogelman ruled that in balancing all relevant considerations including budgets, changing security realities and operational matters, the government’s decision not to deploy the Iron Dome in the area was reasonable. The panel of justices also said that the court had no reason to intervene in operational decisions regarding where to deploy the Iron Dome system. “We believe the [government] will make the necessary decisions in accordance with the requirements of the time and place,” the justices said. Haim Yalin, head of the Eshkol Regional Council, slammed the court’s decision and said that the government must take immediate responsibility to defend residents affected by Gaza rocket fire. “The High Court ruling said it was up to the government to defend us, so we are asking them – go ahead, protect us, defend us,” Yalin told The Jerusalem Post. “The government needs to take responsibility. It’s about social justice.” In its High Court petition, the Eshkol Regional Council argued that the government should be ordered to deploy the Iron Dome to protect communities in the so-called “Gaza envelope,” specifically those located between 4.5 and seven kilometers from the Strip, from terrorist rocket fire. Homes in communities located within 4.5 kilometers of Gaza have been equipped with government-funded rocket-roof protection. However, structures located between 4.5 and seven kilometers from the Gaza security fence lack rocket protection. Iron Dome, a mobile air defense system, was developed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems to intercept rockets and artillery shells with a range from 4.5 to 70 kilometers. It was deployed this week outside Ashkelon in response to rocket fire from Gaza. Communities in the Eshkol Regional Council say the system should protect them too. In the petition, the council said the government has put the lives of residents living in these communities at risk by failing to deploy Iron Dome or to provide any other rocket protection. The distinction between homes located less than 4.5 kilometers from Gaza – which received government funding for rocket protection – and homes located over 4.5 kilometers from the security fence is no longer relevant, argues the Eshkol Regional Council, because the Palestinian rockets have a range well in excess of 4.5 kilometers. The petition also claimed that the government’s failure to protect communities by deploying the Iron Dome violates the Basic Law on Human Dignity and Liberty. In response, the state argued that the High Court should not intervene in the “military decision” regarding how and where to deploy the anti-rocket system. The state noted that Iron Dome is portable, and is deployed in different areas depending on operational need. If the court were to order the state to deploy Iron Dome in a specific area, budgetary limitations would result in other communities not receiving protection, particularly as the range of Palestinian rockets has grown in recent years and therefore it is not possible to deploy Iron Dome to protect every community, the state argued. Attorney Eduardo Wasser, representing the Eshkol Regional Council, told the Post that the High Court’s ruling to reject the petition was “very disappointing. “If we understand the ruling correctly, the court found that the [government’s] pledge [to protect communities near the Gaza Strip] was made under different conditions, and that the government can retract that pledge,” he said. Wasser also noted that the justices ruled that it was the government’s responsibility to use other means, apart from the Iron Dome, to protect communities in the “Gaza envelope.” Wasser added that he was uncertain that the government would do so. “In other words, the court is telling us that we must rely on the government to take responsibility for defending us, but until an alternative means is found to protect us I’m not convinced that we can do so,” he said. Yalin said that he was now calling on the government to find a way to protect communities between 4.5 and seven kilometers from the Strip. “It is up to the government to either stop the rocket fire, or find a way to defend its citizens,” the council head said. “The residents of the ‘Gaza envelope’ are suffering, we have suffered for years – and now we will do everything in our power to make the government take responsibility and defend us from rocket attacks. Because who else apart from the government of the State of Israel can take responsibility and protect its citizens?”

2011: During a discussion on the subject, the High Court criticized the Israel Medical Association's (IMA) conduct during negotiations with the finance and health ministries. Supreme Court President Judge Dorit Beinisch said "the IMA's behavior does not arouse faith, this is no way to negotiate." The High Court decided on t0day to give doctors and representatives of the Finance Ministry another week to try to reach an agreement that would end the sanctions affecting the health system. At the end of the week there will be another hearing before the High Court and the different parties will present the progress made. 

2012: The Summer Learning Institute is scheduled to begin at the Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati, Ohio.

2012: “Hope Springs” a comedy directed by David Frankel was released today in the United States by Columbia Pictures and MGM.

2012: “Photographer David Rubinger, who immortalized paratroopers reaching the Wall in the 1967 war, recreated his iconic image with a female trio holding a Torah scroll (As reported by Aaron Kalman)

2012: Lincoln Center Out of Doors, the annual free festival of music and dance, is scheduled to present the U.S. debut of The Alaev Family, a Bukharin groove band from Israel with deep roots in the music of Tajikistan and Jewish Bukhara.

2012: Citing disappointing results for Israeli athletes in the 2012 Olympic games, Minister of Culture and Sports Limor Livnat announced today that she will establish a committee of experts to look into this year’s failures in order to bring about better results in the next Olympics, set to take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in the summer of 2016

2012: The British Guardian newspaper today acknowledged it was wrong to call Tel Aviv Israel’s capital, but reiterated its stance that Jerusalem is not the capital either, since it is not recognized as such by the international community.

2012: A series of Hezbollah terror attacks inside Israel were foiled recently by the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) after a group of Israeli-Arabs helped smuggle 20 kilograms of high-grade explosives into Israel. Today, eight residents of Nazareth and the town of Ghajar - half of which is in Israel and the other half in Lebanon - were charged in the Nazareth District Court with assisting in the infiltration of the explosives.

2013: “Esther Broner - A Weave Of Women,” a documentary about the pioneering feminist and scholar is scheduled to be shown at the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival.

2013: At Zefat, the three day International Klexmer Festival “the biggest festival of Jewish soul music in the world” is scheduled to come to an end.

2013: Nobel Prize Winner Daniel Kahneman, a Princeton psychologist known for his application of psychology to economic analysis who “escaped Nazi Europe and served in the Israeli army” was one of the people President Obama named as a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

2013: In response to a “security concerns” no planes were allowed to land at or leave the Eilat airport when the IDF closed the facility for two hours today. (As reported by Asher Zeiger)

2013(2ndof Elul, 5773): Ninety-two year old Jack Zomlefer, a brilliant chemist, successful business and educated Jew who shared his last years enhancing the quality of  the Jewish community in Cedar Rapids ,passed away today.

2013*2ndof Elul, 5773): Ninety-year old opera star Regina Resnik passed away today. (As reported by William Yardley)

2013(2ndof Elul, 5773): Actress Karen Black passed away today.

2014: Israel’s Dimona Theatre/Cultural Lab and the Classical Theatre of Harlem are scheduled to “present a succinct journey into Shakespeare’s Macbeth in Sugar Hill.

2014: “High-profile Toronto Jewish delicatessen owner Zane Caplansky is scheduled to send his food truck to the outdoor screening ‘Laila’s Birthday’ a dark comedy by Palestinian director by Rashid Masharawi.” (As reported by Renee Ghert-Zand)

2014: In Milwaukee, Congregation Shalom is scheduled to host its final concert of the summer featuring Becky Spice and Jack Forbes in “an original cabaret show.”

2014: True to its word Hamas ended the cease fire by firing rockets into Israel today including one that scored a direct hit on a house “in the embattled city of Sderot.”

2014: “United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned the renewed rocket fire on Israel and also called for a return to a truce in Gaza. (As reported by Yitzhak Benhorin)

2014(12thof Av, 5774): Eighty-five year old director/producer Menahem Golan passed away today.

2015(23rdof Av): Parsha Ekev

2015(23rdof Av): Yahrzeit of Rabbi Benjamin Arron of Cracow

2015: In New York, “a live performance of chamber ensemble led by the Music Director, Israeli Cellist Elad Kabilio” is scheduled to be part of this evening’s Ballet Festival.

2015: The 92nd St is scheduled to host “Le Roc USA Party”

2016: Judge Claudio Bonadio’s decision to reopen a criminal complaint against former President Kirchner in which had been accuse of conspiring to derail an investigation into the bombing of Jewish community center in 1994 which took the lives of 85, was made public today.

2016:  “Jerusalem Boxing Club is scheduled to be shown as part of The Hampton Synagogue Film Series now in its 14thyear.

2016: Noam Banai, son of Meir and cousin to Ehud, Yuval and Elisha continued his tour of Israel tonight with a performance at 26 Bialik, Beersheba.

2016: Gary Gans is scheduled to speak on “What Mourning Customs Did Our Immigrant Families Bring with Them” and Avraham Groll is scheduled to speak on “Jewish Life In Poland (10th-18th centuries) at the 36thIAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy today in Seattle.

2017: This evening in Weimar, Germany YSM is scheduled to host a series of jam session featuring Yiddish songs and klezmer music.

2017: “An ensemble of four male dancers combining hip hop with ballet, choreographed by Roderick George, a former soloist of American Dance Company Cedar Lake is scheduled to perform part of this year’s “Tel Aviv Dance.”

2018: Diarna, The Geo-Museum of North African and Middle Eastern Jewish Life is scheduled to present “Beyond Tunis: A Comprehensive Mission to Tunisia” featuring photographer Chrystie Sherman as part of the Passport to Jewish History series.
2018:”Operation Wedding,” a documentary that tells the story of “young Soviet Jews seeking to escape the Soviet Union: is scheduled to be shown at the Kew Gardens Festival of Cinema.




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